Pleased to Meet Me

Branching off from Friday’s post about popular myths having to do with black men, I thought it’d be interesting to create a similar post addressing several myths about yours truly.

I’ve resisted writing about myself too much here because a) XXL is a hip-hop magazine, not a Bol magazine, b) I invariably end up writing so much about myself anyway while ostensibly discussing hip-hop, and c) I’ve got my own blog in which I’ve already written quite a bit about myself.

Indeed I imagine hardly any of the following will be news to anyone who’s been following my shit for the past year or so. But based on some of the claims about myself that I’ve seen bandied about in the comments section here, I’m sure there’s at least a few of you who could stand to learn a thing or two.

So, without further ado.

Myth: Bol is a white guy.

Truth: Does Bol look like a white guy in his pictures? Obviously not.

Here’s the thing: from the time my own blog started – about three years ago – up until about a year ago, there weren’t very many photographs of yours truly on the Internets. There was a picture of me drinking a beer on my roommate’s blog about two years ago, but it’s long since been taken down.

Except for a brief period in which I pretended to be a 60-year-old white guy (and was subsequently threatened with a lawsuit), I never claimed to be anything other than a twenty-something black guy. But because so many black people obviously struggle with the English language, people assumed that I couldn’t possibly be one of them. I’m at a loss though for how this is my fault.

Myth: Bol lives in his mom’s basement.

Truth: As amusing as it is to think of a grown-ass man living in his mom’s basement, playing on the Internets at all hours of the day and night, this is just patently untrue. I haven’t lived at my parents’ house on a regular basis since I was 18 years old, way the fuck back in the 1990s.

I started out blogging from my dorm room, out in Chicken Switch, MO, and then I lived with my parents for about two weeks after I graduated from college, about two years ago. Since then, I’ve lived in a series of shitty apartments, surrounded by people’s filthy pets and Indian and all of the other bullshit you have to put up with when you rent.

My parents’ basement is shangri-la by comparison.

Myth: Bol is a failed journalist.

Truth: This one was actually put forth most recently by underground rap legend Slug. It goes a little something like this: Bol studied to become a journalist, but he sucked so bad the only job he could find was writing about rap music for the kind of imbeciles who read XXL.

Again, there’s just not a scintilla of truth to this claim. First of all, my degree is in business, not journalism. The only writing classes I took were the same shit everybody else had to take freshman year, assuming you went to college. Blogging is just some shit I did to pass the time during my epic, marathon senior year; and for what it’s worth, I’ve had some success at it.

If Bol is a failed journalist, what does that make the legion of d-bags who studied this shit and aren’t even as prominent as Bol?

Myth: Bol attacked your favorite rapper.

Truth: Quite the contrary. Take for example the case with Bun B. I brought up what I thought was an interesting point having to do with the campaign to free Pimp C, as if he didn’t deserve to go to jail for the shit he did. Next thing you know, Bun B was on here ordering me to shove things in my pussy. No Siobhan from the Wack Pack.

In the case with Lupe Jihadist, all I did was note that it seemed silly of him to complain about his album getting leaked when that was the best publicity he’d received up until that point. Next thing you know, he was on here calling me all sorts of dreaded n-words and threatening to jump off in my ass. No Luther Vandross.

Noticing a pattern?

Myth: Bol gets paid on a per-comment basis.

Truth: Bol receives his monthly shipment of peanuts and remaindered XXL Raps CDs (of which I’m sure there’s plenty) regardless of whether you d-bags run up the comments score with your bullshit.

I think my go-to guy Noz addressed this one before, but basically, XXL management doesn’t meddle with your blogging at all, except when you step over the line. (Then they get all Orwellian on you.) I’m sure management appreciates the time you all spend reading and commenting on this shit, but that’s definitely not why I write what I write.

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  • ndiro


  • XRAY3000


  • E.Williams

    Interesting post,Bol.

  • nocal

    I’ll save the next 200 people from commenting:

    Lol bol you is fagot ass lyer fagot fagot afgot foghat

  • bob

    Well uh good post i guess. I dont like yo opinions but i can relate to your situation bol. I’m tryin to get a bachelors’ degree in communications and work in promotions for hip hop music. Hopefully i’ll turn out better than you. What kind of name is bol anyway?

