Trina and Weezy F. Baby have finally called it quits. According to rumors, the couple has decided to go their separate ways after enduring two well publicized miscarriages and a shitload of drama. Lil’ Wayne is now being romantically link to Beyonce’s little sister and wig carrier Solange Knowles-Smith. The couple is reportedly trying to keep a low profile since Solange is in the process of filing for divorce from the father of her toddler son. Messy shit.

Dewayne Carter must have a diamond and platinum encrusted dick. It’s no secret that fugly men are great in bed. But that’s neither here or there.

Remember Nivea? You know, the chick who had that dumb ass song about taking her boyfriend to the laundry mat and all that nonsense? She and Weezy had a serious love connetion going on for a couple of months before he popped the big question on Christmas Day 2003. After announcing their engagement in Sister 2 Sister magazine the following year, the pair abruptly called off the nuptials and decided to also end their relationship. Hmm, now where have I heard this story before?  Nivea is rumored to have a tattoo on her lower back with of his name.

He must’ve convinced Trina to do the same before their relationship went sour. Weezy got these hoes dicknotized something awful. Don’t think he got off the hook that easy though. Now in return all he got is a darn Trina tattoo on his ring finger. But you know how he likes to flip shit to try to turn it into something that it clearly isn’t. He probably will add ‘KA’ to the front of the name so he can make references to Hurricane Katrina in future interviews. “I’m married to this tragedy forever” and all that bullshit.