Although we have been having some pretty shitty severe weather in the Southern states, Fat Joe and Lil' Wayne are still trying to make it rain down in Miami. This will be Joey's first video since chunking the deuce to Atlantic Records earlier this year. His album Me, Myself, and I is slated to be released on November 14 through Virgin/Imperial Records. The video shoot for the lead single "Make It Rain" went down yesterday at Greenwich Studios.

Scott Storch, who produced the track, joined Fat Joe and Lil' Wayne on the set. Poor Scottie looks like he he just heard the news of Paris Hilton's DUI arrest. Aww, come rest your head on Mama's bosom and tell her what is wrong.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That's Old Ass Wayne sitting on a pallet of money. A little too extra, no? Although I have a high suspicion that the cash is real, he better watch out for the good folks from the Pork n' Bean projects.

Jay-Z hosted the launch of a new lingerie line for Rocawear last night at BED in New York City. Longtime friend TyTy and Steve “Bottle Action” Stoute showed up to check out the fresh collection. What’s the verdict on the line? Eh, Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have anything to worry about. Shell out the extra dough for the La Perla silk garter belt set for wifey and buy your jump off a thong with the Rocawear flame logo stitched in the crouch.

While Jay-Z was getting busy looking up skirts, Beanie has been on a grind of his own. On a new freestyle he spits a few subliminal shots over in Hova’s direction. I'm sure that the song is going to turn the God MC's smile upside down.


Come back DJ Drama, you cute ass terrorist.