Show Stoppin’

I only have one thing to say.

 Who in the fuck had a Bedazzler backstage?

I could’ve sworn this was an awards show and not a sleepover for 12 year old girls.  The only people I can allow myself to give a pass to are Busta Rhymes and Spliff Star. They are always rocking The Big Bang cheetahlicious shirts during performances. But the rest of you hipster-meets-Myspace-quasi-gangstas have a lot of explaining to do.

Especially Curtis Jackson. I’m not the richest woman in the world but if there is one thing I can afford its Oil of Olay Quench. Moisturize your situation and please preserve your sexy next time.

One last thing. Nas, I realize you and Jay have kissed and made up but the whole double dating thing is well . . . corny. And it’s messed up Destiny couldn’t get any front row love. It’s bad enough you and Kelis brought her a pair of those two for five slippers they sell at Kai Wong’s Wig & Beauty Supply Emporium.


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  • dronkmunk


    yeah how gangsta can you be with sequins on

  • Mr.Me

    VMA’s are played out. The best award show was the Source awards cuz you always knew somethin would pop off.

  • dronkmunk

    TI i am looking in your directtion..

  • slap fire out a blog

    it looks like Jay-Z is about 10mg away from suffering a xanax overdose…..

  • lukee lefty

    word jay does look higher than a motherfucker but thats cause the show was mad boring…….and everyone talking about beyonce preformance and shit why not talk about how foolish LL looked ???

  • wab

    lol @ the zanax overdose

  • Belize


    Fresh u owe me sum pumpum tonight

    Its been a while and know i bit ur buttcheck, but it was a peck and it was my first time blog-fuking (i think u liked it though)

    Ill bring over dat Verdi wine shit

    Sorry cant afford yac tonite, i spent it on dat piff u like.

  • Kanye

    Maan, coming from Queens, I just liked seeing 50 and LL onstage together. Everyone in Queens grew up listening to LL, including 50. That’s the reality of it all. In a nod of respect, LL has tabbed ‘Fif to executive produce his next album. And yes, I’m counting on that LP to be LL’s best in recent years. Absolutely.

  • Belize

    lol at drunkenmunk.. luda looking like him and crunky black jr. bout to rob a nigga for there skittles

  • Sugah Free

    Ain’t nothing worse than a man with over 100 grand worth of jewelry on and his hands look like Ashy Larry

    Nigga step your game up and buy some lotion!!!!

  • illadelph

    um…i hope thats not Destiny in that pic with nas and kelis.

  • Ru

    its like bling bling gon horribly wrong..or the next stage of bling: bedazzler love.
    its like they topped the current level of gaudy and channeled gianni versace’s ghost

  • H-MAN

    Come on, If U had dat kind of Ebb and Flow youd wanna glow 2…WOW, B looks good with white on her…Cant wait 4 the Jay-z album…Damn, who would have guessed these 4 sittin 2gether??? Real nice…I got a feelin New York iz gonna B yorkin…real soon…Do it To it

  • Young Crack

    T.I. iz wearin them short shirts lol lookin like a fag lol

  • iame247

    I love LL to death (No Milli Vanilli)
    but its time he retired give it up dude its over. Quit now before you Roy Jones Jr yourself(or did he do that already).


    No, cannibus did it.

  • ronburgandy

    fuck ne-yo.
    LL/50 is gonna be rap’s REAL big gay scandal.

  • Bowser da Boss

    man, 100 mil in the bank, and not one bottle of lotion in the car, whip, or studio? 50 shoulda had one of the G-Unit hand him some lotion, thats a damn shame. Yea Hov does look a lil zooted.

  • DaTruth30

    I dont think Nas and JZ were on a double date as much as MTV sat them next to each other for more ratings. Everytime the camera went to them, they werent even speaking to each other!!

  • Peach

    in every one of these pictures..nas is looking away..his daughter looks excited…and kelis is staring right into the camera…hmmm

  • rizzop2003

    LL is gonna go plat again with 50 them niggas gonna have all the hoes melting…..But hope he comes a little more agressive with the music instead of the how much i live pussy shit.

  • Urbanite

    “Moisturize your situation and please preserve your sexy next time.”

    funny because its from the Diddy proactive commercial.