I hate Ludacris. That’s the common misconception that for the last couple of years has traveled through the rap industry to the Internet chat rooms. I pulled this cover. Didn’t give that cover to him. Made agreements. Broke agreements. Threw his poor magazine sales numbers up in his DTP business partners’ faces. Recently gave a foul statement or two to a reporter from the Associated Press. Well, well, well… that’s all true.

But that’s doesn’t mean I hate Chris Bridges.

Truth be told, I’m pretty fuckin’ impressed that he came in with the numero uno album in the country today. And moving over 300K in the first week in this shitty climate deserves a sincere salute and tribute. So here we go, I’ll be the better man like Dave Letterman:

The Top 10 Reasons YN Does Not Hate Ludacris.

Let the truth unfurl!

1. Scarface signed the nigga. That’s a hell of a co-sign. And I ain’t trill enough to challenge that shit.

2. The wife put me up on the everlasting power of that “What’s Your Fantasy” song. It’s still knocking today. Throw it in the system and see for yourself.

3. That “P-Poppin’” video! Hey I’m married, but I can still appreciate, can’t I?

4. Bill O’Reilly doesn’t like me either. Y’all do the research to that shit.

5. His verse on Nas’ “Made You Look (Remix)” proved a Southern spitter could truly hang with the city slickers. RIP Bruno Kirby.

6. Dude is pretty consistently tight on them R&B song guest appearances. I said Yeah!

7. Act your way out of a paper bag? The homie might be sittin’ with the cracker from Inside The Actor’s Studio one day.

8. I’ve actually never met him. I’d have to look a man in his eyes to see his character before I could truly judge him.

9. I too ain’t afraid of no Oprah. That’s inspired by the flick with Harold Ramis, you dumb ignoramus.

10. He bodied Tip on the original “Stomp.” I know we’re not supposed to talk about that anymore. But truth is truth.

Bonus Reason:
You know the drill: Light-skinded ninjhas gots to stick together!