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Jay-Z “Kingdom Come”

Jay-Z, MC:
“Ahmir from the Roots was like you got to get that Just track, you gotta get that shit, he flipped ‘Super Freak.’ Like, the genius in that record again is not me, really it’s the fact that he took one of the most commercial beats in hip-hop history and flipped it on some Premier shit. Like he made it like a real hip-hop record. It’s really weird how he did that shit.”

Just Blaze, producer:
“There’s tons of fake Myspace pages for people out there. So [to show mine was legit] I was just gonna go talk and be like, “This is Just Blaze, blah, blah blah” and be out.  And, while I was thinking about what I was gonna say, I said, maybe I should have a beat in the background. So in the office in the front of Baseline, I had a stack of records. I had the ‘Super Freak’ twelve-inch that I had bought a couple of months ago in Chicago. Don’t ask. It was like $5.  It was a 20-minute version which I never heard. So I’m flipping through and I was like ‘I should rip something that people wouldn’t expect.’ Then I came across the twelve inch and started playing it. A lot of times, once I hear a sample, I already have the beat done in my head before I touch the MP. This time I had no idea what I was gonna do. So I literally took every note on the record and put it on a separate pad. And broke it down to the minimum amount of beats you could. I started playing around with it and it began to fall together. So I was like, ‘I should rock it like this with no drums or nothing.’ Which I started to do and then I added drums.

I think Peter Gunz might have been here. Peter actually has the video of me doing the drums, I think Corey was around and me and Pete are cool. He was recording something for a Corey Gunz DVD and he just started calling everybody to come into the room like, ‘Yo, you gotta hear this beat.’  I never really thought it was that crazy when I first made it.  I thought the creativity behind it was cool, more so than the beat itself. I never thought anything of it; it was just for Myspace. I do it, put it up and then later that day, I saw it had 400 hits. That night, 3700 hits. I hadn’t even had the page up that long. Then I got a message from Myspace administration like “We don’t know what you just did with your page, but your traffic has just increased by like 10 million percent.” Then I get an email from ?uest and he’s like, ‘I don’t believe you did it, the beat on your page!’ I’m like, ‘Ohhhh.’ A bunch of respect and love came from him and he wanted to know if Jay was on it.  I was like, ‘Nah.’ I literally made that beat in 30 seconds. I thought nothing of it. He said “Jay has to hear that beat, now. If there’s a record for Jay and Nas to be on, it has to be that record. I haven’t been this passionate about something since I was trying to get off of Geffen.” I’m like, “Wow.” He emails Jay. Jay hits me about it and then I never hear anything about it again. This is like Jan/Feb and a few months go by.

“Ahmir was just constantly like, ‘I need it, I need it.’ I’m like, ‘Aight.’ Gave Jay the beat and didn’t hear anything from him. Then Jay almost doesn’t do it because Busta had done Rick James’ ‘In the Ghetto.’ I’m like, ‘So, it’s a different record.’ Obviously it’s his comeback so he doesn’t want to copycat. But it’s Jay-Z. The beat has already been all over the place, everyone knows it’s from my Myspace page so I’m like, “Just do it.” He does it and it became the perfect statement for the comeback.”

Young Guru, engineer:
“The best thing that I can tell you that there’s a song called ‘Kingdom Come’ on the album, which is the title of the album. The way that record came about was from a good friend of mine from college, Lance Williams, he’s one of those dudes that can memorize, he knows how many mics every album ever got. We’re both comic book guys and we’re talking about Kingdom Come which is a comic book that came out about Superman.  He was just like, ‘Isn’t it weird where hip-hop is at right now, it’s like Kingdom Come and Jay needs to be like Superman.’ I was like, ‘You’re right.’ I hadn’t read Kingdom Come in so long so I went
out and bought it and read it. And I’m like ‘Oh shit! It’s parallel, it’s crazy.’ So I’m telling Jay the idea, I gave him the book and he got it. That’s why I love that song because one of the things that Superman doesn’t realize in the comic book is, not only how ill he is as a superhero but his influence on inspiring the rest of his peers that are superheroes. So when Superman jets and says, ‘Y’all shittin’ on me, y’all want the niggas that’s gon’ kill the people and I don’t kill my enemies, I catch ‘em and, cool y’all deal with ‘em.  I’m good.” Wonder Woman comes and she’s like “It ain’t just you doing what you do but Green Lantern ain’t doing his thing no more, The Flash ain’t doing his thing, you’re the leader, you inspire them to keep going and doing what they do.” That’s where the parallel comes in. And Jay can take an idea and incorporate it into a song better than anybody that I know and when he finally vocalized it, I felt it was exactly what I was thinking about.