  • Enlightened

    OK. Now you still haven’t explained to us who shitted on you and pulled the plug on your 50/Old Blackhand manager dude blog. Was it Elliot or other XXL high ups? Or does 50 really have that much power of you muthafuckas?

  • J

    wtf?, no1 cares bout your autobiography Bol, stick to hip-hop son

  • black77026


  • C.P

    wtf is this supposed 2 mean?? ”surrounded by people’s filthy pets and Indian”…..U racist to indians or suttin??

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  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    im not sure if it is you Bol, but Bun B made a comment about a XXL blogger(Bol?)hating on the south…im sure it was you because ive noticed your knowledge of the south ,or lack there of, based on the ignorant comments you make about us…but anyways i personally could give two shits about your life story…thats what these fish in a bowl “stars” are for…

    p.s. …I cant stand all the dog shit…i open my car door to the smell of shit everytime I pull up to my apartment…i might complain to management and make them pass a “no dog shit on the grounds” rule…and make those animal lovers pick their dog’s shit up(while its still warm)

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    @ Enlightened

    …i believe 50 made a call or had one of his PRs to call and get xxl to pull the post…so yes 50 has some say so with XXL…i think he threatned to pull his promos from the mag and blck ball em…

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    50 Cent > Bol

  • yaboy

    BOL, i know xxl made you pull the blog on 50 and chaz williams.. dont test me. what i dont know is what u wrote.. post it on your other site ya dbag. also, you are somewhat comical i must say. peace herb.

  • yaboy


    bol > 50 cent

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE


  • lmao

    notice u didnt put stuff like:

    Bol is a racist
    Bol is a paedophile
    Bol is a homo

    Cause they’re all true…

  • mike

    ur cool


    Regarding Bol’s post about Chaz & 50, i think XXL made him remove it in fear of Elliot’s legs being broken by some “mysterious Brooklyn/Queens Thug”… Elliot’s str8 edible panties! (no pulling bol’s blog)

  • r

    bol got bullied at his 85% white school that is why he hates eminem, mike shinoda and other white people so much

  • Enlightened

    Why you put a link to everything else you talk about? But you didn’t put a link to your PIMP C column?

    First of all – who are you to say he “deserved” to go to prison?
    Were you there? Do you have complete transcripts of the trial? Did you consider the crime versus the amount of time given? You were bogus with what you said.

    Then if I remember correctly you said, all of this (The Free Pimp C campaign) and then we come to find out THAT HE CAN’T EVEN RAP.
    That’s what you said nigga!
    That’s what made Bun B roast yo ass.

    He pulled your card about calling into question the talents of a nigga that you never listened to prior to him being locked up. Yeah, he embarrased you nigga. Why don’t you put a link to Bun B’s response to you so we can laugh again?

  • content

    bol said

    “I’m sure management appreciates the time you all spend reading and commenting on this shit, but that’s definitely not why I write what I write.”

    if you’re not concerned with the responses you get why the hell did you just waste a blog explaining our misconceptions(allegedly) to US.

    we are definitely why you wrote what you wrote today.

    but good job trying to make a point while discrediting it all at the same time.

    that takes talent, failed journalist or not

  • UnFaded Disciple

    Bol, remember you got scared when you heard Clyde Smith left town when yall were beefing and you heard someone knocking on your door, and you got scared like a bitch?

    That was some funny ass shit. You should’ve put that up in the biography.

    Is Bol scared of Clyde Smith?

  • Joopset

    Your degree is in business? LOL. Im sure you’re putting that to use working graveyard at Wal-Mart. Question: When exactly do you plan on giving up blogging to pursue this “business” degree? Nevermind, cause without blogging, your life ceases to exsist. Word to my grandma.

  • K ROk

    BOI, I’m really tired of your ass trying to sound all inteligent by your posts. Reading what you write leads me to beleive that you would like to be a journalist on CNN or something. This is a rap magazine. You complain and knock shit like a bitch. It doesn’t even seem like your a fan! It’s very easy to believe that your white just by reading your blogs. But anyway, I still think your a bitch ass and sorry excuse of a black male you UNCLE TOM!!!!

