Lupe Fiasco Presents…The Art Of Distraction

Hello again…

As I type this I’m on the road heading to Boston or someplace to promote the album…I got my MacBook Pro in my lap and I’m bumping Daft Punk in the headphones…The van is fulla bags ’cause I have to carry three times the amount of luggage of a normal person…Here’s the breakdown…

1 Part Regular Everyday Clothes
1 Part Clothes For Photoshoots
1 Part Clothes For Performances

Add in another bag with just sneakers and the bags of my entourage and you can pretty much see the picture…”Robot Rock,” by the way…

For this entry I wanted to let ya’ll in on a little secret…I’m here to distract you…yup yup that’s right…me and all my fellow brothers and sisters in the wonderful world of entertainment are merely distractions to keep you from focusing on what’s really goin on in the world around you…Spooky ain’t it?

Now, this aint a grand conspiracy to trap your mind and transform you into mindless uniformed cogs in the machine…Or is it? Some distraction is necessary and even therapeutic…”HEY look a flying saucer!!!” and as you look up, I pull the splinter out of your finger or something…or other methods to draw attention away from the pain so the problem can be fixed…sorry kinda rambling…

anyway, the point is, music, movies and TV are mediums of distraction used to kinda numb the pain, which in cases where the message within the distraction is one of an informative and positive uplifting nature it can be very good thing. The danger lies where the message in the distraction is one of destruction and cannonfodder. These distractions are the ones that flood media today and really nothing meaningful is extracted from these…and believe you me that the distribution of this kind of information is done very deliberatly by the powers that be…the goal of this society is not to uplift and meaningfully inform, because that is not its nature…

The nature of this society is to gain capital and maintain an unfair balance of power that resides in the hands of the producers…Consumers are meant to do just that: consume…To inform the consumer in a meaningful manner means to empower him and give him aspirations to become a producer…The producers know that this is a threat to to their position of power. If consumers all of a sudden start wanting to become producers themselves and become aware of the tools to do so, it upsets the balance and starts making things fair and harder to gain capital because people would just consume the goods they produce themselves…which goes against the nature of the society…

So to maintain society, the consumers are kept dumb…and not just on a level of intelligence, because truthfully the consumers are either on the same level or even smarter than the producers…the consumers are kept dumb on all levels from the knowledge of opportunity to how to grow food to the operation of a sewing machine…Ask yourself, did you create any of the items in the room you are sitting in right now?…Secondly, do you know where they came from?…The raw materials used to make them?…Their origins?…The process that renders the raw materials into usuable materials?…Can you produce any of the food in your refridgerator?…If u can’t (and trust me, I can’t either) I think you pretty much know where you stand…and I don’t think 98% of the magazines or newspapers or CDs or movies or television programs are going to teach us how…

I mean, who owns the companies that distribute these things???…I bet you know the correct operation of a semi-automatic firearm and the ingredients and cooking instructions to make freebase cocaine and the proper technique of felatio and the winner of the last NBA championship and how Paris Hilton looks naked and that Christopher Columbus discovered America and how much a Maybach costs and…Hey, me too!

I close on “The Primetime Of Your Life”…Daft Punk is soooo fresh…

“Why kill you when I can just not teach you and get the same results?”
-A Real Gangster

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  • DJ Xcalibur

    Yo Lupe is speakin straight truth on this one!! He has a very good point…Go get the album on the 19th!!!! FNF UP!!!

  • Cross

    Very very true words sir.
    If your looking for a good read, check out “The Sory of B” or “My Ishmael” if you havent already.
    Keep rockin.

  • skrilla

    damn, some ramblin… but real talk all the same

  • skrilla

    damn, some ramblin… but real talk all the same

  • long duk dong

    Hurry up and buy!!!!!!!!!!

  • DGthegreat

    Real shit, but might be to advanced for this audience…

  • D-One

    Lupe, you finally soundin’ like yourself…..1^

  • Rey

    Damm, Lupe.. I felt that, man. Now all you need to do is rhyme all that and put it to a Just Blaze beat and we might just have something here.

    Good job, and I’m glad you didn’t burn another entry responding to Bol’s crazy ass.


