We’ve all heard the allegations of zesty behavior going on over at Cash Money but Turk’s name was never brought up.

In a recent interview with my sexy love DJ Kay Slay on Streetsweeper Radio, Young Buck was asked if he ever observed any homosexual type of activities going on within the camp.

"I seen that shit go on. I mean, I ain't gonna sit here and fuckin' lie, fuckin’ shit. Ay man, ay! That is just some gay ass shit! But I ain’t finna just be on no shit like, you know what I mean? To each their own, but I ain't gonna sit here and fuckin' lie. . . I can co-sign my homeboy B.G. That’s my muthafuckin’ homeboy. He didn't play that shit. And Juvie, he stayed far from that shit. Now Wayne, that's my nigga, but shit. And Turk, that's my nigga, he locked up in the pen, I hold him down, but shit...I got love for niggas, but I don't got nothing but the truth.

Young Buck Interview (2006)

Now, the burning question (no homo erectus) is who goes to get the orange juice out of the refrigerator when they are done making love?