As many of you already know, today marks ten long years since 2Pac passed away. If you are in the Atlanta area be sure to check out the bronze statue of Pac at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Even though the bronze statue doesn’t look shit like him. Let’s be real here, this looks like the deacon who is in charge of the building fund at church.

In an interview given on Houston radio station 97.9 The Box’s Mad Hatta Morning Show, Pimp C had a lot of shit to get off his chest regarding hip-hop being dead.

“Ya'll stop crying man on the East. Ya'll been eating for years. It’s time for us to eat. . . We all got grillz in our mouth and so now they want grillz in they mouth on the East. Do your thing man, I ain't tripping. Look, but don't be crying that hip-hop's dead. If hip-hop's dead, it's y'all fault that hip-hop's dead. So get your backpack, jump on the train, pull ya pants leg up, and get your paying gig up and get in the know. ‘Cause we out here swangin’ and bangin’ . . ."

Ah, and so the debate continues. I would normally throw my two cents into the ring but I don't want Bun B showing up in the comments section. You can listen to the full interview here.

Fellow Houstonite Lil’ Flip has teamed up with Lets for a new freestyle contest. If you win the battle against Flip you can walk away with $2000. But the stipulations of the contest are a little funny. In the last round of the competition, the participants won’t be able to directly diss each other or Flip.

Boo. This should be a great way for some high school kid to earn some extra sneaker money. I have the perfect contestant in mind.

Please let this be a joke. Please. A thugged out paraplegic rapping about sagging his pants? I’ve seen it all.