  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    dis capitalism and consumerism u hate, it da same capitalism and consumerism dat produces da evisu jeans, sb dunks and bape hoodies u constantly be namecheckin’ in yo rhymes or a different capitalism and consumerism??

    okay..if dis is da real lupe..i really want 2 cop yo cd..but u makin’ it awful hard 4 me now i know u bump gay european house like daft punk

    godamn homie..yo sexuality playin’ tricks on u

  • Tha Hood

    What the fuck is this nigga talking about.?

  • nocal

    Haha. This reads like something I would have written in the sixth grade for a philosophy unit in history class. If I was stupid and had no sense of punctuation or consideration for the reader, that is.

  • I Fux


  • ESL representa

    daft punk….not so much

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    lol..look at rey tryna suck up 2 lupe

    bol, yn, tara, now dere anyone rey doesnt asskiss on hea?

  • nocal

    Ok wait so next write about the parable of the cave and how we’re all just prisoners watching shadows on the walls, and you’re here to free us but we’ve been prisoners so long that we don’t want to be saved. Also use ellipses more…

  • Fernando

    “Daft punk is soooooo fresh”
    -Lupe Fiasco

    Between that post, your album cover, and the outfit Kanye put you in for his video…….damn, things are gettin ghey. Typical soy-milk, vegan blog from someone who has THREE SETS OF CLOTHES and 3x the luggage. What is the point of writing a commentary on consumption when you have 3 sets of clothes??? We all know that we consume shit we have no real connection to. As Americans, we dont need to know the names of every migrant farmer that contributes to our morning cereal….so stop bitching, commenting, or whatever you are doing in this post. By the way….What the fuck was the point??? Consumption bad?? Consumption good?? Public service announcement??

  • Dee

    What in the hell is this nigga going on and on about?

  • DJ Main Event

    good points, all.

  • guy debord

    Good look, Lupe. Your sentiments mirror those of the Situationists. If you’re not up on them, check them out. While i’m plugging the frenchies (no judas priest), check out Justice (since you like Daft Punk). Also… did you say that you know the proper felatio technique??? Um, I’ll leave that to the homo-neurotic wolves here to sort out.

  • Ignorant Nigga

    Fuck this long reading shit, ya’ll know where I can download some Young Jeezy?

  • Fernando

    At least you left Bol’s ugly ass alone, I would have seriously questioned your credibility if you had gotten in to a full fleged E-beef with B. Crawford. How bout you write something about things you do on the road and not your theories on consumption and socio-economic dynamics that create a divide between consumers and producers. AIIIIGGGHHHT

  • daesonesb

    Karl marx, “The history of all hitherto existing societies is a history of class struggles.”

    But guess what? The info is out there. Mass media only controls those who allow it to do so.

    And frankly… those who get educated and rich are still going to be consumers. It has nothing to do with misinformation, just what is easier. And for anyone I know, what is easier is what you are born doing, which in this case is consuming packaged goods and NOT growing a head of lettuce, a bushel, of wheat, and raising a steer to make a burger when it is on the one dollar menu at mcdonalds.

    We all know it is the nature of our society that the collection of Natural resources (food, cotton), Human Resources (labor), and Capital Resources (factories) are seperated from one another. We know this but we also awknowledge that it is what makes capatalist societies so gatdang efficient. That is why only nut cases and lonely people are trying to tear the system down.

    We might talk about it, but in reality it isn’t appealing to our basic sensibility.

  • lar

    chuuch. but why no ‘spaz out’ my nig?

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    dis shit gettin’ talib kweli-ed up in hea 2day

  • Rey

    Sorry, Slater.

    *hides in locker*

  • Spark

    Rock out with ur cock out… Lupe toucher

  • H-man

    Why kill you when I can just not teach you and get the same results?”
    -A Real Gangster U lost the hood in the first sentence…lololol A producer iz just one part of the equazion….Another way of lookin at this iz the predator, prey, scavanger relationships…U know!, life feeds on life…Lupe’s smart…he’s got sumthang 2 say…Im gonna go cop Food and Liquor…Get your drink up and grub on…

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    Well its obvious that most of the people on this site aren’t interested in being educated. Lupe for real, unlike most of the hip-hop population that has already crowned you as the future of hip-hop, I personally don’t see what the fuss is about. Not saying that you can’t rhyme, but I don’t think that your skills are superfluous to that of Papoose or Ray Cash. With that said, I will tell you that I have a new found respect for you. I always had full intentions on buying your album, so that has not changed, however my outlook of how you approach certain rhymes and categories in your rhymes have broadened. I wish you all the success in the world, and I hope that you can continue to kick the truth to the young black youth!!!

