Don’t call it a comeback

I mostly sat out the hoopla having to do with the first tracked “leaked” from Jay-Z’s forthcoming Kingdom Come because a) I didn’t really give a shit one way or the other, and b) sometimes I come up with the ideas for these posts days in advance; it can be difficult for me to have to go and write about something else at the last minute. Why ditch my story on ’80s baby wealth strategies and risk having to call in at the BGM just to write about some wack shit like “Show Me What You Got?”

This new one’s better, if not by a whole lot. Plus, I’d be remiss if I didn’t comment on this mess at some point or another.

Obviously the first issue that needs to be addressed is Jay-Z sampling random-ass pop rap records. Is Kingdom Come meant to be some sort of bizarre concept album where Jay-Z raps over all of the top pop rap records from yesteryear? What’s next, Jay-Z comparing himself to Michael Jordan over the beat from “Ice Ice Baby?” Jay-Z waxing rhapsodic about scoring with Rihanna (which is certainly understandable) to the tune of Bell Biv Devoe’s “Poison?”

In case your computer is incapable of streaming audio (like if you were reading this on your break at Taco Bell), the title track from Kingdom Come incorporates a sample from Rick James’ 1981 classic “Super Freak,” i.e. the same track MC Hammer wantonly pilfered for “U Can’t Touch This,” arguably the biggest pop rap record evar. And you’ll recall that the aforementioned “Show Me What You Got” used the same sample as Wreckx ‘N Effect’s “Rump Shaker.”

The thing about “Kingdom Come” is that it doesn’t sound especially different from the Black Album’s “Public Service Announcement,” which itself was a veritable remake of some long lost post-Enta da Stage Black Moon record. The first few seconds of it sounds exactly the same, while the rest of it sounds more or less the same, save a few Rick James-isms here and there. But once you get past the novelty of sampling “Super Freak” at this stage, this just sounds like the same old shit to me.

Honestly, I think it might have actually been cooler if Jay just rhymed over a straight loop of “Super Freak” like MC Hammer did 16 years ago. Imagine how bugged out that shit would’ve been. And of course people would buy it anyway (and in some cases claim it was brilliant) just because Jay did it, just like a bunch of dudes ran out and copped “button-up” shirts (actually button-down shirts) after “Change Clothes” – a song that hardly anyone even likes.

But I guess people can be sheep like that.

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  • thoreauly77

    props bol. the track is pretty boring. i don’t see how “flipping” the beat in thirty seconds constitutes its use on the album, particularly when it has been blazes myspace music for 10 months.

  • SnitchyMcRat

    second to second to last…man up Jay-z and get a Havoc beat..

  • Toothpick

    Listen carefully. The sample on “Show Me What You Got” comes from Public Enemy’s “Show Em’ What You Got” (that’s Flav’s voice chanting the hook underneath). Teddy and Wrecks-N-Effect recycled the sample. C’mon Bol, you’re supposed to know these things. Jay seems to be trying to reincarnate/reinterpretg the PE song which may or may not still make it wack.

  • DGthegreat

    To be honest, Kingdom Come may not be that great of a CD. If we have heard two tracks within days and both are not moving anyone (Idlewild anyone?)minus Jay-Z worshippers, then its safe to say that Jay may be setting himself up for the biggest disaster (not comeback) in hip-hop history.


    “Show Me What You Got” sounds like Jay’s attempt to reincarnate/reinterpret Public Enemy’s “Show Em What You Got”, (That’s Flav’s voice chanting the hook underneath;C’mon Bol you’re supposed to know these things). “Rump Shaker” just recycled the sample after PE. Still may or may not be wack depending on personal taste.

  • Rhazes

    “different from the Black Album’s “Public Service Announcement,” which itself was a veritable remake of some long lost post-Enta da Stage Black Moon record”

    BOL step ya rap game up. PSA came about 1 week or 2 week before or after The Blackmoon “total eclipse” album. I doubt that they made a remake

  • thoreauly77

    rhazes- a “veritable” remake.

  • thoreauly77

    i dont think bol knows that veritable means “genuine”.

  • icee corleon

    bol i feeling and not lie r. kelly does underage girls either. but at this point all we got is samples of old shit and its not from kanye west which is sure to sample something. whatever happen to jay pushing producers to come up with something fresh and new that he can put out even if its a sample he makes them make something with a new feel to it. not some shh thats been on myspace for months (how lame is that). with all that being said jay,kanye,eminem,or the only cds that i will go cop

  • Bol

    *furiously looks up the word veritable to make sure he hasn’t been misusing it for years*

    Nope, I’m cool.

  • Dee

    Boring track.

  • Harlem G

    Bol, discuss y the deleted your post yesterday, or are u gonna just bend over and take it?

  • Spark

    Bol the fuck happen yesturday??? & sure the track isnt that great but im still copping the cd that’s 4 damn sure!!!!

  • Enlightened

    Yeah, we won’t call it a comeback…
    Why don’t you give us an in depth blow by blow of how and why THEY CHECKED YO ASS.
    Did you get a phone call from E.T., I mean Elliot, snappin on you?
    Or did you log on like the rest of us and just see that they had SNATCHED YOUR SHIT?
    Enquiring minds want to know.

