fabatlantic.jpgI'm rich bitch!!!!!!!!

LOL. Yes sir, I signed yesterday with Atlantic Records. Not as an artist, though, I got a label deal. FAEVA AFTA/THIZZ. WE ON LIKE SHIT! I'm about to work my ass off.

After a 7 month biddin' war, I finally made my decision. Which I think is a good one because they wanted me over there so much that they did some shit that they have never done with this deal. It's crazy. I'm happy, but I also know that I have a gang of work to do. Finishing the album is first on my list. I have been networkin' with a lot of people on this project, so don't be shocked if you see some big big names on it. I got some production on here that's outta this world. And for all my hip-hop heads out there, this album is not just a hyphy album, I have all types of music on here.

Nigga, I ain't been signed for 24 hours and everybody and they grandmomma callin' me already askin' for shit. I'm like, Damn can a nigga enjoy it? They must have thought that I got some "free money," hahahaah. It's cool though, I know its love, I respect it.

It may be many of those out there who feel the hyphy movement may not have what it takes to hold its own in the forever-changing music industry. Me and my fellow Baydestrians are about to change that. The reason why is because we represent the youth, the stressed-out teens who have no hope, no faith, no family and no concerns if they live or die. So, they run around looking for a better way. This movement is their outlet.

It has allowed them to have dance teams just like the old days of pop lockin'. It's really hip-hop all over the same four elements: break dancing, graffiti, the DJ and the MC. The problem is nobody showed you the hyphy in this form or fashion. I guarentee you will love it. The break dancing is the "Turf Dancing" popularized by the Animaniacs, the Turf Fiends, and the Architecks. This plays a big role in the hyphy movement. The graffiti is displayed through airbrushing and turf taggin' around the Bay. The DJs break the music, cats like DJ Rick Lee, DJ Juice, Pam The Funkstress, T Ski and several other mixtape DJs that keep the streets up on what's hot. And the MCs are the voices of the movement. Some artist speak about what's going on in the streets, and say that they invented the shit. But like every musical movement, the streets create it.

You gotta just come see if you never been to the Bay. Please just come once to feel our energy and I bet you will be like, "I've never seen anything like this." Support the Bay. Just listen to us and see the different views of what's going on, because at the end of the day, it's all hood. And what goes on in my hood, goes on in your hood. We "Hood to Hood" like that DVD. I'll holla.