  • H-man

    Dont make a Ho a housewife!!! lololol

  • Rey

    “Why kill you when I can just not teach you and get the same results?”
    -A Real Gangster


    Good quote, but who said that?

  • Spark

    boring ass blog.. still! realtalk whatever where the fuk is bol!!!

  • e

    I don’t really care about your opinions on consumerism seeing as you carry 3 pairs of clothes. With that being said hopefully your album will have great production, I know you can rap but you need good beats to get mainstream money.

  • Spark

    waznt lupe a gangster rapper a few years back?!?!?!

  • DJ Main Event

    co-sign what fernando said on that second post. im all for social insights but throw some stories about what youre doin these days as well.

  • D Staples

    real talk lupe, i will be copping the album. keep doing what you do.

  • Spark

    money cash hoes money cash hoes Lupe get on it!!!

  • thebestout!!


  • thebestout!!

    Not saying that you can’t rhyme, but I don’t think that your skills are superfluous to that of Papoose or Ray Cash.


  • k-rizzy

    Lupe keep fighting the good fight brother bol if youre reading i told you

  • The Dza

    I’m into it. I just find it funny that you mention how much clothing and sneakers you have (all which was probably made in Asia) then you rant about the evils of consumerism. Although the contents of that rant were all very true, that intro just seemed to conflict with the moral of the blawg.


  • Eastside Bread Maker

    Just because he’s not well known doesn’t mean that he can’t rhyme. I would be willing to bet that you never heard his album neither… Broaden your horizons and listen to other things besides your keys tap, tap, tapping on your keyboard. Ray Cash got one of the better albums released thus far this year.

    And for the record, I fux with Daft Punk! Now thats good music!


    This is what America has molded the citizens minds into…they dont care about self-empowerment…they’re just like the people in the Matrix…spoon fed a fluid…and given a fictitious reality to occupy their time…all while their energy(9-5)is sucked from them to serve the purpose of the corporations and the elite…

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    Yea Ray Cash… He has one of the best albums released this year thus far. And since when do you have to be a blimp on the radar to be a good MC. You’ve probably never even heard his album. Broaden your horizons and listen to something other than your keys tap, tap, tapping on your keyboard!

    And for the record i fux with Daft Punk!!! Thats good Music!

  • the young chuck taylor

    Dear lupe, whatever the album may cost or no matter how many times i have tryed to get it off line i have to say that i would have still have bought it and with pride and with wat you said makes me proud to purchase somethin well presented such as your self i hope you have many years to come cuz i will still buy your albums as long as you provide….thank you…lupe…from the heart of cali…thanks man….cuz i was startin to lose the influnce in music today….but your the light in dark.and i know am a day late…but we miss you forever and a day…..R.I.P Tupac Shakur–cali love

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    Yea Ray Cash. Lyrically i think that he is nice. And since when does his relevance on the maintstream meter determine his lyrical ability. Give his album a listen and tell me that he isn’t nice. Maybe not as nice as Lupe is to others, but to me, he’s better.

    And for the record, I fux with Daft Punk!!!

  • k-rizzy

    Question Lupe if this is our music why did we sell our selfs out to the powers that be and this goes from jay z to D4l why dont we call these people out and make them pay is hip hop really dead the hip hop I once knew is !

  • Killaaaaaaaa

    “the van is fulla bags”


  • thebestout!!

    Eastside Bread Maker……
    Yea Ray Cash. Lyrically i think that he is nice

    I ain’t talkin’ mainstream I’m taliking in contrast to cats like the game ,little brother, black thought,jay-z,t.i.,chino xl,the cocoa brovas, k-solo,rass kass and a whole lotta other cats. He’s just pale in comparison ya dig! no pun intended!