  • LOS

    You can’t talk about Luther. You done went too got damn far talking bout Luther

  • Belize

    u still aint anwser one question!!!!

    Y transi calls u a faggit ass nucca…cuz its true..haaaaa

  • Chaldo Chick

    i like the blog, but i could care the fuck less. i mean i aint got time to sit here and read about a nigga named Bol. wtf is that anyway. if u got a degree in motherfuckin business why the fuck u here?

  • khal

    lol @ slug’s comments…

    bol, you did go after kanye kind of hard, but then again, i’m not sure he’s anyone’s FAVORITE rapper.

  • thoreauly77

    i actually did think you were a white guy until just now. an interesting question to you is, “why did you start writing about race from a satirical persepective in order to create dialogue, only to have devolved into simple-minded racist rhetoric”? because you are losing those of us who appreciated that stance.

  • thoreauly77


  • Joz

    you are also bald. true or false?

  •,Version=1,Version=1 Rey

    Bol’s feeling emo today. It’s ok, Bol. They pick on me too. Super Mega No Homo Zord on that one.

  • jon-jon 23

    Your insecurity is evident….Shitbag!

  • Mr.Me

    Bun B bodied the fuck outta Bol an Bol tryin to play it cool buy ignoring him but you could tell Bun struck a nerve (no Beecher in Oz). Bol you soulda tackled (no NYGFL) those gay rumors about you thats goin around on the net.

  • content


    no but i can say rigged

  • che

    >except when you step over the line.


  •,Version=1,Version=1 Rey

    I like Kanye, dammit.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE


    Just like a hater to discredit real shit…rigged hahahahahha….rigged…are you serious…what makes it rigged…please tell me…


  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    The NEW ORLEANS SAINTS been good for the past 4 years…we always had the potential and talent…we just always found a way to shoot ourselves in the foot…go view the poll at…the people dont lie…back in 2002 we were 7-2 but we found a way to shoot ourselves in the foot…WHO DAT?

  • thoreauly77

    i think the yankees are going to beat the saints in the super-duper bowl this year.

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    u a faggit ass nigga bol

    and unless rey types anotha book about “lovin’ his parents and respecting women” u got him beat in da emotional wreck faggit ass nigga stakes dis week

    u a lyin’ ass faggit too..u know dam well u live in yo mom basement u hairy palmed minivan drivin’ 4 eyed bald flabby faggit


    ^^ Clearly the issue with the Saints was Hasslett and Brooks, not to mention the laughable defense over the past few seasons. The inconsistent play from Stallworth and Deuces injurys the last two years also hurt us. And I won’t get started on the penalties and the playcalling over the past few years either.

    If they could just find someone (even some cerebal palsy kid) to replace Mike McKenzie in the secondary, I’d say we have a legit shot at the playoffs. Let’s be reasonable though, the Saints are performing better than expected and have some tough games up ahead…

    However I don’t really see them being able to take Chicago.

    Implying that the NFL is rigged is pretty idiotic.

    And personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a white failed journalist living in your mothers basement and attacking rappers while being paid per comment.

  • Spark

    Bol and Rey goes to White castle!!!

  • Tyler

    Cool, thanks for clearing up all that shit we care nothing about dawg.

    What about the fact ‘dat U and everyone else at XXL take it up the ass from 50 and Interscope?

    U can’t say us giving U as much Love and Hate as we do don’t hype U 2 your white slave owners dawg? Cause it does no matter how U look at it. We have made U a better blogger and person by whippin’ your ass in 2 shape like somebodies old fat black ass grandmother. U have come along way and U have a ways 2 go so keep it moving.
    If only we could get U 2 grow some balls and take certain Rappers dicks outta your mouth then U might be half human half a faggot after all. Peace and love 2 ya’.
    Peep the musical vibes and the street heat at:


    You still a faggit ass, racist, ugly dwarf lookin, fat bitch Bol. (No reythejedi)…..
    Saints suck. They’ve been gettin lucky.

