What About Nas?


Hov is back! Hov cracked the can open again! Hov’s back like Jordan wearing the 4-5! Let the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s babies all come together and rejoice in unison! Hov drops his first solo LP since 2003 on November 21st! Hov’s announces it officially on the cover of Entertainment Weekly! Ring the alarm! While I’m almost just as happy as the next man, there’s a huge pink elephant that everybody seems to be overlooking. Nasir Jones tentatively drops his album November 7th and he’s nowhere to be found on the Def jam site. He can’t be found on the radio or the streets for that matter. It’s looking more and more like Hip Hop Is Dead won’t see the light of day from now until Kingdom Come.

Mr. Kelis Rogers doesn’t have anyone to blame but himself. Its been all down hill since he dropped he revoked his King Of NY status by signing to the man who impregnated his baby mother; only for her to miscarriage, or it “could’ve been an abortion” according to Carmen. The first red flags were the MTV and BET specials. Jay-Z was obviously perturbed anytime the word “Ether” came up or asked who won the 2001 battle. Remember that Rolling Stone interview a few months back? They asked Mr. President about his new signing and he damn near bit the reporter’s head off (200 cool points for anyone who can find the exact quote because the on-line edition doesn’t have the whole story). I guess someone’s soul is still burning slow.

Is it merely a coincidence that Jay is dropping his most highly anticipated album 2 weeks after his “former” arch-nemesis? Could this be revenge for Nas not doing his 24 bars on “Can I Live”? One things for sure, I don’t see any evidence disproving this theory. I read all the Jay album articles and press release: no mention of Nas anywhere. But best believe when Mr. Oochie Wally signed at the dotted line, Hov found the time to do every interview, photo shoot and press opp possible. But now that Nas needs the promotion more than ever Jay-Z is missing in action, doing the same old Marcy To Madison Square “ Can I Get An Encore?” routine in Amsterdam. Nas needs you bro! Get back in the states!

Hip Hop Is Dead Is supposedly coming out in roughly 7 to 8 weeks and I still haven’t heard one song. Not one flyer. No world tours for the Queensbridge capo. His first look is not even a Def Jam song, but his wife’s new single “Blindfold Me“. Noreaga, LL Cool J, The Roots and Method Man have all complained about the promotion of their respective projects. All seem to slightly slight El Presidente’ for their problem. It’s unfortunate but Nas will more than likely suffer the same slow death as the rest of the 90′s All-Stars.

My advice to Nasir? Go crazy. I’m talking summer-of-2002-fuck-summerjam-Nore-needs-to-step-his-rap-game-up crazy! They’re playing with your future homie. The world needs Nas to put the war paint on and set everything straight. 50 is not the enemy here. Don’t depend on the label to “get it”. I’ve been hearing through the grapevine that your album is amazing. So I need more than 300,000 people to hear it. It’s your time now. Don’t wait until Kingdom Come.


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  • http://OnSMASH.com Young Legend

    Nas Signed Wit L.A. Reid… Ask L.A. What Happen To Nas… Dont Blame Hov…

  • http://OnSMASH.com Young Legend

    Oh And Who Did You Sign???

  • yaboy aka yall niggas is sonned out let me speak to your father

    Jayz fuckin up the game. fuckin dick suckin lip asshole.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    ‘Bout fuckin’ time, Sick.

    Y’ever think that Nas’ album might not be so spectacular and is on it’s way to be pushed back again? Hov did the blueprint in like what, 45 minutes or something? He can put together an album and get it out between now and 11/21 and be able to help Def Jam’s 4th quarter. Then Nasir can re-tool (no timbaland) and drop in 1st quarter ’07 with reduced pressure.

    …or some junk.


  • yaboy aka yall niggas is sonned out let me speak to your father

    good post tho sick.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    I do agree with the Go Crazy suggestion tho’.

  • Smash

    I don’t remember the Roots slightin Jay.


    1st off…Im glad your back Sic cuz Bol is str8 ass

    Now let me say…Nas should have never signed with Joe Camel…they could have resolved their beef but still…he is Behind Enemy Lines and you could never trust a dude that envies you so much that he gets at your baby mama…Nas has a voice and he needs to use it to promote his joint…fuck relying on anybody especially JJ Evans, who is so caught up in himself being at the top(which is by default due to Pac,Big,Nas{lack of intiative})…Nas is the King and his album will sell itself…he doesn’t need much promotion…get on the radio a few times, use Kelis buzz to his own benefit, hit 106 and leak a track he should be good….remember hip-hop heads are going through withdrawal right now so the album will sell

  • I Fux

    Yo what the fuck is up, I have a naked pic of Kelis, Nasir needs to flood the market with some mixtape or some shit, Or maybe a concert on MTV the week before the release, or head over to 106 and say some crazy shit, maybe Team up with Rae & Ghost again on his new single and Verbal Intercourse this shit Yao Ming


    This should shine some light on Nas’s situation as it relates to the industry right now:

    Commercial – Both – Real Music
    Snap Music – Nas – Talib Kweli
    Ying Yang – Jay-Z – Common Sense
    Diddy – Big – Mos Def

    you get the picture im painting


    you need that mass appeal but yet keep it 100…its a fine line that all the greats walked

  • Belize

    Fuk yeah..nasty nas is what we need!

  • http://yahoo.com jordany

    I can’t believe all this bullshit you just wrote Sick, you said it yourself Nas’s album is 7-8 weeks away there’s plenty of time to promote his album, Def Jam is trying to promote Ludacris’s album that comes out next week, and i have seen promotion for the album anyway, if i recall i saw Nas on XXL’s exit section two months in a row, don’t you think that builts anicipation for his album, you media guys just love making a big deal out of everything. As far as Kingdom Come is coming out two weeks after Hip Hop Is Dead… The N, which is a great marketing plan and gives more than enough time to promote both of them. People have been waiting for Nas’s album for months now, ever since he signed with Def Jam so that right there is enough promotion for his album and as for Jay, besides that Entertainment Weekly you haven’t heard anything from him talking about his album. Instead of hating you should be happy that both Jay-Z & Nas are dropping albums in the same month, that’s just healthy competition. As for all you Nas fans who wanna cry and blame everything on Jay, how come Street’s Disciple only went gold ?, you can’t blame the label for everything, yeah you need promotion but, we’re talking about Nas one of the greats, a guy who already has a fan-base on that note alone he should at least go platinum. In this case Def Jam signed him for what 3 mil; or so, so what makes you think that they’re just gonna put his ass on the shelf, i ain’t no expert but, this is just my point of view, i think you should do a little more reserch before you write this stupid posts, and by the way ”Takeover” is way better than ”Ether”. Here’s some promotion for you
    Nas Hip Hop Is Dead… The N, Nov,7th
    Jay-Z Kingdom Come, Nov,21st

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    I’ll be buying Jay’s albums & Nas’ albums on the first day either shows up at Best Buy, dammit.

