So this is the new G-Unit Radio 22 cover, ay? I'll give it to Fiddy, he sure knows how to grab the attention of pontential consumers. On the other hand, his own marketing tactics may just come back to haunt him. Now, if I were a rival rapper and I had the daunting task of choosing a mixtape cover of my own, where would I start?

Probably with last year’s GQ Men of the Year issue.

That photo shoot deserved two snaps in Z formation. Zestier than a bag of salsa flavored Doritos, yes ma'am.

The war of words between 50 and Nas is still going on strong. At a post-VMA performance at the Hammerstein Ballroom, Ludacris invited Pharrell and God's son to share the stage. But it was Nas who ultimately stole the show. During his performance of "Made You Look," he substituted the word 5-0 with 50, rhyming "This ain't Fifty, it's Nas yo." Still waters run deep.