dpdiddy.jpgA shout goes to XXL online heavyweight Byron Crawford for reintroducing the word jiggaboo into mainstream colloquialism, vis-e-vi the internets. Another shout goes to Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs for ascending to the lofty position of African American pharoah. Diddy is our Sun God. Just like the pharoahs of ancient Egypt were believed to have the power to reincarnate themselves. Diddy has been able to resuscitate his flagging career at every downturn. Just when you think you have seen the last of him - BAM! - he comes back with a disco remix or something catchy to make you forget that you were tired of hearing him rap in the first place.

As you look at Diddy's career in entertainment you see a guy who has been thrown under the bus several times, only to emerge unscathed and with a new vigor. From his beginnings as a hip-hop party promoter he wasn't supposed to make it. The incident at Harlem's City College where people were crushed to death was placed squarely on his back. Being fired from an emerging independent label, Uptown Records, should have blacklisted him in the music industry. Diddy was able to go from pariah to pharoah and even hired his former boss at Uptown Records. How many of you will be hiring your former boss from the Rib Shack? Even without a signature artist Bad Boy Records is still worth multi-millions to the distribution outlets because of one reason...You get Diddy with the price tag. Of all the Hip-Hop albums that will drop in 2006, Diddy's Press Play might be the only one that you bump well into 2007. Show this man some respect for being the King of all Jigs.

A few weeks ago Curtis "Fifty Cent" Jackson considered stepping into the ring with Diddy. There seemed to be a business arrangement the two of them had made that literally went south (as in Atlanta - Ma$e's new hoemtown). Fifty Cent considered airing his grievances within the public realm and forcing the hand of Diddy to acknowledge his complaint. In classic kingsmanship style Diddy essentially bit his tongue while he let others around him warn Fifty Cent of what he would have in store for him if he really wanted to go to war. Diddy was not going to be like Ja Rule. Take a moment and ask yourself where Suge
Knight is now. In this video clip from Diddy and Bad Boy Records I peeped a few subtle jabs at Fifty Cent that some of you might pick up.

Now who would've thought that the height of gangsterism was a warm, soothing bubblebath? But even the legendary Tupac Amaru Shakur realized the necessity of preserving one's gangster lean through the use of bubble baths.

dppacbubble.jpgIn the end when you compare the gangster pedigrees of both Fifty Cent and Diddy you have to realize that Fifty Cent is just famous for being shot and getting arrested, while Diddy is famous for being a shooter and beating the charges.

You tell me who is more gangster.

Take that, take that.