  • Belize

    Sick, you should tell nas to read the 48 laws of power…

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    Well well well, what a surprise! Nas’ signing with Jay is coming back to bite him in the ass. Who would’ve thought… Listen, Nas is an @sshole. 1-for singing with Jay, 2-for signing with Jay and then expect to be respected and 3-for signing with Jay and thinking that this was a “good business decision”. That nigga is stupid. And furthermore, Jay has really, really F**ked hip hop up.
    One would think that now that there was an actual rapper, who had to go through the grind and the hassle of having the ability and freedom from labels to put out music that they feel was worth putting out, as opposed to putting out what the label thinks should be put out, in charge that they will be promoted in the proper way. But what has Jay done, nothing. I know that somewhere in Harlem, this nigga Dame Dash is having one of his heart-attack laughs at the expense of Jay Z.

    And just for the record, he really F**ked up by not promoting Method Man’s album properly. That shit is hot!

    I’m from Brooklyn and all, but Fuck Jay-Z!!! Selfish bastard… can’t wait till the album drops!


    jordany Says:

    Instead of hating you should be happy that both Jay-Z & Nas are dropping albums in the same month, that’s just healthy competition. As for all you Nas fans who wanna cry and blame everything on Jay, how come Street’s Disciple only went gold?

    Exactly, why would you want to compete on the same label…its actually stupid for Hov to drop in the same month because thats messes up Nas’s sales…wouldn’t it make perfect sense to drop Nas first and wait at least 3 months before he(jay)drops his album…and as far as the Streets Disciple…it was real but no mass appeal…which is the point i made in a earlier post(see above)

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    Oh Yea… Welcome Back Sick… Took You long Enough Motherf**ker!!!

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    nas is washed up and hasn’t made an album with more than 4 good songs on it since the 90s (no “lost tapes”)

    jay z hangs out with fall out boy and does songs with linkin park and da fag from coldplay

    dis shit has already been discussed to da point of tedium by jay and jay z stans last week

    and sickamore still a lip-gloss wearin’ fruity faggit who is basically a failure as an a&r

  • mcarroll4716

    jay-z my favorite, but damn homie…Let that dude nas get his shine on…PLEASE!


  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    burn rubber

  • http://www.myspace.com/16kingz thebestout!!

    nasdaq listen homie it’s all fine dandy if you wanna play in hovito’s yard but don’t expect that nigga to give you all his toys.one the nigga jus a lil’ bit of an asshole,2 he fucked ya’ baby mama, if he’ll fuck dat spermicide duckin’ recepticle to get at you then what you think he gon’ due to you?.IF IT’S ONE THING I HAVE LEARNED ABOUT JAY IS HE’S GRIMEY AND HE’S CALCULATED.don’t think that ether blow to his confidence get that nigga to workin’ on a darker blue print for revenge. study ya’ art of war man he comin’ to get ya’!!ahhhhaa attack of the killa lavia’s!! run for JIVE!!ahhhh!!

  • http://xxlmag.com shawn

    fuck def jam! jay is running it to the ground, save youself la reid. jay only promotes jay, fuck everyone else. nas should have seen this long ago. but he wanted to go commercial, and this is what u get. but i put money on nas being the better album.

  • http://xxlmag.com shawn

    fuck def jam! jay is running it to the ground, save youself la reid. jay only promotes jay, fuck everyone else. nas should have seen this long ago. but he wanted to go commercial, and this is what u get. but i put money on nas being the better album.

  • http://www.myspace.com/motionworksent mwmusicgroup

    the overall responsibility for the success or failure of Hip Hop is Dead falls squarely on the shoulders on Columbia Records for the uninformed who is Nas’s parent record label. Understand the term JOINT-VENTURE. musically Def Jam has done their part to ensure that Nas has access to he best production that Columbia is willing to foot the bill for which should be commended based on the producers who have made the final master. If Columbia has yet to put out a single for the record obviously there is something about the record that they do not feel strong about we can always use the Twista/ Atlantic/ Roc venture for the Overnight Celeb project as a reference tool . Unfortunately in order to sell newspapers and or magazine TODAY’S press 98% of the time will not publish all of the fact before putting bloq’s or columns out to insight this type of arguement amongs consumers of especially HIP HOP in efforts to create the division rather than celeb the union of two or hip hop most prolific artist and poets. Jay is responsible for Jay and Nas is responsible for Nas is his project doesnt not do well then the public has spoken its not secret that Nas has album come out and if you are a loyal Nas fan then you should purchase the release even if you never hear a first single because you are a fan of his work and based on his previous releases you will continue support. With the anticipation of both releases will hopefully flood the market with good music by two good artist which should be enough to carry music into feb 2007 when 50 releases his next cd. so as a fan of hip hop I look forward to the next quarter of music and not so much the media inspired drama behind it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/donnygoines Donny Goines

    Nas album will do great with or without Jay z promo, on another note…………..

    FUCK DA SOURCE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Listen to song and read blog for explanation. 1

  • Nas is Dead (along with hip hop)

    NAS LATCHES ON TO PEOPLE WHEN HE’S FAILING. example: Aftermath when the firm flopped, Murder Inc when he was getting crushed by Jay Z, now Jay Z when he’s getting crushed by hip hop. He should have his own label by now, but thats impossible when you sign to the man “who left condoms on your baby seat”. LOOKS LIKE DEF JAM IS TREATING NAS HOW NAS TREATED CORMEGA WHEN HE WAS IN NEED. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND HOMEY!

  • Young A. Simmons

    bitch made Nas haters above me not acknowledging Stillmatic. Post 98 Nas joints are heavily slept on / hated on.
    Sure he can never match Illmatic but Nas still top 5 dead or alive.
    I haven’t bought any music since summer of 05 but I will be buying HH is Dead and Docs Advocate.

    Fuck Jay Z and Fuck diddy.
    Welcome back Sic, you still a glorified weed carrier but netherless good ta hear from ya.

