kidz1.jpgGuess Whose Bizzack!!

So, Happy Halloween (National Slut Day) to all. It also happens to be a Tuesday which means...sales dept's are scrambling, label heads are "placing orders", interns are hiding and artists and their mangers are threatening to show up at their respective label's office with a few guys who are wearing all black and are not very happy if first day numbers aren't up to par. Yep, it's the day when albums drop nationally AND it just so happens that our album School Was My Hustle is one of those albums today, in stores... WORLDWIDE.

While it is a great feeling to know that your album and hard work is available to the masses, for some it can be very nerve racking. However, for us, the pressure of "First Week" sales isn't around AT ALL.

Why? Well honestly, we are on an indie, so we don't have the same monetary bottom lines as the 'major' guys. So it got us thinking...Why does it matter to so many people how many albums you sell in the first week?  Now don't get this twisted selling albums IS a mark of success.. for the label, but why do the 'fans' care?

Now we fucks with Bol like we do a distant, mildly retarded cousin (note: B Crawford was actually one of the first to recognize our movement and the music we were putting out) but why do you care about whether Puff, Lupe or anyone making significantly more money than everyone else sells 80k, 100k or 4k the first week. I see people every week clamor around the message boards waiting for someone to post the Soundscan chart just so they can be the first to say 'rapper #524' LOST.  Now lets be honest, how are ANY of these folks losing? They've probably got more money than you, more hoes than you and, more importantly, have been given a great platform to do just about anything.  So how have they failed in any way?

Are the fans so jealous these days that they have to attack any possible 'failure' just to feel like they are on the same level as said artist? If so why?  I mean we know there are always gonna be haters.. I mean it is their job.  There is an overwhelming amount of people who call themselves fans but honestly they rally for failures much more than success.  This isn't limited to so called 'internet nerds' either.  Every thug, jock, nerd, tranny or undefined that may or may not have an internet connection talks about album sales like they crunch numbers for Price Waterhouse. What happened to the fans that listen to music because it's dope?  I guess we don't hear from those people cause they're "doing" rather than "talking."

We don't really know the answer so feel free to add your two cents in the comments.

Oh, and.... feel free to hate on us... like Kat Williams said, "if you got 14 haters, you need to figure out how to get to 16 by the time the summer is over."
For those who haven't hear the music, we bring you HIP HOP....This one's called Go ILL:

Kidz In The Hall "Go Ill"

From School Was My Hustle (2006)
In stores today!