Go ‘head Mr. Wendel

You know, often we joke about how rappers these days, especially so-called conscious rappers, aren’t making any money and are all going to end up working with Bol at the BGM, but rarely do we stop to think just how real the situation is for some of these them.

Case in point, I was taken aback recently by an article I read in some Denver newspaper about the rapper Common’s father Lonnie Lynn, Jr. a/k/a Pops, whom you may recall from his guest “raps” on three or four of Common’s albums. Indeed it seems Lonnie the Elder has fallen on hard times. What’s worse, Lonnie the Younger hasn’t been able to do much to help the old man out.

Which struck me as odd when you consider that a) Common has had a career in the music business literally since I was in grade school, and I’m now several years out of college, and b) Common’s last album, the rather popular yet lackluster Be, produced by Kanye West and the ghost of J Dilla, sold something like 800,000 copies. That’s only like 200,000 copies short of platinum!

Lonnie the Elder left Common’s family way the fuck back in the ’70s, so if this was just a case of Common harboring some sort of Art Alexakis-style anger towards the old man, it’d be more or less understandable. But that doesn’t seem to be the case; according to both the rapper and his father, their relationship remained strong even while the old man was aloof.

As it turns out, Common just doesn’t always have the money to keep the old man from living on the streets. Common would help out with his father’s house note, but he could only do so much, and so the old man eventually ended up losing the house. “It was just a situation where I couldn’t financially compensate for that with my responsibilities,” the rapper explained.

It’d be difficult to speculate on his situation any further without being privy to his finances, but Common doesn’t strike me as the kind of rapper to blow all of his money on cocaine and hookers, which is what I would do. And like I said, it’s not like he hasn’t experienced a certain degree of success. 800,000 copies sold isn’t Billy Joel numbers, but by today’s standards it’s way up there.

The truth of the matter is that there just isn’t as much money in hip-hop as the TIs would like you to think. And given the current trend with regard to hip-hop album sales, I wouldn’t be surprised if stories like this one become more and more commonplace. No pun intended.

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  • mofokho

    first hoes !!!

  • D-One

    Point well taken, though independently in any music genre there’s alwayz money to make.

  • king douche

    shitty story. go back to dissing lupe.

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    I’m sure this is a similar occurence among a good half of the rappers who have had poor mothers/fathers and went gold.

    “Promise me you gon’ stack/Promise me you gon’ ball/Promise me you’ll invest/Three-fourth of it all”

  • Danja29

    Wow… broke-ass rappers. They tried to tell us!

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    P.S. Do a story after Chingy’s new album flops vehemently dissing him, saying he shoulda stayed good with Luda.

  • Spark

    Hip Hop is dead
    How the hell can Common let his pops live in tha streets that shit dnt fly wit me fuck Common. hes still in the closet wit Kanye West

  • Spark

    Esl representa el tranvestite shit sandwhich eatin mofo

  • Gia

    I don’t think that any of us can really judge Common without knowing the real story. We all know how shady the record business is, and most of these rappers out here aren’t rich. After they make a record they’re probably lucky to break even and not owe the label something. The TI’s probably see more money from their side hustles than the rhymes.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Wow. Was this.. No. Couldn’t be… Could it?

    Was this (let’s see if this works) compassion from the heartless bastard himself?

    I think it was.

    It’s crazy to think that Common couldn’t afford something for his Pops. Common ain’t got a Futon? Rappers are notorious for “never being at home”, so why can’t Lonnie Sr. sleep in the big bed ’til Mr. Green Sweater gets back from tour or whatever?

    I’m really hoping Common is broke and the T.I.s are raping the artists (no rainbow brite) here. Otherwise Mr. Conscious Common has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do.



    Dam, its a shame cuz Common has skills and nigga been doin his thing for awhile, but then again we don’t know shit really bout Common and his relationship with his father, so hopefully shit gets better for them.

  • Belize

    This just shows you that there is no money in “concious rap”

    Hope he didnt spend all his loot on them sweaters…BOL, isnt that an addiction?

    Blame Ye’

  • http://www.myspace.com/16kingz thebestout!!

