When You Wanna Get Things Done Right…


Picture Caption: “…so after reading Sick’s blog, I said to myself ‘I want to be an 80′s baby too!’ Ha Ha”

It’s crunchtime Fif. The M-O-B-B flopped worse than Reggie Miller even after G-Unit tatoos, three videos, two porsches and a Jesus diss record. Buck might be money in the bank but Banks is looking more like a safe deposit box these days. You moved the Unit’s most highly anticipated artist to Geffen and (allegedly) dropped his replacement. Rumor in the hood is that you’re signing 40 Glocc’s (c’mon) son. You worked so hard to corrupt Ma$e’s soul only to have Cassie’s pimp try to extort $3 Million from you to buy out the good pastor’s contract. Insert Yayo joke here. M.O.P. just deserves their own blog.

But I was listening to Funkmaster Flex last night and heard something special. You did a freestyle over Omarion’s “Entourage” beat and bodied it. It still hasn’t leaked to the net, but to paraphrase you, “New York didn’t go no where because I run it. I’m the king of NY!” That’s what I’m talking about Action Jackson! Hate it or love it, you have been most interesting thing coming out of NYC for the past 3 years. I’d take a sub-par 50 Cent mixtape over anything currently on the mixunit.com (or Billboard for that matter) homepage anyday. God knows someone has to pick up the G-unit slack because your squad isn’t coming with it.

My suggestions? Take the L on Banks (gold) and drop the solo this February. Fuck it, drop it in December. Drop the same day as Hov. We all know El Capitan is going to push my favorite rapper back anyway, so why not give him a run for his money. This year has been boring so give us something to look foward too. Throw us a freakin bone here. You have a lot to talk about. You’re probably going to pass Jay & Puff on all the money lists in the next 24 months. Brag about that. You prophetically said Fat Joe would be on Koch; now look at him. That’s two songs right there. If Lil’ Kim ends up on Interscope, you got Magic Stick Part 2. I usually charge for this type of consulting, so take heed Fif. “Paperchaser” was a great teaser, now just come with the whole kit and kaboodle. I’ll start the hype now. 50 this December! 50 this December! Anything to break the monotony of what’s shaping up to be the worst year in Hip Hop history.

Oh yeah, the streak isn’t over. I’m blogging on LA time. Until 2morrow

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  • Eman

    yo Im up and Im drunk and wtf man fuck 50 hes over fuck gunit I know muthafuckerz are in the business to seel music but musics still a art and this new shit is not artistic its fucked

  • Randy Exclusive

    1st…I couldn’t resist.

  • http://www.myspace.com/yeahobi fat tony

    wise words spoken. 50 is pure entertainment.

  • Kay be

    I agree with this.Right now 50 and g-unit is the only thing that still can bring sum atention on NY.Tention!We need the ATENTION!So if you’re from NY,give 50 the propz and stop hatin!
    I know whatcha think…Papoose…Papoose can bring the East back,but…HELL NO!NO!NO!He’s great lyricist,but he is not powerfull playa,he’s not great artist.NY need sum big new name,somebody who can make sum good crossover moves,like 50 3 years ago!Sumthin like that.
    Yeah,this is the worst year for the hip-hop…EVA!We need the big n ames right now,we need Jigga,we need Nas,we need Snoop,50,THE BIG NAMES!

  • Nelson Abbey

    “Oh yeah, the streak isn’t over. I’m blogging on LA time. Until 2morrow ”


    I go to bed on London time and need to read today’s blogs today.

    Otherwise… i cant say i agree with this. I look forward to quality music not hype and drama.

    Sickamore! Push the new Little Brother forward if you can! That would be worth the while


    Your a tricky man Sickamore even though I call BS but Jay would out sell Fif first week out. Its his COme back album and the ppl are sick of 50 cent he makes bubble gum rap. Im sick of G-unit Dick Riders FUCK EM ALL.