“He’s saying, ‘I don’t know what life would be in H-I-P-H-O-P without the boy H-O-V not only N-Y-C, I’m hip-hop’s savior, so after this flow you might owe me a favor.’ It’s bringing New York back but it’s also bringing that hardcore hip-hop shit back on top of a beat where Just takes a sample that was used for probably the most pop rap record ever. All the parallels are in there. It’s just a really good record and the people are gonna get it on one level and then a couple weeks later they’ll get it on another level and then they’ll really listen and get every single thing he’s saying in there.  I always say he raps on three different levels and you’re gonna get it, eventually.”

PS: Like I said earlier, I got so much material. I’m thinking about putting together a full-fledged Countdown to Kingdom Come. Me and Bfred need to build and destroy the rest of yous.

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  • Shawn Lawrence James

    release that shit already

  • Ben Gibson

    First!! (no Young Guru)

  • hitta

    damn elliott. eskay is drooling.

  • Bigg Unit

    Real Rap is back. Wack Rappers Look out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Atl’s own

    Jigga and Rick james hella tight!!!

  • John

    This song is average. Jay’s flow is extremely lazy. When is he going to stop talking about himself? We get – your great – now move on. Talk about something other than the MJ and superman comparisions. Jay is just lazy now.

  • John

    Plus, when Young Guru (of all fucking people) gives you your idea for your album title -you know your in need of a creative boost.

  • the south

    everyone saying that hip hop needs a boost need to realize that this asshole won’t be rapping til he’s 50, sooner or later (hopefully sooner) you “classic” hip hop fans will have to give other type of hip-hop a chance i.e snap, crunk, bounce etc…u can only ride gay-z dick for so long, so u betterget use to other rappers such as dipset, d-block, houston (get off our dick jay-z, stop bandwagoning people, by yourself ur lame, and u know it) and g-unit. i missed others but u get the point. jay isn’t helping hip hop, he’s hurting it by not stepping aside and letting the new blood step up.

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  • ROB G

    yeah but the new blood sucks
    2006 year of copycat rap
    everyone is gonna jack jay for his steelo when KC come out,again


    Who is this idiot above me?? Jay-Z’s not helping Hip Hop he’s hurting it?? WTF! Plain and simple if all those people that you mentioned…who “supposed to carrying the torch” were putting out quality material then nobody would need to say Hip Hop is dead! Jay-Z comeback would be mood point.


    since everybody has decided to come out with some half ass…”make a song about a dance” bullshit. They Jay gotta come in and fill in the void for the true hip hop fans.

    Jay is damn near 37! and still light years ahead of everybody else. As much as you dudes wanna hate…and yes you’re hating…nobody in the past three years has been as highly regarded as him. Jay-Z rap peer group was in there prime back in the 80′s! but here it is 2006…and he still smashes the game!

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Nas is coming…

  • ATCK

    All these music nerds need to fall back. Who gives a sh*t how Just Blaze chopped this or looped that? I don’t want no “I made this beat in 30 seconds beat” on Jay’s album. Give me some new sh*t. This beats been around for 10 months and I’m supposed to be excited. I haven’t even heard Jay really go in lately. No disrespect to The Roots, but what the f*ck does
    ?uestlove know about selling records anyway? There better be some doper sh*t than this on the album or I’m gonna be pissed.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE
  • gmats

    Man the new rap is wack. sorry but that shit is wack. Jay-z is not lazy shit its his comeback album and he did nothing but address how much the game needs him. the album will be tight its the intro to his cd what else is he gonna talk bout. the album will be tight trust. plus its only a few new rappers i like. i dont even but cds no more i been buying alot of old records cuz the new records are strictly for the club

  • vo0doodude

    Y’all kiddin’ me? This song is sick. And I ain’t no dick rider. Compare this shit to shit like Yung Joc and Jibbs and shit like that. You kiddin’ me? He killed this shit with the first line.

