Kidz In The Hall Present…Report Card

kidz1.jpgGuess Whose Bizzack!!

So, Happy Halloween (National Slut Day) to all. It also happens to be a Tuesday which means…sales dept’s are scrambling, label heads are “placing orders”, interns are hiding and artists and their mangers are threatening to show up at their respective label’s office with a few guys who are wearing all black and are not very happy if first day numbers aren’t up to par. Yep, it’s the day when albums drop nationally AND it just so happens that our album School Was My Hustle is one of those albums today, in stores… WORLDWIDE.

While it is a great feeling to know that your album and hard work is available to the masses, for some it can be very nerve racking. However, for us, the pressure of “First Week” sales isn’t around AT ALL.

Why? Well honestly, we are on an indie, so we don’t have the same monetary bottom lines as the ‘major’ guys. So it got us thinking…Why does it matter to so many people how many albums you sell in the first week?  Now don’t get this twisted selling albums IS a mark of success.. for the label, but why do the ‘fans’ care?

Now we fucks with Bol like we do a distant, mildly retarded cousin (note: B Crawford was actually one of the first to recognize our movement and the music we were putting out) but why do you care about whether Puff, Lupe or anyone making significantly more money than everyone else sells 80k, 100k or 4k the first week. I see people every week clamor around the message boards waiting for someone to post the Soundscan chart just so they can be the first to say ‘rapper #524′ LOST.  Now lets be honest, how are ANY of these folks losing? They’ve probably got more money than you, more hoes than you and, more importantly, have been given a great platform to do just about anything.  So how have they failed in any way?

Are the fans so jealous these days that they have to attack any possible ‘failure’ just to feel like they are on the same level as said artist? If so why?  I mean we know there are always gonna be haters.. I mean it is their job.  There is an overwhelming amount of people who call themselves fans but honestly they rally for failures much more than success.  This isn’t limited to so called ‘internet nerds’ either.  Every thug, jock, nerd, tranny or undefined that may or may not have an internet connection talks about album sales like they crunch numbers for Price Waterhouse. What happened to the fans that listen to music because it’s dope?  I guess we don’t hear from those people cause they’re “doing” rather than “talking.”

We don’t really know the answer so feel free to add your two cents in the comments.

Oh, and…. feel free to hate on us… like Kat Williams said, “if you got 14 haters, you need to figure out how to get to 16 by the time the summer is over.”
For those who haven’t hear the music, we bring you HIP HOP….This one’s called Go ILL:

Kidz In The Hall “Go Ill”

From School Was My Hustle (2006)
In stores today!

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  • Were Read 2 Def

    were read 2 def bout bein 1st

  • e aka the real noreiaga

    They’ve probably got more money than you, more hoes than you
    Diddy does but I’m willing to bet you guys are broke and don’t get more pussy than your average blogger

    Soundscan numbers matter to some fans because they are sheep who buy whatever everyone else is getting(i just want quality music)

  • rip van winkle

    You muthafuckers better put on a good show at the knitting factory saturday or I will slam you in my blog!

  • rip van winkle



    its ok. they’ll sell 5k in their first month…

  • wax

    whats this? intelligent writing at double x l ?

  • Kevin Federline

    Yo COP the new K – FED Joint its live!!!!!

  • mongoloid jones

    I like what dudes are speaking. BUT the music better fucking be dope or you just blowing shit out your ass

  • Adam22

    this song is actually pretty good. it’s backpackish but they aren’t talking about the ocean or taking a spaceship to australia or whatever gay shit aesop talks about.

  • meeko favoritas

    What’s so backpack about this song??

  • e aka the real noreiaga

    Cop the new Ron Artest cd out now

  • DJ Statle

    Yo Kidz In the Hall are dope…I just got the album, it’s a classic!!!

    Peep this R&B artist:

  • Maurice Garland

    well written blog fellas…i’ve been thinking that same thing for some time now…why the fuck should album sales matter to fans? that shit should matter to the people who need that info to figure out how much they plan on paying an artist for a show, feature or some other business arrangement…sales shouldnt matter to “fans” of the music…fans giving a damn about sales shows you just how much the majority of the music sucks and it shows you that most fans have been replaced by TRL-watching, trend-hopping idiots who dont know shit about Hip Hop music pre-1999…i swear that shit is ghey…what kind of person buys an album just because 345,985 other people bought it the week it came out…its one thing to buy it because of your interest being piqued after seeing people buy it and say that its good…but its straight up ghey just to buy the shit because you wanna look like everyone else…thats the kind of shit that made Starter jackets go out of style…

  • Chi’s Finest

    fuck soundscan, it’s a monopoly that has this industry by the balls. Check it out: call information, get the 800 number for Nielson Soundscan and see how much that shit costs per year, you’ll jump out a window.

    More importantly, I just copped their album on iTunes and I must say, this is some real hip hop shit. Finally, some music that justifies me spending the money on it.

  • guy debord

    Grade 10? Y’all from Canada?

  • Dr Flav

    Good shit, Tuesday has turned into Pac Man, who can get the high score. No hate here, been hip to yall since My peoples in Chi, Maywood, Bellwood and shout to folks T-Loony from 36th and Rhodes Aka The Low End, Ate An Italian Beef With Peppers in Bronzeville. Bad Ass Bustdowns used to be at the park by the lake. Much Success!

  • you don’t know

    they look at soundscan cuz these youngs kids dont know what real hip hop is. screaming into a mic with some retared shit got them brain dead, and they got no choice but look to see what other poeple like.

