Over the weekend MediaTakeOut.com obtained a screen shot of a profile on WealthyMen.com featuring Havoc of Mobb Deep. The online dating service was created for people searching for men who make more than $100,000 a year.

No ma’am! Identity theft via internet connection is an all too common thing. Right click swagger jacking has been occurring since Al Gore “invented the internet” back in the 90’s. Although I highly doubt that the love personal was created by Hav, some would argue that the pictures featured on it look like they were snapped with a personal digital camera. It also doesn’t help that he was rocking a Heathcliff Huxtable style sweater in his main picture.

Me being the conspiracy theorist as I am, I’m blaming this entire shit on Prodigy. If there is anybody who stands to profit from these allegations it’s him. At the album release party for Rotten Apple last night, he looked like he is one mojito away from giving the camera man a Dirty Sanchez.  

Of course Havoc didn’t stop pesky internet rumors from allowing him to hang out with the guys. 50 Cent, G-Unit’s resident old man in the club Tony Yayo, Olivia, Hot Rod (who will ultimately have the phrase “no homo” following his name in parentheses for the rest of his career), Maino, and Sha Money came out to support Droopy. Ahh, I know the look of love when I see it.