  • thoreauly77

    seriously. does 50 have your and eliots sacks in his purse?

  • Chillin’

    Thanks BOl for keepin’ it 100 cause yea’ unless you have Jay Z’s jizz swooshing around in your mouth then neither one of these 2 new joints will not do nothing for you really. I like the 2nd one way better than the 1st but ‘dats like sayin’ I will take a chic with an std over a bitch with aids, ya’ dig. New York is in for a big let down if they will have the balls 2 be honest with themselves on the real deal of this Kingdom Come album. Peep the musical vibes at:

  • Tyler

    Yea’ what happen yesterday Mr. Bossy BOL? They took your post down like you in the fuckin’ 3rd grade or something man. Do something on ‘dat shit dawg, we got your back. U gotta have a college degree man don’t let them play you like that unless U like lickin’ 50 nuts but either way we want 2 know what’s up.
    And yea’ the song is aight. .Not fire and this is the 2nd one that got out on the loose. Are they calling in the FBI on this one as well?

  • Young A. Simmons

    Bol expected you to come out guns blazing bout how censorship sucks and how much of a fudge packer and wankster fiddy cent is…

    Looks like wilson fucked you and you just gon’ take it like a bitch.

  •,Version=1 Rey

    I’m not listening to any tracks from Game Nas Diddy or Jay until the whole album is in the cd player of my car on the way home from best buy. Everybody’s a critic. I’ll wait and see how it all flows together. Word Bol, does 50 have soldiers in Mudflap Missouri or some shit? Inquiring minds, fool! UNO!

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Bol your post just proves my point even more…u a faggit ass nigg,jay-z…this dude probably made the decision to come out before Nas once he relized that Nas’s album was on a whole nother plain…Casanova of the Ghetto is feelin himself a lil too much( no Bol browsing youtube)…this shortcoming also proves the point that WEEZY IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE(with the exception of Nas)

  • ESL representa

    next round of e-beef

    Bol vs. YN

  • ESL representa

    Bol you answered your own question yesterday. Now We all know who really runs XXL.

  • the one

    The worst Jay z song ever. Oh, dont forget that horrible “You belong to the City” or whatever the fuck the name of that song Is. Oh yeah, “I know what girls like” w/ lil Kim. Fuckin horrible. Stay retired you fuckin Camel.

  • collinb

    lmao @ Bol’s blog being deleted yesterday….I see Pravada put that lunch money in Jeopardy and made you get right.
    that Bruce Wayne shit was pretty clever tho, you have to admit it

  • Fernando


    Your just gonna get your shit pulled and not say anything about it??? Its like your blog was a self fulfilling prophecy. You speak of 50 cent & interscope running splinter nigga like a $3 hoe, AND YOUR BLOG GOT CANCELLED. Damn homie……

    Jay-Z has been over-rated for so long I cant even care anymore. He has some nice 16′s when he is featured..*sometimes*. His last few albums hurt my head. Co-sign on the “genius just because Jay did it” comment. I feel the same way about Mos Def’s shitbag album he put out a year ago & Andre 3000′s garbage below.

  • Fernando

    How has the inventor of “bling bling” suddenly become the best rapper alive???? Weezy is ok, but damn…some of yall be sweatin him like he’s had 4-5 classic albums. He has about 2 1/2 by my count

  • soopadoopa

    Rick james is dat NIGGIE 4real r.i.p. i think Shawn’s age finally caught up 2 him cuz he just sounds dated, Jazo must laughing his ass off at the homeless shelter!!!


  • jon-jon 23

    That’s part of the reason rap is fading away. No one is looking to come up with original concepts and ideas, only to make money. When you think about black music before the rap era, the lyrics had more substance and the music was all original. Rap has survived off of jacking old ideas for some time. Now its gotten to the point where some older songs have been sampled so much that kids don’t even know where the original idea came from. Not only do they take the beats, but also mimick the hooks and lyrics( although most of the time they put an ignorant nigga spin on the words). If no talent or spontaneity is being put into the music then it can’t go anywhere but down.

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    u a faggit ass nigga bol

    a deleted faggit ass nigga

    yesterday comment section wus classic 2..we wus on fire

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    How has the inventor of “bling bling” suddenly become the best rapper alive????

    Dat wus BG not Wayne, Fernando

    Weezy got 2 classic albums, a classic mixtape, 1 really good mixtape and 1 really good album..

    i still havent heard “500 degrees” in full so i cant comment on dat 1

  • thoreauly77

    why in hollywood divorce does weezy say he created the term then transi? does this make him a liar with “2 classic albums, a classic mixtape, 1 really good mixtape and 1 really good album..”?