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    “You know how many times niggas wanted to take him out, but i stopped them, I saved money like a bank account”

    Papoose “NYC Drama”

    Nacirema Dream Coming Soon

  • BlaQ

    If Jay messes with Nasir’s ish…I think that will be a bad move too many. Not too many hip hop fans will forgive Jay if Nas flops big time. I think them dropping at the same time is bad for Nas, on the other hand it might be a blessing in disguise if they team up to promote their albums.


    X (DMX) said the same thing WOW! Word on the streets is Jay too busy promoting him and his “BITCH” excuse me his “B” and not paying any attention to the artists on the label! Oh yeah LL said the same thing…what’s really really HOV?

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Yeah, I was thinking this like 2 weeks ago that Nas and Jay would be dropping around the same time. I would’ve had this blog up a week ago for real. Anyway, yeah, I’m hoping the new Nas is banging. The new Jay-Z, eh? What will he say that hasn’t been said yet? When you do a retirement album, what’s next? Fucking Beyonce collabos, that’s what! This one might just blow…

  • http://www.dmcworld.com/technics2004/video/2004dj1-100k.wvx UV

    – Nas album will do great with or without Jay z promo, on another note…………..

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    Listen to song and read blog for explanation. 1 –


  • http://www.myspace.com/plussign2 esbee

    LOL! Funny comments.

    I still believe artists in general need to STOP depending on the label to help them promote THEIR own albums and instead go all out and do press, radio and all the necessary stuff to do just that.

    Nas has always been a calm and reserved cat. He never does the whole “I-gotta-be-out-there-so-folk-know-I-got-an-album-out” routine. Hardly, if ever..he just waits and drops and BOOM! I think that’s what going to happen with this LP he has coming out.

    There’s an underlining thread/theme in all of this:

    Hip Hop is dead…the N – Kingdom Come

    Besides folks have wanted Jay and Nas albums..why not they give it you back-to-back?

  • Danja29

    I was actually under the impression that Jay’s was comin’ first and then Nas’ was droppin’, but whatever. Ether, I mean EITHER way, I’m just glad to see both of ‘em droppin’ albums. Fukk the release dates and promotion, or whatever-have-you. If Nas’ shit comes out and people know it’s out, and they don’t go out and buy it, then that’s their own fault that Nas’ shine got overshadowed by Jay. We give all that stuff way too much weight nowadays.

  • Nyc is here.

    Am i the only one that thinks Nas is the one on top. He ripped Jay with ether. everyone knows Nas won that battle and Jay still signs him. It just shows that even Jay knows Nas is the best. He signed him! Bet your ass that if Nas was lookin to sign an artist he would NEVER sign Jay. He wouldnt even think about it. Since when do the people behind the desk get the most props in this hip hop shit.

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    “Running for President, this governments trife, nobody voted for my dead man when he had to run for his life!”

    “Hold It Down”

    Nacirema Dream Coming Soon


    Sick, u still wearing them urkel glasses? Please..please..please..take em off

    Must have thought we forgot

  • yaboy aka yall niggas is sonned out let me speak to your father

    first of jordany… all nas’s albums have gone platinum. including streets diciple.
    jay is wack. he kicks the raps that look down on you. he raps about what none of you have. and No u cant relate. Nas is a street poet, hes a rapper’s rapper. kicks knowledge. Lost tapes.
    jay didnt move weight either he was a nickel and dimer.

  • http://skibeatz.com DJ Main Event

    you forgot to mention your thoughts on the first single.

  • frankwhite45

    JayZ knew what he was doin he calculated that move months in advance this is just the final nail in the coffin unless they droppin a double cd which would be ill for hip hop but till then its pretty much dead let me snap my fingers 2 that !!



    [Chorus 2X]
    Lord have mercy, Jesus Christ
    He’s just nice, he just slice like a ginsu
    Look at the life that I been through
    I’m the last real nigga alive, that’s official

    Y’all don’t know about my Biggie wars
    Who you thought ‘Kick In The Door’ was for?
    But that’s my heart, y’all still trippin of this Jigga shit
    Real niggas listen up and I’mma tell you how the whole thing start
    Off top I brung Queens up from hard times
    Rockin at the Fever, streets was all mine
    It was my version of the blues, droppin our schools
    The crack epidemic had rap representin new rules
    So I, got in em shoes, tried em wore them
    Wasn’t a perfect fit, so I couldn’t sport em
    Young murderers ride, I knew all them
    Jungle got shot, Will died, we was warring
    I wrote it in my album
    I was 18 when Lake seen the Island
    And Lord held me down and
    My surroundings started changing
    I had a baby, I was making my rounds with AZ
    Niggas started noticing my flow and was open when
    The Golden Child closed em in with more style than them older men
    Puff tried to start a label, Prince Rakeem had formed Wu-Tang
    Snoop and Dre had a new thang
    So Puff drove his new Range through Queensbridge Projects
    He let me drive it, before Ready to Die hit
    BIG and I hit blunts performing at the Arc
    Next thing you knew, BIG blew and all the balling starts
    He had Kim and his crew, I found Fox, only niggas in New York with number
    one charts
    BIG was ahead of his time, him and Raekwon my niggas
    But dig it, they couldn’t get along
    That’s when Ghostface said it on the Purple tape
    Bad Boy biting Nas album cover way(?)
    BIG told me Rae was stealing my slang
    And Rae told me out in Shaolin BIG would do the same thing
    But I borrowed from both them niggas
    Jigga started to flow like us, but hit with ‘Ain’t No Niggas’
    Had much Versace swagger
    BIG admired the Brooklyn knight and it took him in as Iceberg the rapper
    Today don’t know nothing, about this bullshit
    There’s more shit than wanting to be this King of New York shit

    [Chorus 2x]

