Fuck The Government

If you still think the White House cared about anything more than its own agenda and the cost of real estate when it watched the twin towers go down, if you still believe Bush and company shed one tear for the people trapped in those buildings, well. Wherever your mind’s at must be a sweet, peaceful place. I hope I never go there.

Neva Chonin

P.S.—Nigga, fuck you.

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  • Mr.Me

    Their gonna get you for this 1 Kris. An I’ll be there to kick you when your down buddyboy.

  • rizzop2003

    Damn right they aint give a shit about 9/11 victims just like they aint give a shit about katrina victims. They can kiss my black-ass! Every mutherfuckin body in this country is an immigrant including white folks and they are thieves. But instead of taking clothes jewlery and TVs they took north america! And now they trying to get all the middle eastern countries…First iraq, then they will invade everyone else that they can force to be a democracy….How can you force a country to live how you want them to live? Thats what the british tried to do to us in the 1700s and we go and do the same shit?

    • http://na me

      fuck u nigger

    • terry

      shut up nigger who asked you for a comment go fight for africas rights let the white men handle this country

  • Young Jeezus

    Damn, that American Flag was obviously made oversees…

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    More than the boogeyman, freddy krueger, chucky, and fat chicks…

    …you scare me.

  • DJ N-Credible

    I sometime wish I was born into a different country and culture because America is full of shit…our lifestyles consist of work(corp’s slaves),bullshit holidays, and bullshit culture(celebrities,tv)…the one thing that I am proud of here in America is our achievments in sports…and just in case you did not know it our lifestyles are on the decline…slowly America will become a place people wanna leave not come to

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    Then move…

  • http://thatwhitedude.blogspot.com/ thatwhitedude

    haha man you’re crazy. so in your twisted head you think that when bush saw the towers go down he pumped his fist while yellin “YES!!!” innnnnsaaaannnneee

  • http://www.xxlmag.com shawn

    the only reason why people put 9/11 over hurricane katrina is because mostly white people were killed. i know there where blacks killed in 9/11, but they weren’t the target. hurricane katrina was the most devestating occurance this century.

  • Belize

    Its funny, did u see his speech last week, he got mad at a reporter and told him that IRAQ HAD “NADA” TO DO WITH 9/11…kinda funny how it wasnt’ on CNN, USA today, NY times

    Just on Comedy Central’s Daily show

    Smell Irony?

  • Young A. Simmons

    Bin Laden didn’t blow up the towers,
    It was you nigga,
    Tell the truth nigga…

  • DJ N-Credible

    did anyone notice the guy in the backround in the middle of the pic aboce with the black shirt and those tight ass jeans look like he borrowed from his 12 year old sister…i just found that to be funny

  • Belize

    ^naw … well until now (the shit is funny)

  • Drastik Hussain (Dionysus repper)

    first off bin laden had nothing to do with 9/11. its all a big fucking cover up. our own government put this on us. there was no flight 93 that shit was made up.. and the plane crashes didnt bring the towers down if you look close at the video from when they came down you see explosions all down the side of the buildings before the began to fall. they blew up the levees and left many people to die with hurricane katrina. its all bullshit. also dude in the picture does have some tight ass pants on haha.

    RIP all the victims of this government.

  • 3am

    Why move from a country just because you dont like how it is being currently run. If anything that can be descrbed as unpatriotic. It’s clear that Mr. Kris Ex meant no disrespect to the people who lost their lives and there families. He’s just using a day where you are more likely to think about your country as a healthy reminder to always question authority. It’s your country but think about what you can do for it as opposed to what it’s doing for you.

    Peace, Radio AM

  • http://myspace.com/cirespot Bowser da Boss

    Im in complete agreement with this blog. Dont be sheep. Bush dont give a rats ass about none of them victims. Its all about the bottom line.

  • pop a poppa

    word up Kris.

  • Nark

    hell yea fuck the government and fuck XXL they are fuckin stupid fuck yall

  • http://fuck fuck all who dissagree

    if you can t see the tyranny in this country then you are blind the news corps are owned and opperated by us govmt. fuckin mindless lemmings .open your fuckin eyes…lets see 4 planes hijacked by terrorists no military planes scrambled out to meet them hmm..go fuck yourself with the american flag. POLICE STATE IS COMING you ignorant fucks stop listening to the mainstream media and research the topics yourself on the net from INDEPENDANT sources so thAt your not filled full of PROPAGANDA

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    I present this new form of airing mofos out…

    Rey’s ex prior to him finding her getting gangbang by cleons at his star trak convention

  • Hardballz

    America aint nuthin but a big business,aint nuthin more important to the devil than the bottom line,everyone is a number,Fuck the US

  • us is fake…

    manye, busk knock down the towers, tell the fuckin truth nIGGA!!…

    U.S., the biggest terriorst in the world, 9/11 was BS, fuck the US goverment, dont listen to that CNN and FOX news shit, get your 411 independently from the web..

    word straight

  • bill

    i agree, the us government without a doubt set up 911. Look on the web people, you wont see that shit on TV because the super rich that own all the networks don want you to see that stuff for reason$ of their own.