  • Tyler

    I love the track itself but the verse is aight. I love the concept of the song which he did stick 2 that concept wit’ his flow but again it’s not a monster 2 me but good look 4 New York but it ain’t savin’ tha’ day. The Dirty South got that niggas Kyptonite to put out his light. Live wit’ it. “Will U be ready when KingDom come?” I don’t know Jay, U had better watch it with that anti christ talk, playboy. Be careful what U wish 4. Peace

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    i get it…he dropped this to try and make up for that trash that was previously leaked…sorry jay…im still not convinced

  • Chillin’

    This song was better than ‘dat 1st track that’s for damn sure.

  • hugs

    Yo you ripped that idea from K-Def, stop it bro. K-Def’s version from Diddy’s new album, its hotter. Plus the verse ‘The Game’ wrote are hotter, than Jay-Z’s. But it Jay-Z, so you suckers, fall all over it.

  • Proverbial

    Back 2 the old bitch and moan section eh….

    The responses above pretty much sum up the fact that this internet shit is the ultimate double-edged sword…
    But the concrete thing would b that ya’ll r sum fuggin whiney bitches….so step from the computer and go “save hip hop” your damn selves

    By the way I had like 10 people I know who actually bought “reasonable doubt” when it came out. So everyone stop frontin like you have been down….cause the numbers don’t add up. I frankly didn’t go back 2 a Jay album until the Blueprint……Loved his ability and style….But dude had 2 survive…..he paid his dues Eventhough he goes by J-Hova don’t mean he is God. So why do you expect him to act as such
    This muthaphucka worked his ass in the game damn near 20 years……give em his credit…….he’s our elvis…..thats heavy…

    And Just Blaze, killed that shit
    even if that shit is “10 months old” and Corey Gunz and ill bill and everyother tom, dick, and or harry spit a 16 on it….that tells u something….that shits hard……..if ya’ll realy cared about “originality” you wouldn’t even by half the shit u buy…, art, video games, whatever….

    So think about that when Zip up that “Escher” LRG sweater and listen 2 your Lil’ WEEz, or Lil John, or Lil webbie, or Lil Bo’ Peep….

    straight hate hoe’s…..all o’ ya’s

  • soopadoopa

    At this rate it will b about the sixth or seventh leak before i like 1 of his new joints. The beat is good shit though!!!!


  • Prince Of The South

    Hype for this new album getting stronger. Watch XXL put Jay on the cover next month or have Jay and Nas on the hate it or love it issue. Just face it Jay comming back and is going to have the only multiplatinum New York album. The way the industry is right now he’ll be the only rapper that come out this year to sell more than a million. TI got the highest selling rap album at 1.5 million. Love TI, but Jay can do that in three weeks. I’ll call it he’ll sell three times as much as Camron and JR Writer’s whole albums put together his first week.

  • Proverbial

    Oh and when I say I stepped away that was when he actually co-signed to DEF JAM…….if you remember correctly…Jay has got some of the craziest 12″s from that era….so I mighta’ not dug dude for a moment but every artist we listen 2 is like that…..if not your a dickrida’(nono momo).
    Sometimes they hit a chord that resonates…..sometimes they don’t

    The people that u need 2 be hating on our the folks that have capitalised off of an product/image and not given any substance in return….those r the folks you should feel “robbed from”

  • khal

    i need this album.



  • Enlightened


  • Enlightened

    This nigga dropped in 2004. And he had the mash up shit out last year. This ain’t no comeback.

    ICE-T ain’t dropped an album since 1999 and he’s about to drop…

  • hakka

    lol ?uestlove is a cornball…roots fell off HARD.

    this is an old ass beat.

    like that dude said, we want new shit, not an old ass 30 second beat.

  • Fernando


    You how does fiddy’s dick feel in your ass? Fuckin bitch-ass trick. Fuck your weak ass interscope dick rydin magazine.

  • Fernando

    You are now as big a joke as the SOURCE!1 Congrats!!

  • Mr.Me

    YN’s Timbs look like peter pan slippers

  • Mr.Me

    YN’s Timbs look like peter pan slippers.