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    altho i’d never call him (or anyone else) da “best rapper alive” or any of dat bullshit

    dats sum corny teenage fanboy stan faggit type shit

  • Proverbial

    Hey dumb phuck

    that “rump shaker” sample your talkin about….is the fuckin Lafayette Afro Rock Band……staple break….it has been sampled by everyone and ther fuckin brother… hypothetically…Just sampled N2Deep 2
    Just cause the video has a chick playing a sax don’t mean Teddy had a session musician come in…
    The only “rap” record sampled or interpolated is place that sax got recognition….I meen the hook doesn’t sound familiar….Public Enemy..Show ‘em what u got….???????
    No bell’s(taco) hmmm….google that

    Lay off the records….the diggin game…..however “rare” or popular they may be……your whack…

    If you actually pay attention….Just is giving you excellent production musically
    but he is also giving history and revelance to this music….displaying elements of hip hop’s rich tradition.
    So what if he used some overt ones…..we still got some people that won’t listen 2 hip hop if it does not familiarity 2 it……can u blame them sometimes

    B4 you start trying to take over Elliot’s column…..pick up some wax…listen…then judge…
    this “smart dumb” shit……just makes u look……..dumb

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    sumthin’ like dat, thoreality

    erybody know da “bling bling” joint wus by BG..altho weezy, juvenile, baby and mannie were on it

  • Fernando

    Then why does that little rat take credit for it on that “hollywood divorce” song????

    Exactly. 2 *classic* albums and some other shit. I like him(no dj-nsync) but Im not gonna pretend he’s the best shit ever

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    to reply 2 bol blog..i dont really care about jay anymore..he tired and washed up

    both his new songs are decent..but there’s so much better stuff 2 listen 2 nowadays

    im mo excited about sum new beanie then jay tired old ass goin’ thru da motions and rappin about being a ceo and vacation’ wit beyonce

  • Fernando

    That fuck says he CREATED IT.

  • thoreauly77

    i’m just going to go ahead and be a nerd and say that if cannibal ox can put out a follow-up i would be happy. or el-p for that matter. i saw del a couple weeks ago and the show was fresh and he is releasing a new album pretty soon, so i look forward to that as well.

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    “dedication 2″ mixtape is as good as either of “the carter” albums..possibly betta

    i forgot da mick boogie 1 too with all da unreleased joints from “the carter 2″ on there like “aint got time”, “cash money nigga” (da last joint he did with mannie on production), “miami” and otha shit like da live version of “shooter” from leno, da biggie and juelz joint from “duets” etc etc

  • G4L

    I dont know if its only me or BOL soundin every week more and more like fuckin hater, that need to critize just eveyrythin….. step ya game up G

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    isnt del sum drug addict faggit nowadays now?

    dat casual “fear itself” cd is dope as fuck..

  • Fernando

    I dont have time to find all these fuckin mixtapes. Nor do I have the patience to listen through all the worthless one’s that just use recycled verses over some shitbag beats. Bol has hate in his veins…along with lard, oil, & 211.

  • Fernando

    Yay area bitches!





  • thoreauly77

    if by drug-addict you mean chronic weed-head then yeah, he is. but he sounded good which is a huge improvement from when i saw heiro a few months back and the only people that sounded good were opio and casual. i swear the last heiro album was more like “the opio show”.

  • Meka Soul

    dedication 2 >>> all of lil wayne’s albums before.

    but that’s not saying much.

    is it me, or is lil wayne the only 23 [27!?] year old still going through puberty?

    no wnba.

  • Proverbial

    By the way there was a little interlude on a record by this guy named OC……Buckwild unearthed the “Seed of Love” like 12 years ago…b4 Black Moon broke-up, got back 2 gether and then broke-up again(?)
    Again, keeping hip hop’s tradition going……..

    You need to listen……i mean really listen…..still googlin’

  • dj madwax

    wow. my comment that posted the link to yesterdays deleted blog got deleted too.

    wheres the SS squad? Wo Ist Der Papiren!

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    well..u need 2 check “dedication 2″ by dj drama + weezy, fernando..drama may be a pussy but he has put out sum classic mixes

    speakin’ of songs wit rick james samples..dat new az + mop joint with da “mary jane” sample is da best shit i’ve heard so far dis week

    i heard del wus a heroin addict these days and dat he can barely stand when he perform live

  • Fernando

    Yesterday’s blog was on point. I let YN have it. What a faggit.

  • thoreauly77

    sheeit, i have no idea if he’s on heroin. he only did 5-6 songs though and smoking a giant joint on stage. maybe he had to stop cause he was nodding off? who the fuck does heroin anymore?

  • Fernando

    Dj Drama does have some fire. That legend sereis 2 with 8ball & mjg is really sick. He’s still a “barbershop II” looking faggit who wasted space on this site like none other.


    Can someone explain wat shit went down bout Bols blog gettin taken down yesterday???? I didn’t check out yesterdays blog at all cuz I was at the gym afterwork. Wat happend?

  • thoreauly77

    laters, off to class.

  •,Version=1 Rey


  • Fernando


    LMAO when Bol descdribed how BG looked when he took the XXL cameras through his old hood & found the place where he used to fuck wit that H. “He had a look on his face like he was just hit with a bag full of happy memories”

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    yea..word 2 da 8ball & mjg one

    yo..enuff talk about da rap shit..lets get back 2 clownin’ fatty rey

  • Harlem G

    Wayne did create “bling bling” go listen to the song, its on BG’s album, but wayne came up wit the whole concept of the song, Wayne is doing the hook,

    but damn Bol, speak up nicca!

