1) "Rapper's Delight" Sugar Hill Gang

The first full rap song..need I say more?

2) "Planet Rock" Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force

This is what really started it all!!

3) "Hard Times" Run-DMC

RIP Jam Master Jay

4) "Eric B. For President" Eric B. & Rakim

5) "The Bridge is Over" Boogie Down Productions

The first battle record on wax.

6) "Fuck the Police" N.W.A.

This song kicked the door down, on that West Coast Gangsta rap.

7) "Flava in Ya Ear" Craig Mack

The introduction to Bad Boy.

8) "Bout It, Bout It" TRU feat. Mia X

Say hello to the Percy Miller era.

9) "The Blast" Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek (Reflection Eternal)

C’mon, do I really need to tell y'all?

10) "Jesus Walks" Kanye West

Paging Mr. West.


Listen To:
Hi-Tek feat. Busta Rhymes "March"

Hi-Tek feat. J Dilla, Nas, Common & Busta Rhymes "Music For Life"

Both songs from Hi-Teknology 2, in stores October 17th