  • Bol

    Define “mildly retarded.”

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    Well, you have proven that you can turn a scatter-brained tangent thought of how 5% or less of rap fans MIGHT feel into a blog post. Great Job.

    This must be the set-up post for next week’s column explaining why it doesn’t matter if K-Fed outsells you in the first week.

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    (Cop that new K-Fed joint, that ish is crazy, sun!)

  • Lo-D

    these niggas are a better little brother…their shit is dope…that double o guy has some beats on here that would make 9th cry

  • A^G

    Yes now.

    That’s offically the first genuinely good post on the “Guest List”, props.

    I might even check your tunes out if you’re really lucky.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Jay dont want it with nobody…he to OLD to beef…its sad how he gets credit by default(PAC,BIG,NAS:lack of initiative)…but fuck Nas chillin he dont wanna be a CEO or anything like that…Jay-Z focus more on business than music…and this fuck wanna come out with a album cuz of the state of the market…dont hype your album to be something its not…same with you…dont claim to be the MJ of rap when you aint puttin in the work in the studio…Fraud…Fuck the business and money…im talking MUSIC

    ~album sales dont make a album
    ~a image dont make a album
    ~having a classic album in the past doesnt mean your album will be nice
    ~how much money you make off the album doesn’t determine its worth




    good shit…

    people pay attention to sales bcuz artists or those deemed “cool” mention it as if u don’t know the newest numbers ur not in vogue or something…

    shit’s ALL FUCKED UP!

    cool song too…

    sounds like ’94-’95 shit…

  • Young Gutta(long live da king)MW

    aint got nuttin to say…just taking up space…aint nuttin to say bout that shit….shit was cool but not something I’ll hope to listen to…

  • Double-0

    # Bol Says:
    November 1st, 2006 at 12:16 am

    Define “mildly retarded.”


    Bol – Ya know like a ‘touch of down’

  • realhip

    I just want to start off by saying everyone looks at ablbum sells. I am sure as a artist you do too. As a fan I look at them if i think a cd is good I would like to know how far it has gotten. Fans don’t hate like you think they do and for you to say they want to feel like they are on your level is very shallow. You say you are about the music then you say you get more hoes,money and etc. For the type of music that you guys are putting out that should not even be your main focus. How can you preach about taking hip hop to a whole new level and you are stooping to the level of what I call “club rappers”. lets just keep it funky you must not be the rapper and if you are you should stop acting all backpack because Like I said in many interviews you stated how you want to help people come up. In this blogg you are what I call HATIN on your fans . The fans are who will buy your damn cd so that you can get hoes,money and all the other bullshit. So do me a favor next time your you sit down and right a blogg make sure it goes with what your are tryin to portray in your music. ONE OTHER THING YOU WILL NOT BE ON ANY LEVEL IF YOU KEEP THINKING YOU ARE BIGGER THAT YOUR FANS. REMEBER BOO BOO YOUR FANS MAKE OR BREAK YOU. I don’t think you are Naledge(because he would not write such stupid shit) so next time have the rapper write the damn blogg.

  • Double-0


    So since you seem to have a small issue with “the producer”.. lol I figure I will try and shed some light on the things WE discussed in the blog..

    First and foremost this is not an attack on the true fan in any way. Naledge and I still consider ourselves fans as much as we are artists. We aren’t above anyone we are just another puzzle piece in this Hip-Hop world.

    We are speaking about those people (haters, stans. etc) who can’t wait for someone to ‘flop’. THEY have placed artists on this high pedastool just to wait and snicker if they fall off. And the point is these people call themselves fans yet they don’t act like fans. We are questioning their intentions and reasoning. Not hating on people who genuinely love the music.

    If you check soundscan that’s fine. But it is becoming more common that some people see these charts and laugh at the 67% drop off of an artist in their second week rather than saying ‘congratulations’ 35k more people purchased your album because it’s dope.

    I assume what you say is true and you are a fan not a ‘Fan’. With that said you shouldn’t take offense to this because it ain’t about ya boo boo….

    Hopefully that cleared it up a little…

  • http://deleted realhip

    I am a true fan of the producer. I actually got this page linked to me in a e-mail and when I read it I was disappointed. It is about the music . You guys are taking music to a whole new level and you are right people will hate. My problem was it’s not about the money ,hoes and etc it’s about changing people lives through music. So what if you only sold 50 in the first week, that’s 50 more people you shed a light on. I am a HUGE FAN OF THE WHOLE DAMN group and not just the rapper I just feel you offend people when you said fans wish they were on your level. YOU GUYS HAVE A BIG MOVEMENT AND IT WILL GET BIGGER just be careful how you word things.

  • Double-0

    Well hopefully we cleared things up.

  • Sushi K

    I think the big deal about the numbers (and why people are so fixated on them) is that the numbers are generally down. Way down. When the numbers are this far down, the music itself is in danger. Labels need new improved digital-friendly distribution schemes that plug the piracy hole once and for all (which is the true reason the numbers are soooo far down).

    Besides that, it really shouldn’t be something that a fan should concern themselves about. How about which album was the BEST, not which one SOLD BEST.

  • freddiejackson

    you fucked up this blog entry by making it a ‘fans are beneath us’ type of blog. if you just said its stupid to talk about first week sales and the focus should be on sustaining sales over a period, not just ONE week cos thats too much pressure and something a lot of artists arent going to be able to live up to, that would have been cool, but instead you turned into another bitter fucking rant against the fans, many of whom you dont even have yet cos youre a brand new group.

  • Chill Will