Where Fugees At?

Hip-Hop heads are notorious for not giving a shit about anything that happened six months ago, let alone six years ago. Rap stations have even begun playing shit that came out when I was in college (i.e. this decade) and calling it old school. But in a year in which there probably won’t be any really great rap albums[1], it can be interesting to look back at some of the great albums that came out 10 and 20 years ago.

About a week ago, I wrote a post here noting the upcoming 20th (yikes!) anniversary of the Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill, one of hip-hop’s lost classics. And not too long ago, Jay-Z held a special concert at New York’s fabled Radio City Music Hall to mark the 10th anniversary of his own dubious hip-hop classic, Reasonable Doubt. Continuing in a similar vein, tomorrow will mark the release of Major Lodge Victory, the first Gin Blossoms album since 1996′s Congratulations, I’m Sorry, which is neither classic nor hip-hop.

Between all this, and the requisite abundance of low quality Internets pr0n (in lieu of an actual low quality woman), it’s like 1996 all over again at the Bol residence. Only thing is, no return to that year would be complete without the Fugees, easily the most popular hip-hop act at the time and makers of one of the all-time great rap albums. After reuniting in 2004, 2006 would have been a great year for them to release a comeback album, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I wonder why that is.

I imagine at least part of the problem is that Wyclef Jean can’t be bothered to deal with those other two bums. In case you haven’t heard, that bullshit he did with Shakira[1] is probably the year’s most popular song. Which is doubly frustrating when you consider that it looked for a while like her career here in the first world was over, as it should be. But even in the years when ‘Clef didn’t have a hit, he could command fairly exorbitant fees to perform god-awful covers of Pink Floyd and Bob Marley records in front of stadiums of stoned cracka-ass crackas.

Them getting back together back in ’04 always struck me as Lauryn Hill hitting rock bottom more so than anything else. “Ghetto Superstar” aside, Pras never had much of a solo career to speak of, but he always struck me as the kind of dude who would save most of his Score money. L-Boogie on the other hand? Not so much. It’s no secret that Columbia Records, or whatever it’s called now, has been giving her the Damon Dash treatment going back to the days of Unplugged 2.0. But you get the idea that whatever money she made from her two good albums is about gone.

Furthermore, I’m sure a new Fugees would sell at least a few copies to us fogeys who remember them from high school a la Two Against Nature or some shit. But I wonder if a Fugees album today, even if it didn’t suck balls, could sell nearly as many copies the Score. It could be the case that the idea of a hip-hop group like the Fugees has been rendered obsolete by the likes of the Black Eyed Peas and Linkin Park, both of which are whiter and less prone to say any bugged out shit during an interview. I bet will.i.am doesn’t even bang Fergie.

[1] I think there have been a few pretty good ones though.

[2] His verse on that song could very well be the wackest verse ever spit by an actual MC on a label. Even Yung Joc is reported to have heard it and been like, “What the fuck?”

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    FIRST. Yea hip-hop has been boring this year.

  • http://fotolog.com/wastoids motelsicks

    hey theres a typo after the word shakira…. bring back the fugees..

    Zealots is my ish

  • e

    No great albums what about Fishscale? Actually Pras hangs around skid row filming documentaries and Wyclef is always showing of his cars at car shows but a Fugees album would be great

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Before I get started: I was at Taco Bell last nite, and these white boys–lacoste shirt wearing, khaki cargo shorts, baseball caps (notice I didn’t say “fitted) honkies–stole the neon drive thru sign from inside the store. They fucking stole it from our g-d taco bell!! In a town (brentwood NY) where all us poor spics & niggers get is shit, some fuckin’ crackers decide that they’re gonna steal some shit like they’re fucking Alpha Betas. So Bol, My question is: Is that gully? Or ghetto? Or a reason to institute a national day of Smack-A-Cracka?

    Now, to your post: I think the Fugees album would have to be damm near perfect for people to care about it and then buy it in the first place, and even then, it’d have to have one helluva single to get the white folks that bought “that album Killing Me Softly was on” to plunk down more dough for ‘Clef & Co.

    Pras had a song called “Blue Angel” that sampled “Grease is the word”. That song was pretty cool, dammit. (the pras version)

    Wyclef’s verse on “Hips Don’t Lie” isn’t even the worst verse HE’S ever spit, let alone in Rap history. ‘Clef’s worse will always and forever be that shit he did on The Product G & B’s otherwise not bad “Cluck Cluck”–’Clef did an 8 bar “rap” that didn’t rhyme once, on some Cappadonna shit.

    Lastly (cuz I know Transi gets bored reading all these “words”), Will.I.Am is banging Pharrell. Everyone knows that.

  • qwrqrw@wrwr.com

    where’s the [2] citation?

