Rumors of Jay-Z’s mother Gloria Carter being involved in a lesbian relationship hit gossip sites around the internet in mid-July. The source of the buzz seemed to come directly from one source, white female rapper Lucy Diamonds. Most people almost instantly dismissed the allegations since it appeared to be a blatant ploy to garner attention for the up and coming femcee. Over the past couple of months the gossip eventually died down and was chalked up as being a publicity stunt. However, the buzz sparked up once again when Lucy posted a new video on her Myspace profile this past Sunday.

Earlier today I caught up with Lucy Diamonds to talk about her side of the story.

I’m sure you have heard talk that you are trying to get put on by using this whole controversy has a launching pad for your career. But from watching the video, you claim that is not your intentions at all. What is the overall point that you would like to get out to the masses about this whole situation?

I don't really care about that. Everybody is saying it's such a bad move. And I’ll kill my career. But it's not about that. It's about having a voice.  And I don't understand how one person [Jay-Z] could think that he could block such a thing.  He is one person. You know? That is why I love Myspace, and YouTube because they can't block that or stop that. The power is in the people. He is just a regular person.

Have you been receiving a lot of flack from other rappers or industry heads about this?

Yeah. But Jay-Z stands for everything that is wrong with hip-hop to me.

And why do you say that?

Off his content. Honestly, this might sound strange but he is like an Anti-Christ.  J-Hova? People chanting Hova, Hova, Hova. That is so wrong.  And the title of his album is Kingdom Come

I guess I never really put that much thought into it.

And his diamond / Roc-A-Fella sign is really just a triangle, which represents the pyramid; a secret society. These kids are saying why you going against Hova? It’s not Hova, it's Jay-Z. He has hypnotized these people.  It’s post subjective hypnotism. I’m serious.

Like Michael Jackson in Budapest.

Look at the influence he has on the people who look up to him.  He glorifies murder, drug dealing, violence, etc. and people follow. That is scary. He is lead by the devil. He has sold his soul.

That's some pretty deep shit to say.

It's what I see. I feel like God has called upon me to do something about it. It’s crazy.

Is there a final thought or statement you would like all your fans and critics to know? 

Never be scared in what YOU believe in. NEVER let people think that someone can shut you down and silence you. Always take a stand by any means necessary. And really I would like people to pray for Jay-Z so the devil can release his soul.