• Anonymous


  • D-Nice

    I don’t know it but I couldn’t resist the firstness

  • http://www.hiphopgame.com/index2.php3?page=tracks1 iLL Change

    don’t know it

  • http://www.myspace.com/southpeezy Maurice G. Garland

    Its Saigon’s “Out There” from the Abandoned Nation mixtape with Whoo Kid….”if you really did what you said, you would be dead”

  • http://myspace.com/kingpaul06 King Paul

    SAAAAIGON, and Mega too…

  • Awb

    I thought this was gonna be the original for “In The Streets” from Jay Love Japan. Shame on you YN.

  • http://myspace.com/djjaycee jaycee

    hey yo YN, check out “sample clearance vol. 1″ by Jaycee, Don Cannon, and Gene Brown…

    we got a lotta HEAT on there for y’all who like to listen to the originals…



    Fuck that joint. I heard from sources that Still D.R.E. use an sample from Grant Green. I don’t believe that shit. Still D.r.e. is one of my favorite beats of all-time.

  • H-man

    I get all my inspiration from these golden oldiez…This stuff is truely classic…timeless…ageless…can U feel the emotion in her muzik???