  • Jeff

    race had nothing to do with why the 9/11 got more attention it was because it was done by an attack not natural causes just wanted to say!!! And the country has been falling apart because of me and you we letting the government think the have power over us. I agree FUCK THE GOVERNMENT but not the united states of America this country needs a little bit of rebellion to make the government realize that we own them. Government lets illegal immigrants run rap-int and tell gays they cant get married who the fuck do they think they are they cant tell anyone that. people’s rights shouldn’t affected by other peoples personal beliefs. Government says gay marriage is wrong but porno is right cuz it gives the government money.

    “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” – Thomas Jefferson

    “The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants…God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such rebellion; what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms!” – Thomas Jefferson

    “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence—it is force.” – George Washington
    “Make yourself a sheep and the wolves will eat you.” – Benjamin Franklin

    so lets let the government know we are Americans and will not be pushed around FUCK THE GOVERNMENT

  • Christian Peper

    Fight back against the police. You have the right to defend yourself against the police. Arm yourself, buy guns. 911 was an inside job. Also, plant marijuana everywhere!

  • The truth

    I say fuck this government and everything about it. The Bush family is a family of traitors who don’t give a shit about you. I will no longer obey the laws of this tyrannical government. I don’t trust any part of it and there is no law that says we have to trust the government. Yes, it is VITAL that we all carry some form of protection so that when the police come to take our freedom for stupid shit like tickets. This government has already abused its right to use shackles or restraints in any way. There is no justice here. I know because a friend of mine was sent to jail without a trial for simply coming up with an idea to supply every house in the world with free energy. He showed up in court on a subpoena and the judge said “I have been ordered by the state of California to imprison you. No reason, no justification, no explanation. It could happen to you. and the smarter you are the more illogical your sentence becomes. This government sees smart people as a threat to the freedom of the government and their control of the stupid. REVOLT!!! No man has the right to govern another unless the other wishes to be governed. You don’t govern me. I don’t follow greedy, savage, traitor sperm. Fuck the Government all the way from the president down to the custodians at the DMV! I hope your deaths and the death of your children is as cruel and painful as the pain you put the parents of the thousands of innocent people you murder every week. As a Jew, I don’t believe in hell, but I pray it exists for the scum that is the US government.

  • The truth

    Also, it seems that there are some black folk here. YOU OWN THIS FUCKING COUNTRY!!!!! Take it back. This country is wealthy because of the hundreds of years of work it stole from slaves. Fuck affirmative action. It doesn’t do shit. Declare war on the tyrants and demand that your lives be instantly restored to what is would have been had there been no slavery. When the white fucks can’t do anything, demand that you own them just as they owned you or don’t ever speak about slavery again. Fight and die for what is right!!! You cannot win a war against the US, but if you die trying, the whole world will hear your plight and the righteous will join in the never ending war that the American Government wants.

  • meemee


  • Caleb

    The twin towers were rigged with explosives before 9/11. The plane hit and then the explosives went off. Somebody got a 7 billion dollar insurance claim from a original 15 million dollar investment. belive it . it was a setup

  • http://s4outlaw80yahoo.com b money

    AS I said earlier…NO DUDE!!!

  • http://nann JayMacc

    I agree bush dont give a fuck bout us, but i dont give a fuck bout tha middle east, take all they shit! fuck em wit a limp dick

  • Chains

    Yeah, Fuck the PIG Government of the United States of America. If there is a hell you will all burn. DEATH TO PIGS = POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

  • American Soldier

    Nothing is more American than rebellion.

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  • Chris

    I think its funny that a country that was created by mass diversity is being overrun by racism and hate for every creature that walks its meadows. YOU people, yes blacks, whites, and indifferent…need to get a fuckin grip and look around. you think when the shit hits the fan our skin color or our origins is going to become an issue!? Its going to be about survival and nothing else. OUR government hit the twin towers, OUR government suppresses all of us…black and white and hebrew and polish….anyone that is in the system is fucked! even you guys, the ones that are so blind you cant even see whats going on in your own neighborhood but think you can express whats going on in democracy!!!! its embarrassing to think our country was created with such brilliant minds to watch it fall into the shadows with welfare and food stamps provided to those to lazy and weak to get off there ass and get a fucking job and support our america. FUCK YOU!!! our indifference’s will always be our weaknesses!!! grow up!

  • wtjenkins

    fuck all u racists muther fuckers!!!!!!!! blacks whites jews china asians mexicans!!!!!!

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  • this guy is correct and i am mexican

    i am mexican and this guy correct,the government is a buncha cuntass fucking niggers.i am done with the shit they tell and feed us.obama is a fucking gay.i am gonna do something about those motherfucker politic dumbasses.BLESS AMERICA!