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt


  • content

    correct me if i’m wrong but didn’t the Pats win in 01′


    Winning close game and getting lucky aren’t the same thing. I’m sure you aren’t used to seeing them play mistake free football, but I’ve watched every game thus far and I assure you that they are playing very well.

  • BE

    Nobody cares about Bol

  • Fernando

    Facts about Bol.

    Bol is fat & ugly.

    Bol got sunned sumthin terrible by Bun B & sumwhat by Lupe.

    Bol Deserved it (stop playin the innocent card you plump faggit)

    A steady diet of beer, twinkies, & poverty has left him smelly, ignorant, & senile.

    Bol & Rey are Myspace petafiles.

    Luke Jackson.

    And what does that make the people who read & make fun of Bol you ask???

    It makes us a bunch of working class hip-hop heads who enjoy laughing at the shortcommings of a slovenly bloggers life which is most likely worse than ours. Fuck you Bol

  • Fernando

    Saints are good. Bears are better. Bengals win it all!!!

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    wait a sec..wait a sec

    people still dont actually believe dat wus Bun B do they?


  • Fernando

    It could be Project Pat for all I care..Bol got punked

  • y_a_b_o_y

    the saints are good this year but dont get it twisted… they have an easy schedule.

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    bol always gets punked 5 days a week.. so no difference there

  • Babyboy

    Bol i thing i notice was, since i call Muslims jihadist, u took my word, but dats cool,i guess, but still, u a nice blogger, keep it up, fat bastard

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    The Bears are the most overated team in the nfl…look at there shcedule…they dont play anybody near the top ten in rankings…once they get to the playoffs they will lose…watch em get exposed in front of a national audience today…and Brooks was the problem…Hasslet should have stepped down to Defensive coordinator because he is defense minded…McKensie is always there but he needs to practice stripping the ball thats the diference in him getting juiced and making a good play…


  • Belize





  • uytrewq

    The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLELY GAY


    Rey and Bol…..the jedis join forces.
    There is no way the Saints can beat the Bears in the playoffs. Drew Brees is a bad mathafucka though, and R. Bush seems overated.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    How is Reggi Bush overated…he has an affect on a play even when he doesn’t get the ball i.e. Deuce 59 yard td last week, was set up by a fake end around to bush.

  •,Version=1,Version=1 Rey

    Eloquence, thy name is Fern.

  • loosenut

    Bol…Good blog dude…Seriously…But uhhh if you are not a failed journalist because you did not study journalism does that make you are a failed businessman because you studied business and write in the place of a failed journalist?


    Actually, the Saints and the Giants are tied for the 3rd hardest schedule this year.

    While Reggie Bush is overrated, I think it was impossible for him to live up to all the hype he had going into the season. The yards will come, but he has been an effective reciever and decoy.

    They shouldn’t give him the ball inside the 5 though, that is straight retarded.

    Mike McKenzie is “always there” because they throw to whoever he is covering on every play. Then, as he makes another patentent “grab for the dick arm tackle” the reciever gets another 10 yards until Harper/Bullocks/Stoutmire tackles them. A good corner is one whose name you never hear mentioned during the game.

    Week 8 Vs. Baltimore at home will another hard game. I hope they don’t have McNair.

  • Meka Soul

    * still banging puffy & black rob’s “i love you baby” from no way out [dammit noz] *

    i don’t think too many people care whether or not the myths are true/false. the simple fact is that we’re all a bunch of shit-talkers who – unless we’ve had an actual physical confrontation with – could be the d-bag that let those nuclear weapons off in north korea.

    at this point, the saints could probably handle the bears [do they play aginst each other? i'm an eagles fan, so the only care i really care about is their jump-off against the colts on thanksgiving]. superbowl predictions anyone?

    “ran outta ammo & started throwing bottles.” classic!


    R. Bush is overated bcuz there is no way he will ever live up to his college hype. I mean come on, some people even compared him to B. Sanders! Never! B. Sanders was the best rb ever. Right behind W. Payton though. R. Bush has trouble gaining 60 yards rushing a game. He has skills but not B. Sanders, Payton, E. Smith or evn Tomlinson skills.