    2 tell you da truth that nigga common don’t owe his pops jack shit! let that nigga starve, if he can’t stand up on his own two like a what?, 50-60 year old man den’ that nigga ain’t neva gon’ have shit! me personally i’ll make that nigga earn his keep ya’knamean i hit dat’ nigga wit’ some shit like look man you gon have to carry some speakers or sumin’, fuck! look duke we’ll let you dress up as the kanye bear during the concerts or if you really strapped for cash we’ll let you write commons guest appearance blogs on xxlmag.com.

    fuck that nigga let’em starve..hunger makes motivation!!


    Now on a lighter note……IF ANY ONE OF YA BUY THAT CHINGY CD, U R A STRAIT FAGGOT!!!!! Really save ya $10 cuz clipse, GAME, snoop, Orange Juice Jones(Nas), and maybe Jay-Z will be droppin before December! Shit even support Fat Joe cuz this is the only way to get rid of ass happy, finger snappin, chain hangin low, mathafukas.

  • keith

    Common is a liar. Even disregarding any money from record sales, most rapper only make real money from live performances. He must get AT LEAST 20,000 per show. If he’s a terrible negotiator say 10,000. Do a miniscule 2 shows a month, and I’d say you can help your pops out with rent.


    REAL HIP HOP IS COMIN BACK!!!!…….atleast I hope so.

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    As was said already, we don’t know the dynamics of the relationship between common and his father and we don’t know how Common’s chips are stacked. And as proven by many artist, unless you have an inate business sense in this game, you can have a 5, 10, 25, 20 year career and still happen to live day by day and check by check. By perceived industry standards artists like Common may just be flat out broke. Who knows. I just wish him the best and I hope that he can help his pops out in his dire time of need.

  • Eastside Bread Maker


  • http://www.myspace.com/urbaneliteentertainment Urbanite

    i heard a long time ago there was no money in the music…

    people need to branch out. start a clothing line. get a liquor. a jewelry line. rims. do something. don’t just make mainstream underground hip-hop albums and then expect to not have to work at best buy part time.


  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    u a faggit ass nigga bol

    common should let his pops live in his basement on sum grown-man-in-da-basement type shit.. kinda like bol mom still let bol live in her basement

    dat fruity ass fucka common must have sum $$$$ cuz he always tourin’ n shit

    he either a stingy faggit or he spendin’ all his loot on gay ass beanie hats and sweaters

  • http://www.myspace.com/urbaneliteentertainment Urbanite


    I just found out..maybe I’m late but apparently gangstaz don’t dance..they lean with it rock with it.

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    actually gangstaz boogie

  • Meka Soul


    sheesh, maybe common wasn’t joking when he aksed if he could borrow a dollar…

    maybe he can use the “revenues” he’s made from his “high-end” [read: manufactured in bangladesh by red dot slaves with both hands intact] hat collection.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    “Gangstaz Boogie”?

    That’s the gayest shit you’ve ever said. Ever, Ever Ever.

    You are the definition of “HomoThug”, Transi…and that’s coming from a fat degenerate kanye stan spic who got dumped before his birthday and shops at marshalls that got “sunt” the other day while listening to fall out boy faggit ass nigga.

    lol @ Lonzo. Fuck Chingy. (no bow wow)

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Maybe Lonnie Sr can borrow a pair of Transient’s Manolos.

  • http://www.myspace.com/16kingz thebestout!!


    sheesh, maybe common wasn’t joking when he aksed if he could borrow a dollar…


  • jettdatdude

    bol, you forgot the part about common giving his pops an autographed pair of air jordans to sell (enough money to purchase umm…a pair of air jordans)… the way i see it his pops still is living off common’s job as a ballboy for the chicago bulls and that was “literally since he was in grade school”

  • http://myspace.com/wabdamuss wab

    good article. You resisted the temptation to be a total asshole.


  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    fatty rey..u are aware dat “gangster boogie” is a famous song dat everyone from geto boys 2 rakim 2 compton’s most wanted 2 schoolly d have sampled and dat “real niggaz dont dance – we boogie” is a famous lyric, right?

