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  • Damon Brown


  • Incilin

    DJ Quick did it, but Truth Hurts had to take the fall. Sad. I can’t believe you found this. YN diggin crates for real.

  • Big Esco

    Mike Jones did his est freestyle ever over this.


    Mike Jones??? Um…nothing he has ever done could EVER be considered the “best” of anything, including of his own work. Mike Jones is ass. What? Mike Jones is ass.


    Those were happier times. i thought Truth Hyrts was gonna do something in the industry, Rakim had a promising deal with Aftermath and DJ Quick’s mom wasn’t tellin’ him to “lock his ass” )couldn’t resist. was just watchin you so crazy last night)

  • hitta

    i got the banger on the outside… we could bang it out im a gangsta from the southside all in ya mouth. and if you thinkin you raw then im callin you out

    weezy f baby spits flames on the addictive beat on sqad 4 check it out.

  • flava dav

    damn!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a question, is the geto boys sample of mind playing tricks on me issac hayes?

  • MannyWallace

    @ Flava:

    Yes, “Hung Up On My Baby” to be exact

  • mr. loopdigga

    this songs hot