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    “This life goes passing you byyyyyyyyye.”

    Most creative song on the album…

  • Killaaaaaaaa

    the cool

  • wayne-o


  • http://n/a Negrodamus

    Elliott, I’ve been an avid reader & subscriber to xxl magazine & most recently for quite some time now. I admire that the outstanding job that you’ve done with both. Kudos to you, sir! I’d like to suggest that you all get Combat Jack as a Guest Blogger. Byron Crawford knows him & he’s blogged on a few times. He’s hilarious & he has some great industry stories; particularly regarding the Bad Boy era when B.I.G. was still alive & well. Another suggestion as a guest blogger would be Poisen Pen. He blogs on…. He’s not always the most coherant, but his posts are always entertaining. Thank you for your time & consideration!

  • New York Nigga

    ^ shut da fuck up fagot

  • Milliano

    hottest track on the album

  • http://n/a NEGRODAMUS

    To New York Nigga, since I’m a grown ass man, I’m not even gonna dignify your comment with a response… Aside from saying that; “I feel sorry for your Mama!”

  • wab

    hey did outkast use this too? This almost sounds like you may die from ATLiens.

  • BABY!!!!

    Kanye chopped this up nice. It’s so great that he got it that way because the sounds keep on panning

  • Ramon

    For the person who said it,kanye had nothing to do with the album,no association with Kanye just lots of samples from the people over at 1st & 15 specifically Needlz,this was my least fav on the album,i get the point,but not the beat.

  • mr. loopdigga

    i love how kanye flipped this. It must have been a pain in the ass to do cause its panning but he did an awesome job