Hov is back! Hov cracked the can open again! Hov's back like Jordan wearing the 4-5! Let the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s babies all come together and rejoice in unison! Hov drops his first solo LP since 2003 on November 21st! Hov's announces it officially on the cover of Entertainment Weekly! Ring the alarm! While I'm almost just as happy as the next man, there's a huge pink elephant that everybody seems to be overlooking. Nasir Jones tentatively drops his album November 7th and he’s nowhere to be found on the Def jam site. He can’t be found on the radio or the streets for that matter. It’s looking more and more like Hip Hop Is Dead won't see the light of day from now until Kingdom Come.

Mr. Kelis Rogers doesn't have anyone to blame but himself. Its been all down hill since he dropped he revoked his King Of NY status by signing to the man who impregnated his baby mother; only for her to miscarriage, or it "could’ve been an abortion" according to Carmen. The first red flags were the MTV and BET specials. Jay-Z was obviously perturbed anytime the word "Ether" came up or asked who won the 2001 battle. Remember that Rolling Stone interview a few months back? They asked Mr. President about his new signing and he damn near bit the reporter’s head off (200 cool points for anyone who can find the exact quote because the on-line edition doesn’t have the whole story). I guess someone's soul is still burning slow.

Is it merely a coincidence that Jay is dropping his most highly anticipated album 2 weeks after his "former" arch-nemesis? Could this be revenge for Nas not doing his 24 bars on "Can I Live"? One things for sure, I don't see any evidence disproving this theory. I read all the Jay album articles and press release: no mention of Nas anywhere. But best believe when Mr. Oochie Wally signed at the dotted line, Hov found the time to do every interview, photo shoot and press opp possible. But now that Nas needs the promotion more than ever Jay-Z is missing in action, doing the same old Marcy To Madison Square “ Can I Get An Encore?” routine in Amsterdam. Nas needs you bro! Get back in the states!

Hip Hop Is Dead Is supposedly coming out in roughly 7 to 8 weeks and I still haven't heard one song. Not one flyer. No world tours for the Queensbridge capo. His first look is not even a Def Jam song, but his wife's new single "Blindfold Me". Noreaga, LL Cool J, The Roots and Method Man have all complained about the promotion of their respective projects. All seem to slightly slight El Presidente' for their problem. It’s unfortunate but Nas will more than likely suffer the same slow death as the rest of the 90's All-Stars.

My advice to Nasir? Go crazy. I'm talking summer-of-2002-fuck-summerjam-Nore-needs-to-step-his-rap-game-up crazy! They're playing with your future homie. The world needs Nas to put the war paint on and set everything straight. 50 is not the enemy here. Don't depend on the label to "get it". I've been hearing through the grapevine that your album is amazing. So I need more than 300,000 people to hear it. It’s your time now. Don't wait until Kingdom Come.