Guess Who’s Bizack


Fresh from France where I spent my downtime sippin’ espressos with Sir Steven “Sexual Chocolate” Stoute and Def Jam’s elusive President Shawn “My raps are better than yours” Carter, your boy YN is back. With no further adieu, let’s just say I missed you too boo. Bonjour! Tight hugs and French kisses. Anyhoo, my mulatto ass touched down at Gay Parie to personally holla at Young Hova about the comeback everyone’s waiting for. I’m not souped like Troop but please believe I got the scoop. I’m like a dope MC (remember them?) with so much material I can’t decide what’s gonna go on my album (XXL Magazine) or the mixtapes (Internet). It’s gonna be exciting in the future watching me milk this content for all it’s worth.

Yeah I was salty when Jay-Z decided to declare his official return first with them crackers at EW (That’s why I leaked the cover, fuckers). You ain’t know? I’m a sore loser. Maybe it was cause we were in a foreign country, but dude was crazy cooperative. I feel like I got the hip-hop intv you Internet geeks and industry freaks are seeking. 2 hours on tape. You know I’m great. Who else you gonna fuck with the truth is us?

That’s it for today. I’m still a little jet lag. That six hours ahead shit ain’t no joke, bloke (Wait that’s England shit. I went to the Paris show—in the hood!) I really ain’t figured out my next move yet. Should I start giving you previews of intv? Should I wait til issue and/or album drop? This is like one of the bullshit warning shot diss songs that rappers put out that promise something dope is coming next.

Hip-hop is dead, but YN’s staying alive. Merci beaucoup.

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  • Harlem G

    wow, did he just take a shot at Curtis Jackson? i thought he was on the payroll…, and first!

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  • Mr.Me

    YN rocks Timberlands that curl in the front

  • K.O.T.S.

    Good post YN…this is the best post since Sickamore “what about nas” post. Aint no one holding it down like you YN. Magazines, Internet and streets. Mad props.

  • icee corleon

    gone head and drop that intv elliott “i know whats hot” wilson (no camron gay friend).

  • e

    Am I the only person who is mad Jay-Z is gonna release an album. All of his verses lately have been shit.

    You finally left your crackhouse to start posting again YN. And if you really did think of letting Transi have a blog your as dumb as you look.

  • Rey

    Welcome back, Splinter. Get your blog section back under control.

  • Jason

    E says:

    *”Am I the only person who is mad Jay-Z is gonna release an album. All of his verses lately have been shit.”*

    I agree completely. Not only can Hov not run a record label, but he can’t pull off a comeback either. Impeach that nigga.

    Prove me wrong Jigga.

  • Jason

    oh . . . YN . . . give a young college brutha a job.

  • Heat_Seeker

    YN, Please keep hittin us with actual blogs and not them old wack azz songs you be postin instead.

  • che

    yo YN you need to give your bloggers a clip around the ear son, bol needs to ackrite, he’s talkin some outlandish shit thats gonna get him into legal problems and tarnish everythin you’ve been working ghard for. and u need to get sickamore out from wherever he’s hibernating! lol

  • eskay

    you might as well breakdown on the mp3 of that interview.

  • Danja29

    The obscure Troop reference did it for me. Great blog.

  • The Dza

    oh snap! Rey just came out of his (forced) retirement too!!!

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    Jay-Z?!? not interested, but I do gotta give XXL some props (no Reythejedi)for that XXL rating on the CLipse. real hip hop is coming back.

  • Jay W

    More posts less break samples.

  • Enlightened

    Nigga fuck you. That little braggadocious – suckin yo own dick ass shit might be cool at the beginning of the magazine – it’s your trademark I guess. But we don’t wanna hear that shit all the time.

  • Belize

    Haaaaa…u cocky sum of a bitch!

  • Shawn Lawrence James


    I really have alot of respect for you. Even though I may not agree with those “interscope” covers every time someone drops from that label (for the record, that label aint do shit this year – and Banks is going to sell a little over gold) I feel your entire movement. You are running shit in the “hip-hop magazine” circut and there’s really nothing folks could do about it because they are putting out bullshit on newsstands. I could remember when the Source was your stiffest comp. All I’m writing this to say is that I want you to keep doing your thing. I’m coming for that crown in a year and a half…

    Peace & God Bless!
    Shawn Lawrence James

  • thoreauly77

    don’t leak any of that shit: leaks are ruining the game. the idea is to create buzz with them — the reality is that buzz is created by secrecy and anticipation — as perfectly executed by the subject of your blog.

  • moore

    hanging out with steve stoute? thats gay.

  • gutta

    be glad he dropped the exclusive with EW and not VIBE or THE SOURCE…i personally think jay-z should drp another album cuz the black album was good but something was missing from it. YN, i see your hustle man,keep doin ya thing

  • the south

    jay-z is shitty!!! i hope someone leaks his album and it gets bootlegged heavy!!!other artists are getting hurt by leaks, and jay isn’t bulletproof, and he really needs to be knocked down with this wizards return..

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Blog me


    u should do an article on Stoute too…

    from Kid N Play’s baggage boy (TRUE STORY, they used to beat his ass too), to THE most powerful “coporate” entity in Hip-Hop…

    bet u Kid N’ Play wish they were better to that nigga!

    PS Jay-Z’s just “milking the game”, like any other smart person would do in his position…

    (No breaking up w/Dame & Biggs)

  • Enlightened

    i personally think jay-z should drp another album cuz the black album was good but something was missing from it.
    Yeah – Quality songs!

  • Hannah Smith

    Only reason Jay-Z is dropping an album is ‘cos:

    1. Def Jam are fucked – no one’s sold anything and he needs to save the label’s bottom line.

    2. His pesonal assets (mainly his BK real estate) are plummeting and he needs cash before he’s out on his ass.

    Woo, I just rhymed in prose, I’m an XXL robot!

  • Coeur

    reppin Paname World Paris theHood.
    waitin for the itw

  • 110 street

    mynigga the samples you post are official you cant go wrong with a classic and not for nothing jays half fifty half off the head flow is getting old. still waiting on nasir the god. merci beau, fuck all that, Harlemm.. o yeah need a full interview on Max B situation .

  • tplAehoMBP