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Dummy said “80′s baby” again and just ruined my whole fucking day. What a gay way to start shit off.

  • J2daEdubbleF

    How can you call 2006 the worst (or one of the worst) years in hip hop history??? Even if you want to hate on the southern rappers, there were still great albums released this year by Busta, Ghostface, Cam, T.I., Obie, E-40, DMX, Juvenile, Ice Cube, J5, Gnarls Barkley, Pimp C, and Rick Ross. Your pessimistic self has to love at least a few of those cds released this year. Then you got upcoming and possibly spectacular albums from Clipse, OutKast, Method Man, MOP, The Roots, Lupe, Lloyd Banks, Freeway, Nas, Ludacris, Xzibit, Jeezy, Hell Rell, and maybe even Jay-Z himself. You sound like every other NY dude who just wants to whine and bitch about the south and hip-hop this year just because NY isn’t the only game in town and the south has basically taken over and finally got the credit that has long been due. Seriously man, how can you say this has been the worst year in history for hip-hop? You need to stop riding on 50 and NY’s jock and realize there is tons of great hip hop being made currently and this genre is as great as its always been and arguably even at one of its best periods. Instead of just one region getting money and being successful like it has always been in the past, the genre is now so big and widely consumed that there is enough to go around for people all over the country. Lastly I’m gonna call it right now that the next 50 cd does horrible, is horrible, and flops. His ish is getting old.

  • tru mindset

    yeah baby dick

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Ya know what? I can’t stand 50, but I’m so sick of this down south stuff that I hate him less because of his anti-South rant a few months ago. Also, the “Hands Up” record from Banks actually made it on my legal downloads list.

    Hopefully Curtis will bring it because altho’ he is a crooning pop hypocrite exploiter, he still insists on a certain level of quality that alot of MCs just don’t give a fuck about.

    …about damm time I agreed with you again, Sick.

  • XRAY3000

    so how did it feel when 50 was holding you by the waist and butt fucking you from behind…

  • Pro-Rican

    I don’t fuck with the new 50. But I respect dollers and he got the most out of all these rap cats. And he is saving NY right now as far as soundscan. He needs to put MOP before Daze hit a lick for rent money

  • Miami Monica

    50 IS MY NIGGA! ;-)

  • http://www.myspace.com/therapistmusic therapist

    rap is so fuckin boring

  • icon

    What happened to the corny ass 80s baby blog….you might be a redneck if…lol


    that’s so true ….50 prophetically said Fat Joe would be on Koch
    & guess what sloppy joe got dropped hahaaha

    indeed , rap is so fuckin’ boring, my nigga 50 need’s to drop a new one 4 real

    GGGG-Unit let’s go

  • Arcane

    Fif hate it or love it he’s still number one

    cant knock his hustle

  • Arcane

    cant knock his hustle

  • LOS

    When Scrappy coming out? And Buck? The only rappers worth listening to in G Unit?
    And that nigga 50 did go off on the South, but the best nigga in his clique from here, and since G.R.O.D.T. he been making shit worst than our Young Jocs.
    And I hope Fif do what you say so Jay can eat that nigga. Just in time for Christmas mufuckas

  • Incilin

    Where did you get that picture?? I didn’t know 50 did Bill Mahr’s show. Is that from Real Time With Bill Mahr?? Sick throw me a bone!

  • slap fire out a blog

    50 isnt that bad and it does seem like he is slated to take over the world…..

    I still think Lloyd is one of the illest punchline rappers ever

  • lukee lefty

    Jay-z = K.O.N.Y

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Jay-Z = G.O.A.T. (after Frank White)

    …but 50 would bring some quality music back, and I can’t stand his Bugs Bunny lookin’ ass.

    Not for nothing, I’d rather listen to “Just a lil’ bit” 50 times than “It’s Goin’ Down” once.

