Kidz In The Hall Present…School Daze

Ok so…Welcome everyone to the Kidz In The Hall show!! I’d like to thank XXL for giving us the opportunity to wax poetic, ponder some philisophical topics and basically just talk shit. So if you don’t know us let’s go through some basic introductions:

MC from South Side of Chicago. Penned his first book at 15.

Producer/DJ from Lakewood, NJ. 2004 Olympian for Belize.

You can get a little more in depth with us here.

If ya’ll didn’t know our album SCHOOL WAS MY HUSTLE drops tomorrow, October 31st. According to the Elliott Wilson and friends, the album is pretty dope. They gave us an XL in the new XXL with Jigga-man on the cover. So you know what that means? Means we are better than all you CRUMBS!!!

Just playing…

In all seriousness though, it’s a great feeling when people “get” what you’re trying to do. We got rid of all the frivolous extras (because we didn’t have them to start with) and made an album that was just good music. This record represents the struggle of chasing an improbable dream and subsequently making it a reality. The grit, grime and hunger behind these songs is our life until now. Some people think we haven’t been revolutionary enough but you fail to realize that you can really only affect change when people are paying
attention. There are steps to greatness not an elevator. Hopefully you, the fans will ride with us as we take those steps. This isn’t just our story…It’s yours as well. We represent a
generation that said we don’t HAVE to go that route, we can create our own lane. We utilize the tools that we’re given, bypass the ‘most traveled’ route and stand as an individuals.

So whatever your ‘Hustle’ is.. rock it Till The Wheelz Fall Off..

Look out for us writing the Guest Blog all week… and if ya don’t like it… well.. “you can go back to your home on Whore Island!” (c) Ron Burgundy


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  • http://biabyahahh HAHAHA

    1st Bitch ass hoes

  • I Fux

    Yo I wanted to hear some music, mayb I will pick up the cd tomorrow

  • StopFightingTheRealShit

    Go fu&k yourself SAN DIEGO!!!

  • JawZ

    I heard a few songs from yall myspace page or whatever, they didnt do it for me but i hope yall are successful

  • Young A. Simmons

    I’m imposing a state of no R. Kelly on all your blogs.

  • http://biabyahahh HAHAHA

    don’t get it re: R. Kelly…but i wanna see what these dudes talkin about. might just cop the album

  • thoreauly77

    interesting name choice… an obscure canadien comedy troupe? anyhow, i have heard the songs you have leaked so far and they are quality hiphop for sure. seems like hiphopdx always has a couple of your songs in their audio section, so if anyone out there wants to preview these guys, check that out.

  • Dr Flav

    A forum to talk about anything you want, writing styles, musical influences, your upbringing, your creative process…ANYTHING, and what do we get, a release date, a myspace link, a obscure mediocre rap quote and a “COP MY ALBUM!” That could fit a blog comment. I hope you step your game up later on this week.

  • Hiphopsince’82

    I heard your joints in the bangers section a few times. The music is some real hip hop shit, nice to see XXL give somone w/o a millionaire dollar budget and a show on MTV a guest column.

  • Belize

    OHHH SHYT A FELLOW BELIZEAN. NUFF RESPECT MY YOUTH, I gwen grab one album just pan di strenght a dat…


  • nocal

    Sign to Rawkus?
    I’d rather be mouth fucked by Nazis unconscious.

    I liked ’93 til Inifinity better when the Souls of Mischief did it.

  • nocal

    Also, in the future, unless your target market is 13 year old girls (which I think it might be), take your picture off the cover. You look like a cheap boy band. “Yeah we can only afford to have two members, but one of us is ‘ghetto’ and one of us is ‘Abercrombie,’ so we pretty much have the market covered.”

  • phillyphilly

    Man, 2 hatin ass comments in a row?? Let me try to get these comments back on track…good luck y’all. The music is crazy, looking forward to the album and the rest of the blog this week. Please give us some more substance than the car guy on mtv, whats his na,e again?

  • daesonesb

    ya’ll need ta chill. bunch of g unit fans.

    the prolem is no one has heard the stuff you kidz in tha hall speak of. post some songs.

  • Bigg Unit

    I fucks with them. Nobody know’s the album coming out, Rawkus step the marketing game up. Yo Naledge I got them beatz fam.




  • shizzzzzzzztop

    haters get a life u bitches….at least these dudes have an album out….

  • Low End Carmel

    Naledge and Double-O, the album is GREAT. As a fellow SouthSider and catholic-leaguer (peep the name and you’ll know where i’m from and what hs i went to), I’m proud to see you doing your thing Naledge. Double-O, your beats are hot and I’m really convinced Just Blaze jacked you for that beat to Jay’s 1st single (ha!). Also, I’m glad to see fellow college grads (no hating to others) putting out quality music. I like my gangsta crack music too…but a cat is almost 30 and I need all forms of hip hop in moderation. Keep up the good work!

  • Low End Carmel

    One last thing…you cats maintain that authenticity in your music. The Chi and NJ are too often overlooked for the talent that they have (Red, Kanye, Lupe, Budden, Rhymefest, Treach, Bumpy, etc.) and I don’t want to see no comprimising by yall on that next album. Don’t late haters dictate your next move…

  • True Hip Hop Fan

    Hi, just wanted to say WOW….im a true true hip hop fan and i dont mean part time or trend following..i mean sit down and study what the lyrics mean and where the music is taking me as far as the beats and loops…i must say that after reading and knowing that there was a buzz i purchased the album and thought wow.. this is bringing me back to that feel i got when i heard a main source album or something fresh on wild was different,new, and refreshing,i hear that when im listening to the album….the album to me is a straight up hip hop album and without too many gimmicks as well, your album is proof that hip hop..i mean REAL hip hop wont ever die..even in this age of sensless no rhyming age where some emcees fill up albums with weak content i dont hear that in your music.. i hear passion and hunger and just wanting to put your name on the map…Im from London and im not sure if a lot of people know the time but the hip hop your doing needs to be spread to places like japan cos they will buy and appreciate what you are doing..this hip hop thing is very universal and some peeps like myself take it very seriously…In this era where everyone wants to be a rapper Naledge has taken steps to know where he wants to go as an emcee and where he has come from in terms of his flow and delivery. Many emcees just rhyme and say stuff without it making much sense,both the production and the lyrics on the album has been wel thought out and in a way it sounds like a new generation of hip hop has been bought to the table…well i hope thats said enough about that,also of course some people will say y’all aint good but personally if you aint heard albums by people like Main source, Gang Starr, Common, Hardknocks, Ed O G, Bumpy Knuckles, and all the other albums that represent this great music amnd ps. big up to everyone doing that real hip hop from all coasts and countires.
    Well i would say that Kidz in the hall is definietly one of the albums of the just doesn’t sound like anything out has its own identity and plus it has no big producers on there so what woul people compare it to thats out on the market now. Welll good luck with the album and please let me know wherte i can get a t-shirt cos i wanna be supporting a real hip hop act…