10) He lies about being Black and uses the word nigga

9) All his posts are about himself and all his endevors. He never talks or disses rappers/execs/other DJs in his blog. Somebody needs to tell him no one cares that he's gettin' money off what he loves while we work our boring day jobs.

8) He's not a real DJ, he just shouts over records. Can he even rock a party? His mixtapes suck, who listens to them? Definetly not us.

7) He took $20,000 not to put Gillie Da Kid's tape out and now he can never go back to Philly without getting beat up. He's a fool, how could he pick Lil' Wayne over Gillie and his own city? He's not even from the South, he's a fuckin traitor.

6) He'll never ever ever never be as relevant in hip-hop/music business as Byron Crawford (Bol). When it's all said and done, Byron Crawford will be as important as every other no face/internet/hip-hop critic and Drama will be known as a DJ who got lucky

5) He fuckin' sucked at the VMAs. Who the hell does he think he is bein around all those people that us internet geeks would love to sit next to and be around?

4) Did we mention he lies about bein' Black and says nigga? Drama's a cracker ass cracka and we kno it...

3) His album and his label are gonna flop and it will finally be proven that he's a talentless culture vulture.

2) We are better bloggers than he is. XXL should give us his space. He blogs every 3 weeks while we spend every day commenting on whatever topic is at hand.

1) Drama, we hate you and everything you represent. Fuck T.I., Fuck The Aphilliates, Fuck Gangsta Grillz. We are DEFINETLY NOT...Paying attention.