  • IMLudaChris

    Damn i didn’t know it was so many haters on here. Good Post Lupe. YOu were actually sayin something. Do hate to DJ Drama but I see you tryin to open our minds to some different shit then we used to. Oh yeah and the album is hot. Sorry I had to cop early. But I’mma buy the real thing too. i got chu. Oh yeah CHI-TOWN STAND THE FUCK UP. “I’m not Cornell West, This is Cornell West Side”


    II (2 fingers)

  • ronburgandy

    lupe= whiter than me.

  • buu

    Fernando said it best. this shit is trite and honestly not that deep if you spend maybe 10 minutes a day thinking for yourself.
    have fun with your rare glitter and puke colored SB dunks made by vietnamese people paid $2 a day to sniff poisonous glue fumes.

  • G Off

    I agree with the general consensus here: Lupe is a nice mc, but he needs to check himself with this hypocritical bs. Or, maybe he is talking to himself like Luda supposedly is on “War With God” lol.


    I mean the man throughout the entire post conceded he to is a member of our f’d up society and has the same shortfalls. He wasis only asking questions/aspiring towards the Ideals he brought up. The man didn’t claim to have the solution, just trying to spark conversation. Believe it or not just because you have thought about something doesn’t mean everyone has. Damn, speak on the subject at hand not what you think his motivation for asking the questions was. Hov was right.

    Some People Hate…….

  • Danja29

    Lupe… I understand the entire premise and the whole point and all that. But the way you wrote this blog is pretty much the equivalent of a rapper with all the lyrical content and no delivery to go with it. Meaning you def. had a good message, but it was NOT put across in a way that the average reader could consume it all @ once (no Caushun). And being that this is, it DEF. didn’t speak to the average reader.

  • J


  • wayne-o

    Lupe good shit thank you for giving niggaz something to think about out of the normal.. niggaz need to understand its okay to think differently and still like money, cars,girls and cloths etc… you can be consicous and still like whats hot. Just because you think differently does not mean you have to put on a backpack and listen to tribe called quest all the time…..hood niggaz dont be afraid to be differet


  • buu

    dou-che randomname. ya got me.

  • randal cordesian

    man lupe you are a total douchebag.

    i mean really this is like “intro to common sense 101″ mixed with “ignant ramblings 089″

    if you had a point it got lost somewhere between whatever part of your ass you pulled this half formed shit from and the fucking screen because what we got here is a bunch of bullshit.

    stick to sucking at rapping and pretending to be straight – blogging is not your thing.

  • the one

    Holy shit, no reply from faggot ass BOL. Why? after reading that I can see Lupe’s intelectual level reaches way beyond Bol’s arms lenght.

  • http://okp majik

    maaan. look at these brainless chumps askin’ “what this n***a talking bout.” stupid *&!”s.

  • Joe

    it’s so progressive that you listen to Daft Punk, dood. We didn’t expect that. You’re not like all the other niggas out there, huh.

  • Fernando

    Yeah, its totally like the Matrix dude. Everything benefits the rich, and the poor are getting sucked dry. Boooooo Hooooooo. Im not rich by any means, but I got some money, I know how to save, and I know what to do with it. The elite will always “run” everything, but a middle class life-style in America is pretty freakin good compared to any other place or time in the history of the world. If I can pay off my house, car, put food on the table, have a few clothes & a TV to watch football on…Im good.
    Bitching about consumerism and how we are all pons used for our capital is teh ghey. We consume because there is a lot of tight shit out there, and better shit keeps coming out because we KEEP SPENDING. If we all lived in little huts and harvested our own food like freakin hippies…SHIT WOULD SUCK. If you can put a little money away and not be brainwashed into buying worthless shit like “ice-grillz” you can probably avoid poverty….oh yeah, there is also a thing called CONDOMS. Poor muthafukas havin kids at age 17.

  • steven

    the one-i asked myself the same question as i scrolled the comments. i think bol said enough with his reponse to lupe, that shit was dope. i respect lupe for opting not to carry the shit on and fulfill his blogging agenda.

  • wab

    Dude, your so smart that you’re dumb. You’re actually going to put yourself out of work.

