Katt Williams’ Pimp Chronicles

According to the Internet Movie Database, comedian Katt Williams has been featured in 14 different movies or TV shows in the past four years or so, but I’ll admit I haven’t seen any of them. His main thing, as I was told by his publicist’s publicist(?), is that he played a pimp named Money Mike in one of the Friday sequels.

I was going to interview him a few weeks ago as part of the press run-up to the premier of his HBO comedy special the Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1, but I never really got around to it. Because I’m lazy like that. Plus, I don’t find interviews a particularly efficient or otherwise interesting method of writing a story about a person anyway.

I did eventually get around to checking out his HBO special though, and I found it fucking hilarious. It’s been the only amusing comedy special I’ve seen on HBO since they brought back One Night Stand, and that’s been a while. The difference between his shit and most of the d-bags they’re featuring on the new Def Comedy Jam is night and day, as was illustrated when he tore the house down on this past Sunday’s episode.

His schtick, which may or may not have originated with his character in the Friday movie, is that of a pimp. In the special, he sports a pretty outlandish green suit that looks like it could be made out of the material from the interior of one of Don “Magic” Juan’s Cadillacs, as well as the kind of fucked up perm black women end up with when it’s obvious they can only grow so much hair. And he can’t be any taller than 5′ 4″ which is naturally pretty amusing.

In the special, he holds forth on a range of issues, including self-esteem, smoking weed, people who live to hate on people, white people, media coverage of the war in Iraq, and Michael Jackson bufu-ing kids on his Neverland Ranch. His best two jokes are one involving why self-esteemed is called that – because it’s the esteem of your motherfucking self – and one involving why no one knows what an Iraqi military uniform looks like – because we’re mainly over there killing civilians, or “insurgents.”

I didn’t find a lot of the rest of his material nearly as clever, but it’s still pretty entertaining just in the way that he delivers it. He speaks in the kind of bizarre high-pitched voice you find in so many really short people, and he peppers his material with lots of amusing pimp-isms, including copious use of the term bitch to refer to women (which you’d think would be old by now but apparently isn’t). I found myself laughing more often than not during the course of the 45 minute-long special.

You can check out the Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1 right now on HBO On Demand, if your cable company offers it. Otherwise, they’ve been re-running it periodically, and it’ll be out on DVD at some point in November.

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  • thoreauly77


  • http://www.okayplayer.com Spark


  • thoreauly77

    damn i wish i had tv right about now.

  • http://www.myspace.com/16kingz thebestout!!

    thoreauly77 Says:

    October 5th, 2006 at 2:16 pm
    damn i wish i had tv right about now.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^either you at work or you got your priorities all fucked up! computer but no t.v.!

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    damn i wish i gave a damn about dude right about now.


    …nah, i don’t.

  • http://www.okayplayer.com Spark

    So you liked pimp chronic.Iam happy you actually like sumting but what the hell are we suppose to comment on that? wheres the controversy?lol. ima check it out Pimp.

  • http://www.myspace.com/16kingz thebestout!!

    oh yeah 52nd BIAAATCHES!!!

    that nigga kat been funny as hell I’m actually excited to see hear his new album (no max be after guilty ruling)
    from the dipset camp. I just hope he don’t use them cornball ass beats they be spittin on it all sound like chopped and screwed music on acid!

  • Belize

    Finally sum propzzz..i see that u still dont want to accknowledge the fact that last week’s def comedy show was the best in a long time (KEVIN HART!!)..but ehhh..thats how u roll

  • e

    OH shit BOl wrote something positive!!!






  • http://www.myspace.com/16kingz thebestout!!

    news flash!!!newsFLASH!!!

    “(I want) just to talk and just to see where our heads are and see if maybe we can come to an even playing field – respectfully to each other.(I want to) see if we can figure it out (as) grown-ups,” Game told Hot 97 recently.
    dat nigga game finally pussin’ out cuz’ he can’t topple the giant that is mr.interscope (no jimmy Ivine)

  • e

    Kat Williams reminds me of Suga Free. I haven’t heard Kat rap yet but if his raps are like his comedy should be cool.



  • 420PURP


  • http://www.myspace.com/16kingz thebestout!!