  • I Fux

    Good Post, remember way back in 2002 50 was killing the mixtape circuit and he was New York’s Savior, what the fuck happened to that, New Yorkers are bitches, support your artist’s (i.e. Jae Millz,Papoose, and etc.) then them niggaz will blow up like the south is blowing up. When have you seen the south turn their back on their artist’s so quickly, never thats why they have the game locked up

  • http://trendsettazinc.com DJ Main Event

    PLEASE do the M.O.P. blog. if anyone on g-unit needs to drop an album its them.

    thats the only reason they should go to koch, @ least they can get a cd out over there, nevermind it being an artists graveyard.

    50 better get hungry like he was before GRODT dropped or else this is REALLY gonna go down as the worst year in mainstream hip-hop.

  • mr agee

    i know for a fact that 50 will out sell jay. i am not sure what was his biggest first week sales but i know it was no more than 350,000. some one look it up. i gotta get to work, my new district manager is paying me a visit today.

  • e

    Freeway,Young Buck and M.o.p need to drop albums on G-unit soon. 50 Cent looks like Chamillionaire on steroids

  • Tha New Kid

    Saw Nina B post you in her bulletin. So decided to check you out. I am a fan now. Cant wait until the next one. Accept me on MYSPACE as a friend.

  • Belize

    “Throw us a freakin bone here.”
    Haaaa-real 80′s babies know Wayne’s World

    Good post Sick..a fif album would be smart now, but a guint album would be smarter, he gets to fix the mobb hating..reimerge mase…and push for a buck album..what u think willis?

  • twerkolator


    from reading many of your posts since this site has existed, i know you feel a certain type of way about the music from the south and that’s cool, i can respect that.
    not that it matters, but i live in atl, born and raised, and i don’t like a lot of the music from these parts as of late. but then again, i don’t like most hip-hop from anywhere as of late, which leads to my point:

    i was wondering if you could name 25 of the south’s worst songs (in your opionion) from the past 5 years that get (or have gotten) radio and/or video play where you live…

    if you can’t think of 25 just list as many as you can think of.

    ‘preciate it…go

  • e

    Step your game up Sickamore where are the baseball refrences

  • http://www.myspace.com/bkslime BK Slime

    The 50 picture came from Amazon.com show fishbowl with bill maher. it was a good interview. i would like to see 50 on real time. he would be way better then the other real famous rapper (andre 3000) who made black people/rappers look real stupid

  • lukee lefty

    re: mr.agee whateva job you are working at right now u should stick to it. from vol.2 on jay has neva sold less 400,000 the first week the only reason he did 420,000 with blueprint cause it came out the day the towers fell

    while 50 has sold more than him 50 has yet to match jay’s consistency would he still sell a milion records in the first week if he put an album out every year i doubt it

  • Eastside Bread Maker

    I have never seen truer words blogged before. Minus Jay & Nas’s forthcoming CD’s (both of which I think will not be as lyrically dope as prior offerings, but have enough hype to move the expected units) there really is no one else from NY that I wanna hear from besides 50 and Papoose. Now Pap has his own shit coming, but 50 definitely has to do it, not just for me (No-Homo), or for NY, but for his own damn pockets. I heard some of Banks’ songs for the upcoming album and it doesnt seem like its gonna be as good as the first one. Buck will forever be the shit to me, and my disappointment in Mobb Deep is too much for words. Ma$e??? Come on now, his time has passed him. So that leaves 50. and i dont mean sweet-ass (no-homo) candy-shop singing 50. I mean G-Unit radio pt. 21: hate it or love it 50. Getting back to why the mixtape game is the way it is now, cuz when he stops trying to make commercial songs and puts the pen to the pad and his foot to someone’s ass, the musical content that is the result is amazing.

    I want the old 50 Cent, the Guess who’s back 50, the 50 that shut down Murder Inc.

    The 50 that made the songs Gunz Come out, Position of power, Hustler’s ambition, poor lil rich and all the other classic hits.