  • the iz

    Since I feel particularly responsible for the dessemination of bad information aboutr Bol (vis a vi intentionally ambiguous language in my QnA), I feel it appropriate to devulge even more information on Bol, some that he himself would be unlikely to tell you.

    –based on my meeting with him, I can tell you that, despite the demogouguery, Byron might be one of the nicest, most self-effacing, unassuming cats I have ever met. Not over the top in any way whatsover. SO low-key I thought he was drunk. Wait. I think he was…

    —Byron is roughly 6’3+ tall, about 360. Think of a full-sized NFL linebacker. Remember “The Refridgerator”? Picture him, and you got a good mental picture of Byron. No homo. Wouldn’t make that up.

    –Based on his stature, I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that the childhood nickname, “Bol”, is probably short for “Manute Bol”, the once-famous basketball player from Africa. Not that he bears him any resembalence, but he is definitely basketball-tall. Again, just a guess.

    —He writes like he talks.

    –He talks like a suburban hipster white boy who read Joyce in junior high and took AP English.

    –In his earlier writing, Bol alludes to being partially Hispanic. My guess is Afro-Cuban, and my guess is on the maternal side.

    — While he would find working for a daily restricting, Bol grossly underestimates his ability as a writer with potential for a career in alt-journalism. Byron could walk into any music magazine in NYC and get a job writing, just with clips from his blog. Right now. (If Hashim could do it, how hard could it be? ;) )

    Elliot “Yellow Water” Wilson, who doesn’t believe in the “super-star writer” (even as he wakes up every morning next to one) hasn’t wised up yet and given him a shot in print, and ultimately, someone else will, and, once he gets addicted to verb money (easier than dope money, if you’re good), they will snatch him away. Bol has great short game and the tight argument–nhjic– but the test will be something more long-form, 1000+ words, something through his filter, without so much of his opinion. If Elliot was smart, he’d give Bol a crack at something long-form for print.

    If, I said.

    anyhoo. Carry on.

  • Fernando

    Bears are the real deal. Saints will be tested in the weeks to come..then we will know. San Diego, Indy, Cinci, Phili, Denver(shutter), Seattle, St. Louis & a few others have good playoff chances.

  • sojazzy

    no1 gives a fuk

  • Fuck Bol

    And The IZ, who gives a shit, are you Gay? fuckin dissecting a nigga whole life story and shit…WTF??

    Bol, nobody wants to meet your sorry ass faggot.



  • Joopset

    Fuck this ashy nigga (no Birdman), lets turn this into a NFL blog. Doggys, the COWBOYS are THE REAL DEAL. Fuck a Bears and a Saints, Youll see the D whipping that ass come December.



  • Young A. Simmons

    Play it cool aka Bols rule.

    At least before you ignored the constant sonnings and held onto that last thin wisp of self respect but this blog only shows how shook you are.

    Myth: Bol is a black guy.

    Truth: Bol is as yellow as Rey.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Bush is just adjusting to the league and he will gain more weight(muscle)…he is in the developement stage right now…once he tweaks his game he will be unstoppable…SAINTS play the best teams this season and we done been through the storm(literally and figurtively)…so watch out…5-1



  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE


    You cant win anything in the nfl with out a QB…ask the Ravens…who are the cowboys going to depend on…Bledsoe sad ass, i hope not romo…young qbs never go far in the playoffs…do your research



  • content


    why’d you send the iz an IM telling him you were taking shots

  • content


    in training

  • Joopset

    “You cant win anything in the nfl with out a QB…ask the Ravens…who are the cowboys going to depend on…Bledsoe sad ass, i hope not romo…”

    We getting better at protecting his fraile ass (no T.I.). Ever heard of Julius Jones? Terry Glenn? Doggy, as long as he gets protection that white nigga dead accurate, and so is the running game. Word to Emmit.


    ^^ I dunno, I fully expect Ju. Jones (no TI) to break down at somepoint, which isn’t to say that Barber III isn’t a servicable backup.

    I agree Bush needs to gain some strength and also change up his running style a bit. Deuce is looking amazing coming back from surgery so fast. Colston is the future, Horn has got his swagger back.

