fabcrowd.jpgThis is a big week for me ya'll. They say I'm supposed to sign with a major label this week...phew, That's a long way from out the trunk...lol.

It's like you can feel it in the air...People start actin' different. It's funny because I'm lookin at folks like, Man, if you only knew, but the funny thing is they do know, that's why they changin'. But they tryin to make it seem like I'm trippin'? hahahaha!

I'm learnin to adjust to the whole ordeal...We was at the Dub car show in San Mateo yesterday and it was like I was the main attraction. When I walked in the building people went crazy...I like the love but shit, sometimes it's too much. People don't realize you wanna chill too....They just be worried about gettin' they pictures on they phones for they Myspace I guess lol....Which I'm not mad cuz I LOVE Myspace...Fans are trippy but shit, you gotta love ’em, right? Without them, entertainers wouldn't be nothin'. So I just take the bitter with the sweet, ’cause I do love the groupie love...lol...

Anyway, I'm finishing this album, so I'm puttin' a lot into this so the world can know what the yellow bus kid is all about...Traveling, living and learning...I think I'm going to be alright. I got a hell of a team behind me, the streets love me and most of all, my number one fan is happy...hahahahahahahah—my momma! My backbone, my strength, my heart...All I do is for her.....I'm a child of GOD so there is no battle that I fight that I can't win...Keep faith ya'll, and I'ma leave you with that one...Until next time, I'll holla.