  • http://what? YES

    i’m not convinced now would be a good time. i would view it as just yet another shitty 2006 comeback album. hova should stay out, so should outkast like you said

  • Andrew

    fishscale sucks fuck ghostface killa he sucks duck,

  • LOS

    Ms hill on some more shit these days, pras always sucked, and clef aint been much in a min either. I don’t think it would work, and if it did it would probably be still be trash so fuck it. I feel em

  • Boner Jams 03

    The Score was a classic…but wyclef might be the worst artist of the 21st century

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    my nigga mannie fresh rocks the lacoste polos

    u a faggit ass nigga bol

    a gin blossoms listenin’ faggit ass nigga

    fuckk the score..it about the 10 year anniversary of ridin’ dirty by ugk

  • Enlightened

    “the Fugees, easily the most popular hip-hop act at the time”

    Please tell me you mean most popular hip-hop “group” at that time and not act.

  • The Originator

    The Fugees Suck So their album would fit right in with the bullshit that’s already out. You know there is not enough good albums when T.I. has the highest selling rap album and he’s not even double platinum yet.


    Good Post

    Especially because The Score is probably my most listened to album of all time. It was dope lyrics (minus pras) and dope music. It had everything Something to Dance to, something to play with your girl around, stuff that made you think about what with the world. I was 16, just got a license, starting to get regular ass, Doin my own thing with my crew. Memories……

    Lauryn and Clef (up until preachers son)held it down with their Solos. But I would’ve given anything for a Comback album this summer.

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    ” T.I. has the highest selling rap album and he’s not even double platinum yet.”

    hasnt cham sold double platinum?

  • Awb

    Clefs verse couldn’t be any worse than the one he dropped on (milk carton residents) The Product G&B’s “Cluck Cluck” a few years back. Now that verse was beat monkey sauce.

  • Sarutama

    If it were me, for a single, I would just re-release the Nappy Head’s remix.

    Its not like niggas these days would remember it anyway, and the ones that do would dig the fuck out of it.

    Mona Lisa, can I get a date of Friday?
    And if your busy, I’m holding my ticket Saturdaaaay
    Round up the posse, fugees comin around the way.

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    dis has got 2 15 replies and sum desperate wack ass faggit hasnt posted dey myspace yet

    dat gotta be sum sorta record

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    lol @ Transi..

    “Peep da heat at http://www.myspace.com/i-did-this-shit-on-my-comp-at-home

  • yaboy

    no cham isnt double plat.


    And cosign Clef’s verse on Hips don’t lie being his wackest ever. If not someone please tell me what I could be.

    P.S. Am I the only one who thinks the Carnival is Classic ?

    *Perpares for hate*

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    >Please tell me you mean most popular hip-hop “group” at that time and not act.

    Who else was moving units like the Fugees in 1996?


    I don’t think anyone in hip hop has moved that many units since, except maybe Em.

  • Boner Jams 03

    ^^Who else was moving units like the Fugees in 1996?^^

    Bone was…they were puttin up beatles numbers

  • Boner Jams 03

    And the carnival was pretty damn good ..i don’t know if i’d call it a classic though

  • Sonny Cheeba

    >>>>RANDOMNAME Says:

    August 7th, 2006 at 11:57 am
    Good Post

    Especially because The Score is probably my most listened to album of all time.


  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    the score would go wood if it came out today, for good or ill.


    Not that I need to defend myself.

    But there was a lot of other stuff I bumped back then, Nas, Bone, Ironman when I was on the train and need to put a screwface on. But I was happy and trying to have fun despite all the BS in the hood back then and “The Score” always made me smile and Nod my head(NH). So sue me

  • Fernando

    If the Fugees put out another album, I would probably download it…then burn it to CD…then mail it to BOL with a fat pile of shit on it because I used it to wipe my ass. The subsequent solo careers of these nigs showcased the lack of talent in the group that was masked by the tight beats/ fresh remixes/ and steez of l-boogie at the time. The true wack-ass colors of Wyclef and Pras came to light in the following years and only Lauren Hill had success because……Yep, you guessed it, SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE WITH ANY KIND OF STEEZ! Clef is a Bob Marley wannabe fruitbag WHO CANT SING and Pras is……well, Pras.


    Um last time I checked Clef has a couple platinum Solo albums. And Several platinum singles he sang/rapped on or produced. The hyperbole from yall internet Geeks is hilarious.

    Lauryn Put out one Great album then had one of the most spectacular breakdown/burnouts in hiphop history. Like Bol said at least clef hang



  • Enlightened

    >Please tell me you mean most popular hip-hop “group” at that time and not act.

    Who else was moving units like the Fugees in 1996?

    Try 2Pac, who’s “All Eyez On Me” came out the same week (or was it back to back weeks) as the Fugees “The Score” and outsold it by far in the beginning. It wasn’t until later when the late sales kicked in when the “The Score” sales begin to approach those of “All Eyez On Me” but 2Pac was by far the most popular hip-hop act of that time.
    Also Snoop hadn’t dropped a solo album since “Doggystyle” so we didn’t know yet that he was mortal and was capable of dropping a bs CD,which he did later that year. But up until then, you could even argue that Snoop was still more popular than 2Pac, Biggie or anybody else at that time.

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    ^Define “in the beginning.”

    You mean like the first two weeks?

    ‘Pac during that era looked like a desperate bitch throwing rocks at BIG, who had far surpassed ‘Pac while he was in prison.

    And who really gave a shit about Snoop in 1996?