  • KR

    >>>>i get it…he dropped this to try and make up for that trash that was previously leaked…sorry jay…im still not convinced

    …oh, like this cat is really putting the album out for you. Who made you an authority anyway? Who are you?

  • Danja29

    LOL some of y’all are tryin’ to find ANY reason to dis this shit… the desperation is too obvious, niggas!

    Y’all know this shit is crazy. Come on w/ all that “OMG, waaah, Jay’s just ralkin’ about himself and how great he is”… did y’all expect this nigga to come back out talkin’ about the Periodic Table Of Elements? If y’all don’t get it by now, I dunno what to tell ya.

  • Flipp Byrds

    Now is it me or didnt Jay say the song named Kingdom Come was supposed to be done with Chris Martin?

  • Fernando

    Its crazy ghey. Wow! he flipped a Rick James beat!! Its so amazing becasue Ghey-Z did it. Who gives a fuck.

    Danja29 must really be impressed with lyrics that involve comparing one’s self to Jordan. Jesus Christ…what a fucking joke.


    All da ppl sayin dis is wack must be 90babies or younger, fuk outta here and go lean wit it rock wit it

  • hakka

    fuck a coldplay

    i dunno why these rap dudes are all on coldplays dick.

    them doodes are wack.

  • john cochran

    People kill me praising everything this nigga does. Oh, he did this song on a Rick james sample it’s the best thing since sliced bread. stop hyping this man. His album probably will be average, if not worse.

  • john cochran

    If the south taught us anything, it’s that one man can’t bring a coast back. They can only hold the door open for the rest( like Lil jon did). Jigga will not hold the door open cause he too concerned with himself. This nigga just love being on top. But that shit will stop once people wise up and look at the music and not just the image. I mean c’mon, Read this niggas lyrics from Blueprint 2 til now on paper. He aint saying a got damn thing.

  • neil nice

    John Cochran, on the real, what in the fuck are you smoking? Have you turned on the radio lately and heard the shit that’s being called hip-hop? Put any track on the radio next to “Show Me What You Got” and “Kingdom Come” and there you have it…

    If your not swift enough to recognize the difference then you can eat a dick.

  • Kay from around the way

    Stop dick riding this nigga…It’s not like he’s about 2 reinvent the fucking wheel…

    I’m pretty sure he’s going “re” inform us ’bout his dope dealing days, or how he no longer drinks a certain champange that no working class person could afford anyway.(Unless they’er “owned” by Interscope Records)

    I’m not hating on Jay but gottdamn, it’s just an “okay” song…GET HIS DICK OUT YOUR ASS.(NO MARK FOLEY)

  • Big Ed

    I’m a Jay-Z fan from the jump and I’m from Dallas, so I really ain’t tripping off this petty regional shit. Hot shit is hot shit no matter where it comes from. Unfortunately, this shit really ain’t that hot. The feeling I’m getting from the first two leaks is that Jay is just gonna phone this shit in lyrically and flow wise and let the producers do all the work. I bet every beat on the album will be bangin’ but the lyrics will be the same old same old. Maybe Jay should put out an instrumental album instead. And to cosign what ATCK said: there ain’t no fuckin’ way a nigga should be rapping over a track that’s been all over MySpace for damn near a year when he’s making the most anticipated album of the damn year. We want new shit, not some shit 8 billion people have already heard.

  • che

    jay shouldn’t leak too much’ll ruin the whole hype thats been building up and the album won’t sell as well..

  • Tek

    It’s not like you all buy records anyway. You all know you are gonna download that shit the first chance you get..

  • 40oz King

    If I was the Rick James estate I would take 80% publishing

  • Jeff

    I’m amazed at how much people have to complain about!

  • Doc Flav

    Hype free promo and marketing, where was all this for the rest of the Def Jam roster? People, This album was necessary to maintain RocAfella recordsmarket value, damn I guess Dame was important after all, the gear aint hittin as hard as 2001 either. You are foolish if you think hip hop was gonna fall without this guy, Nas Still in it. Jaz O Jr is just a wealthy rapper, not a super hero, not Moses, not Jesus Nor Allah. Just Put The Record Out Rate The Dramatics.

