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  • Buddah Bastid

    all these breakdays better mean the next Ego Trip book on deck

  • pc1

    So, Primo used both the Moon People and the Luis Aviles tracks?

  • pop a poppa

    premo made that shit BANG! that was one of my favorite beats of his he’s ever made. i couldn’t believe that he produced that either. i was like Premo on the boards with Christina? shit worked out well tho.

  • Mr. Nucca

    When are we gonna get that xxl radio???? i can’t keep playing these joints one song at a time!!! YN is keeping me from being productive at work

  • KAIL

    moon people almost sound like Archie Bell & The Drells “Tighten UP” in the middle of the song. Moon people ripped off that song and Luis Aviles.