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  • Roblynn


  • edschoolfield


  • wiz_kid

    not many people have heard the diddy track! why would u post this so early?
    e.w. u stupid ….stupid man

  • 110 street

    did not hear the puff yet. but nice sample

  • Kay from around the way

    Reminds me of when I use to watch “Night Tracks” on the TBS channel…thanks for the memories

  • Crazy J

    The funny thing is that on SNL way back when Jamie Foxx was the host. He was makin fun of Puff and actually rapped a Tears Fof Fears song (claiming that he wrote it himself). Funny how things work out.

  • Mr.Me

    YN they over on sohh airin you out since like 9 a.m. talkin about how you bowed down to 50 an how you suck his dick in real life. They got a smear campaign against ya mag.

  • Mr.Me

    YN scared of water like Jamie Fox in Ray.

  • steve

    thanks for this one, a chopped version of this accompanies a classic scene in donnie darko-good shit wise 1.

  • Nas Is Coming

    Dat diddy song is hot whoeva wrote that ripped it

  • Danja29

    i fukked w/ this song before Diddy used it, but woooow.

  • HolymanSound

    Ugly People Be Quiet
    Cash Money and Marvelous