  • I am HIP hop

    Fuck jay! it boils down to a very nasty use of superfreak that is what makes hiphop the shit, using shit in ways never heard to make som’ thats hot. rza, premo now just blaze and kanye the only ones left.

  •,Version=1 Rey

    I think Weezy is overrated as hell, but I did like the duets verse he had. Dude’s voice sounds like Dee from What’s Happenin’. Jay is still dope.

  • Fernando

    Lonzo –

    Bol floated the idea that interscope & 50 cent run XXL (big suprise), because they nixed a story about fiddy’s manager where he revealed sensitive info about Mr. Fiddy. They had to remove the story or else interscope would pull their advertising. He also said YN is a bitch for Fiddy & Iovine. His blog was killed 2hrs after postage.

  •,Version=1 Rey

    Word, dat nigga Rey be fat, son. He a fall out boy gravy drinking kanye star wars 40 year old virgin blog craving droopy dog looking faggit ass nigga. FREE Z RO! …does that about cover it? Next!



  • Meka Soul

    the “controversial” article is actually in the current issue of the magazine. as with most of the other articles, i skipped it.

    however, the bigger crime in that issue was this quote about pro-abortion poster boy rick ross:

    …and a no. 1 album tucked ‘neath his waistband (when he wears pants)…

    i almost burned my copy on the spot if it hadn’t been for the clipse album review & the half-naked eye candy with the air balloons.

    no andre 3000′s closet.

  • content

    damn and i actually liked yesterdays blog.

    insiders hate insight

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    i never thought i’d see rey hulky latino date rapist lookin’ ass ever type da name “Z Ro”

  • Tyler

    I say we all send a dollar a piece into XXL in the name of the all mighty BOL for the purpose of helping this nigga “buy a pair of balls”, ya’ dig. BOL, don’t go out like this come back at ‘em with one of your smart asshole like blogs. Freedom of speech nigga!

  • Hasler09

    i cant believe im gonna do this but i agree wit bol the two tracks i have heard from jays album suck ass and why this is his comeback im not sure?he has been rapping terrible verses in beyonce records for the past three years plus alot of other forgettable verses on some other tracks that where so shit i cant even remember what they were.and retire that was such bullshit even before he “retired”he was talking about coming back it was all to help sell a few more albums because we had the “last”jay z album we had to buy now we got the “comeback”album we gotta buy.BULLSHIT!!!

  •,Version=1 Rey

    lol, Date Rapist? I think not. Bol’s the one driving the child molester minivan.

  • Chillin’

    Say it ain’t so pa’, say it ain’t so. . . 50cent does own XXL so what is the world coming 2?

  • KR

    Still shook, Bol?

    …this blog must really mean a lot to you…

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Weezy coined the term Bling you ignorant smucks…and his best albums are yet to come..dude aint even reach his full potential yet…Jay-z is over the hill…Weezy is close to the top

  • Yo


  • Mr.Me

    Bol silent as night tryin to change the subject to JayZ.

  • Meka Soul

    i wonder if lil wayne fans will still be his fans when he does the inevitable fall from rap royalty, & is stuck doing hoodstar numbers.

  • Mr.Me

    “Check out my diamonds bitch every 1 go bling-bling”

    Fuck Friends 1996

    Somebody swagga jackin

  • Fernando

    I know Saigon is pissed Entourage is done for the year. His portly self looks like that fat fuck from “wild & crazy kids”

  • Belize

    yall faggit niggaz need to put on CNN, some plane crashed in manhattan

  • gutta

    wack jay-z song then a plane crashes in an apartment building in nyc…what next??

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    how many of you think Weezy will run out of juice anytime soon

  • Fernando

    Fuck a plane crash; we got a million little mini-mart owners ready to go to war with our ass. God damn N. Koreans, I dont want to be one of those old fucks talking about “remember korea” when Im 60 yrs old……fuck!

  • The Pope

    Just Blaze had this track up on his myspace page since around January. He called it “Bored”. The track is still up

  • Enlightened

    Weezy had 0 classic albums.
    Classic! Are y’all serious.

    How can you make a classic album or anything close to it with 0 concepts on it?

    Somebody name 3 Lil’ Wayne songs where he has an ACTUAL CONCEPT to go with THE HOOK and sticks to THE SUBJECT. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is “Georgia Bush” and that was on a mixtape.

    Dude is a clever little punch line lyricist at times, but that’s all he is. If you take away his hooks and beats, you couldn’t tell one song from another. Every song is going to end up being about being hot, his car, how he nuts on women, his Daddy (yes homo)etc. You can do that, but how about making a WHOLE SONG about either of the above and sticking to it instead of making freestyle shit on every song where he talks about no one subject in particular.

    You can’t make a classic album like that.

  • Belize

    fuk korea

  • Sushi K

    A plane crashed into the two story apartment building 4 buildings down from mine three years ago in Los Angeles. No joke. It sounded like a monster truck hitting the wall in the alley. I went outside carrying my 4 month old baby and saw dozens of people running down the block, towards a really tall column of black smoke. Called my homegirl Shawna and she scooped us up in the Beast and went to drink some wine at her pad and watched the shit on the news.