    ..wait..u think eminem is a top 5 rapper and have neva heard scarface or kool g rap..of course u dont know dat

    lmao..u a faggit duck ass nigga, rey

  • DJ N-CREDIBLE(fan)

    interesting topic but you did not have to air common out like that…im sure his pops is stayin in a apartment or something…but why put it on common his dad is a grown ass man…he has to be at least 55…he(lonnie) should not have to depend on his son to provide for him finacially no matter how much money his son has


    interesting topic but you did not have to air common out like that…im sure his pops is stayin in a apartment or something…but why put it on common his dad is a grown ass man…he has to be at least 55…he(lonnie) should not have to depend on his son to provide for him finacially no matter how much money his son has

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Shit. I thought I covered all the bases there.

    I’m not even gonna front, I’ve never heard that one. My introduction to rap was in ’92 with “Scenario”.

    Touche, Transient.

    You’re still a bitch ass crossdressing ghetto-genius ass Mars Blackmon motherfucker.

  • Meka Soul

    [still on edge]

    common can’t afford to house his pops? what, he’s spending too much on carol’s daughter scalp care? his pops lives in trump towers? he still paying child support to erykah for andre 3000′s lil’ bastard?

    something ain’t right here.

  • thoreauly77

    common needs to read taras book when she writes it. and when he’s done he can tear it in half, cut some holes in each half, scotch guard them, and then his dad can have some galoshes.

  • http://www.myspace.com/urbaneliteentertainment Urbanite

    “You’re still a bitch ass crossdressing ghetto-genius ass Mars Blackmon motherfucker.”

    ill abilge u with a lol

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Random questions:

    What does “SMH” mean in Blog/Internets Speak?

    What is a “duck” mean in negronics?

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    u a eugene from wwf ass nigga, rey

    actually..u an andrew cunnanan ass nigga..

    u best know who said dat

  • pileofshit69

    Since no-one has yet to mention it:

    “just a case of Common harboring some sort of Art Alexakis-style anger”

    made my day. Rahspeckt!

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    LMAO @ Thoreau & Meka..

    ..You niggas ain’t right.

    “Golly I’m gully, look at my galoshes”–Cameron Giles

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Shyne said that on Bad Boys. You know I’m a Bad Boy stan, Mars.

    I might be Eugene, but you’re still the Goldust of xxlmag.com.

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    dis is not a movie, we are not actors/
    still use a duck ass nigga for target practice

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    “bad boyz” wus da shit..i loved dat joint

    u more like rico, rey..well, rico crossed wit rikishi..u fat fuck

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Right. Thanks for quoting a Young Jeezy song. Somehow I don’t think “duck ass nigga” will be making it into my own personal lexicon.

    (get meka to help you out with “lexicon”, you dj qualls road trippin’ mu’fucka)

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    “Fat Fuck”

    A 4th grader help you come out with that one, you sensitive ass oprah faggit?

  • Meka Soul

    i know if common was at a “hip-hop summit action network” [what kinda fagtastic shit is that? like a rapping version of the legion of superheroes or some dumb shit, with russell simmons as aquaman], i sure as hell wouldn’t attend. his advice might acttually put me below the poverty line.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Whatever, I’m done sparring with Transi Milonakis. (loved you on wild’n out, by the way–no nick cannon)

    In any event, yeah, Common should’ve charged Mike Shinoda more for that “Back Home” verse, maybe then Pop Dukes could afford a room in the boarding house Transi lives in.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Shit, Meka.. You’re really pissed.

    Upset that Tara didn’t shout you out today?

  • G Off

    smh= shake my head/ shaking my head

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    why paint pictures wit words when “fat fuck” will suffice?

    rey..u ever peruse dat movie weird science?..u know when da chick turns da older brother chet into the fat monster type thang dat oozes sweat and puss and constanly farts?

    dat’s u..u a disgustin’ mess

    and niggaz ran u off xxlmag.com u was gettin’ sunned so bad da otha day lmao

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    I’m a give a real response to this one since it’s on a serious note. This is kinda surprising considering most rappers take care of their family first (baby-mommas don’t count) once they hit it big. But, with Common, I don’t know if he’s really seeing a whole lot of money from the album sells–perhaps just like everyone else he’s making money off shows. He at least should have enough money to take care of his pops, though. A conscious rapper might even be MORE stingy with his money, though, so you gotta think, maybe he doesn’t want to part with something he earned like that. When there isn’t a whole lotta dough, you gotta have a tight grip on it. Shit, though, if he can’t do it, he can’t do it–it isn’t his fault.