    I’m with you Sick, Bring 50 Back!!!

    oh yeah, DIPSET for life Bitches!!!

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN


    I gotta agree, there is equally wack music coming from all sides, but the South gets the most flack due to the Mike Jones, D4L, etc.

    How quickly people forget that three of the Top 5 rap duos (Kast, UGK, and Ball & G ), came from the South.

    I really hate even defending Southern artists to non-believers, it’s like trying to explain my obsession with fantasy football or the Madden VGs to my girl.

  • http://itsbeentime.blogspirit.com Tego

    Sick you need to stop frontin’ on Freeway!

  • DocZeus

    Sick, you do remember the giant abortion that was “The Massacre?” What makes you think that 50′s even capable of dropping a decent record these days?

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Twerk: Before this turns into yet another “e-beef”, please understand that there’s a ton of music from all over the place that I can’t stand. I’m not knocking the people that like it, cuz to each his own. I’m just stating my opinion. However, since you asked, I’ll oblige, altho’ truth be told, I can probably come up with just as many songs from NY that I hate just as much. This should be fun.

    1-Laffy Taffy
    2-Lean Wit It…
    3-Oh I think they like me
    4-Still Tippin
    6-Whatcha gon’ do (the lil jon one where everyone had a twin in the video)
    7-Right Thurr
    8-#1 Spot
    10-Let Me Hold You
    11-Shorty Wanna Ride
    12-Game Over
    13-Holidae Inn
    14-Chain Hang Low
    15-It’s Goin’ Down
    16-Any Lil’ Wayne song

    …I dunno, man. Lotta songs I don’t know the names to as well, but I don’t spend alot of time listening to music I don’t like, but that drek above was unavoidable.

    I’m an equal opportunity music hater AND appreciater, so shout me a holla if you want me to do NY music, or r’n'b.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Mikey, Twerk–

    I definitely dig ‘Kast, 3 Six Mafia, 8 Ball & MJG, Scarface, Luda, T.I., Jeezy… It’s not every song from the south, but there’s a lot that is truly awful from all over. But shit, even on Hot 97, on March 9th of all days, they were playing fucking “Lean wit it…”. That was the end for me, man.

  • Belize

    Damn Rey u really gotta like at least one weezy cut mayne..i think he’s a good rapper but thats just me, i was on hot boyz since 400 degreez..
    -game over was dope in the south when it came out, that beat is nasty
    -shorty wanna ride was a dope cut but a wack ass video…but i agree with 23/25 of ur shyyt … im feelin lil jon though-my workout music

  • ronburgandy

    that new breaking benjamin is pretty fire…


    Mr.Azmee or whatever you call yourself Jay-z’s best album debut is the roca la familla album with 558,000 cd’s sold. Then with the Blueprint he sold 426,000 and that was the year the towers dropd. The Black album sold 466,000 on the black album in only three days AND the Tupac Resurection album was dropd that week and the G-unit album so there you guy G-unit had a whole week and couldnt take Jay-z I mean no wonder 50 wont say shit to Jay he’d be put in his place like the bitch he is shit I wish he would and just go ahead and commite career suicide.Unfortuantley he is to smart for that.

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    why would spider loc get dropped?

  • twerkolator

    ‘preciate it. rey (and mikey)…

    no it definitely wasn’t a thing to start no e-beef or anything like that. i was just wondering…

    as i said, i’m from atl and i feel a certain type of way (fucked up) about a lot of music that comes from down here. the reason i posed the question though, is because i know you’re from up north (ny) and i know they play down south music up there, but i just want you to know you’re only hearing a fraction of it…

    i just wanted to try to get an idea of what some of the most egregious south songs were from someone else’s perspective. (n.b. a few of those joints on your list are from the midwest, and if they want to have their own identity as a region they have to take responsibility for the Ls they release).

    i’m not defending the music, but people have to understand that the south has always had it’s own regional hip-hop (since at least the mid 80s) that didn’t get national exposure.