  • Profit

    Wow, real talk…. Much respect Lupe, fuck a bootleg…

  • youngdelta

    i feel u mr. fiasco, hard to beleive niggas can still find a way to hate on u. god bless them i guess and lupe keep kickin that gospel!!!

    “Truth is water for the soul, and hip hop is dehydrated!”-Terry Pryor

  • Flipstar

    Glad to see someone of your stature is speaking the truth, though this “Real shit, but might be too advanced for this audience…”.

    I’ve been an avid reader of blogs (for “distraction” purposes) and have never been motivated to leave comments due to the ubiquitous ignorance that pervades.

    You’ve gained a fan, though I’m sure your bosses won’t be too pleased with you blatantly exercising your freedom of expression.

    Thanks for the breath of fresh air, but as you know, a word for the wise is enough.

    P.S. I cosign on Daft Punk.

  • Poisonous Dart

    I agree with many points in your blog (including Daft Punk)…however, if I write anymore I could lose people…Oh shit, look! (points to sky)

    *Viacom, Emmis Commiunications and Clearchannel dumb down Hip Hop and removes all of the lyricism and consciousness from it*

    Cop Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor, dammit. One.


    that skate board song iz coo

  • I Fux

    ^ get distracted a little bit here

  • datni99aj

    I like when artist can get on that real talk status. I’ve had similiar thoughts good to know level headed niggaz know what the deal is and is on the same wavelength. Lupe, please tell me Food & Liquor is droppin on Tuesday the game need it. Your buzz is crazy right now, niggaz will still cop despite the leak.(Plus I gotta write the review for my school newspaper, don’t worry I ain’t no faggit ass BOL critic, LOL)

  • dronkmunk

    Lupe knows the “proper technique of felatio.”


  • Sir Jantz

    Society as a whole isn’t dumb but at the same time their unknowledgable. Put a black man in a room full of white people I guarantee it will be a language barrier. LIke LUpe said, some people are not taught to produce, so they become consumers. THey feed off other peoples raw materials and never create their own. I’ve always had a problem with cats wanted to sponge off me instead of going to school or getting a job. I’ve learned through experience, it sometimes best not to teach because some people don’t want to hear it. If you are talking to a group of people about how we can all come together and stop this injustice, I bet you 30% of those individuals in the group are not gonna feel your words. Sometimes it takes only a few to corrupt the minds of many. IN fact, the internet is a prime example. All it takes for somebody to create a blog talking about some famous intellectual and then you got rumors circulated in newspapers, television, and magazines. ONe day I’m afraid society will wake and see the devestation caused by the corrupted producers but then it may be too late to do anything.
    –Perception is reality

  • realrecognizereal

    even more empty poser rhetoric from the most superficial rapper in the game today, and yall can include any snap hop crunk radio cat in that

    calling himself ‘fiasco’ is about the only thing he’s ever got right…

  • BlackMan

    Lupe, good shit. That was some insightful ass speakin right there. All u dumb fucks and haters quit waistin space on this blog hatin on a nigga. Like ol’boy said earlier, he said he do the same shit too. PAY ATTENTION. Lupe, the album is a fuckin classic ma nig, specially “the emperor’s soundtrack”. Imma cop the real one though. MID-WEST STAND THE FUCK UP!!!!


  • eastpoint outlaw

    maN Yall niggaz is hoez fa real that nigga dont know what the fuck he talkin about him or kanye listening to gay artist kickin some of that higher power bullshit that isnt advise nigga u kick that same shit on the streets he talkin bout u will get yo head busted and yo pockets will get turned inside out man that nigga need to talk about what the fuck is really going on not what the fuck he thinkin bout when he drunk off liquer and filled with food

  • slap fire out a blog

    Lupe blog > Bol blog

  • D.S

    I feel what you sayin but I kinda feel like you downin inner city kidz. cuz u don’t know what we knoe. I hear bout crack, see people sellin crack on t.v, and live aaaallll around hustlers,but I for one don’t know how to whip up cocain. Tha rest was deep, but that part type messed me up

  • jj

    After reading this Lupe, I’m definitley DOWNLOADING your album.

    Get your money.

