Jay-Z’s Thong and A Forklift Full of Money


Although we have been having some pretty shitty severe weather in the Southern states, Fat Joe and Lil’ Wayne are still trying to make it rain down in Miami. This will be Joey’s first video since chunking the deuce to Atlantic Records earlier this year. His album Me, Myself, and I is slated to be released on November 14 through Virgin/Imperial Records. The video shoot for the lead single “Make It Rain” went down yesterday at Greenwich Studios.

Scott Storch, who produced the track, joined Fat Joe and Lil’ Wayne on the set. Poor Scottie looks like he he just heard the news of Paris Hilton’s DUI arrest. Aww, come rest your head on Mama’s bosom and tell her what is wrong.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That’s Old Ass Wayne sitting on a pallet of money. A little too extra, no? Although I have a high suspicion that the cash is real, he better watch out for the good folks from the Pork n’ Bean projects.

Jay-Z hosted the launch of a new lingerie line for Rocawear last night at BED in New York City. Longtime friend TyTy and Steve “Bottle Action” Stoute showed up to check out the fresh collection. What’s the verdict on the line? Eh, Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have anything to worry about. Shell out the extra dough for the La Perla silk garter belt set for wifey and buy your jump off a thong with the Rocawear flame logo stitched in the crouch.

While Jay-Z was getting busy looking up skirts, Beanie has been on a grind of his own. On a new freestyle he spits a few subliminal shots over in Hova’s direction. I’m sure that the song is going to turn the God MC’s smile upside down.


Come back DJ Drama, you cute ass terrorist.

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  • Belize

    So me buying u some Rockafella boy shorts are out of the question….

  • Belize

    good post though…had me laughing at poor scott

  • soopadoopa


  • Belize

    Damn hova got a big ass mouf

  • soopadoopa


  • Killa

    Joe Camel is now selling womens underwear LOL

    watch your back Jigga , Beanie Sigel bout to expose your fagoot ass

  • soopadoopa

    That Mac shit wuz hotter than a pizza oven but i aint catch the subliminals though. Good looks on that snippet Ma!


  • ronburgandy

    storch looks like the guy from powder.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com shawn

    well mr michael jordan of ’01 himself wants to put out a lingerie line. damn u suck ! i bet beyonce doesnt even wear that s***! i hope siegal and cam’ron puts ur whack rap career to an end!!! dipset

  • Wizzle Dance

    “Make It Rain” is hott like fiya! the video better be dope

  • n-i-2g-a

    when has fat joe ever had a good cd, he can’t rap, flow sucks, and now he’s just following trends….wack ass rapper-wannabe

  • The Chancellor

    Come on cam sells fur coats and bull shit like tht

  • New York Nigga

    Fat Joe iz not NY he rapping 4 miami now he should jus move their this shit aint gon bring bac NY its jus gon make it a follwer

  • messiahs’ father

    no more flow joe days.


    The only thing missing from the Jay Z pic, is a helmet, a short yellow bus, some leg braces, and a superman cape.

    He is on some developmentally delayed shit!!!!


  • pop a poppa

    i would love to see Paris have to make bail and have lil’ Scotty come put up the bucks… trick wit a capital T! LOL

  • pop a poppa

    is Jigga doin’ a William Cosby impression in that pic?

  • Young Jeezus

    Damn, that Asian honey behind Jay could GET IT! Scott Storch always looks like he just lost his best friend. A 2005 quote from DJ Lucky Luke: “Leave you fucked up looking like ya name was Scott Storch…” Niggas been knowing the deal about this homo. Always got on the frames because for real, without them, dude would look straight retarded–just like Yung Joc, just like Lil Jon, Just like Weezy. Rappers and producers scared to show their faces makes me laugh. Holla back J$.

  • http://myspace.com/cirespot Bowser da Boss

    Hov doing Panites? Why Hov? Why? Either get in the booth and drop this album, or stay ya ass behind that desk mayne. Leave that panties shit to Vikki Secret.

  • icee corleon

    beens was talking to state property…and females are rocking rocawear fa real in the south “cant wait to pull yo girl rw boy shorts off”

  • Mr.Me

    Man that money aint real. Lil Wayne really thinks he sign to Star Trek wit the flow hes usin now an the shit he be wearin. He’s reppin MIA more than the N.O. now
    Seemed like a State Property diss not a JayZ diss.

  • WORLD33

    sound like mack dissin’ tha’ young gunz on that one, only time will tell… SOUTH PHILLY STAND UP!

  • http://yahoo.com PRINCE CEASAR

    Jay-Z is on some corny azz shit..hes Jay-Z now..now more Jigga..and Lil Wayne gets lamer and lamer..he steals Jay-Z’s flow and now he is stealing Pharrell’s style..get your own identity nigga and stop dick riding. 1


    not a hater o nothin..but wen I first seen a picture of scott storch I was dyin..he looks like a lil boy..but heyy he has money

  • Htown Hustla

    i dont care wat yall say wayne is a beast on the mic n cant be stopped

  • slyrical

    xplain 2 me y yall think wayne sooo dope? hov should make records not panties & godforbid no babies wit beyonce the nigga can flow almost good as me but no need fuckin’up the gene pool

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