    Two people died only, one of them being a 90 year old man who lived through Auschwithz. Aint that a bitch!

  • Enlightened

    To continue that LIL’ WAYNE point.
    They have a song out called “STUNTIN LIKE MY DADDY.”
    so we can see how your “stuntin” actually compares to “YOUR DADDY’S”
    That’s the type of shit “GOOD” rappers do, not to mention “GREAT” ones.

  • Meka Soul

    >how many of you think Weezy will run out of juice anytime soon>

    to run out of “juice,” one must have it first.

  • Sushi K
  • john cochran

    I agree ENLIGHTENED. People running around calling all type of shit classic. The Carter 2 was alright. But classic hardly. I dont think either Nas or Jay-z will make a classic. It’s just too much pressure on em. Think about when they both made they first jionts. They had nothing to loose, therefore they just did them. The game aint like that no more.

  • Yo

    Weezy nice, yall crazy

  • john cochran

    Bol you’re getting real predictable too. I knw hating is your angle, but switch it up.

  • Fernando

    Good point about him not having any particular subject matter or concepts with any of his songs. He did have that one joint about his “real” dad years ago. (lol @ lil wayne going to the graveyard in a 25 ft. stretch PT Cruiser painted candy purple) I think he has had a few songs with subject matter, or at least more than you are giving him credit for. Lil Wayne is tight though. He has a sick cadance, flow, & good wordplay. Carter I & II were both good.

  • Fernando

    *Transient is reading this in a blind rage…HOW DARE YOU INSULT WEEZY!!…so mad he cant even type*

  • ESL representa

    So how’s that ban(or band)working out for you content

  • ESL representa

    Im still iffy on Lil Wayne he’s always been just average. No Classic albums though. What the classification for a classic album?Can the standards be lowered given that current rap sucks ass?

    P.S. you gotta say somethin bol.A fake diss track or sumthin.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE


    and he still the BEST RAPPER ALIVE(with the exception of Nas)

  •,Version=1 Rey

    The Plane crash wasn’t terrorism, just a fucked up accident.

  • ESL representa

    I think Gillie would beg to differ

  •,Version=1 Rey

    No rapper with a Lil name aside from Kim will never have an impact on rap. Weezy has had one ONE one verse that’s ever impressed me and that was the one on duets. Everything else has been this slow flow wannabe Jigga rap bullshit. If I had to rank them in order based on their CURRENT bodies of work, it’d be Jeezy, TI, Luda, and then Wayne.

  • Fernando

    Yankee Pitcher flies into a building!! WTF???

  • Fernando

    I wonder if Bol will include this in his “great etherings of all time” post….Heartless bastard

  • content

    not too well but i appreciate the concern

  • master

    well there goes my clothes

  • master

    and my virginity

  • content

    Jeezy, TI, Luda, and then Wayne.


    now that deserves a WTF


    how about rappers with young in their name for that above point

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    one time

    1 Nas
    2 Weezy
    3 Beanie Sigel
    4 Jada Kiss
    5 TI

  •,Version=1 Rey

    That airplane shit is pretty fucked up. Fuckin’ Crazy ass North Korea. Shit is crazy out there.

  • Fernando

    Wow N-Credible….really steppin out on a limb with those picks right there. Did you get those straight out of the source??

    Its like a who’s who of overrated commercial rappers. Jada & Nas could make my top 15. Weezy & Beens might make the top 25. TI ?????

  • Enlightened

    The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE -
    Damn, homie. The N in your name must stand for New Orleans. I’m not going to say Lil’ Wayne is trash. I do feel he is a good rapper. But to go ahead of Sigel, Jadakiss and T.I.?
    I respect your opinion is all I can say. I like the list besides that.
    But here are a few other rappers that definitely go ahead of him in my book-

    Bun B (still slept on for some reason)
    Twista (perhaps the most underrated ever)
    Common (I don’t like a lot of his music lately but line for line, I think only Nas can get him)
    Styles P (Most Improved Award)
    Killer Mike (Severely underrated – Outkast’s fault)

  • Fernando

    Rey –

    Jeezy??? TI???? Luda????

    Did Transient really have his boys hack your shit??? jeezy is a fucking retard with some decent songs here & there. Luda has YET to put out a solid album (he always has at least 5-6 shit-bag songs) TI…wow, dont really know what to say. WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT…now thats a revolutionary concept for a song.

  • Incilin

    “Honestly, I think it might have actually been cooler if Jay just rhymed over a straight loop of “Super Freak” like MC Hammer did 16 years ago. Imagine how bugged out that shit would’ve been. And of course people would buy it anyway (and in some cases claim it was brilliant) just because Jay did it,”

    Then again if Jay did do that, you would hate it and say u didnt give a shit none the less, huh?