  • Boner Jams 03

    ^^Um last time I checked Clef has a couple platinum Solo albums. And Several platinum singles he sang/rapped on or produced.^^

    cmon man, lets not equate sales with skills….if that was the case, then D4L’s album would be better than Illmatic

  • Jay W

    [2] His verse on that song could very well be the wackest verse ever spit by an actual MC on a label. Even Yung Joc is reported to have heard it and been like, “What the fuck?”


  • juztin

    I liked Skee-Lo Haha! He Wished !!

  • goodwillsidis

    Bol, don’t be retarded, TWO AGAINST NATURE is magnadope. Uncheck those two tracks about goth chicks– the rest is all fire.

  • Danja29

    gotta co-sign BOL on the blog and the points about who was movin’ units in ’96.

    the fugees were far outdoing bone thugs and pac at that time sales-wise. and add the fact that prior to the score, they were one in about 100 ‘aight groups’ who had a total of one notable hit to their name. by spring-summer ’96, they were bein’ looked at as the biggest thing in all of music.

  • micguevara

    [2] His verse on that song could very well be the wackest verse ever spit by an actual MC on a label. Even Yung Joc is reported to have heard it and been like, “What the fuck?”

    Check out pras solo track “blue angels” or some shit like that.was pretty much the wackest shit ever.But pras is one to keep his money not sure if it was cribs or some other show,but i saw his spot and he got money,i roley collection worth more then other peopels cars collection.

  • J Ball

    Bol’s blogs (like most) are pretty much hit or miss, this one is official tho.

    Nice Steely Dan reference btw.

    Steely Dan = GOAT


    Bol, Y da fuck iz U talkin bout an irrelevant group in 2006?!?!?

    BTW- 1)didn’t Clef do a song w/ that wrestler, The Rock, “It Doesn’t Matter” back in da day-LOL
    2)didn’t Clef also help/beef w/ Cannibus?

  • Combat Jack

    great post as usual.

  • jon jon–23


  • pop a poppa

    i thought the fugees were gonna drop
    an album this year.
    or at least it seemed like it.
    after seeing dave chappelle’s block
    party i was a lil interested in
    checkin’ out new shit from them.
    i heard a song the fugees had in a
    commercial for some cell phone
    company that was garbage.
    i think people would be receptive to a
    fugees album as long it was the same
    soulful type sound as they had before.
    i don’t think anyone really liked
    lauryn hill’s phase she went through
    when she was channeling jewel or
    some pussy ass folk singer.
    wyclef has some good solo shit but
    i can’t comment on the “hips don’t lie”
    record cuz i ain’t ever heard.
    i can’t believe i actually read an
    article on here that references
    gin blossoms!!! lol
    bol how did you get this job??? lol
    you should be writin’ for spin
    magazine or some shit not XXL. lol
    oh yea… and i checked out your
    byroncrawford.com site and i just gotta say,
    i’m not sure what’s worse…
    your brother appearing in that hilarous
    train wreck of a commercial or you
    actually posting that commercial on
    the internet so everybody can laugh
    their ass off at the shit lol

  • twerkolator

    fugess = overrated

    the score = way overrated

    for an album to be a classic that shit has to still bang 10, 20 years down the line, a la “license to ill” or “the chronic” or other hip-hop classics. the score is not bangin’ in 2006
    (but hey, if you ask me that shit wasn’t bangin’ in 96 so i guess my opinion is invalid…)


    FUK U BOL. U fag. Wat a fukin surprise you did something that didn’t mention 50snitch and the Gay-Unit. Clap nigga clap clap.

  • legend




  • http://www.myspace.com/lewystylez LewStylez

    that usage of the word “cracka” is whats wrong wit yall today. wana stop racism but that post by rey was on some low ass scumbag shit

  • http://www.myspace.com/lewystylez LewStylez

    an wit a name like twerkolatior.. we wouldnt expect you to like a classic like the score.

  • Shortylightskin

    THE CARNIVAL was a fuckin classic to me!! Just all kinds of different shit and sounds,lyrics weren’t that bad(not quite Big Daddy Kane or nuttin) but i liked that more than the Score. It reminds me of Andre 3000′s solo. Not that it sounds the same but same formula. Doin what THEY wanna do solo. And i played the shit outta The Love Below, Listen to the words on that shit and tell me some of u mutherfuckas can’t relate to a chick goin out every weekend, the one nite stands(then the following morning) Wondering if they any good honest Women out there. When he says “it’s sad but one day our kids will have to visit musuems to see what a real lady looks like” and they like dinasaurs cause the extinct. I can’t find a good chick and at the time that shit came out i was with a BITCH that i coulda dedicated half the album to!! Bitch

  • http://www.myspace.com/gnana22 Giavanna

    i admire every single person in the fugees…and i would love if they had a comeback album…i think everything yall are sayin is rediculous because you couldnt make half the hits they did…the score is my favorite album of all time, and if a reunion is what they want then let them have it…it probably wont be as good as the score but…nuthin eminem puts out will be as good as the M.M. LP…kanyes second album couldnt compare to college dropout…stop hatin…the fugees ARE music.