  • Doc Flav

    P.S. All that Southern slander is not helping you all, when this album comes out we still gonna have some shit on your radio and selling at your record store, in your car, your 12 inch television in your apartment and on your pc @ work… oh and your bootleg ipod. LOL!

  • Doc Flav

    ***save the dramatics***

  • IllWhipPusha

    Did you say Peter Gunz!?!?! Damn, I miss Peter Gunz. That record he made with Lord Tariq was THE SHEEEEEIT back in the day. Still bumpin’ that single.

  • nemo

    good review

  • Crazy J

    All you niggas are stupid as fuck. First off, Jay is not going to bring New York back. Jay is just bringing Jay back, meaning that he gets the money. Do you think anyone else in NY really gives a fuck ? No. You know why ? Because they aren’t going to get any money out of the shit. Plus all this bring back NY shit is retarded. I understand that’s where it all started from, but shit if niggas would stop bitchin about gettin a raw deal and do something about it, then maybe they shit wouldn’t suck so much. Not dissing, but damn, everyone expects a platinum album because they from NY. Only new nigga out of NY I feel is Jae Mills. Everyone else is mediocre at best. Remember there’s more than just NY in this shit. If guys stopped looking down on the south like they ain’t shit and actually tried to collaborate maybe we could all get some cash. And I’m not even a big Dirty South fan, I’m just tired of NY niggas whinin all the time.

    P.S. If anyone was really going to bring New York back, it’d be Talib Kweli. But you wack bastards probably wouldn’t buy his album. Fucking hypocrites.

    Crazy J

    Hip-hop ain’t dead. It’s on life support. Please don’t pull the plug.

  • HotDawg

    When U cop an album from a Cat like Jay Hova or Biggie or Nas or U know the dudes, U are picking it up not 4 the beats which you hope are cool like this one is but U are getting ‘dat shit 4 the lyrics this nigga is suppose 2 be bringin’ 2 the table and the game.
    And U can’t say with a straight hip hop face that Jay Hova is really doing it big in that department or killin’ it on either one of these songs.
    I mean, we are suppose 2 be blown away because he spelled out the word HipHop and his own name in the 1st verse? This is what he comes up wit’ after being away or not being away depending on how U look at it?
    There is a Romeo & Juliet type curse on the Jay Hova House for what he did to 2PAC, the greatest of all time. This new album is Doomed!

  • Playa’

    Didn’t this dude the so called Jay Hova, didn’t he lose that War to the one and only Nas? So why is Jay still calling himself the King of New York? And I don’t think he wants 50 and the Unit going at his head along wit’ Dipset who just blew him up as well which he didn’t even fire a shot back. What a bitch? Oh yea’ and Iverson be fuckin’ his girl big butt B so what a sucka this dude is.

  • Gunz3

    Carmen is far from Jays girl Playa she was Nas’ G and Jay smashed it cause shes a hoe… Jays with Beyonce dog hes straight with that so ease up. Check out the XXL dvd mag with 50 and Hot Rod on the cover Carmen on there talkin about how Jays dick feels inside her and shit just puttin all them cats on blast, jay, nas and AI. But jay asked for it when he dropped her name on super ugly. She wrote a book about all that shit but i forget what its called.

    And yo to all them cats out there sayin NYC fell off and the south took over… maybe on 106 and park and top ring tones or some shit but why look to just busta to save the shit when u got so many others. Nas, Rakim, Mobb Deep, Raekwon, Meth, Cannibal Ox, CNN, GZA, Aesop Rock, Buckshot, MOP, Kool G Rap, C Rayz Walz, Gangstarr, Mos Def, MF Doom, Ghost, Talib, KRS One, Kiss, DMX, 50, Camron, Banks, Sean Price, Styles, Fab, AZ, Inspectah Deck, Posta Boy, RZA, Smif n Wessun, JR, Papoose, J Millz, Cory Gunz, fvck theres too many i know I forgot some sick MCs too.

    New York underground is where its at right now… Def Jux, DOOM etc.

    Some of the best shit in the south gets the same treatment as a lot of the good NYC shit. Southern cats like Devin the Dude, BG, Young Bleed, Soulja Slim, Witch Doctor, I 20, Pastor Troy, Cunninlynguists, UGK, project Pat, C Murder, Mac, Eightball & MJG.