  • Enlightened

    Fernando –
    Damn, did you say Nas might make your Top 15? Please tell us who the hell your top 5 is.
    Beans might be Top 25? WTF

    And your T.I. comment obviously shows you didn’t listen to the man’s early work. I’ll admit, if I didn’t listen to him until “Urban Legend” and “King”, I would doubt the man too.
    But admit it, you couldn’t have heard “I’m Serious” or “Trap Muzik”. You just couldn’t have!

  • Fernando

    Im gonna re-name this blog the SEC. Fuckin South Eastern Conference. Am I the only person from the west coast in here??? How about these heads…

    Rock (from OGC)
    Aesop Rock (lyrics wise he is ILL)
    Brotha Lynch Hung (If you dont know, go pick up Loaded)
    Mac Dre (R.I.P)
    Ras Kass

  • Enlightened

    WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT…now thats a revolutionary concept for a song.
    Yeah, about as revolutionary as “Show Me What You Got”, huh?

  • Kanye

    Lloyd banks : To beat me you need more than guts/ you need the heart of a lion, the eye of the tiger, and KING KONG’S nuts/

    I know you want it but don’t try it/ cause i got bigger beef than Kelly price before the diet/

    Nigga go get yo foot locker uniform/ fuck around i’ll put a lump on your forhead you’ll look like a unicorn/


  • Fernando

    Nas would be in my top ten. He has done some ill shit. But Im not gonna pretent that Nastrodamus didnt happen. Plus a couple of other TERRIBLE albums. Ill blame the Beenie thing on my geographic location. That shit gets no love out here, and I still dont see what the fuss is about. What does he 2 albums???? He’s aight, but definitely nothing that blows my socks off.

    Ive heard everything TI has ever done. I bought his first album…it was good. Second album was good too, but it started to get worse. KING???? That shit got about a week in my car before permanent ejection.

  • Fernando

    Game is garbage. He actually has good delivery & beats. But damn! Do you have to name drop in EVERY SONG??? I cant take that shit. We get it, YOUR FROM COMPTON. SO WAS NWA & EAZY-E. Leave it alone Game!

  • thoreauly77

    for those that dont know — fernando is right fucking on about aesop rock. check out “facemelter” at .

    nando- i am on the westside too, santa barbara actually.

    this list is comprised of people expanding the boundaries of our conception of hiphop.

    1. aesop rock
    2. el-p
    3. ghostface like a motherfucker
    4. airborn audio/beans
    5. lil wayne, sike!
    5. MF doom

    who says ny hiphop is dead?

  • thoreauly77

    producers taking the art to a new and different level:

    1. el-p
    2. shadow (heard that track on cage’s album?)
    3. rick rock
    4. madlib
    5. dangermouse

  • Fernando

    Beans aint in my top 50. None of those little Rocafella leaches get any play round here. Beans got some lyrics though, I just cant fuck with those east-coast circus beats he used to rap over.

  • Enlightened

    Now you’re talking.
    BROTHA LYNCH HUNG is in my Top 4 of ALL TIME!
    I don’t bring him up cause I know most people don’t know who the hell he is.
    RAS KASS AND REDMAN. I’ll agree on them except we’re counting niggas that’s relevant. I’m sorry but if you haven’t released an album in like 4 or 5 years (for whatever reason – & NOT MIXTAPES) you shouldn’t be able to be in the argument. If that’s the case we can mention Keith Murray.
    8BALL – I love 8-Ball, but are you honestly going to say he’s in the tops lyrically. Compare him to someone in a similar genre of rap like Bun B. and see what you come up with. Honestly to me, he’s not even on his homeboy MJG’S level – at all.
    MAC DRE – I wasn’t up on him too much when he was alive but from what I’ve heard since then, he seemed innovative and creative but not as lyrical as these cats. Kind of like a updated SHOCK G, but I can’t say for sure.
    AESOP ROCK & ROCK – If we’re going to mention niggas buried THAT DEEP in the underground, it’s hundreds of niggas that could get thrown in the argument.
    Lyrically, I’ll buy it if you want to argue for BROTHA LYNCH especially cause he’s in his completely own zone. To me Ras does some similar things to Nas but not as well so I put him slightly under.
    Nobody else on there I would say comes close (apologies to Redman, I used to LOVE HIS STYLE).

    But since you’re on the West side – tell me what you know about HITMAN (RIP) (The real Hitman – not Dre’s old protege) from RBL Posse?
    That nigga was raw.

  • Fernando

    I used to fuck with company flow. But lately, El-P’s beats have just gone too far.
    Co-Sign everything else

  • Vindi

    I’ll be honest I don’t think this album will do anything to change the game at all, its not like Jay-Z was inactive during these 2 plus years he’ still been there, maybe if he was silent for that long i’d anticipate it, I’m more worried about when Papoose drops then hearding another Jay-Z album…


  • Enlightened

    Beans got some lyrics though, I just cant fuck with those east-coast circus beats he used to rap over.
    Me either. We’re talking about the MC, here though. Not the beats. And not the albums.
    Hell, if Nas had the best production all of his career we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

  • Fernando


    You cant be serious. You heard Lost right?? I didnt think that train of thought was possible. I like both of em. But every time I hear one of their songs, 8ball kills it about ten times harder than Mjg.