    the positive thing i can say about a groups like d4l (or dfb) is that the music they make, while it may not seem like it to some, is really not a gimmick. i say that because the things they talk about in their music (the dancing, the pill-poppin’ etc.) really goes on on the westside of atl, and was going on BEFORE their record came out. i would even argue that they are probably slightly suprised at how well it did nationally. which leads to my overall point: a lot of the hip-hop from down South that so many people hate is really just regional music that happened to blow up*. And my question is, who do we blame for that?

    i’m not really sure if we can blame the artists or the people who support it. especially since, in most cases, they are merely describing (albeit sometimes in an exaggerated fashion) what goes on in their part of the world. it’s not like d4l said “let’s just dream up some catchy shit (songs and dances) and get a major label deal and blow up nationwide.” (hopefully everyone who reads this site knows that the music game doesn’t really work like that). they just did them (kept it true to what they know) and, lo and behold, some people from other places (enough for it to be popular nationwide at least) felt it.

    then what happens is you get all the copycats (just like all the copycat jiggas, biggies/puffies, from the mid-to-late 90s), and the labels want to sign similar groups because all they care about is what’s hot in the streets (to a label that means what’s selling). and on and on it goes until things balance themselves out or the tide turns (as it always does in popular music).

    to sum up i will say this:

    1. y’all niggs outside the south aren’t even hearing the worst or most of the stuff that gets released here (or even all of the “good” stuff for that matter).

    2. it goes without saying that we have artists down here that have contributed greatly to the hip-hop landscape. i don’t even need to list them (y’all know what time it is – unless you’re a true hater).

    3. hip-hop sucks in general lately. and the question everyone needs to ask is “is it really just the south that’s making it suck, or does it just happen to suck at a time when the south is popular?”

    i believe it’s the latter, and it’s due to a plurality of forces. it’s time for me to get off work now though so i won’t get into all that…

    p.s. – to anyone who dislikes the length of this post sue me. i’m bored at work (at least i get paid to pretty much do nothing, bitches!!!)

    * in a larger sense that’s all hip-hop is in the first place: regional new york music that happened to blow up worldwide (albeit over a 30 year span). let’s not forget that there were many years before hip-hop even existed on records and was strictly a ny street/club phenomenon.

  • Mr.Me

    I cant ride wit you on this one Sick. Nigga you must have lost it if you beggin for 50 to help bring hip-hop back. I’m starting to noticed when niggas say “bring back hip-hop” what they really mean “bring back NY” (which is a diss to every hard workin recording artist/MC/rapper outside of NY). Its sad that everyone looks to ONE state to bring back something that the whole world played a part in to help flourish. Yea NYC started it, but the rest of the nation helped it to grow and the rest of the world took it to its most popular status in history. These niggas would still only be known in NY if is wasnt for the rest of the world buyin into what their sellin. NY LOVES when the rest of the nation buys their shit, but its like they HATE when the rest of the nation wants to participate.

  • http://myspace.com/djsyncity syncity

    I heart NY! ;) *side note: talib kweli “listen” music video is the shit..bk stand up!*

  • Danja29

    Truuu… and for real, only people who listen to the radio think 50′s a strictly popcorn rapper. His mixtape shit’s been on fire lately and everybody seems to have conveniently forgotten his tracks on the GRODT soundtrack. The ratio of “Candy Shop”-type tracks to “Gunz Come Out”-type tracks is a large margin.

    Only downside to 50 droppin’ in december would be a (probably) corny-ass lead single that gets played to death around New Year’s.

  • Danja29

    Oh… but I DON’T believe 50 is the man to call when it comes to putting the fate of hip-hop on his shoulders. But then again, who is? Hip-hop will save itself before any of the people within it will.

  • DJ N-Credible


  • http://www.myspace.com/deensekou sATaLyte

    second that twerk..

    born and raised in atlanta and definitely understand that most of our music was fun ish for us because we were not getting any shine.

