Top 5

Ever since Jada re-sparked the debate on the “Made You Look Remix”, one of Hip Hoppers favorite past times is arguing who is "Top 5" right now. Lots of names get thrown around in the on going debate: Jay-Z, Nas, Lil Wayne, T.I., Joe Budden, Lupe Fiasco, Pusha T, Chamillionaire, Eminem, Beanie Sigel, Game, Andre 3000, Fabolous, Young Buck, Jadakiss etc. All are current contenders for the ever changing slots and there are legitimate arguments both ways for each artist. The criteria I’m going by are lyrical ability, flow, content but most importantly relevance in the game today:

Pro: He's Hov!
Con: He's Retired
Last Great Verse: "Go Crazy"

Pro: Best Alive Lyrically
Con: Uninspired and Somewhat Irrelevant
Last Great Verse: "Streets Disciple"

Pro: King Of The South
Con: Inconsistent Lyrically
Last Great Verse: "I'm Talking To You" 3rd Verse

Lil’ Wayne
Pro: Dedication 2
Con: Gillie The Kid
Last Great Verse: "Hollywood Divorce"

Joe Budden
Pro: The "Dumb Out" Freestyle
Con: Complains Too Much
Last Great Verse: "Dumb Out"

Pro: Incredibly Rhyme Schemes
Con: Don't know what he's talking about sometimes
Last Great Verse: "Hurt Me Soul" 2nd Verse

Pusha T
Pro: Currently The Better Half Of Rap's Best Group
Con: Haven't Heard Solo Songs
Last Great Verse: "Chevy Ridin Remix"

Pro: Dope For A Southern Guy
Con: Gets Monotonous
Last Great Verse: “Ridin Dirty H-Town Remix

Pro: On his best day the best pound for pound
Con: His last best day was in 2004
Last Great Verse: God Only Knows

Beanie Sigel
Pro: Modern Day Scarface
Con: Can't Stay Out Of Trouble
Last Great Verse: “Problem” Off Of DJ Khalid's Album

Pro: Tenatious when attacked
Con: Name Dropping
Last Great Verse: "One Blood" First Verse"

Andre 3000
Pro: Still Amazing When He Decides To Rap
Con: More Of A Singer Than Rapper These Days
Last Great Verse: Something On Idlewood

Pro: Slick Wordplay And Metaphors
Con: No Substance
Last Great Verse: Freestyle Over "Wet Wipes"

Al Qaeda Jada
Pro: He's The Streets!
Con: 50 Seemed To Stunt His Progression
Last Great Verse: New Big Mike Freestyle
Pro: Battle tested
Con: Never Lived Up To His Potential on His Albums.

Last Great Verse: “It Is What It Is” 2nd Verse

I left out a lot of rappers due to irrelevance (Rakim), lack of lyricism (Young Jeezy) or because someone in their same clique is better (Styles P, Big Boi, Malice). So without further ado, here’s my order broken down 70’s vs. 80’s Babies:

70’s Baby Top 5 Right Now
1) Nasir Jones
2) Marshall Mathers
3) Dwayne Carter
4) Andre Benjamin
5) Common (don’t know his government name)
80’s Baby Top 5 Right Now
1) T.I.
2) Lupe Fiasco
3) Joe Budden
4) Cassidy
5) Game


  • Jay-Z Is A 60's Baby
  • Banks & Buck Just Didnt Make The Cut
  • They Say Jeezy Ain't Lyrical..."He aint trying to impress y'all niggas"
  • I was borderline with Pap & Sai
  • I went back at the last second and added Common...brainlocked, sorry