  • tim

    playa dats cold

  • lukee lefty

    you know what sucks about hiphop everyone is an expert now…..every sucka ass nigga could get on the internet and talk like he invented the genre, everyone is entitled to their opinion but they wrap their opinion up in fact to make it appear as fact and the shit sucks ass juice at least in my opinion

  • Rick

    Fucking crazy, that beat is incredible, Just Blaze you’re a genius

    *Kingdom Come*

  • T LEE


  • Wise Man

    ^^^ I cosign that nigga above me everybody cant rap and the few niggas who can need to start doing it

  • st

    Bid Ed and others, you CANT be serious? You’d rather hear an instrumental than hear jay spit on the track? are u kidding me dude? some of yall still broke and just cant relate with what he talking about. i aint rich, but i’m comfy. i been bumping the flex rip where he says “Why Not…Lets do it…Jay-Z….YEEESSS!!!” Then I look around. Every niggas ears damn near glued to my window, trying to get a listen. I just nod my head, like yep, he back. That Kingdom Come Beat is sick, sick sick. Jay voice is the last instrument on the track. the track aint the same if dude spit dont spit on it. i dont do myspace so i havent heard the beat. and be glad i didnt, cause i know nobody would rip it like that. nigga just too deep for certain people.

  • Million$MotivatedMailiciousMonarchMoneyMakin’Marc. O!

    Doc Flav WTF r u talkin’ about?! The South is poppin’ right now, no doubt, but how many records r y’all really sellin’?? TU got the ONLY platinum album n hip hop this year. Luda shit doing good now, but what happened to Rick Ross, Young Dro, Pimp C, Bun B, and all y’all other so-called niggas that’s runnin’ rap? Who the fuck is that “Walk It Out”, Unk r somebody anyway?! Y’all doin’ cool right now but don’t get 2 feelin’yourself too much. Y’all deserve the props y’all gettin’ now, but y’all most celebrated group Outkast only did 109,000 their first week. I’m saying that 2 say all goo things don’t last. What goes up must come down. I can’t believe how u niggas try 2 diss Jay when nobody n your entire region can see him. Who the fuck from the South come up in any Top 5 debate? Outside of Luda and Outkast how many multiplatinum artists do y’all have compared to every other region? I mean damn for all the niggas y’all put out, who do real #s? Truth b told w out of every 20 of u niggas have any real substance.

  • bk banga

    Escobar season has returned!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mello

    I’m tired of illiterate rappers. And yall like dat shit! I miss the days when HIP HOP actually made you go,”Did you hear what he said?, Yo rewind that shit!” Jay-Z makes songs for the chicks and the clubs. But Jay-Z got some of the hottest lines I ever heard. Illiterate niggas don’t like lyrics that make you think. As long as people feel you, u can rap as long as you want. Know ya history, rap is almost 30 years old. Jay-Z is that old school artist saying rhymes with brand new styles. Running around spending money having fun, and even now, he’s still #1. Welcome Back and DO YOU.

  • DntH8Me

    I gotta say I’ve been a fan of Jay-Z since Jaz-O days and everytime he drop I always wanna find a reason not to like his flow. I have been really disapointed in hiphop lately with the days of i-tunes and ringtones everybody that drop only wanna hot single I can’t bring myself to buy an album not many artists this year have earned my money. The industry wants to blame the net and downloading—blame the damn artists and the music game right now…..I said that to say this and I’m sorry this post is so long—-The fans have gotten lazy and in turn the artists have gotten lazy thinking that only a hot beat and a catchy hook will get a platinum plaque. I didn’t like either one of Jay-Z’s songs until like the 6th or 7th time of listening to them and rewinding the track listening to the lines. I don’t hate on club music, I even snap my fingers from time to time but sh*t I can’t be in the club my whole life. I’m glad Jay-Z is bringing that Food for thought back, because hip-hop is starving right now and Kingdom Come sounds like the buffet that it needs right now. Now if he can just get Def Jam back in the swing like that!!!!!!!!

  • The Legend (Mont)

    Yo, you can hate all you want but Just Blaaaaze “freaked” that something lovely! I hope 9th Wonder and maybe even Premier can get a track on the Kingdom Come joint as well.