    Did everybody come down this hard on the harlem shake?

    Truth be told it is getting annoying down here, but it could be worse, hyphy is still lurking out there.

  • Danja29

    n-credible… two artists out of hundreds ain’t savin’ shit. and i gotta differ on the part about jay rollin out and everybody wantin to be king. IMO, niggas have been more lazy and lax in his absence- he left the spot wide open and nobody even stepped up to the plate.

  • begs no friends

    So this is the kind of “consulting” that you get paid for? Get the fuck out of here! You’re a fucking joke…

  • http://www.myspace.com/deensekou sATaLyte

    who is this “good” lil wayne everybody keeps talking about?

  • begs no friends

    “there were still great albums released this year by Busta, Ghostface, Cam, T.I., Obie, E-40, DMX, Juvenile, Ice Cube, J5, Gnarls Barkley, Pimp C, and Rick Ross.”

    Are you high? These albums fucking suck (ok 50% of the Ghostface is good but is anyone still listening to the album? didnt think so)…who the fuck listens to “J5″??

  • http://UG-RS.com Tyler

    Sick, please, take 50 dick outta ya’ mouth dude, cause it’s not a good look. U came wit’ a touch of truth 4 a change wit a dash of dick riding hot sauce, which is new 4 XXL.

    50 should drop on Nov.7 with Game and settle who is the best once and 4 all and the sales won’t determine ‘dat but it would be a good place 2 start. So put up or shut up 50! cause it’s what 2pac would do.

    Yea’ 50 crew is getting weaker by the minute so he needs 2 step it up and take 1 for the team or else they might not make to the 07.

    XXL, ya’ll got more plastic going around than Pam Anderson dawgs. . Take the wrappers off ya’ mags yo. It makes it look like U cats is beggin 4 sales, which again, is not a good look.

    Get down wit’ the get down at: http://www.myspace.com/marcmaysrockandrollthug

  • icon

    Dallas Penn Ethered your lame 80s baby blog….

  • I Fux

    Pharoahe Monch is the most underrated MC of our generation

  • P-Matik

    Sickamore is a fuckin homo. Fuck you and your gay ass 80′s baby shit. Your whole generation just nut-hugs Tupac and Biggie like they were the end-all of emcees. Combat Jack just slapped fire out of your whole lame operation. I barely hear any “80′s babies” spitting anything quality anyway.

  • DJ N-Credible


  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Those are good points, Twerk. Thanks for the perspective.

  • Belize

    Did everybody come down this hard on the harlem shake?

    ^Reason 100 why NY hiphop gets lame sometimes..again… sometimes

  • LOS

    Dont forget the chicken noodle soup.

  • Andrew

    50 cent runs new york u fags, can’t wait til december


    That chicken noodle shit is gay as hell….lol @ ny hiphop – its funny how they started hiphop but dont know how to continue it

  • Profit

    50′s a great business man. I can almost guarantee that Fif will be beefing with somebody 2 months before his album drops. I kinda wonder if G Unit can even sell without all the drama. I guess only time can tell.

  • Profit

    Oh by the way, the problem with New York niggas is that they don’t remember what NY hip hop is (just listen to Fat Joe lately). Kill all the beefs and concentrate on making good records…. p.s. STOP TRYING TO SOUND LIKE DIRTY SOUTH NIGGAS, BE ORIGINAL

  • Michelle

    Hmm…how about another G-Unit album? I think 50 and Banks should go hungry for a while and start recording again. [Read my comment on Banks and 50 under XXL comments]

  • New York Nigga

    ^^ are u a girl? why da hell are u on da internet? girls dont like computers

  • New York Nigga

    but i say this I waz ju8s listenin to Get rich or die tryin and that shit waz straight fire i neva get tired of hearin that. I mean wat would it be for new york to have
    Get Rich Or Die Tryin II

    That would be da greatest thing to happen to new york since 50 got signed to aftamath
    all 50 needs to do iz get dr.dre to produced da whole freakin album da problem wit the massacre waz that it wasn’t all produced by dre and 50 had hiz head stuck up hiz ass
    I think now 50 iz humble and iz seeing clear He will make another classic album G
    Get Rich Or Die Tryin II COMIN SOON!