    Rap became a version of Malcom and Martin
    Rest In Peace Will, Queensbridge live on
    There’s some ghetto secrets I can’t rhyme in this song
    There’s some missing pieces I had to leave out
    I had lot trust for Steve Stoute
    At some point till I got to know him
    We old friends, but what’s loyal?
    Puff soaked Interscope offices
    With champagne bottles on Steve, and Steve thought the drama is on me
    Cause previously it would have been, against whoever
    Friends forever
    However, I learn, with some niggas it’s all business
    But I’m a street dude with morals
    To diss niggas with Jigga too much, he used to say Jay wanted my spot
    I laughed, stayed home, never hung a lot
    A quiet man who used to be alone planning
    Baby moms thought I was too quiet, couldn’t stand it
    She hit the streets, later on she hittin the sheets
    With a rapper who wanted me on his songs, thinking he strong
    I taught her how to watch for cars that might follow
    Tauht her street shit that I know
    Her weakness was shine yo
    But that’s her, I ain’t mad baby, it made me stronger
    Now I get my paper longer
    Illmatic I was boss
    It Was Written I flossed
    One of the most creative LPs ever to hit stores
    In the Firm I learned I am Nastradamus
    QB’s Finest, Oochie Wally, faced more problems
    I gave it all up so I can chill at home with mama
    She was getting old and sick so I stayed beside her
    We had the best times, she asked would I make more songs
    I told her not till I see her health get more strong
    In the middle of that, Jay tried to sneak attack
    Assasinate my character, degrade my hood
    Cause in order for him to be the Don, Nas had to go
    The Gam-B-I-N-O rules I understood
    What you want, see, I already had
    The Gift and The Curse? Fuck that shit, the first shall be last
    I’m the man’s man, a rapper’s rapper
    G-O-D S-O-N, they’ll be none after
    I was Scarface, Jay was Manolo
    It hurt me when I had to kill him and his whole squad for dolo [for dolo echoes]

    Uh, Uh, Uh

  • R

    Sick ur back! it’s been too long man.

  • Vyndizzy

    bah… Nas is an intelligent dude… he surely know what he is doing. plus.
    when you here album pushed back, think more (need of singles) then just batantly getting pushed back.

  • Prince Of The South

    Just shows Jay has a mean streak in him. Everyone knows he’s got a problem with a few of the rappers dropping around his date. Jim Jones( The Camron Beef) Game( Continued shots at the ROC and subliminals at Jay) and Nas(signing Nas was only the start.)Nas could’ve ended his career if Jay wasn’t as strong commercially when they battled. He slept with his baby moms, basically ended his career( no real hits after beef) and then he has the man working for him. Once Jay drops all the other rappers dropping in November and December gone be straving cause Jay gone be the only one eating off the plae. Course I could be wrong Jay comming after Nas wouldn’t be a bad thing, they might do a single together that’s on both albums. That’d be dope and it’d lead to more sales, but I don’t think Jay smart enough to see the potential.


    Nas won the battle…

    …Jay won the war!

    Nas is black history, damn shame!

    PS i saw u Sic @ BLVD on thursday and told u, “u owed 2″…

    good looks

  • CJ James

    There’s no King of New York. Frank White is dead. And Y’all think hip hop is dead? My opinion is The best damn albums of Nas’ and Jay-Z’s are Illmatic & Reasonable Doubt. Fuck that G-Unit shit and fuck that crunk shit. Hip hop ain’t dead it’s still breathing.

  • CJ James

    There’s no King of New York. Frank White is dead. And Y’all think hip hop is dead? My opinion is The best damn albums of Nas’ and Jay-Z’s are Illmatic & Reasonable Doubt. Fuck that G-Unit shit and fuck that crunk shit. Hip hop ain’t dead it’s still breathing.

  • http://yahoo.com jordany

    To everybody who made a comment on my point of view, FUCK U, i just had to get off my chest. Now on much lighter note, there’s no way in hell that Nas won that battle, just bacause you hate Jay doesn’t mean that you can’t admit the truth, go back and listen to these songs, ”Takeover” everything he said on there against Nas was the truth actual facts, just one verse, no cursin, no jokes just straight to the point, now ”Ether” on the other hand was a whole song full of lies and disrespectful lines which i would understand if it was a face-to-face freestyle battle but, we talking about real shit here, why do you think we still talk about it till this day, i know that not everybody will agree on who won but, it just doesn’t fit in my head how Jay is kickin’ fact after fact and Nas (who by the way, i got love for, don’t get me wrong)is making shit up with bullshit story after bullshit story, and a lot of people still say that Nas won the battle, it just goes to show more money, more bullshit, more hate which all adds up to more problems.


    ^^^^ Nas won the battle…

    …Jay won the war!


  • e

    Nas is dope but he deserves this for signing with Jay-Z. Step ur game up Sickamore where are the baseball refrences.

    Oh yeah and Noreaga’s cd didn’t deserve to be promoted the beats were fire but he is the wackest spanish rapper ever, you can tell he barely knows the language.

  • http://www.myspace.com/fcthetruth FC The Truth

    I think Nas is intelligent, but Signing with Jay is a bad move, Jay-Z has always Envied Nas…Jay Wanted What Nas Already Had…”RESPECT AS A GOD MC”.
    I wouldn’t sign with any who was remotely jealous of me, thats groupie status.
    I understand Nas needs to make money, but I would of signed to Atlantic Records/ILLWILL records there ya go…Drop “Hip-Hop Is Dead” ..everyone already knows who Nas is…so he’d sell records regardless.

  • Doc Flav

    Nas Is Still Signed With Columbia For Two More Albums After This, He Has The Option To Sign With Def Jam For The Fourth And Fifth Album, Look Shit Up, Nas Dont Work For Fucking Jay Z, He Works For Columbia, Who Is Working WITH Def Jam For Promotion On The Records Left Under Nas Contract With Columbia That Is Still Standing. You Media Folk Dont Research, Because You Are Bloggers, Not Journalists. And You Jay Stans Try To Give This Nigga Credit Even When Its Truly Undue.

  • Doc Flav

    Try Checking Columbia For The Release Date. I Also Like The Way Cats Skip Over That God Son Verse Where The Story Is Told After He Slayed Jay On Ether, For Throwing Darts On Takeover, ALL While Nas Was Tending To His Dying Mother. I Mean The Dude Sweated Nas Leftovers For A Year Begging To Hit, BEGGING HER TO LEAVE NAS “AND THESE ARE YOUR HEROES!”

  • RJ

    Jordany is an idiot. Ether is way better than Takeover. Thats why we say “whoever got ETHERED”!! NOT TAKEOVERD (or taken over…) ETHERED!!