  • Cthulhu

    The above [and likely below] comments are mostly pretty stupid huh Lupe. I hate when people try to critique intellectual ramblings, as if they are part of your political platform or something. When people ramble like this they are just sorting out ideas, not necessarily marrying them. You even admit that you’re just as much of a consumer as the rest of us. You weren’t preaching, you were discussing. For me this post was more about the journey than the destination. I like you for being yourself, I’m tired of people accusing you of “trying” to come off a certain way, trying to be a certain persona. You’re just being yourself. I don’t feel like you’re straining to be unique, or forcing out some backpacker ideology and I appreciate Common and his ilk gets old fast even though I like him. He’s packaged unpackagedness and as long as you try to steer clear of that you won’t get annoying.

  • Knowledge Speaks

    The obvious has been written.

  • che

    I appreciate the post so long as your intentions are right lupe, i hope you’re not attempting to ‘swagger jack’ karl marx’s theory and his ideas on the reproduction of the status quo.

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Consume deez nutz nigga. I wasn’t feeling your verse on “Touch The Sky.” “Kick, Push” is a great story, but the beat is too Kanye. I need to hear some new shit. That JMoan and Luke shit. Got any of that?

  • Mafamaticks

    Man it’s some ignorant people on here. Jesus. smh

  • Mr.Me

    They need to give Kuntry King a blog an get this nerdy dude outta here.

  • WORLD33




  • WORLD33




  • face

    everybody is right, and everybody is wrong

  • Jose

    Hey Fernando! Do you know what irony is? Let me break it down. He talks about his clothes and shit, and then he talks about consumption and consumerism. It is ironic that somebody so aware of the ills of capitalism is just as bad a consumer, if not worse, than most other people. I sear some of you dudes try to sound so smart but it is so obvious that you stopped paying any kind of attention in school after the sixth grade.

  • Belize


  • T-Boye, Boy!!

    I feel your point Lupe, but aren’t you apart of the music that that the corporation controlls. That us(the consumer) indulges in. All I’m saying that it’s a double edge sword at the end of the day

  • the one

    It seems Lupe Is intelect Is far beyond Bol’s big ass head, literally. No comments from his hatin’ass yet? Very entertaining Lupe!!

  • the one

    Excuse me^^^^^^^^typo^^^^^!!

  • marlon

    anyone who is not down with this blog is the problem.

  • LawBoy

    Lupe needs to learn from the past…we’ve seen bad things happen to good people who are bad bloggers (e.g., Sickamore). Some people think they can get a blog and immediately everything they say is the truth or way too intelligent for us average readers to “overstand”. This is one reason I’m not feelin Lupe on a major level…major rappers who are superstars don’t have blogs. They should be untouchable…they shouldn’t have a fuckin blog where dudes can respond directly to them and shoot down their credibility. These rappers work DAMN hard to get into the music business and get a record deal so they wouldn’t HAVE to be average people like you and me. Picture Jay-Z with a blog? He’s too busy pissing on us peons with hot verses, and the rest of the time he spends figuring out how to get more money and rock open-toed shoes on islands we never heard of.

    So Lupe, my advice, say what you want to say on records and leave the rest of the writing to the critics and other industry heads. At least you’ll still be considered a hot rapper. Don’t end your career before it starts because unlike me, a lot of people haven’t gotten the advance copy of your new album that was leaked once already.

    You’re a real smart kid with great lyrics, but you won’t be superstar material unless you start acting like one.

  • Noetik


    Go Check out the Unofficial Remix to Kick Push from the Steel Town Sounds Crew while your at it!

  • Chi_Soul

    WOW!!! Alotta you “Life goes on” chromosome missin retards r reiterating the fact that the public school system in america is a frickin joke!!!

    I mean how can east sider bread winner type with Ray Cash’s johnson on his tonsil’s??? Fu%k kinda keyboard you got? Or is it that you’re still plugged into the Matrix so you can just think dumb ish and it appears on the net? No comprende…

    T-Boye, Boy!! : U get two more dumb a$$ questions for the day b4 you meet your quota.

    Belize: Make the south american’s proud with that inteligent remark why don’t you.

