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  • 2chéLupe

    FIRST & Fifteenth
    The album coming soon godwilling
    Must Have T-shirts
    Listen to Ghostface
    Listen to Lupe
    **newly added**
    Listen to Pharrell

  • 2chéLupe

    I was sixteen, shit, I barely knew what a gram was
    Studied Scarface, so I knew what the plan was

  • Boner Jams 03

    Pretty Toney and De La Soul!!

  • King Paul

    didn’t ghost have beef with de la after this song?

  • PhillyBlack

    Pretty Toney betta get his dough!!

  • phemom

    LOL @ Lupe trying 2 brainwash us….

    Never heard the orig before. It’s dope, there a couple of other ways I could see this flipped.

  • ggza

    yea niggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tony starks to QB