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  • samgod2001

    sweet song 1st!

  • pc1

    I want my name up in lights: N-I-N-E

  • pc1

    or whatever, ya’ll know what i meant.

  • soopadoopa

    4 Chickenwings and rice, lol

  • ehu$tle

    with my name up in lights n-i-n-e
    what u want nine mad beats for my rhymes/ what u want nine mad clips for my nines/ what u want nine a ill posse and my name up in lights n-i-n-e that was ny shit and im only 24 u do da math

  • Danja29

    i gets banned if i do, gets banned if i don’t so sometimes i will and sometimes i won’t…

  • lar

    has he made milk carton status yet?

  • Arvee

    Like the voice, bass line, strings, and the southern drawl.


    Now, heres a real klassic…..Heres what Im talkin about…Loadin my glock on the bay…Gettin sum head, gettin laid, gettin paid, watchin the love wash away in the waves, doin time, time, time…lolololol

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Ha… I used to think this song was bangin… Never would have guessed that the beat came from this song, though… Good one…