    Jose: You say Lupe is a consumer, how do you know the dude didnt get that gear and sh!t 4 free???

    Mr.Me: Rainman a$$… how many toothpicks are on the floor right now?

    DJ Lucky Luke: Probably has a pink shirt on tied in a knot when he typed his reply. I mean why u want Lupe to consume your nutz??? Yo unkle can’t do it while he’s locked up? He’ll be out soon. Hold tight, it’s just more protein for him when he gets out.

    jj: doesn’t sound bright enough to have a computer. i didn’t know u could DL albums from the library…

    eastpoint outlaw: You know, I know your pops,he told me you’s
    a little knucklehead mothafucker…You need to raise, you need to stop, you
    need to go to the mosque or sumthin like that…You need to get your shit
    together man…You out here listening to all these niggaz on the corner
    smokin blunts and 40′s and all that shit, that shit, look cool and all that
    Your head ain’t right….

    Sir Jantz: “Put a black man in a room full of white people I guarantee it will be a language barrier.” ???

    nocal: dude saw ‘parable’ in the dictionary and had to use it in a sentence real quick b4 he forgot

  • esbee

    LOL! Good ‘distraction’

    touche lupe!

  • ninoybrown

    who wouldve figured lupe to be well versed on marxist ideology.

  • ARSUN Fist

    It’s a shame that people don’t read that much anymore. what lupe touched on can be found in many books (Behold a pale horse, The anti-christ 666, National Sunday law, and the Freemasonry Exposistion are all exmaples of this) but is it real? Who knows, part of life is being able take information, process it, and figure out if it can impact you in a positive or negative sense. Most heads don’t care about politics because they feel it dosen’t relate to them. the trick is to find common ground that everyone can feel comfortable standing on…which is where the movement stops because there are more opinions about How to do something than ACTUAL ways to do it. Duality is and will always be a part of life.

  • gutta

    soooo are you doing this because ur album is about to come out or because u actually like to post blog? also, i would like to know if u think ur better than bump j…keep it real,is he even close to you lyrically?? holla at tha people

  • thehonestape

    So, Lupe is just a regular dude trying to get his own, but still thinks about how the world works. At least dude is thinking about it, unlike half of the people out there that have no idea how shit actually works but are still trying to “keep it real.” You can’t “keep it real” if you have no idea what the fuck is actually going on.

  • 1119

    yeah im with transi on this one.

  • Game Over

    i notice the new style of conscious rappers is to point out their own inconsistencies before they make a statement. MAN, FUCK ALL THAT. public enemy wasn’t navel gazing about their own possible hypocrisy when they were bringing it to The Man. this is why conscious rap is lost and confused. take your ground and stand on it. don’t mention your three bags of luggage just b/c you’re worried that somebody might point out this flaw later *after* you make your point.

  • neGro

    Where do I begin?

    How about with a distraction. Look your ass is on fire. Okay, now here’s the point. Lupe was spitting something real… Lupe exposed th “grand conspiracy to trap your mind and transform you into mindless uniformed cogs in the machine…” and by the way your ass really is on fire. You’ve been F&@%ed by the entertainment industry. They crammed you with crack music, beat your ass with bling, attacked you with absentmindedness, hypnotized you with hoes, and the erotic thing about it is …You liked it. They say sex sells. Why… Because the sh!t feels good. It’s a distraction. Don’t believe me? Think about America’s homeless, racial profiling, corporate injustuces while knee deep in some pussy. Some of you beat ya shit, so that probably wasn’t very enlightnening to you.
    Big up to Lupe. Brotha, You have some strong views! That’s what make us unique. It’s frustrating to know that the hate hear is so thick. All of this Dr.Phil- ass philosophy, ignantass-ideology, moronic mundane mindlessness floating around from all of these so – called scholars is ironic. The issue was distraction. Dis (not) Tract (attentivesess) tion- n (state of being). You were so busy hating, (a plethora of punks)you missed the MESSAGE and in turn you posted MESS.

    I bow my head in shame…
    Lupe, keep doing your 1..2… thang.

  • sardinia

    luogo grande:) nessun osservazioni!

  • toscana

    E grande io ha trovato il vostro luogo! Le info importanti ottenute! ))