  • Meka Soul

    i’ve learned that rage inspires the best out of me, rey.

    it just agitates me when these “artists” complain about not having enough money to support their own, whether it’s you kid or your pops.i’m pretty sure all the money common makes from [lack of] album sales, touring, those gap ads and that “the more you know” AIDS campaign doesn’t go solely to his fedora habit.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Thanks, G.

    Okay, Mars.. you get points for the Weird Science reference (double points for actually spelling both words correctly).

    Yep, I got the shit “sunt” outta me. Your point?

    I bet you look like Tasty Taste from Fear of a Black Hat in real life.



  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    lol @ Fedora habit.

    I feel you, Meka (nullus). It’s like Luke said, you gotta take care of your own. I have music biz aspirations myself (not blog biz–don’t get the online gimmick twisted), and the only thing I think is that I hope I make enough money for my parents to not have to work anymore.

    You know which celeb I felt bad for? Screech.

    That fool done had a bank take his house. Dude’s parents fucked his money up so bad he had to sell t-shirts to keep his home.

  • gluvnast

    common got a seed to feed too…child support is a bitch at times

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    rey has “music business aspirations”

    ..do tell us mo’, rey

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    “Yep, I got the shit “sunt” outta me. Your point?”

    da point is you RAAAAAANNNNNNNNNN away like a bitch, lmao

  • Meka Soul

    >common got a seed to feed too…child support is a bitch at times>

    what’s wrong with having custody? it easily cancels out any kind of extracirricular “support” for the kid. nas does it; that’s why you see carmen bryant talking about whoring it up with the answer on “street dvd magazines.”

  • content

    criticism free and made a solid observation. congrats Bol.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Transi–Na, I had to get back to work, but also, I had my limit with posting semi-topical shit and getting shit on by people that, for some reason, take severe issue with me posting comments as often as I do. People must not know how to skip over shit.

    As for my “music biz aspirations”, I think I’ve put out an extraordinary amount of personal information already on these pages, so I’m gonna keep that to myself.

    *gets back into character*

    Na, you probably look more like Raj from “What’s Happening?”

  • Enlightened


    Thanks for common humane and actually writing like a regular person. When I saw the headline, I thought you was about to clown the man and his daddy. You actually used this to make a good point, though. I’m impressed.

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt


    poor rey..he jus wanna speak his mind and dese nasty blog commment section trolls make fun of him for it

    i bet rey raps..lmao..da east coast definately needs a new grossly overweight spic rapper since ‘pun is dead and joe is basically irrelevent unless he get a just blaze beat or make a huge club banger like “lean back”

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    I know *sniff*.. It’s just…so…*tear* CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG??

    lol @ Transi using a sad smiley. It almost makes you seem like less of a raging asshole (no usher)…almost.

    Back to the lecture at hand..

    Arrested Development was a good group. “Tennessee” was the shit.

  • I Fux

    I read the same shit in the Denver Post, couldnt believe it ……
    ^ visit my blog I got some links to cool stories


    Sickamore need to come back cuz his post were beter than this trash shit regurgitate on a daily basis Bol…thats why the 3 Stoogers get in here and have their homosexual bonding ritual

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    shut da fuck up u lonely emotional dj faggit ass nigga

  • e

    Intresting post Bol. It’s less suprising that conscious rappers are broke but I wonder how many mainstream rarrpers are. Be was a solid album though.



  • content

    damn it takes a long time to scroll through all the bullshit and get to a good response about the article. i know ya’ll internet junkies know where some chat rooms are that would be better suited for this blog tag ya’ll playin’.