    I don’t really think the Cowboys are that good truth be told. I mean Bledsoe is immobile, the WRs and TE are good.. But I dunno if they are even the best team in the East.

    Its all about inappropriate forums.
    Ever try to talk about history in math class??

  • Fernando

    Dj Ncred…..its not like I look for flaws in your arguments….but they just jump out.

    Young QB’s never win in playoffs??? Ever heard of Tom Brady…..Ben Roethlisberger?



  • content

    not to mention that the Ravens and Bucs have won titles recently with sub par QB’s


    I’m a big Cowboy fan, but I accept the fact that they aint getin far w/ bledsoe. He’s just too old and past his prime, he takes too many sacks, and hits, but he’s dead accurate though. Cowboys got a killa defense, great runnin game, great receivers, decent O line, but the QB thing is hurtin their chances in the playoffs.
    Time to go home……..Bols a fat fuck BITCHmade pussy, rey- star wars suck!, Yankees suck! And FREE SHYNE MATHAFUCKAS.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Young QB’s never win in playoffs??? Ever heard of Tom Brady…..Ben Roethlisberger?

    in young i mean 1st 2nd season….Big Ben did not win the bowl for them, the players he was sorrounded by made him better plus they squeezed one out based on luck and chance…and Brady is good but it wasn’t his 1st nor 2nd season(as a starter)

    P.S. Fernando shut your gay mouth

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    the year the ravens won it they had one of the finest defenses in League history…patriots too…also look at who they had at running back and check theirs stats the years they won it

  • content

    yeah but weren’t you argueing N-Cred that ‘You cant win anything in the nfl with out a QB’.

    are you no back peddling and saying that if you have a good defense, good players surrounding them, or good management they can still succeed.

    certainly a safer arguement

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    no one player wins a ring…screw that i made my point…


  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    content Says:

    October 16th, 2006 at 4:19 pm
    yeah but weren’t you argueing N-Cred that ‘You cant win anything in the nfl with out a QB’.
    Im going to do like yall do…

    Yeah you cant win with out a QB…someone needs to take the snap…otherwise who will take the ball from the center

  • Fernando

    So young QB’s are either 1st or 2nd season. 3rd season makes you a vet?

    And it doesnt count if they have a good team around them. I would argue that just about every team that wins in the playoffs either..

    1) Has a really good D

    2) Has some good players around the QB.

  • Fernando

    Yes…the Saints are 5-1, & if the Bengals lose, I either want the Seahawks or Saints to win it all. Bears wouldnt make me mad either.

    Teams that would piss me off if they win: Steelers, Patriots, Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, Colts (fuck Peyton)

  • Fernando

    P.S – It was Brady’s first or second season as a starter. Go eat some paint Dj-Sunned

  • Enlightened

    No, he’s a just a jedi that responds to the blogs like we do.

  •,Version=1,Version=1 Rey

    Yellow? Yellow! Yellow. As in yellow bellied coward? These insults get stranger and stranger. In any even, I’m awesome. Keep saying my name if you want, but remember: I’m flattered, but I’m still not gay.


    good post. i use to hate blogging untill i ran into bol’s… sad as it may seem, i check his blog here and at his own site several times a day for updates.

    its good you got the attention of these rappers, and everyone, and you are by far more relevant to hiphop to me than dj drama.

    keep doing your thing!

  • jon-jon 23

    The Saints probably won’t make the playoffs. Watch out for the Bears, Patriots, and Ravens.

  • 110 street

    every one has an opinion, why not get paid for it. Harlemm.. P.S. i respect a good hustle.

  • KR 1 S

    I dont understand this, you all hate Bol… OK i totaly understand why… But i dont understand why the hell you read his post every day, and post comments on every single post he had if you hate him so much… If we dont post comments to his post or dont click the link to his post, the people above him will realyse he is not interesting any more so he will get fired and that way will get a new shit head to fuck with

  • e

    LOL nice post Bol but your still a pedophile/faggit/loser who lives in his mom’s basement.

