Russell Simmons along with Jermaine Durpri, Chingo Bling, Paul Wall, DJ Drama, Ludacris, and Remy Ma discussed the importance of financial empowerment to about 1,500 attendees at Morris Brown College on Saturday.

The overall message that Uncle Russie wanted the young crowd to understand is that financial planning and credit stability should be main concern in their lives right now instead of spending their money on material things. Ving Rhames should have also been apart of the panel so he could give his famous speech about guns and butter [1].

But I digress.

Judging from the press pictures from the event I can’t help but wonder if Abdullah the Butcher's House of Ribs & Chinese Food catered the conference. Muthafuckas walking around looking like they are about to fall the fuck out at any moment. Pass the potato salad pon de left hand side.

For instance . . .

Check this nigga out. He looks like he is on the brink of falling into a diabetic coma from enjoying one too many spare ribs and wontons. But I would definitely take financial advice from that guy. When it comes to cutting corners to make room for extra club money, he knows what he is doing. Trust me.

Word on the streets is that Nate Dogg was involved in an altercation with his limo driver that resulted subsequently to his arrest last night in California. Drugs and guns are rumored to be involved. Damn, damn, damn! When will the shit stop? Eh, apparently no time soon.

[1] You know, shit that appreciates with time. Like real estate and art work. Not that dumb shit like Phat Farm clothing, KLS cosmetics, and Baby Phat handbags that don’t mean shit once you buy it.