  • e

    LOL @ Transi sunnin “lonely emotional dj faggit ass nigga “


    One of my homies last night was chillin at a club in holyweird and he told me some kind of skuffle broke out and THE GAME a.k.a M.r billion dollar shoe sales man, punched the shit out of rass kass, I wonder if the fact that Rass Kass who ghost writes for fiddy and banks, was the cause?

  • john cochran

    Why do yall faggots hold full on conversations in the comment section. Make a comment and keep it movin. Go chat on the party line or something homos.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    How is a dude with the word “cock” in his name gonna say other people are being “homos”..

    I guess you are what you eat, huh John?

  • H-man

    Hip-hop iz dead…Gangster rap iz back, and we lean wit it, rock wit it…

  • 45th

    Bol where ur apron wearing, muffin baking, nerd faggot ass at. Say something u son of a hot dog water coochie smelling bitch. Nigga u as gay as the nigga lupe, both yall on some nerd type shit
    Comon faggot, ill spit on u and ur moms face if i saw ur bitch ass on the street. U college attending faggot, ran out the suburbs, u cant even spend a day in the hood.

  • H-man

    Old Skool N.W.A. shit…

  • answerD

    Theres not that much money because people arent buying bullshit! when something hot comes out, it goes through the roof. like 50 get rich or die trying album! i dont fuck with the nigga, but the shit was hot, so he sold mad units! the reality is people aint buying the shit out here not because the internet or digital age how all these 40 plus executives who control this shit would have you believe. no one is buying shit because everything sucks ass mostly! to many niggas who really dont care about the actual MUSIC that have all the control! using this hiphop shit to pay off there vacation homes. while people like ME who actually know how to make music & probably could make shit that you would play non stop like it was 1990 something and actually go out & support, get blackballed!! KANYE is not having that much problem, because honestly his shit is hot, even 50 got all his weed cariers rich because that first album was so hot! its not really that bad out there, but people aint buying shit because it aint really shit out there that is supper hot, beyond the singles thats on the radio! and that only seems hot cause they program it into your brain playing it a jillion times a day! and if thats the best song on the album, what do you need to buy it for! you can just turn on the tv or radio and hear it for free! when you heard biggies singles they were hot, but you new when you copped that album it was gonna be the least played track on there, cause the rest of the shit was gonna be some fire!! now its not like that anymore! these artist focus only on those singles and trying to be like everyone else thats out instead of actually makeing some shit you wanna play over & over again. T.I.’s album was hot, so he sold records! If niggas shit is hot it will sell! but most of this shit out here is just not doing it anymore! there are a few new artist that could probably make hot albums that you would wanna listen 2 over & over again. but they never seem to get deals cause niggas be afraid of passing the torch! the crackers who own this shit dont know any better, so they continue to do business with the people they are comfortable with! so the cycle continues and gets worse & worse & worse!!
    Eminem is good case in point. I love the white niggas music. so he always sells through the roof! he dont pay attention to the singles, he usually does that lead single last he said!


    I know you ducks find security in knowing that you are not alone in the world…yall are a team…more specifically “The MightyDucks”


    I bet yall dream about typing each other messages at night when your sleep

  • answerD

    another case in point. Dr. Dre, see how long he is takeing to put out his detox record! because he is doing for the music not just the economics! he probably just actually wants an album he can listen 2 over & over again so he is doing it himself! since no one else is giving him one! & when it comes out I garuantee it will sell through the roof, and be bootleged & downloaded a billion times, but it will still sell. I did mobbdeeps murda muzik album, i wouldnt say it was they best album but all the songs were atleast good, with three or four bangers! The album got bootlegged 3 monthes before it came out. the bootlegg sold a million copies, but the album also went platinum because the shit was still hot! if jayz & nas albums are hot beyond the singles im sure they will sell! but if them shits is (duck talk) u no wack, wack, wack, they will be singing the pharcyde song! “she keeps on passing me bye”! lol! no one is exempt. so make your ALBUMS hot, u know not just the singles and everything will be A okay! other than that they will not be through the roof!

