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  • Young A. Simmons

    Stephen Furst.

    Mystical – Ain’t My Fault…

  • PC1

    Did I do that??

  •,Version=1 Rey


  • Mr.Me

    YN’s got dookie green colored sweatpants that say Ready 4 War on the back pockets.

  • Fernando

    YN…you fuckin faggit!! Why was Bol’s post destroyed??? Did fiddy call your red phone? Did he tug your leash? You mark-ass sissy. Grow a pair you little bitch, what kind of faggit ass magazine are you runnin??

    Punk-ass G-Unit dick riders. Now I know that you have no integrity. Every XL you guys give to G-Unit / Interscope record is A FUCKING SHAM!!

  • Sushi K

    Co-sign Fernando.

    Are you going to replace Bol with 50c as a columunist?

  • homo

    muthfuckin d dott aka madd rapper used this with one of his weed carriers in an unprecedented case of the G.O.A.T. MC’s producing-and-fake-persona-skit-providing-weed-carryers making a whole album and allowing one of his weed carriers to rhyme on the track….i think his name was “fierce”

    it took me like 30 mins to remember where i heard this one from

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