  • pop a poppa

    revenge is best served cold… Jay gettin’ icy on this.

    go Nas. i am more hyped about the Nas album than Jiggaman.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=4729 lyricspure82

    mwmusicgroup comment about NAS being signed to Columbia now this might not be tru or is tru but i didnt see any1 saying this shit when jay and nas! are all over the fucking TV saying nas is on def jam now im not saying what your saying is wrong im glad u said it but what do u expect to 2 say when nas him self aint useing the same information u just gave us in his defence sway from mtv directly asked nas something to the likes! of so hows it feel to be signed to a guy that slept with yo babys momz nas right there could have said im not signed to jay this is a joint venture between Columbia & def jam (MAN I HOPE IMRIGHT ON HIM NOT SAYIGN THAT IN THE INTERVIEW) but he didnt so sorry if u mad at sick not doing the reserch but im pretty sure he was under the same impression that 90% of all of were that nas just got owned by jay! and as for either vs takeover! its obvious either was better but what ppl seem to forget is that Jay made 2 other trcks called super ugly!& H.O.V.A or mojo back im not sure of the title anyways dem joints was nothing short of an asswhoopin but nas aint reply to them cause it was over to him
    cause the streets had crowned him winner BRO they did a poll on hot97 PPL CALLED UP WITH THERE VOTES!! did every one forget the ppl! of new york! voted either the winner! as for the droping of their albums not that far apart if i was NAS! id be pissed right now unless there some big marketing plan for both ALBUMS!! witch i doubt jay just fucked over my records sales
    2 fucking weeks after i drop! i dont know! but that sounds kinda grimy on jays behalf or my be they have a bet see who the ppl! want more who knows what the fuck is the story behind there dates? in nas’s case i hope that aint tru! lol cause the jigga main got main stream america on LOCK! i mean nigga did songs with linking park u think that fan base ever herd of nas! probally but a very low percentage plus who’d u think they’d go out and buy 1st out of the 2? lol EZ answer as for me i could care less CAUE IMA BOOTLEG DEM BOTH! lmao! so im the real winner here!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=4729 lyricspure82

    oh and Sick! GLAD U BACK! u da only one that blogs actual shit worth readin on xxl altogh lupes 2nd blog was the truth!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/16kingz thebestout!!

    that vers was sick i hope dat’ shit on the album! big up so nas for mto tuckin’ his nuts (no jungle)

  • keith White

    great post


    They are partnering together…Jay is finnaly getting what he wanted the whole time….to team up with Nas…”who…Jay you been loved my style nigga”…Nas like a proud dad watching his only son make it…Jay views Nas as the father he never had…now he is reconciling by working with him on their upcoming venture

  • the one

    HAHAHAHAH^^^^Nice. Hey Sic you fuckin 80′s crack baby. I heard two Nas joints and have seen promotion, where the fuck you be at? In the crib hidin from that other columnist, the one who posted your gay ass message you left him. Damn, just suck his dick already you lipstick waerin faggot.

  • LOS

    Maybe they figured out that nigga Nas is Top 5 overrated rapper of all time. That’s my guess.

  • http://yahoo.com jordany

    Who the fuck is RJ?, as far as i can tell you’re the fucking idiot, how the fuck you gon say ”ether” is better than ”takeover”, are you out of your fucking mind. At the end of the day i blame everything on Sick whom we all know is Nas’s biggest fan and just like every other Nas fan just can’t stop bitching about everything that goes wrong with his carrer. I don’t think there has ever been another rapper that delivered such a great album like Nas’s Illmatic and has never lived up to the expectations, if you really think about it his whole carrer has been fuul of dissapoinments but, since Illmatic was so great he always gets the benefit of the doubt, which is wrong, i will say he has shown flashes of his greatness on albums like Stillmatic and maybe It Was Written but, i think even his fans can agree that he hasen’t come close to Illmatic and he never will. And to the dumb-ass who said that all of his albums have gone platinum, do your reserch cause, Nastradamus(the worst album is hip hop history) only went gold and, Street’s Disciple to this day has sold only 600,000+.

  • Pingback: Waar Is Nas? en Ras Kass Spit Lekker Toch. « WildStyle

  • Mr.Me

    Sick’s back. The hell wit Nas….whats good wit the 70′s baby takeover an the saigon tracklistin?



    2.)I AM
    6.)GOD SON

  • lildap

    Man If Def Jam droop the album today,easly can move 1-2 x plat!The anticipation is huge right now!



  • marlon

    what is this guy talking about? Where y’all at is a song from the album. you ain’t heard it? if you haven’t it is on defjam.com in the nas section. nice try on stirring the pot but a) nas doesn’t need jigga to sell his record and 2)Nas and jigga’s fans aren’t generally 14 year olds from the sticks, its grown man music and grown men can afford to buy two albums in the same week.

  • marlon

    Illmatic was not nas’s only classic but DJ N-credible just lost all credibility by putting illmatic as number 4.

  • marlon

    Jordany is cute, Takeove better than ether you are out of your fuckin mind kiddo.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com The Undergroud King

    now listen up.. you’ll can’t go blaming Hov for the fading light of the likes of Nore and LL..them niggas was bound to wash up regardless of who was the president, ya Nas need promotion but why the fuck will he suddenly become Nsync and have mind blowing sales..fuck that!! nigga always had average sales..but since his Jay in the pic its his fault before hand that the he aint gone sale.. ya’ll need to stop looking for someone to blame.. LL has the bitches they gone buy his gay shit.. Meth fell off.. don’t think Nore seen platinum why should he bitch like he used to the shit???? NDL stand the fuck up!!!

  • blaQ



    The Genesis
    N.Y. State of Mind
    Life’s a Bitch
    The World Is Yours
    Memory Lane(sittin in da park)
    One Love
    One Time 4 Your Mind
    It Ain’t Hard To Tell


    1.)The Message
    2.)Street Dreams
    3.)I Gave You Power
    4.)Watch Them Niggas
    5.)Take It In Blood
    6.)Nas Is Coming
    7.)Affirmative Action
    8.)Black Girl Lost
    11.)Live Nigga Rap
    12.)If I Ruled The World
    13.)Silent Murder

  • SCORPIO1970

    Question. Who is the president of every other label with rap acts? When was the last time one of them was mentioned in an article with one of their rappers? Why is that one of the first questions they ask any rapper on Def Jam? It is total bullshit and you all don’t even see why they do it. Think people. It sounds like the problem the rappers have is promotion, not the President. Delegate authority dumbasses, and then clean up the mess. Should he be on the street team too?


    Yet in spite of being critically maligned, the album’s reputation has recovered quite considerably with the passage of time, and is looked upon with greater affection than its initial reception. In fact, many rap fans, in retrospect, contest it is overshadowed by Nas’ previous release.

