Ok so...Welcome everyone to the Kidz In The Hall show!! I'd like to thank XXL for giving us the opportunity to wax poetic, ponder some philisophical topics and basically just talk shit. So if you don't know us let's go through some basic introductions:

MC from South Side of Chicago. Penned his first book at 15.

Producer/DJ from Lakewood, NJ. 2004 Olympian for Belize.

You can get a little more in depth with us here.

If ya'll didn't know our album SCHOOL WAS MY HUSTLE drops tomorrow, October 31st. According to the Elliott Wilson and friends, the album is pretty dope. They gave us an XL in the new XXL with Jigga-man on the cover. So you know what that means? Means we are better than all you CRUMBS!!!

Just playing...

In all seriousness though, it's a great feeling when people "get" what you're trying to do. We got rid of all the frivolous extras (because we didn't have them to start with) and made an album that was just good music. This record represents the struggle of chasing an improbable dream and subsequently making it a reality. The grit, grime and hunger behind these songs is our life until now. Some people think we haven't been revolutionary enough but you fail to realize that you can really only affect change when people are paying
attention. There are steps to greatness not an elevator. Hopefully you, the fans will ride with us as we take those steps. This isn't just our story...It's yours as well. We represent a
generation that said we don't HAVE to go that route, we can create our own lane. We utilize the tools that we're given, bypass the 'most traveled' route and stand as an individuals.

So whatever your 'Hustle' is.. rock it Till The Wheelz Fall Off..

Look out for us writing the Guest Blog all week... and if ya don't like it... well.. "you can go back to your home on Whore Island!" (c) Ron Burgundy