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    attention ….attention.. im first.

  • Definition

    Just Blaze is a genius. it’s official.

  • abe

    can we get some green lantern joints in this bitch. Yellow niggas unite like voltron

  • Belize

    Nigga, the name is strong, it can mean ten things in one
    This dedicated to my niggas that grind from ten to ten
    In other words all day duck the cops cuz they wanna be free
    Man, them gates is strong and when that nigga locked down and he can’t get out
    And he lose a couple pounds and his skin get pale
    And he’s sittin in his cell til his patience gone, you know
    Freeway be feelin your pain, I got twelve homies doin the same
    And if they had bail, homey, they’d be out
    But they don’t so they sittin for a minute
    That’s the price of the game when you in it


    i still bump that “philadelphia freeway”. around 2:16 it changes to that intro that was on the freeway promo CD. Just Blaze is that dude.

    Jaguar Wright sampled the same song for her song “free” and the remix had freeway on it. people sleepin on her. listen to her sing on that Jay-z unplugged and you’ll turn into an instant fan


    Damn I been lookin for this. THats a good look

  • midas

    just blaze really did his thing with this joint.
    When u gonna post “sting of the serpent” the sample to “king Back” off the T.I. album

  • Puerto-Black

    If it wasn’t for 50 Mania at the time when his album dropped he would have sold records. “Philadelphia Freeway” was that shit very, very slept on

  • haaaaaaaaa y’ll

    Hey YN, are you the g unit pole smoker I’ve been hearing about….tsk tsk what a shame, another inadvertent cheerleader on eminems payroll….ahh well….get that money mayn, I suppose we all got get paid some how !


    watch out 4 the rotten apple from mr money in the bank. g unit!!!!!!!!!

  • che

    which song did just blaze produce with this sample?

  • che

    is it ‘you got me’ by free, mariah and jay?

  • che

    or not…?

  • steve

    i guess everybody forget about the cam/jim jones joint “i am dame dash” with dame naturally adlibbing crazy. that track is up to par with “free,” if not better. JUST!

  • MannyWallace

    @Steve…I like that one too…a lil better…I was wondering if all that was sampled from the same song..and it appears that it was.