You Know You Like My Style


The last time we caught up with our hero he was being arrested for in Manhattan. NYPD released him later that day just in time so that he could catch up on the latest Baby Phat fashions for Spring 2007. The old man in the club of G-Unit aka Tony Yayo accompanied 50 Cent at the star studded fashion show.

Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown both attended the Baby Phat dinner after-party and managed to stay on opposite sides of the room. A source disclosed to me that event photographers tried to coax the two to pose side by side but they declined.

Jim Jones and Cam’ron represented for the Dips at Funk Master Flex’s Annual Custom Bike and Car Show this weekend in Atlantic City. It’s good to see that Jimmy finally took note of my “dirt angel” comment my and decided to take a shower. Now that’s what I like to see. Ballin’! Cam on the other hand looks like he just left the dialysis clinic. Tighten up boy.


Speaking of Harlem cats, Diddy’s shirt looks like it provided a little bit of comedic relief at the show. “I represent Harlem World not Melrose place” is a very laughable statement coming from him. Apparently Flex and Michael Kyser can’t believe the shit either. I don’t think Big L intended for that to happen.

Ghostface Killah, Lupe Fiasco, Busta Rhymes, Spliff Star, Papoose, the oh so sexy DJ Kay Slay, and Flava Flav were among the sea of people who packed the Atlantic City Convention Center.

While the rest of his hip-hop counterparts enjoyed different parties and events over the weekend, Jay-Z kicked off his world tour. Last night while performing in Bratislava, Slovakia he unveiled a possible release date to his upcoming album, which is rumored to be titled Presidential Gala. A Nah Right reader who attended the show was able to snap a picture of the announcement that flashed across the venue’s megatron but wasn’t able to capture the entire date. But word on the street is that Jay’s album will drop November 21st, which is a precisely one week after Nas’ alleged release date for Hip Hop Is Dead.

Now that would be interesting.

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  • thoreauly77


  • Honorable

    nas and jay-z, back-to-back?

    naw…i dont believe you, we need more people!

  • Young A. Simmons

    second last

    Jays album will sell way more but be way weaker than Nas’ effort.

    Just like their careers, Jay far wealthier, Nas far more talented rapper.

  • RD

    “…the oh so sexy DJ Kay Slay…”

    that’s really funny.


  • Rey

    Co-sign Young.

    Jay, Nas, Game, & Diddy (yes, diddy–his albums are always entertaining regardless of who’s behind the curtains for SJC) dropping in the 4th quarter will bring real rap the fuck back.

    Atlanta has to be running out of dances by now.

  • Belize

    Look at fif try to get at Kimmora jewelz..haaa

    I know u like ur babydaddy’s (me!) style…aint have to make it the title though baby

    Still suprised that u aint crackup on Foxy’s picnic shirt

  • Young

    Suprised some people in America havent heard about Hov and Nas releasing a album this November[Winter].

    Fabalous annonuced it in one of his new freestyles.. and it werent one of those unofficial low quality tracks either..

    Hov and Nas this Winter. Gotta see him in London again

  • soopadoopa

    yo cam is lookin real bad… Maybe he really those have a (H)ouse (I)n (V)irginia?


  • nation of thugacation

    damn fresh i like the way you think and the way you write, it comes out so well.

  • Meka Soul

    little kim still looks like the splitting image of the evil queen rita from the 1st season of “mighty morphin power rangers.”

    mr. jones & mr. giles both look like they took a bath in pond full of radioactive runoff.

    new jigga album in november… can’t wait. now if we can get that styles album [1], things will be right in the world.

    [1]. not that anybody wants that anyways, it’ll just really piss off interscope jackson.

  • Rey

    lol @ Meka.. I’m a meka stan, I’ll admit it. SuperMegaNoHomoZord

  • ghostanddarkness

    cam lookin like jj from good times

  • Bowser da Boss

    Presidental Gala, gawd that title sux. Its good to see some truth to all of these rumors though. Yea Cam is looking bad these days, floppin hard and having to shit all the time with I.B.S. will do that to ya.


    50 is that nigga, he’s filthy rich end of story

    Camron went at Jay-z, & fell flat on his face, album flopped nigga looking real miserable these days LOL

    Diddy filthy rich, stay in your lane nigga & keep selling pimple cream

  • Mr.Me

    Funk Flex is a weird nigga. His facial expression is like.. “Diddy face look kinda fine but he look better from behind” (no Reggie Evans)

  • DigThis

    Fresh please tell me you were joking about Jim looking like he finally took a bath.

  • icee corleon

    diddy look like he just spotted money mike “fresh meat on the line”

    that jay z album will be something to listen to this winter.

  • Belize

    Mr.Me Says:

    September 12th, 2006 at 12:47 pm
    Funk Flex is a weird nigga. His facial expression is like.. “Diddy face look kinda fine but he look better from behind” (no Reggie Evans)

    ^HAAAAAAA…and the nigga next to him is like ” Yeahhhh!”

  • Urbanite

    if diddy was wearing the easter forces with that shirt then he’s good.

  • Nelson Abbey

    No jokes it looks like Flex is looking at Diddy’s bottom!!!!!!!! LMAO!!

  • H-man

    I co-sign Belize…thats funny shit

  • Lady

    Wait… DJ Kay Slay is cute?? Since when?