  • I Fux

    “The MightyDucks”
    ^ funniest shit Ive read all day, but I also posted some funny shit on my new blog



  • answerD

    alot of these beats these niggas put out on they albums i wouldnt even print them if i made them, you know actually record them to protools not just leave them on the mpc! most of that shit i would cut off! but these artist actually pay for these tracks, mix them, master them, and put them out! the most time im listening to these albums im saying were the fuck is the A&R?? to much politicks, to many niggas pushing shit on albums just cause they getting kick backs on shit, you know dumb shit like that! Politicks as usual! fucking everything up! while the music gets worse & worse & worse! so when your sitting there wondering why shit is not selling think of that! the shit is mostly wack as fuck out here! until that changes, all this shit will continue to keep going downhill!

  • 110 street

    his pops is his own man true story dad should be stable by now it is what it is …life

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  • 45th

    bol tell ur mom to stop sending me child support letters, i skeeted on the camel looking bitch face, and like 10 crackheads ran through her. How u think u got that dusty ass imac u typing on right now? It was payment for ur moms services.

  • moffitt

    I have never made a comment on these blogs or whatever til now but…Are you serious??? You’re really talking about someone’s personal life with their dad. Wow…You just stooped to a whole new level…Just no life at all…Someone get BOL a bitch or something, cause nigga is straight pathetic!!!! Bol you’re fuckin wack LOL!!!

  • jon jon–23

    You would think he could buy the old man a cheap house, but then again we don’t know the full story. Rappers should strive to go independent becuase they could keep a lot more of the millions that they make for these bitch ass record companies.

  • anonymous

    so bol do a story on how much rappers is really makin’.

  • http://www.so-fresh.org Ru***Reppin QUE PASA USA!

    lol@ art alexakalis.
    who used to jam “Father of Mine”?

    *raises hand*

  • http://www.myspace.com/angelsometimes Cthulhu

    First of all, I wonder about Common sometimes.
    But I don’t think it’s fair to act like he’s responsible for his dad and shit I mean didn’t his dad walk out when he was a kid? Did his dad take good care of him as a child? I’m not saying I know one way or the other but if not why the fuck should he have to pay his bum dad’s bills. How come these rappers gotta live a champagne lifestyle when they got a natural ice budget? Why am I supposed to feel bad for someone who “only” has one house and “only” 2 expensive cars or whatever? Why his dad gotta own a house? Can’t he just rent an apartment and shit? If he doesn’t have a job what business does he have buying himself a house with a mortgage or whatever if he has no steady income? I don’t understand why artists “deserve” to be rich. That’s why, among other reasons, I don’t feel bad about downloading shit for free. Fuck them. Maybe if their teachers were paid right and given incentive they would have gotten a better education and chosen to be something useful to society instead of a dime a dozen sweater rapper. I get why rappers try so hard the merchandise and attach their names to products, because that’s the only way to make the real money. I guess it could be said that if someone makes a product that a million people buy, they deserve to make a good bit of money. But since they aren’t the ones with the materials with which to record, promote and distribute the product it’s not rape for the company that does all of that to expect major profits. I’m not educated in this area enough to know what I’m talking about beyond this point, but I do understand business and if you’re an artist who aims to be a huge commodity you should treat it like an entrepreneurial venture, like you’re beginning a small business. You should really know what the fuck you’re doing and if you get raped by the industry the blame falls squarely on your shoulders. And if you’re enough of an idiot to think it’s a good idea at all to use your first advance or whatever to go out and buy a bunch of bullshit like grills and maybachs, not that Common did or whatever, then you deserve the bankruptcy that’s coming for you sooner than you realize.
    Pitbull is doing it right. He’s buying up property in areas of florida that have no chance of decreasing in value. He’s not wasting his shit. I respect the hell out of that. I would really like to know the exact financial situations of people like T.I. and Fat Joe and Luda. I’m so curious. I bet Fat Joe is kinda strapped right now.

  • Nice One Bol

    Nice piece Bol. Well written and witty – Not Crass. If only you’d be relied on to keep up that standard and remain candid you’d be a star!!