    Lupe Fiasco regards It Was Written as his favorite album and cites it as his primary source inspiration. For instance, when asked of his influences in an interview with Allhiphop.com, Lupe stated the following: “You know I really tried to go back and recreate [Nas’] It Was Written, you know what I’m saying like that? [I would play] It Was Written and then I would play my album, and it was like, ‘Do we got [this] record, do we got that record?’” [1]

    In a following interview:

    NobodySmiling.com : Now you’ve said many times that your album is modeled after ‘It Was Written,’ and a lot of people wouldn’t admit that because a lot people would be like He’s biting or whatever. So why do you feel so comfortable admitting that?
    Lupe Fiasco : Cause it’s a classic. Like, people study-you study the masters, you know what I’m saying? Everybody that’s rapping studied someone to learn how to rap. They had a rapper who was they favorite rapper that they wanted to be like and wanted to rap like, know what I’m saying? For me, I just look at it like I studied a master piece. I modeled my album after a master piece; and not song for song; not line for line; not beat for beat. It was more-for me it was like mood for mood. The way he set the mood on that album to me was just like incredible. And at the time in my life-like, I fell in love with ‘It Was Written’ when I was seventeen, eighteen-a very impressionable time-so I was like I love that album. That’s my favorite Hip Hop album, so it’s like why not base your album on ‘It Was Written?’


  • kat

    i’m not a real nas fan (although i like ‘i am’ and ‘stillmatic’) but i am ready to hear this new one. seems like a breath of fresh air when the south is starting to get repetitive repetitive repetitive repetitive repetitive repetitive repetitive.

  • H-Man

    Rumor haz it that Jay-z’s lookin 4 a problem???? hmmmm

  • PhillyBlack

    I remember when LA Reid first became president of Def Jam & everyone was complaining about him taking the job of the iconic hip hop label that Rick Rubin & Russell Simmons built. LA Reid was an R&B dude taking the helm of a powerful & once respected hip hop label. It wasnt’ too long after it was announced that Jay-Z would become the new president of DEF JAM while LA Reid took another position. This moved really turned out to be a bunch of smoke & mirrors that is causing some friction with Jay-Z’s peers on Def Jam & only Jay-Z will get the blame.

    It appears to me that Jay-Z is not really the head of Def Jam & the man that’s calling all the shots is L.A. Reid. They say that perception is reality because it only appears as if Jay-Z is really running Def Jam. Unfortunately it is pretty clear that Jay-Z is just a figurehead that takes a great deal of vacations & really doesnt have the final say with other Def Jam artist’s projects. He’s gonna ultimately get the blame & scorn from most if not all the artists on Def Jam. It’s messing with these artist’s livelihood & it appears as if LA Reid kinda set Jay-Z up for failure as President.

    There are various clues to support this theory & even some staffers have mentioned it off record. One of the most visible clues is that fact that Jay-Z, the so-called president of Def Jam, has put himself before his own artists under him as president of the label. A real president of any label would not do that which leads me to believe that this was a part of the plan. Jay was simply the figurehead & this was all just business.

  • the one

    Nas>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jay, Big, Pac. Sorry. Its a fact that Nas lyrically Is the nicest to bless a mic. No Lie.

  • Vindi

    I’m reading a lot of bull NOE OF US really know wat’s going on behind closed doors, Jay-Z may be trying to shaft NaS on the low, maybe NaS is not dropping until early next year stop speculatiing


  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Some people hate…Some people hate…i think they lost their mind…Stop hating on the south…you act like thats all the south is doing is putting out trendy shit…is Weezy F Baby, Bun B, Pimp C, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Chamillionare, Lil Keke, Paul Wall, Juvenile, Scarface, David Banner, TI, Luda putting out snap/trendy music…NO…dont try to discredit the south by stereotyping us for snap music…thats a few niggas out of the ATL thats doing that…and dont blame them blame the industry for accepting it…blame your lil sister for voting it on 106 blame the younger generation who has the buying power which gives them the say-so as to what gets played…you want this to come to an end…go buy the artist you like from the store dont download it…request their music to be played…you get it now…now make it happen…we are hip hop in the words of mos def…so if you wanna know where hip hop is going ask yourself where are you going…all that said look at our current situation…fans of the 90’s music is getting older and we dont buy cds IN STORES…a younger generation is coming into there teens(buying power and over 65% of the market)…corporations dont care about hip hop they care about the bottom line…food for thought to eat with your liqour

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    my alter-ego

  • http://bxconnect bxconnect

    yeah nas is getting the short end of the stick.but really what did we expect?
    redman i know your sitting back watching all the bullshit going on.your watching lady sovereign get exposure.watching how they did your brother meth wrong.redman you still have loyal fans out there.please get a copy of “red gone wild”and leak it.def jam will never release the album.leak the album red we miss your crazy ass antics.you inspired artists like luda.

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  • John Street

    yeah yeah yeah great i agree . all jayz needs 2 do is drop that troyave project

  • Miami Monica

    Why you got so much tension towards my man Jay Sick? :-\

    Still ove you my nig! ;-)

  • Miami Monica

    Why you got so much tension towards my man Jay Sick???? :-\

    Still love you my nig! ;-) ********


    they gonna push his album back again.
    if it dont come out by December he is fucked.

  • Raymond

    Fuck Jay-Z, Fiddy and Diddy

  • Face Phoenix

    Even with high hopes for the return of Nas’ Nasty or Escobar incarnations can we expect much. I Don’t Think So. Def Jam is on life support and seemingly becoming a bubblegum pop music machine (ex. Rihanna, Teairra Mari, Ne-Yo – need I Go On)and Jay’s Return means even less. I have an idea retire and stay retired. Nas as much as I like to think of him returning to his former glory – I wouldn’t bet on it (esp if your former nemesis has anything to do with your career and promotion). Nas hasn’t been on fire since Stillmatic and Jay makes those “nice” little MTV friendly joints but nothing with any grit. Nas…Jay step back and please do something to remember.



  • john cochran

    I fuck with old jigga(96′ to 2001′) so it pains me to say this, but FUCK JAY-Z AND KINGDOM COME. I’m tired of this ugly ass cocky nigga always coming out like he’s all the game’s got. He got his whole east coast roster on hold so that he can bullshit around on a couple
    Pharrell beats again. He even got the Best lyricist ever(MR. Jones)on his team and he tryin to hold him back. Jay dont love hip hop he love money and attention. If he did he’d develope his artist and try to give us something besides fat southern cats. I wont be supportting his album this time around and if Hip Hop is Dead Doesn’t come out I am not a Jay-z fan anymore.