  • New York Nigga

    oh yea GGG-UUNIIIT!

  • Combat Jack
  • mr agee

    thanks for the info. i honestly did not remember that blueprint did that well.i know remember that outkast stankonia was number 2 and roc la was number 1. i think jay lowest selling album was in my life time vol.1(that album title was heir to the throne vol.1) question will interscope let 50 drop every year?

  • mr agee

    while we are on numbers. what is Mobb deep total? will rick ross go platnium? do we want jada? where is freeway? memphis who? young gunz? did juelz get dropped.

  • H-man

    Do ya ever wonder what the answers 2 the 21 questions were??? Finish the song 50, tell the people the 99 answers 2 the 21 questions!!!

  • H-man

    New York didn’t go no where because I run it. I’m the king of NY!” That’s what I’m talking about Action Jackson! Hate it or love it, you have been most interesting thing coming out of NYC for the past 3 years. I’d take a sub-par 50 Cent mixtape over anything currently on the mixunit

  • Prince of the South

    50′s a good rapper he can make another hot album if he wants to, but now he needs to. Game ruined G-unit’s situation last year on the mixes, he’s got no choice but to bring it. I’m a 50 fan, but ever since Get Rich or Die Tryin’ he’s been playing around with this rap game, he needs to get serious and drop another hot album. Don’t drop no record like Disco Inferno or Candy Shop b/c they got play b/c of the hype around your album and Best Friend was trash. Drop another record like In da Club and some How We Do and Hate it or love it verses. He’s got too much pride to make another Massacre album and right now he’s hungry again which means trouble for all those who been dissing him. Listen to his first album and say he couldn’t end someone career if he got loose like he did on that album. 50, Jay, and Nas dropping in the same year would be big for Hip Hop, nut it’d be even bigger if 50 and Nas squashed it and all of them did a record together. If 50 doesn’t bring it on his next record his career will be over at the end of 2007.

  • Prince of the South

    Get Rich Soundtrack was crazy with 50′s songs, the three cuts from BulletProof (I’m a Rider, PIMP part 2, and Maybe We Crazy) were hot, and the G-unit Radio 21 had a few misses but for the most part it showed he’s still got the ability to make a good record. Haters need to jump off Game and be real both are good, but when you compare they first albums 50 killed him. Buck and 50 all G-unit got going for them and Buck going to bring it and 50 is about to drop a bomb.

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  • H-man

    WOW Get Rich or Die Tryin 2…I like the sound of that….50, Jay-z, and Nas????….I have resonable doubt on that, but Ive been wrong before…

  • Truth

    It’s crunch time for him, if his cd is wack then he’ll be the new weed plate for the hood. He’s already got one with the massacre. He’s not stupid enough to drop on Jay’s date, he tried that once with the G-unit album and couldn’t top him. New York needs to support those two because Jay and fif all you have going for you. Papoose isn’t bringing NY back and Busta bricked.

  • gunit_soldierpr

    man fif never been gone hes just been hibernating patiently waiting for the right time and the time is now. u people know if 50 come out with somethin classic he kill anyone jigga nas jeezy mike jones whoever not to mention game so if u thought 50 was done just wait and i wont say i told u so.

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  • kabazaba

    Marete a 50 cent le G-Unit and Mobb deep too.

  • c-dog

    The reason why hip-hop suck right now is because, theres no real lyric in the music of today generation, money, hoes, clothes, cars, ect. Thats why 2pac will 4ever b the best rapper alive and dead nigger.