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^very true.

  • Belize

    Game got that nas syndrome

  • e

    Nah Game is probably the most schizo rapper ever. He seems crazier than Nas or Krs.

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    Other than the weed jokes and the Shaq joke, that special wasn’t anything more than average.

    How many times can he repeat “love you life” or “eff the haters”???

  • soopadoopa

    the kind of fucked up perm black women end up with when it’s obvious they can only grow so much hair.

    Fucking Hilarious!!!! and true, good shit man.


  • http://aramhiphopetc.blogspot.com/ I Fux

    Ya it had me rolling most of the time, ya and the way he says things makes it funnier

  • Fernando

    Damn, its like Bol just read my post & made it a topic.

    The part when Katt impersonates Michael Jackson on his balcony scoping for kids is fucking hilarious. So is his reference to DMX.

  • e

    Banks’ Blue Heffner mixtape should have been released as an album instead of Rotten Apple. Its probably Banks best stuff in a long time.

  • Fernando

    E –

    katt actually has a song with suga free in the Bangers section…not bad.

    He also has a song dissing the yung gunz

  • LOS

    Yea that shit was dope. That nigga Money Mike funny as hell.

  • http://inthelab.biz Feeze

    I like that he offers the sage advice “don’t have no job? bills are due? smoke some weed!!”

  • e

    Im gonna check out the song Katt has with Suga Free.

    Dissing the yung gunz why?

  • Belize

    “Heyyoo…bitch! Whats the answer to number 7″ haaaa..yeah he killt it on X..did u see DaBrat crackin da fuk up

    E – dunno..i think Em is cuttin it close as the most scitzo..isnt he tryin to be a gangsta rapper now?

  • Belize

    “cris and lil neffi” haaaaa

  • Fernando

    He punkin the yung gunz on a song he did with Game. They had a line in a song that went “Fake P-I’s like Money Mike”……he apparently took offense to that shit.

  • Fernando

    nigga..nigga…nigga…this shit right here niga…THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE!…..Nigga…..This shit called Deaf

  • thoreauly77

    thebestout. i have the computer because of school. i dont have tv because i dont want my daughter watching commercial television, but its cool if she watches fraggle rock on dvd. but damn i’m hurting when i read about the wire and comedy specials like this.

  • UnFaded Disciple

    Bol, them jigs on XXLMAG.com is on your ass still for making that racist/stereotypical post on Muslims during Ramadan. You know how I know? Look at your last recent posts, its been boring as hell.

    So, I guess they told you to lay low before you can ever bring some “heated” posts back on.

    Sad. Looks like Clyde Smith got you on this one.

  • Fernando

    Thoreality –

    Its called LimeWire…Or Youtube.

    I just downloaded Katt Williams the other day.

  • Fernando

    I might have to leave this blog just on the strength of the Jibbs ad I have to look at. What a retarded fucking song..damnit

  • Belize

    Death? Dunno if i wanna die

    Naw nucca Def..u smoke this shyt right hear and u canr hear shyt!

  • 110 street

    The dude really did his thing like dipset always dose. Max b hold your head. harlemm..

  • Belize

    I still think kevin hart killed it

    “If a nigga come and smack you..well..u just got smacked..”

  • Bang

    katt actually has talent, that’s why he can do the same old pimp shit and be funny/stand out

    with that said, I probably wont buy his album.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com the south

    katt williams is the shit!!!!! dipset gonna bang out another classic!!!! dipset bitch!!!!!!!!!!

  • icee corleon

    kat williams is the funniest comedian we got right now since cris “where the hell are you” tucker has been awol

  • Belize

    Chris Tucker came out here to do a show..tickets were like 80 bucks..niggaz was like “Fuck Dat!”

  • Prince Of The South

    Yeah money mike is funny. I’ve seen him live, but that scene in Friday after next where he grab dude nuts will the tweezers is classic.


    i LOVED that Katt Williams special…

    that nigga had me ROLLING!

    Even that Bo(w)l head ass nigga couldn’t hate…

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Yo

    That nigga funny on nick cannon show too. no homo

  • Dee

    who cares?