  • Jerz!

    Respect, I guess, to DJ N credible but…

    1. Illmatic
    2. Stillmatic
    3. God’s Son
    4.It was written
    5. I Am
    6. Lost Tapes
    7. Nasradamus

    (God’s son and I.W.R could possibly switch place, and I am and Lost tapes could possibly as well)

  • koofiesmacker

    JAY & NAS: are cool..my take

    This is once again a bunch of Bull shit, yo Not that I don’t entirely agree w/ this piece. But that Jay ain’t promoting Nas on purpose b/c he still salty about old beef? That’s def. bull shit. And the best reason that u could come up w/ proving there’s some friction Between Jigga & GOD’s Son is b/c they not mentioning each other in interviews? Man fuck out here w/ that fake ass shit.
    Jay & Nas ain’t friends nigga, they barely hang out. Why would they be like every other Nigga out there Includin THE GAME constantly riding each others dicks? There’s a mutual respect & only a business relationship. I blame Jay for Getting caught up in promoting his Album while he is ignoring his Presidential duties.
    But Just like MJ when he took over the Wizards, His come back hurt the Wizards, but helped the League (that was right after 9/11 the league & the USA needed it ). Now just like Jay-Z’s comeback will hurt certain def. Jam artist, but will help Hip-hop. Why?
    Well When was the last time a real heavy weight Hip-hop album was released? Detox? Dre still enjoying 50 & em’s money no need to make his own, EM same enjoying other peeps money….i can go for ever w/ that. When it comes to real hip-hop, There’s no competition that’s why NY fell off, All the NY niggas that’s coming out either sold out or act like they from the south. NY needs a friendly competition, I don’t care if Nas & Jay are under the same Umbrella. Nas album gona be hot, We don’t need Jay Z to tell us that. Matter fact, Jay also won’t have single, he will just put out the album out. So if you are a true hip-hop head ur punk ass would copp both albums when they drope Regardless.

    I’m a Nas fan for life, I don’t need to hear him all over the radios Or see his commercial, or see him on TRL or 106 & Puss “yo it’s ur boy Nas,go get the album it’s hot, blazay!!! Blazay!!! Buy 2 to 4 copies“. Is that what y’all want to here from Him & Def. Jam? Fuck you, Nas will smash it, Jay will smash it.
    You fucks is def. pathetic to even try & start this beef,…oh what you want Jay or Nas to say when they ask them who won that battle? What kind of nonsense is this?
    I coped 3 album the entire year, Ghoastface’s, Busta’s & Mr. Meths. & you best believe I’ma get jay & nas’s albums. I know what I’m getting, if y’all need a few commercials & videos to tell u what u want, then u just a follower not a leader. So just for that fuck you & keep fucking banging ur black eye peas, ur 50 cen, ur young jocks, ur young dro, your young ,..who ever ,…etc yeah don’t forget to fuck w/ Lames like Fat Joe that have identy crises don’t even know if he from the BX or Miami now,…man fuck yall &

  • http://xxlmag N$

    More Sick nonsense. Whoever employs this idiot should be fired. Hip hop is dead w/ suckas like you in the front office.

  • Jerz!

    Oh yeah, the MJ analogy is dumb.

    Jay Z’s “retirement” period was as much or less time, than the time inbetween many rappers albums. And Jordan wasn’t practicing with nba teams all during his retirement. Jay Z puts out a verse every month or so. We all know that his shit is gonna be tight as fuck. The only question is how much more re bragging will we allow before we realize the shit is getting tiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrreeeeeeed.


    Hov: Best MC Alive
    Nas: Best Rap Album Catalouge

  • http://yahoo.com PRINCE CEASAR


  • Airjordan

    Nobody made mention of Nas joint “where ya’ll at” it was a warning shot not a single every verse was a hip hop quotable or a train of thought. Nas joints “These are our Heroes and The American Way” if those joints was released post Hurricane Katrina it would of been a wrap. Yea I kind of Blame Def Jam as a Whole not just Jay-z because you are willin to promote the fuck out of Rick Ross with tha wackest 16′s ever all of his shit revolves around bullshit then to promote the hell out of Nas a Livin Legend. Streets Diciple was a Classic album flat the hell out!!!
    But think about Jay, Nas and Jeezy all puttin out albums. What other record company got a roster like that.

  • Playa=50=

    yeah def jam going down
    dont support their MC’s
    def jam a lot of money but low pushing for mcs like method man , nas , luda, ….
    like nas …
    and jay-z iz not king of NY
    camron allready said!!!!!!!!!!!
    jay 42years old ……


  • Airjordan


    peep Nas and Jay-z in Europe on stage together


    # Playa=50= Says:
    September 27th, 2006 at 1:22 pm

    yeah def jam going down
    dont support their MC’s
    def jam a lot of money but low pushing for mcs like method man , nas , luda, ….
    like nas …
    and jay-z iz not king of NY
    camron allready said!!!!!!!!!!!
    jay 42years old ……


    WTF Jay is fucking 36 not 42 dumbass and Luda has alot of push he has advirtisemtn everywhere plus the number two single in the country do your fucking research.

  • Prophet

    Ameer is the gonna take lyricism where Nas should have took it… and that most definitely WAS WRITTEN….THE WORLD’S BIGGEST F*^%ING HATER “BYRON CRAWFORD”..did not even blast this gifted mc…as in the words of Sony VP Chad Elliot “Listennnn Up!”…Ameer is here.

    check Byron Crawford’s blog from today….