  • rapsinmyvein

    i have every one of jiggas albums, from reasonable doubt to black album..
    i am d biggest jigga fan but i have to say dat this track is hot but his verse is alright..its a mediocore effort at best and i think that jayz needs to do a whole lot more to bring NEW York or hip hop back in general…
    i saw the video and i love how he kept the video the same.. nothing out of the ordinary….
    diamonds are forever.

  • Shawn

    All yall fake niggas need to stop hating on my mutha fuckin nigga Guru, jay and blaze and bleek, they run shit, ill kill all u dirty niggas its the ROC NIGGA>>Holla HOV is back respect that shit nigga

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  • Alphonso Williams

    Okay, thats it all you haters leave it alone….this man is selling out world tours in places that don’t even allow rap music in the building…He’s pretty much apart of the U.N. now, saving lives in Kenya as we speak by bringing clean water to people who need it….and most of all when people like Chingy start out selling part of the future of Hip-Hop Lupe Fiasco(& you know 1/2 of you people bought dat damn HoodStar BS!)your opinions don’t hold that much weight!!!!He’s gonna go diamond guarannteed just cause hes not gonna let that playlist out (sorry bootleggers)and he’s still the most consistent and for somebody who hasn’t recorded an album track in 3years to come back this fresh!!!HOVA is the greatest of all time!!!coming from somebody from the WEST COAST!!

  • GrumpyBlack

    I agree that Jay’s flow is lazy and has been for a while. After Roc La Familia, that ‘breathe whisper’ thing took over.

    But what does it say for the game when an almost 40 year old HOV has to come back to ‘save’ the game?

    I’m more interested in how Just makes his beats than anything else.

    And I don’t believe for a second that
    ‘Show me’ was leaked. He clearly says ‘Yall got less than 2 months to get yall thang together, good luck’.

    This track was a warning shot…like the music before ‘Jaws’ comes to eat dat azz alive…

  • cash

    When Kingdom Come, I’m ready
    When Kingdom Come, hope you ready

  • Jahrel

    Some of ya’ll are hatin’…straight up. This crunk/snap shit is done. It’s old. I don’t care if it’s Jay, if it’s Nas…someone NEEDS to step up. Shit it can be Weezy or Jeezy for all I care, maybe that would make some of you happy. But lyrically, not even them 2 niggas can fux with the REAL Jay, the REAL Nas, or even the REAL Em. This album is truly about to save hip hop, why? Because Nas will drop somethin hot, Em will drop something hot…maybe even wack ass 50 will get his head straight (naaaahh). But regardless, niggas is gonna start bringin’ the heat lyrically again, I’m done snapin’ my fingers, I’m done leanin’ and rockin’… THANK YOU JAY!

  • Jahrel

    BTW, Show Me What You Got wasn’t leaked. But Kingdom Come blows that out the water, but at the same time…that wasn’t for us. That was to sell records (which it will). Kingdom Come still better not be the best on the cd, but just the fact a nigga is spittin’ somethin is a start.

    “I take off the blazer, loosen up the tie
    Step inside the booth, Superman is aliiive…”

    Welcome Home Jay…Nas, Em, dust em off and follow suit. And SOMEBODY STEP THE F*** UP SO THESE NIGGAS CAN SIT DOWN!


    Man flex chill with the drops its like annyoing i hear it every night. the beat needs tons of saturation and sample replacement ……but its hot. can’t here jay z

  • BigDaveJ24

    “show me” is that commercial song for the grown and sexy. beat is below average and lyrics are decent but not his best. “kingdom come” is that “brag about yourself” song that he throws on every album. Nice beat, hook was creative but not catchy at all, and the lyrics were once again just average jay. Jay’s new whiny happy flow might get outshined by his son Nas if he keeps this up.