    At least you know how to properly articulate your thoughts(i’m talkin to you slug)

  • Drastik Hussain (Dionysus repper)

    You know what honestly im not a hater, but this post is meaningless and a waste of time. In all honesty bol no one cares about you, stop trying to pump your career up by making it seem like niggas been talking about you and your out to set the record straight. dumb! And that luther vandross comment? fuck is wrong with you? luther has gotten more pussy than you ever will get. God Bless the Dead. RIP Luther Vandross

  • Combat Jack

    ^” surrounded by people’s filthy pets and Indian ”

    i don’t know if “and Indian” was intentional, but that shit was funny as hell.

  • i rep the Bay i dont rep califooornia!

    who give’s a fuck who Bol is?! Bol Shut your pompous ass up and write about more relevant topics — like whether i should go raw-bone in your girl’s moneymaker or be nice and use some KY Jelly

  • mosdef

    Bol is always getting sonned on his own blog. This nigga is a minstrel show fo-real!! Thats what you get for being a “shock blogger.” When it gets tired niggaz just gon clown you coz they really can’t take you serious. A bit like Hammer, Afroman and hella black “rappers” who are just corny and don’t really stand for nuthing!! You will get the responses (comments) but niggaz gon clown you like a bitch. Bol is good entertainment. Thats different to being a good ENTERTAINER ala Jay-Z, Nas etc. Fagitty as cracka Byron Cowford!!!

  • content

    cosign Mosdef

  • content

    yeah i read this shit for the same reason i would watch Fox news over CNN.

  • dontmatter

    LOL at everyone who read a blog titled “Pleased To Meet Me….Popular Myths about Bol Debunked” and then took the time to say they don’t want to read about Bol.

  • Cthulhu

    Okay so I guess this was your reply to my message to you on myspace and it is greatly appreciated, I know how important I am to you.

  • gettohellsoon

    Sure Bol, we believe you.

  • thoreauly77

    cthulhu- i think bol is crushing (and not in the big pun sense of the word) on you.

  • fla all day

    is he related to manute?

  • Al Simmons

    All the obviously hypocritical and deluded people hating on Bol ask yourselves this question.

    1. If you didn’t find Bol’s blog interesting, you wouldn’t bother to visit the site?

    Or could it be your all gluttons for painful insults and masturbate while scrolling and gritting your teeth. I wouldn’t go on a KKK blog because I have no interest in their ish! This is intriguing reading that’s why you’re here. Don’t front.

    Plus I suspect that the majority of the bloggers on here who claim not to give a shit about Bol’s post’s (then surprise, surprise, end up commenting) are more than likely some confused in-betweeners (hey I made up a word) who are Desperately trying to make ties to a culture that has no relevance to them.

    And I know for a fact that one of you in-betweeners is going to say something sounding vaguely like this

    “Hip-Hop is for everyone! It’s for the people! It’s the people’s music”

    Fuck that and fuck you.

    Example (of how we never get to keep ish for ourselves therefore systematically losing identity)

    Heavy Metal > Angry white music

    Bangra > Indian (Red Dot) music

    Flamenco > Spanish music

    Hip-Hop> In-betweener : “Ermmmmmm It’s for everyone” (We can’t let them jigs keep or own nothing!)

    Hip-hop is black music talking about primarily black issues, regardless if the content is that of prosperity or struggle. I know that there are derivatives of hip-hop but that’s another subject.

    Play to win

  • gutta

    wow…bol seems like u got some enemies now…what u gonna do now?

  • gutta

    the saints can be 5-1 or 15-1…they still not goin anywhere this year

  • kane

    fuck you, ball/bowl

  • huwat??

    posting a blog about yourself? …PLEASE! now i see why you’re a failure.