  • Truth

    true talk man, big mistake for nas to sign to with jay, jays a dick and the mainstream world is riding that dick hard

  • ExDubbleL

    Honestly Nas kinda signed wit LA Reid but its not his job to promote the artist thats JAy-Z’s job..Thays one of the reasons Jay was hired becuz Def Jam was on the downfall and needed some help to get the label back to prominence.But Jay is seriously not doin his job…You cant acredit one platinum album on Def Jam to Jay-Z.Jeezy sold his self, Ross flopped, Kanye sold his self I mean this is a real problem. Nas you gotta get outta there..I think Jay planned this to sell more records. The first rapper to retire and come outta retirement..Come on man think about it…JAY LET NAS SHINE

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Mav

    Jay-Z, was not the first to retire. TOO SHORT was then came back with a album called I CAN’T STAY AWAY. Then SCARFACE RETIRED. Then came back. Jay-Z and MASTER P MUST BE cousins or something cause they love to copy. Now like Jay-Z despite his faults. I don’t like how he was try to clown NAS. Before stillmatic bring the man childs mother in the game. Without being or feeling like you were set up tobe rob an shot and now you want get back. NAS carry his self in a humble manner. So Jay-Z knew you would squash the beef. NAS should have maintained your general form. Never signed with a envious enemy. Jay-Z is a schemer he will never be cool he is not to be trusted. You wanted to show the world two black can get past differences and move on. Don’t be so idealistic he knew you would bite. NAS you have to start making great albums or retire. Cause he wants to expose you. He really can’t your better your better than him he really fear you he does want to admitted but buried his ass with ONE ALBUM STILLMATIC. All I can say is go hard on the mic. Cause the showdown is not over with. He know’s he lucky that it’s you and not PAC. PAC WOULD HAVE SHOWED NO MERCY AND CRUSHED HIS JEALOUS ASS!

  • sojiro

    yo that video’s crazy i hadn’t seen that one thats a sick vid for real big ups to whoever put that together but anyways yeah Jay need to do his job he lackin on his peoples no doubt

    nvm all that bs bout never “shoulda signed wit Def Jam” they both grown ass men eh’body know Nas DEMOLISHED jay what more do he got to prove…he made a wise business choice period, now “Hov” need to get back to the US and do his damn job thats all there is to it

    but yo big ups for this column its sick for real

  • babyboy

    Sickmore Jay is promoting lot more than Nas man, i just Saw Jay Z and Nas in London on wednesday, Rick Ross And Lupe Fiasco were also dere so it aint a lack of Promotion tell u dat, i can also say dat was the best concert eva man Pzz

  • http://www.myspace.com/afterthesmoke Whuzi

    Nas was going to be on a cover for this new magazine called Urbanology. I was going to be featured in that issue…but I don’t know whats going to happen now tho. That was set for November I think…

    i’m looking forward to it…Nas is great

  • Lyquiddj South africa

    Long live 2 Nastradamus, u da sh*t,”sooner or later will all c who da prophet is”.

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    What about your blog, homo?

  • LiL FiL from OKLAS

    I just wanna say nas is NICE ya dig.. for some reason i like listening to this man’s lyrics and just absorb words that not other rappers would really talk about. I think that’s what makes niggas sick when they put my man NAS as one of the greatest rappers, he don’t have to sell a fuck-load of CD’s to the POP/MTV movement just to be labelled as one of the greatest. Nas is a rappers rapper. The words that he put together cut deeper than any rapper alive right now.

  • 110 street

    nas is the truth like we all already know. pretty much a leage of his own.

  • Global Macro

    How’s the monthlong vacation treating ya

  • Sushi K

    Get this 80′s baby bullshit blogger out a hear. Don’t you have an industry junket to attend or some new hype to check in Miami?

  • http://www.myspace.com/dronkmunk dronkmunk

    What about….sickamore?

  • Pingback: » don’t front friday™

  • Atl’s own

    JIGGA (who could sell albums on the moon if they had a record store) will do T.I and Outkast #’s (million +)

    Nas (who album won’t get sells outside NY) will do every body else from NY #’s (maybe gold if u really really lucky)

  • 110 street

    jays new shit is wack still havent heard any leak from hiphop dead and how this nigga sicknomore change his picture but cant maintain a blog. i.e. its not that hard. and your not that bizzy b. ne way

  • thoreauly77

    why dont you write instead of change your picture?

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  • http://www.myspace.com/sthamogul S-Large

    nas = a whole season of punked on mtv


    jays verseis wack, sounds like some beyonce shit

  • http://www.myspace.com/kingmagazine W.Holla Esq.

    I’m checkin all the points everybody’s makin and yea we all waiting on Nas but we all know Nas doesn’t freestyle and to top it off as soon as everyone heard ole God Son signed with the “Former Enemy” they expect his album to drop the next week or at least have a leak of one song aint happening…. and that new Jay song it aint all that he tryin different shit yet still it’s a warm up song let’s just wait for Dead President’s III and that will be more than enough anticipation for Nas to hit the airwaves Cd player’s Ipod’s whatever all ya’ll know ya’ll coppin both albums to compare them anyway and I’m pretty sure there is gonna be heat off both albums !!


    Get your facts right.

    The Nas album drops December 19th.

    The Nas & Jay joint is on Nas’s album, and if you were about your bizzness, you’d have heard both albums by now.

    You New York niggas are so dumb sometimes!

  • http://www.myspace.com/6figurz Netwerq

    Nas is a lyricist. Jay is an entertainer. But really Jay, how your album come out before Nas and he signed awhile ago. Meths promotion? I mean, whats really goin’ on pimp? Is Beyonce f’in up your focus. I know the nanas good but damn homey! Holla at a six figure o.g.

  • Cuban Link

    lol Jay-z could go down as the greatest beef rapper of all time.That was the most cunning and unexpected move Ive ever seen.He knew he couldnt lyrically fuck with NaS, so KOd him by signing him, giving him no promotion, and then making him drop the same time as Jay, who has had his own song overplayed by the 2nd day it was out.I mean damn hes even on the Budwiser commercials.That was a dirty move

  • http://nahright.com eskay

    Def Jam sent out a Nas press release today

  • Omnipotent

    Sickamore is a fag

  • Pingback: The Smoking Section » Life Support…

  • NSW

    As long as i have listened to Nas, this is a shock to me! Maybe he don’t give a fuck no more or maybe he got some kind of master plan. i don’t know but i’m praying my favorite rapper ain’t goin out like this. This shit is ridiculous

  • Zach Braff

    homie all you do is dickride jay z and 50 and hate on everybody else, your columns suck and ain’t funny

  • djezdck

    if you really think takeover was better than ether, your truly gay, and your hanging on to s. nutzz way to long, let em hang patna, you need your mouth washed out with soap!

  • Tommy Gunnzzzz

    Man fuck jay-z his new song is fuckin gay, let me see “what you got” jay and stop makin gay ass songs, the black album was fuckin wack, Nas is killa …..so is the game . Jay-z is fat

  • Pamhallik

    Fuck Nas!!!

  • Anonymous


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