• Sleep-G

    1st bitches

  • samplefiend


  • Belize

    NIGGA! Fix ur shyt..ur site is fukin up..im bout to go fuks with allhiphop agin homie…


    that’s what’s up. Talib did his thing on that joint “listen”. him and mos need to make another blackstar album

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  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    nip nigga..it’s time u write another real blog, dawg

    i know u sensitive cuz u know as soon as u do we all gon son u for lookin’ like splinter from da ninja turtles, call you 50 personal fluffer, talk shit about fuckin yo wifey in da shiiter, tell u jeff mao is a better writer den u and laugh at you when you try to impress us as u explain dat a glock is a gun used for killin’ niggaz like in yo game lyric breakdown but dis constant break shit all week just isnt good enough

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