  • gettohellsoon

    @Al Simmons

    I agree with you on some points and disagree on others. I do visit this site time to time, but more for the headlines, reviews and new tracks than for the blogs. I do look foward to bol’s blog more than most, just to see if he will out retard himself. Which, by the way, he hasn’t let me down yet. As far as hiphop being for everyone, I do believe that. Thier are plenty of black folks that listen to rock and heavy metal. Fans are fans, artist are not going to tell them not to listen. it’s the same with rap/hiphop. Now most white kids from the burbs may not relate on every level, but hell if they enjoy the music what the fuck does it matter? Also, someones skin color has nothing to do with what they go through in life. If anyone thinks that, well they are being straight stereotypical, and ignorant as fuck. And lets be real, wasn’t basketball started by white folks? i dont hear any white folks saying “this is our game, give it back”. Why? Well, cause one can be good at it if they like it and if they practice hard. It’s for everyone.

  • Rhazes

    BOL, i remember the first time I stumbled on one of your blog. Don’t know what I googled, maybe 50 cent “the massacre”. Anyways, it takes time to get used to you. I was pissed when you made funny of africa peeps. I read your blog on a regular basis, not because of your opinion, but of the witty stuff you put in your writing. (d-bags, no homo etc). The classic moment was when you described in the XXL DVD, Paul Wall grillz maker partner in business as a “Myamar rebel dicator on the run”. That was hillarious to those who know what’s going on in that part of the world. In the end, do what you got to do!

  • Al Simmons


    Cool, I hear what you’re saying, but let me try and reiterate this again for you. If you don’t make people aware and respect the origins of ANYTHING, in this case Hip-hop, it leaves it open for others to come and change things to make it beneficial to them. This happens all the time

    Example (You sound like an intelligent person, maybe, but anyways)

    Ancient Egyptians where as Black as Whoppi Goldbergs lips! But so many false images, text and perceptions has been put in peoples minds that I’m sure if anyone were to read this post, they might be dubious to this claim, which I know is a fact.

    Now I’m not here to give a history lesson, but throughout history black people have been screwed over, written out and misrepresented in history by others!

    If this were to happen to Hip-hop in the future I bet all those who remember this post (unlikely) will say “Damn he was right”.

    Don’t get me wrong I personally like various genres of music. But what you have to understand is when you take away something which is synonymously associated with a certain culture you can fuck it up as you please. If your black and you go to an event where you’re the minority, they let you know about. We don’t do that shit to other people but we always get it. Why? Cos they let you know. I’m just letting you know. Ya get me?

    And if you want to get into origins of shit, remember there are different connotations with more or less everything

    You said

    “And lets be real, wasn’t basketball started by white folks? i dont hear any white folks saying “this is our game, give it back”.


    Rap> primarily, constructed using the English language > English > a mixture of German, Latin, French (and who ever else invaded)

    Oh my God! Hip-Hop was started by Germans! Think about it.

  • gettohellsoon

    @Al Simmons
    The rap vs. english language theory is way off base, and very very far streached. But I’m sure you knew that, and as cleaver as it was, it did not prove your point. Which at that point wasnt very clear. Well, not gonna argue with you about ancient egypt, cause well, I haven’t really seen any photos of ancient egyptians, and I probably won’t for a long time. Man, I see your issues, but your still of base. Black folks aren’t the only ones that get hated on when they are “out of place”. When whites or latino are the minority, it can happen too. It just depends on how many closed minded, ignorant assholes are there. Stupidity doesn’t have a color. Regardless of what you think, the very things you complain about can happen to all of us, regardless of race.

  • hidden element

    i think you left out the part about how you’re the house nigga extraordinaire.Keep “type’n” out the side of ya mouth,one day you will run into one of these brothers you’ve degraded only to fit your own personal agenda,and you will be homo.
    first time i ever replied to dudes shit,and probably never will again,like someone else was saying,if everyone does the same this muhfucka will dissappear back to posting on message boards for a living like any other nobody in this industry.male wendy williams ass faggot.

  • GC

    can you talk about publicity stunts?…that would be interesting

  • the one

    Fuck this ashy nigga (no Birdman), lets turn this into a NFL blog. Doggys, the COWBOYS are THE REAL DEAL. Fuck a Bears and a Saints, Youll see the D whipping that ass come December.
    Sorry my GIANTS whooped that ASS.. HAHA

  • Malik B

    >if you’re not concerned with the responses you get why the hell did you just waste a blog explaining our misconceptions(allegedly) to US.

    LMAO. Funniest comment evar.