  • Projectnrm

    Pimp Chronicles was hilarious.

    I eagerly await Vol. 2.

  • Jersey Boy

    That was the funniest HBO comedy show since Chris Rock “Bring The Pain” Dude is funny

  • http://www.myspace.com/angelsometimes Cthulhu

    I’m glad you finally got around to acknolwedging him. I think he’s original in a way, I think he’s really smart. I think he has strong opinions he delivers with humor. The only thing that sucks is that I saw him on Def Comedy Jam using the same exact material and I worry that maybe he’s another Ron White: funny as hell but way too lacking in material.

  • sandino

    That shit was mediocre. It certainly wasn’t a dave chappelle or anything. The eight dwarf(aka pimpy) was too repetitive talking about haters and live your life.
    NIgga just make me laugh.

  • Moe

    Yeah, the sh** was aight but slim set us back about a 1,000 years by overdoing it with the “nigga baby”, “nigga friend” and “nigga dick” shit. He stated a couple of times that he was a grown ass man then speak as one. Also, get some more material I have heard some of that shit like four times now. Overall, Mike Epps shit was more comical.



  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN Says:

    October 5th, 2006 at 2:57 pm
    Other than the weed jokes and the Shaq joke, that special wasn’t anything more than average.

    How many times can he repeat “love you life” or “eff the haters”???
    You couldn’t have watched the special. He didn’t say “eff the haters”… he actually asked for MORE haters. That’s a haters job, to fucking HATE!

    That special was the shit. Katt is doing his thing. For more info on him, check out the post I did on my blog about him.


  • Babyboy

    i ll check dat out Bol, but the best is Still Chris Rock, eddie Murphy and D.L Hughley, those guys killed it man, and Dave chappelle is crap doin stand up .

    THE SOUTH since when does Dipset has Classics????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Mr.Me

    Damn nigga you didnt get no replys yesterday. lol

  • Mr.Me

    Bols grandma topped me off last night for 3 chicken selects

  • EHT

    I guess I’m the only one who saw the special. This joint was hardly funny . Take away all the curse words and you have nothing. I may have laughed twice. And what was snoop’s purpose?

  • Belize

    That new lloyd banks is nails
    The songs that suck-SUCK..the songs thats dope-DOPE…smell it if yall got nuthin to listen to…i am

    (L my ass..and i aint even a GUNIT dickriding stan)

  • Belize

    Snoopa was layin down game…from a smoker’s perspective that is

  • the truth

    Katt is cool (no question) but bol is a fat chimp!!!

  • http://aramhiphopetc.blogspot.com/ I Fux

    Hey I finally saw the Kevin Hart episode of Def Comedy Jam it was pretty funny

  • e

    That new lloyd banks is nails
    The songs that suck-SUCK..the songs thats dope-DOPE…smell it if yall got nuthin to listen to…i am

    (L my ass..and i aint even a GUNIT dickriding stan)

    I told everyone, Banks is dope as a mixtape rapper but his albums are wack kinda like Cassidy and JR Writer

  • gutta

    his schtick? one of the friday sequels??? im convinced that you are are damn geek..you never seen friday? or any of the sequels? you have no knowledge of hip hop or the difference between good and bad artist..YN should fire you next, fa real

  • Hoodsavior

    it was aight…nuttin special…on def comedy jam he did the same routine but since it was shorter it was funnier…and oh by the way…katt is funny but he is NOT fuckin wit kevin hart(no philly bias)

  • sleepy

    i’m glad you enjoyed the show, but don’t put the man down like you did. that ain’t cool homie. talking bout he speaks in the voice small people usually speak in?. fuk is that? katt benn puttin it down. so chill wit belittling the man. and if you don’t interveiw a person, how the hell would you know wut to write about, dumb azz author….

  • blackman

    That show was funny as shit.

  • PopCorn

    Da realest nigga n da game rite now….Or at least n da history of
    “niggardum” ha ha ha


    kats show is funny he’s one the best ones out doin it wit funny stories and jokes yo watch it trust me

  • http://www.blaccdiamondconsultingfirm.com BLACCX

    katt, we love you. do your thang. god loves you more.