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  • peter

    Kick, Push, Kick, Push, Coast….

  • I need a drink

    nice find.

  • edwin

    for real.

  • Vic

    That’s diggin’ in some pretty deep crates.

  • dj LINO

    tagalog ballads, gotta love it.

  • weyweyye

    here’s your late pass.
    hah nah just kidding

  • Spoons

    YN, give me a job.

  • Danja29

    i don’t need to borrow yours, i got mine right here.

  • Mr. Nucca

    i’m still waiting for YN radio

  • flava dav

    you need to go in the studio and produce some tracks for a few artist great find

  • ninoybrown
  • J-Rock

    Okay. Which album and CD can I get this joint?

  • BABY!!!!

    they didn’t clear the sample

  • analogue

    of course they cleared the sample, THOUGH no one else is mentioned other than lupe and soundtrakk themselves. weird.