  • frankwhite45

    well its sad but common was never known to ba a savy business man so he aint really caked up


  • http://yahoo.com PRINCE CEASAR

    Common’s last LP, was a fucking classic..that nigga is not broke;dont believe the hype.I believe hes just not fucking with his pops like that. I dont know the whole story and neither do yall..so Bol..I feel like that was a real bitch move by even putting this blog on here.Why are u even discussing this man’s financial issues, anyways? Bol, you need to watch your mouth before someone ends up fucking you up. I know all of these rappers hate ya fat lame ass. 1

  • http://www.myspace.com/angelsometimes Cthulhu

    Why not discuss his financial issues? I’m not all that up on Common so I don’t know if he’s guilty of ever bragging about how ballin he is but as for the rappers who fucking can’t write a song without mentioning how supposedly paid they are over and over again I think they should expect some speculation. Anyone who knows anything about the music industry and finances is gonna gonna smell bullshit when every idiot with a record deal and a video on BET acts like they’re some kind of mogul. It just doesn’t add up. And really, whats more fun than seeing douchebags like that go bankrupt?

  • face

    i don’t care about celebrities personal lives…

    i only care if a artist music is good..

    “answerd” said most music is gargage right now…I agree

    people who post more that once about stuff that has nothing 2 do with the topic of tha blog are StanZ..

  • H-man

    I hear Common’s father iz doin just fine…just what I hear though

  • 45th

    bol tell ur mom to stop sending me child support letters, i skeeted on the camel looking bitch face, and like 10 crackheads ran through her. How u think u got that dusty ass imac u typing on right now? It was payment for ur moms services.

  • allnice

    There really isn’t any money in rapping at all really. The big money is in the commercials, endorsements, clothing lines, and spin off businesses. The lil bit of rap money available comes from publishing and tours. Since cats sign away their publishing or sell it ala The Lox, they can really only make money by touring. Unless they are doing the Garden or something, the tour money is like a few Gs here and there. They have to pay back all their advance money they spent to make the album too, which is another headache.

    Publishing is guaranteed money. The whole system is extra complicated because there are many different kinds of publishing set ups. The government has publishing laws that make sure a company has to pay the artist x amount of money. If the company owns the artist’s publishing, they don’t have to pay the artst any money while receiving the publishing dough.

    I bet that Common does not own his publishing. He isn’t really a businessman either. He did a few vegen ads, but he wasn’t in any movies or nothing like that. He doesn’t have his own shoes or clothing line. If Common was a brand name like 50 Cent or Jay-Z, he would have alot more dough.


    You know what? The question is not if Common is broke or not. The question is, should his father’s house note be his responsibility? Hell No! Just cause someone said their relationship is strong, doesn’t mean he then must support that person. I’m sure their relationship was still strong in the 70′s when he wasn’t there for Common-hello! Take it from somebody who resides in the Chi–Common is doing his thing-Holla

  • nation of thugacation

    >> That’s only like 200,000 copies short of platinum!

    proof you graduated

  • Whodat?!

    “I bet that Common does not own his publishing. He isn’t really a businessman either. He did a few vegen ads, but he wasn’t in any movies or nothing like that. He doesn’t have his own shoes or clothing line. If Common was a brand name like 50 Cent or Jay-Z, he would have alot more dough.”

    ^ Major cosignage

    Only the most popular/highest selling “rappers” (Jay, Outkast, Eminem, Nelly, etc…) get anything from sales and touring…if they tour at all (3000 has publicly denounced touring).

  • RDB

    Really good. U still a faggit ass nigga though.

  • Anthony


  • Mr.Me

    “Let’s all pitch in and buy Common’s father some shoes”

    ^^funny shit right there Gay Bol but on some real shit…Common better hit the block an start slangin rocks cuz even though his pops is a grown ass man…its still Commons job as his son to make sure is father is livin right. When parents get too old to take care of themselves its their kids job to take care of them not the governments.

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    Not to get off of the topic at hand, but has anyone here heard Method Man’s new album??? Not for nothing, its one of the better albums of the year. Its not a classic, but way better than alot of the trash that has come out this year.

