Picture Caption: "...so after reading Sick's blog, I said to myself 'I want to be an 80's baby too!' Ha Ha"

It's crunchtime Fif. The M-O-B-B flopped worse than Reggie Miller even after G-Unit tatoos, three videos, two porsches and a Jesus diss record. Buck might be money in the bank but Banks is looking more like a safe deposit box these days. You moved the Unit's most highly anticipated artist to Geffen and (allegedly) dropped his replacement. Rumor in the hood is that you're signing 40 Glocc's (c'mon) son. You worked so hard to corrupt Ma$e's soul only to have Cassie's pimp try to extort $3 Million from you to buy out the good pastor's contract. Insert Yayo joke here. M.O.P. just deserves their own blog.

But I was listening to Funkmaster Flex last night and heard something special. You did a freestyle over Omarion's "Entourage" beat and bodied it. It still hasn't leaked to the net, but to paraphrase you, "New York didn't go no where because I run it. I'm the king of NY!" That's what I'm talking about Action Jackson! Hate it or love it, you have been most interesting thing coming out of NYC for the past 3 years. I'd take a sub-par 50 Cent mixtape over anything currently on the mixunit.com (or Billboard for that matter) homepage anyday. God knows someone has to pick up the G-unit slack because your squad isn't coming with it.

My suggestions? Take the L on Banks (gold) and drop the solo this February. Fuck it, drop it in December. Drop the same day as Hov. We all know El Capitan is going to push my favorite rapper back anyway, so why not give him a run for his money. This year has been boring so give us something to look foward too. Throw us a freakin bone here. You have a lot to talk about. You're probably going to pass Jay & Puff on all the money lists in the next 24 months. Brag about that. You prophetically said Fat Joe would be on Koch; now look at him. That's two songs right there. If Lil' Kim ends up on Interscope, you got Magic Stick Part 2. I usually charge for this type of consulting, so take heed Fif. "Paperchaser" was a great teaser, now just come with the whole kit and kaboodle. I'll start the hype now. 50 this December! 50 this December! Anything to break the monotony of what's shaping up to be the worst year in Hip Hop history.

Oh yeah, the streak isn't over. I'm blogging on LA time. Until 2morrow