She’s a rider, he’s a roller

I’ve been off for a minute in my personal version of hell [1] and a few things have changed around here. Drama has signed off. (Pay them no mind.) Lupe has signed in. (Welcome to our corner of the Internet.) 

Meanwhile, I’ve been bumping Beyoncé’s B’Day and I’m not mad at it. It feels like Beyoncé is in the process of coming into her own—both as a woman and as an artist. B’s voice has matured and her virtuosity is impressive. The project has a spontaneous, playful vibe (which I am really appreciating after a long summer of lackluster releases).

Except for one track. Is it just me or does “Ring the Alarm” sound a little pressed? I don’t think it’s a good look.

I remember when Dangerously in Love dropped. Amy Linden reviewed it for the Village Voice. She called its lead single a “love song with no shame” and went on to note that “some man has got Miss Fat Booty wide open, because this girl is in l-o-v-e.” It was summer and I was in New York and you could hear the horns from “Crazy in Love” blasting out of car windows on streets everywhere. The track radiated that sex-hazed, megawatt glow that comes with new love. It was utterly euphoric.

I think it was then that women started to live vicariously through Bey-Z. (Or maybe it was when “Bonnie & Clyde ‘03” came out?) Hov was King. Every girl I knew wanted to look like B and every guy I knew wanted to get with her. Beyoncé was one of the only female artists in the industry that kept things classy. [2] The fact that she had a thug so sprung gave a lot of women out there hope that a Thoroughest Good Girl wasn’t just a nice term for getting played.

Three years later, though, the Jayoncé honeymoon is obviously over. It’s not the gossip, either (or the fact that Jay refuses to even look at her in the Deja Vu video.) It’s her lyrics. One could let a few “you know I hate sleeping alone/but you said that you would soon be home” lines slide. And B’Day could stand to have a “Resentment” track or two on there without getting too many tongues wagging, but “Ring the Alarm”? Come on. It’s way too extra for Beyoncé. It gets you thinking: if the hottest chick in the game is that worried about her man cheating—and has to go on wax and call other chicks out all agro—what does that say for the rest of us?


[1] Serving cocktails to sloppy drunk golfers, since you asked. Sometimes a freelance writer has got to do what she has to do to pay bills, and get her bartend on, you know?

[2] I’m not going to diss you on the Internet cause my Mama taught me better than that, and what not.

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  • slap fire out a blog


  • e

    Nice post but deja vu seemed much more forced. If you want to hear an album where a female is becoming a woman and an artist listen to Christina’s stripped album.(i know im gonna get ripped (no homo) bol style for admitting to listining to that cd)


    you actually listen to beyonce?

  • whatev

    IT probably says that you shouldn’t live vicariously through some woman that doesn’t know you. Save that for stage moms and dads. Oh and Deja Vu sucked, he probably was embarassed to be seen on that shit, hence no eye contact.

  • Young A. Simmons

    The xtina stans are coming out of the woodwork on this site…

    B needs to lose the dead weight and holla at someone born after 1975.

    lol @ Tara batting her eyelashes at old white dudes for tips.

  • exo

    Stripped is the truth.

  • Belize

    ring the alarm scares me…..It should be the theme music for “SWIMFAN”
    U know what?
    Ur the 1st girl that has said that she aint feelin the song……………are u lesbian?
    Hope not…

  • Belize

    Is stripped really that good?
    If so why hasnt a female xxl blogger done sum’ on it?
    Yall are females (helllooooo r&b)



  • seen510

    “Ring The Alarm” is about one of the few songs I like on the album. She’s pretty much singing out of her customary range on the whole album so I don’t see why “Ring” would seem out of the ordinary. Lots of bangin’ beats but not much else.

  • Bomani

    I hate to be a cynic, but shouldn’t we have seen a lot of this coming? I mean, really–how many relationships with old ass niggaz really work out for young women? Those songs are usually how they respond when they feel bad. All too predictable, sadly.

  • Samhain Misfit

    (i know im gonna get ripped (no homo) bol style for admitting to listining to that cd)


  • Rey

    It’s okay to be Emo, Tara…

    …altho’ this was a bit girly.

  • TARA

    Thanks Rey. And “girly”? Guilty as charged. I’m still in cocktail mode.

  • Sir Jantz

    Beyonce is just Beyonce. YOu can see it in her eyes. Yes, she seems like this innocent girl from HOuston but then she has this diva like persona. She’s that chick that everybody wants and can’t get. She’s beautiful, elegant, sophisticated,…….beautiful!!! I mean “Ring the Alarm” is tight!! THe video is real sexy and I see that she’s trying to reinvent her self. I don’t blame her. Hey, yall need to sign me up as one of yall blog journalists because I rep the people. Check me out. Beyonce is a true sista. I’m out

  • Rey

    Heh, looks like Transi isn’t getting all the shine. Tara wrote me back!


  • Mr.Me

    Beyonce? When did this turn into

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    rey is such an attention seekin’ faggit

    u all sum newjacks..forget “stripped”..christina been dope since “come on over” off her first cd

  • Rey

    Okay.. I’M the fall out boy listening fag, but you like Christina Aguilera?

    u a bitchmade teen pop disney channel 90210 so called life ass faggit…

    …or something equally stupid.

  • thebestout!!


  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    xtina make music dat mo hetero then fall out boy

  • Spark

    Mars Volta anybody?

  • iw11

    OOOHH! “She so african and bold”. My fav line in “Ring the Alarm”.


  • thoreauly77

    always nice to have some classy material to read on here….

  • Belize

    u still didnt say if stripped is better than B-Day

    i need a feminine piont of view

  • Belize

    point, piont..yall know what I mean

  • TARA

    Belize: Xtina is an amazing singer, to be sure, but I like B’Day better than Stripped.

  • Belize

    Gracias seniorita


  • e

    Samhain Misfit Says:

    September 13th, 2006 at 8:33 am
    (i know im gonna get ripped (no homo) bol style for admitting to listining to that cd)


    Sorry I forgot e-thugs only listen to rap because they’re not used to being around women

  • green eyes

    beyonce a fucking joke.. shame on you for listening to that shrill drivel.

  • IMLudaChris

    I feel you Tara. B is mos def sending Jay some shots throughout the album tryin to keep his ass in check. But look at tracks like Freakum Dress, Irreplaceable, and Resentment. All shot at Jay tellin that nigga to keep it together or she’ll bounce more so than being insecure.

    II (two fingers)

  • pgevuti dwygs

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