    In my opinion two of the best albums this year came from Wu-Tang members Method Man and Ghostface Killah. (Opinion based on lyrical content not album sales)

  • http://www.myspace.com/donnygoines Donny Goines

    Common is the truth, on another note……..

    FUCK DA SOURCE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    FUCK DA SOURCE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Listen to song and read blog for explanation. 1


    Wow, ever since I heard about this, I haven’t really known how to respond to it. I mean, Common did sell a lot of records off of his last album, but you never know what situations are really like behind closed doors. We all know that people sell copies of their sh** in the game, but don’t always reap the benefits of their hard work. He, like a lot of our favorite or least-favorite rappers, might not be makin’ what we think they do or should.

    Then again, if he is making money and just not helping his flesh and blood out, trying to make excuses for it–no matter what happened in the past–then that’s another story. My whole thing is that if the man was on your albums, then things must be some kind of good between y’all. If you got it, then help him out. If not, then make it happen somehow. It isn’t like he’s an unknown or novice rapper.

  • Youngblood

    “Common loves his POPs”

    OkayPlayer should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When you guys first started this web-site rashid was one of
    the first artists to allow you guys to host his web page,
    based on the relationship that he had established with the
    roots. And this is how you guys reward him? To even imply
    that Rashid would let his own father suffer is a slap in the
    face to him & all that he stands for. Never mind
    Rashid’s crusade against HIV/AIDS, SIDS, or the work that his
    foundation has done in Chicago with high school kids the past
    5 years. we must not forget his strong stand for
    truth,freedom & justice which is obvious when you listen
    to his records. he had never sold out for the dollar nor has
    he ever turned his back on friends or loved ones. Rashid has
    been helping out people, before Common even existed. It’s a
    sad day when a so-called journalist wants to build a name on
    the back of a REVOLUTIONARY!! like their are no other issues
    to discuss in hip-hop!!! I don’t think Dacruz would step to
    Baby who was on the cover of Jet magazine showing his half
    millon dollar smile, while the victims of the terroist attack
    of New Oreleans, his brothers & sisters don’t have a home.
    This was a one sided article, and for Dacruz to even write
    this story, means you have betrayed those close to Common,
    along with Common himself with revealing some unfactual
    bullshit!!! My first thought being from South Shore in
    Chicago was Dacruz needs 21 shots to the dome(violation), but
    i have matured and Common being in the public eye is use to
    haters, and Rashid has taught me that some battles aren’t
    worth fighting, our battle is to help our “under
    privilaged” peers, who are suffering from Post Tramatic
    Slave Syndrome understand the true meaning of truth, freedom,
    & justice for all!!!!! However some of my cats aren’t
    there yet and enjoy every battle, so Dacruz beware how you
    gain your fame, beware of attempting to slander strong black
    man, beware of sterotypes that you have help propell amoung
    black son & fathers,but be aware that Rashid & Big
    Lonnie always and will continue to have a loving
    relationship, and lastly beware of the Duck Tape
    Boys!!!!!!!!! I can’t stop them!!!!!! Big Murray

  • the one

    Thats fucked up Bol, this nigga father fucked up and niggas got jokes. How lame some of you are.

  • B1

    I live in the same neighborhood as Common’s dad.All I can say is Common is SORRY.He could have helped his dad keep his house.He has lived there for a long time.He couldn’t owe that much on it.It’s not in a fancy neighborhood or an expensive home.Lonnie Sr. is a really good person.He has been a counsleor for at risk youth for years and helped alot of kids leave the gang life.He has always bragged about his son and how proud he is of him.Sure is funny Common can call his dad when he is in Denver to go and drink with him after his show but he can’t help him save his house.Common has been out for a long time.He has cash.And now he reps the Gap???I will never buy anything with Common’s name on it.


    Yo TI can talk bout money cuz in case you ain’t notice he’s one of the only rappers that went platinum in 2006 so if you TI you can talk bout gettin money from the rap game i don’t know bout too many mo but i think every rapper should be able to afford a house for the their father a mortgage shouldn’t be a big deal for common.

  • http://addtargetedtwitters.com www.addtargetedtwitters.com

    It was sooo usefull thank you for posting this for us!