    We cant ever mention Keith Murray. Not after that candy bar song.

    Rock was part of Bootcamp…that shit aint THAT underground. Aesop Rock, ok, thats a tad bit underground, but he still chops way harder than TI! And I’m not even a huge underground backpack rap head.

    RBL Posse is tight – “dont give me no bammer weed”

    Fuck relevance – Id take Redman’s 6-7 disc catalog over a lot of MC’s

  • Fernando

    Well if I cant stomach the beat, Im not gonna listen to the message. THIS IS MUSIC AFTER ALL. If I wanted to hear some deep shit I’d go to a god-damn spoken word contest. He is in some kind of control of what he raps over. If Nas didnt release the last few Good albums, I dont know where I would put him. He was seriously getting terrible for a while. Production is HUGE.

    Twista’s first album>>>>anything he has done since

  • Enlightened

    You can’t fuck relevance. That’s like me saying Rakim is better than all the niggas we said.
    You have to be in the game – simple as that.
    Yeah, MJG is tighter than 8Ball.
    Yeah LOST was way tighter than NO MORE GLORY – in fact LOST was tighter than LIFE AFTER DEATH to me.
    8Ball made better solo songs. Once again, I’m talking strictly about the MC. 8BALL is the better story teller and game spitter in the vein of a Scarface. But MJG is clever, creative, he flows different ways to the beat.
    8BALL has that same flow – he’s not as versatile. MJG rides the beat better than almost anybody and he’s witty and he has punchlines all in one.
    8BALL is going to rap the exact same way damn near no matter what the beat. He’s not witty. He doesn’t have much cleverness.
    At the end of the day, 8Ball is going to give you more game, like your uncle that’s telling you about the world and lacing you with what you need to hear.
    But MJG is a better MC and lyricist. That’s pretty much obvious if you rate them strictly on the elements of MCing.

  • Enlightened

    Twista’s first album>>>>anything he has done since
    You can say that about probably 75% of the greatest rappers to touch the mic.

  • Fernando

    I just cant agree. The mothafucka yells M – J!!!!! in every verse.

    I can fuck relevance. As long as they are still AROUND, they count. Rakim is pushing it. But they dont need to release an album every year, or have ghey videos on TRL to be relevant. Ras Kass is bout to drop some shit, I heard Redman is gonna drop soon. Rock, Sean P, & a few other Bootcamp heads are still dropping albums. Ball & G should be out in a few months.

    I guess Mac Dre is dead, but fuck it, Ill listen to his shit over and over again before I bump Beans.

  • Fernando

    Ok….Im outa here.

    Fuck KING, Fuck Jeezy, Fuck Beans, Fuck Yung Guns, Fuck Freeway, Fuck Dipset, Fuck Just Blaze. Little Wayne is GOOD..THATS IT…He aint never made a classic albums, but he does have some slaps.


  •,Version=1 Rey

    None of those dudes are among my favorites. I was ranking them in terms of the shit I’ve heard from them RECENTLY. I’m a New York hip hop guy thru and thru, altho my own personal taste is also gravitating towards the Chi with Common, Kanye, and Lupe. In my own opinion, the best music I’ve heard over the last few years has been from either BK with Mos, Kweli, and Hov and Chicago. AGAIN, I don’t troll websites for One Up Obscure Material, but that’s what I dig. Throw in Marshall, Game, Big, Nas, Budden, and Big Boi, and that’s about it. Out for the nite, Gents. Be Good.

  • thoreauly77

    i mean beans from antipop consortium. and i am merely discussing innovators.

  • Harlem G

    Wayne is the best out right now (including Jay-Z) real talk, just listen to ALL his albums and mixtapes

    1 Block is Hot
    2 Lights Out
    3 500 Degrees
    4 The Carter
    5 The Carter II

    Dude is only 23 and has 5 solo albums, 3 Hot Boy albums, and a SHITLOAD of mixtapes under his belt, Wayne is Killin it (no bol)

  • louisiana weezy

    wayne is killing it but f- that
    food and liqour best album this year hands down.

  • Yo

    Carter II was fire

  • e

    Lil’ Wayne is an ill rapper but a questionable dude(no birdman). Carter 1 & 2 are dope. 500 degrees was ok, and Lights Out was good.

    Top 5 relevant rappers(released new album within the last 3 years)
    1.Tego Calderon
    2.Pusha T or Malice
    3.Phonte or Big Pooh
    4.Trick Daddy
    5.Residente of Calle 13

    Jay-z is overated/fell off and no rapper should sample Rick(greatest R&B artists ever) James.

  • jon-jon 23

    Fernando you make comments on 8 ball and MJG and obviously you are not that familiar with them. The “Lost” album really wasn’t a real 8 ball and MJG album and they really haven’t made an album together up to their capabilities since 1999. If you want something really displaying their talents you should listen to “On Top Of The World”(1995) and “On The Outside Looking In”(1994). This is some of the best rap shit ever–bar none. Back then they weren’t as well known as they are now and that’s a shame, because now they have really mellowed and are not nearly as raw as they used to be.

