Despite what your favorite lean & rocking, cooking and chopping, chain-swinging coon's latest video would have you believe(a), about a quarter of this whore country's negroes and more than a fifth of her "Hispanics"(b) live in poverty(c), while only 8.4% of whites do(D).

Now, I'm sure Bol would say that this has something to do with lazy, baby-having negresses who raise homos after chasing men out of the home and shifty-eyed, border-jumping mexicans who'll mow your lawn just as soon as steal your hose, and, hell, he'd probably be right.

You know, I'd be in all favor of life imitating art if I thought it'da lead to anything besides a long, dark vacation in Gitmo(e). Truth is, this shiite is deeper than his dumb ass. But still.


(a) Ballin'!

(b) I've never been sure what this means.

(c) Poverty being defined, by your standards, as not being able to afford the computer or internet connection that would allow you to use FairUse4WM during a free trial subscription to Napster.

(d) Which would explain why so many of them can afford to see the Roots perform.

(e) Or a bullet in my head, with poor Barry Weiss caught playing the Lee Harvy Oswald patsy role, because that is how these crackers do, you know.