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  • thome

    from germany

  • jadakiss

    1st bitches

  • Incilin

    The first one is CREAM and the second one is Tearz, both from the classic album “Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers”. By the way I think the Beastie Boys also sampled that “After Laughter” song on Pauls Boutique. YN strikes again!

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Damn…RZA ripped those up, but surprisingly kept them intact, too. Listening to the first one, I almost expect Meth and Raek to come in with the “Torture” routine. Great…

  • doggins

    hah….i can’t believe ppl are still hearing these chunes for the first time


    CREAM nucca!

  • Vick

    haha this makes WU TANG EVEN BETTER!!!


    when you hear how RZA sampled these joints, it makes you wonder how he isn’t mentioned more often when it comes to top producers.

    YN, I was remembering one of your editorials that you wrote a couple months ago when you said that you were coming for that #1 spot on the net, it appears (to me) that you may be close to that title just like you predicted the demise of the source. keep up the good work and keep them breakadays coming

  • soopadoopa


  • E man

    I cant believe how many producers only sample the first couple seconds of a song

  • http://xxl

    sampling is a sucka way to get music you have to spend alot of your budget to get them cleared start making your own shit so you can be the one sampled( paid 4 life)

  • krwulff

    Which track on paul’s boutique? I’m curious…

  • TINY_K

    I thought the sample for CREAM was ( I’ll never grow old ) by the Charmells