  • N.O 4 life

    jay dickriders will believe watching jay piss is the best thing today, but the fact is he is still TALKING ABOUT THE SAME SHIT AND STILL BITING BEATS. you make how much and u still can’t afford a beat without biting. say what u want about dipset, but they make their own shit.

  • rick james


  • http://liljon rick james


  • http://KANYEWEST rick james


  • http://CHAMILLIONAIRE rick james


  • http://CANYOUGUESS? rick james


  • H-MAN

    Oh, so now you humps are gonna turn your back on me?!? If I was BYRON CRAWFORD you’d still read my shit, but NOOOOOOOO! I can’t say anything mildly inappropriate because you all are too pussy-whipped to handle the truth.

  • H-MAN

    Fuck U Fernando…uz a bitch…

  • H-MAN

    Fernando, suck my dick while takin a shit on tha toilet seat…

  • http://- Beacon

    A plantation somewhere is missing it’s House Nigga.

    Wat yo slave name Bol?

  • haha

    jay dickriders will believe watching jay piss is the best thing today, but the fact is he is still TALKING ABOUT THE SAME SHIT AND STILL BITING BEATS.
    ^^^^what hiphop have u been listening to that doesnt bite beats?the neptunes?
    maybe dre but then u wouldnt know maybe he got the idea for the beat from some song and then tried by all means to change it.why do u think he got sued for $80mil and had to pay $10mil.for using a beat sampled from some indian dude?
    rappers have to RAP,not make beats

  • J to the A.A.P.

    Don’t call it a comeback.
    Guess Ol’ Dirty Byron is talking about his own blog here. Bol got ethered!

  • Fernando

    Jon Jon 23 –

    I know Lost was 8ball’s solo album. I bought it the day it came out. I was using that as an example of his lyrical superiority over MJG. I have EVERY 8ball & MJG album + mixtapes. I brought up lost because Ball killed it way harder than MJG’s album. Read the post buddy.

  • Fernando

    H-man a.k.a “Daddy’s little girl”

    Who the fuck are you? Go back to your petafile websites you faggit ass bitch.

  • Fernando

    Wayne aint 23, 24, 0r 25…You see his arrest sheet??? That fool is like damn near 30

  • Spark

    Bol is a big FAGGOT, he got bullied and acts like nothing happen fuck you i lost all the little respect i had 4 u donut eatin, cheap beer drinkin, cheap ass broke bitch, yous a punk ass nucca

  • Babyboy

    Toothpick Says:

    October 11th, 2006 at 11:59 am
    Listen carefully. The sample on “Show Me What You Got” comes from Public Enemy’s “Show Em’ What You Got” (that’s Flav’s voice chanting the hook underneath). Teddy and Wrecks-N-Effect recycled the sample. C’mon Bol, you’re supposed to know these things. Jay seems to be trying to reincarnate/reinterpretg the PE song which may or may not still make it wack.

    i co-sign dat, it sounds that somehow u dont know shit about hip hop Bol, u hate 2 much that u lose control of what u say, ur blogs r always, either hatin on someone or with some fck up info, which isn’t tru by the way, but fck u anyway



    1. BIGGIE
    2. NAS
    5. RAKIM

  • Emm

    This comes from somebody who claims to be an artist himself – not in the United States, no, far away, in a small country in Europe, and no, not even close to being successful in the economic sense of the word. I can just argue from a rapper’s point of view, from somebody who picks beats. If you’re as much into the shit as Jay is, you don’t give a fuck. Rap has always involved samples, and it’s always involved samples that were used by somebody else before (e.g. how many people used the sample Luniz used on “I got 5 on it”, and we’re not just talking P. Diddy???). As an artist, if you’re feeling it, you’re feeling it, if it inspires you, it inspires you. Fuck hip hop politics, half of this so-called game has gone down the drain anyway, be it for the good old $$$ reasons, be it for whatever else that makes people change and adapt their music (e.g. who does NOT sound a bit like Dipset after Cam, Juelz and JR came up?). At the end of the day, there are great songs and wack-ass songs. Kingdom come, in my humble opinion, if one of the former. But that’s just my two cents. In case y’all wanna keep on arguing who violated which rule of the hip-hop bible, go back to the eighties. It’s just music. And sampling wack-ass pop records? As far as I know, pop comes from popular, and since rap is fairly popular, it might happen that Christina Aguilera sings over a sample taken from a 50 Cent song. Is that sampling a (good-ass) pop song then or what? Fuck politics. Make and listen to great music and turn off the bad shit.

  • 110 street

    i hope nas eventually drops (shieeet) no wire, and the idlewild album is crack.

  • Belize

    lol @ the rey subliminal

  • jon jon–23

    Superman it is obvious that you are either on crack or from New York. Tupac is #1 and Biggie deserves to be somewhere in the top 5. Nas is also a very good rapper, but Lloyd Banks and Jadakiss? Granted Jada had top 5 potential, that potential was never realized.

  • Spark


    1. BIGGI Says:

    October 12th, 2006 at 2:54 pm
    2. NAS
    5. RAKIM

    Are you fucking kidding me ?!?!? u high on crack?



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