  • LV IN CO

    Hova the God nigga blast for me …. He’s everywhere, He aint neva scared, Pound for Pound the Best to ever come around here……………

  • Diamond Disciple

    Jay hurtin hip-hop?? how? when the past 3 years he wasn’t even in the rap light. you didn’t see him in no videos puttin out no records. he was either courtside at a nets game…in a meeting tryin to build an empire…puttin up 40/40s almost over the entire country…or promoting other artists. HOV was still remaining the the best and higher than his peak back in 2003 (when he was rappin) so to say he is gonna ruin hip-hop is absurd. there have been alot of bullshit artists that came thru the airwaves and y’all sayin HOV is gonna ruin it? please! i tell you haters one thing…don’t buy the shit if you feel that way. i’m sure the GOD MC will survive with the rest of the 10 million records sold…oh yea we goin Diamond baby!!! get em ready…..

  • Playa-J

    I aint no dick ryder but i know my musik and thats a fact. All u cats sayin hova is wack and all this otha bull probly think that somebody that makes snap music. Hova is the greatest………….period.

  • FCKR

    yall haters are whacked… bitches

  • DaBrinx

    Read thru 50% of the posts on this page and i’m so saddened. Niggas don’t know what real hip hop is about anymore. Don’t get me wrong….ppl entitled to their own opinion but don’t just open your mouth just cause you got a tounge to say what you want…before you say something, read the rap sheet. Like Guru said, you need to go thru Jay’s tracks at least 3 times and strip them down, just to understand exactly what the man is talking about, and for a nigga that don’t write shit down, speaks on current issues, handles beef and still keeps it hip hop…it is written, you will never please all of the ppl, all of the time.

    From “Reasonable Doubt” to “Black Album” the facts are there, exactly why everything is done, why the flow is the way it is, and why he “ain’t been rhymin like common sense”. Everybody saying the same thing right now, music sounding the same…and lets keep it real, it ain’t that much rappers doing it that could get a smash hit on a soulful track in the midst of the dirty running it. The south gonna be around for a while, them heavy drums gon keep them in the club and on the charts for a hot minute, the trick is to do something different and be that one nigga up on the chart with a bunch of club bangers and you just sitting pretty: enter, Mr. Carter.

    We need some snap music, the south doing the damn thing right now, but i’m a grown ass man. I don’t get up every day and snap the shit out my fingers to go and get mine. I need a nigga talkin bout the real at some point to stay sane in this music shit. Maybe this shit is easier for me to say cause I’m not TRYING to break into the game and get the whole format changed for Jay to come and screw up my money….lol.

    “I can’t help the poor if i’m one of them, so I got rich and gave back, to me, that’s the win win”. Keep Winning my nigga.

  • PIE/763

    FIRST OFF FUCK U JOHN.. ON THAT YOUNG GURU COMMENT, y cant a nigga IN THE CAMP make a suggestion? and all u r doing is critizing. opinons r like assholes everyone has one, but cover it up…rnf2def..

  • PIE/763


  • DaBrinx

    PPL GOT TUNNEL VISION. Wise up to what’s going on: Lupe Fiasco is one of the most critically acclaimed artists this year, and is even getting cosigned by some of the big wigs in the game. The one platinum selling white dude the game has to offer got fed up and left on “hiatus” cause it got boring. Luda took a break from commercial to put out a more introspective project…and the biggest name in the game bout to come and put the system on it’s ear. Look at the movement people…it’s comming! The party music is slowly getting the carpet pulled out from under…and somepeople gon be on they ass before they figure out what happened. Oh…and I see you Diddy. Don’t let “come to me” fool you, diddy put in work on that Press Play. The winds of change are a tropical depression now, but it’s comming…

  • blacja

    first off i,m from brooklyn but i live n n.c. now..It’s time,it’s truely time for a song to actually come out ,and make me want to memorize it..In the 90′s the music was an art, music is all flash no substance..Jay is my fav hands down,but we need more than j,and hopefully his release will prompt others to drop some others i’m a little older now n bounc’n and snapp’n is really not an attribute of a grown man(dont mind when the ladie’s do it tho)nor do i enjoy doing so.Give me some head nodding shit and some shit to think about and i’m good..Welcome bac J..As we can tell from the responses negative n positive on this blog..the game has missed u, u make even the haters talk…FUCK RIDING DIRTY…SHOW ME WHAT U GOT

  • test

    that track is hot!

  • Jay-z Kingdom Come

    Hottest album of year, come on man – a dame and beyone diss on the same track OUCH! Killer just beats too – i cant wait. Pre-ordering tbh.

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