The Twilight Ozone


The Ozone Awards were created to honor the premiere rappers in the Dirty. One of my local mixtape DJ cohorts likes to think of it as “our very own Source Awards.” Right.

Since I decided at the last minute not to attend this year’s ceremonies (darn!), I have to rely strictly on hearsay and photographs to fill me in on what went down. And from the look of things, I’m glad I didn’t decide to gas up the Kia and make a trip to O-Town after all. I haven’t seen this much certified Southern hot ass mess in one place since last year’s Dirty Awards.

The ceremonies took place at the Bob Carr Auditorium which could easily be mistaken for a convention room at the Ramada Inn. Most awards shows usually start off at a mediocre venue so I’m not going to past judgment this time.

A mixture of rookie rappers (read: a bunch of local niggas from the mall who scored press passes) and vets sprinkled the red carpet and press area before the show.

I would like to this opportunity to introduce my new recording artists Gel-N-Weave (aka Diamond and Princess of Crime Mob). We doing big things on Kitchen Ass Hair Records in 2089, know that shit. very own DJ “The Fuck” Drama [1] even showed up to scoop up not one but two awards, shut your mouth!

I’m happy to report that the show was virtually drama free. All of the artists that attended were on their best behavior. The only thing remotely close to being dra-dra-dramatic was the little stunt  that one of Jacki-O’s bodyguard pulled. Word is that he made a bold and funny fashion statement regarding future Advantage Flea Control spokeswoman Khia by wearing a t-shirt that simply read “Fuck Khia.”  

I am going to make it my business to be there next year though. That is if it’s still in existence.  

[1] I love it, I fucking love it.

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  • eskay

    >>I love it, I fucking love it.

    I’m a self made bloginaire, fuck the public.


    -shakes head-
    looks like a mess to me…

  • thoreauly77

    i wish you would have been there and gotten a picture of khia’s sweaty moustache. nims.

  • khal

    feelin drama’s ipod king tee.

  • http://none Jazmyne

    lol @ gel n weave

  • ESL representa

    ‘Fuck is a I-Pod King and who would want to be 1?

  • Meka Soul

    >One of my local mixtape DJ cohorts likes to think of it as “our very own Source Awards.”>

    i don’t think that’s a compliment.

    yowzas, yikes & sheesh! i guess crime mob’s “knuck til you buck” royalties ran out.

  • WOW…

    >>We doing big things on Kitchen Ass Hair Records in 2089, know that shit.


  • Honorable

    >aka Diamond and Princess of Crime Mob

    umm…they look different.

    yea…dont know what else to say.


    LMAO!!!! I had some friends that went they were keeping it real getto

  • pop a poppa

    a while ago people were sayin’ that
    ciara was born with both male and
    female body parts but they definitely
    got it wrong.
    it had to be that crime mob bitch cuz
    she is strait up big carnival hands,
    adam’s apple mannish!
    and since when did flipsyde decide to
    start attending award shows?

  • Yeeee

    ROTF @ gel-n-weave. a hot effin mess.

  • Rob Harper

    Good article, congrats to DJ Drama. Visit for hip hop production video tutorials.

  • DirtySout’MixtapeBumper

    Dam i knew diamond was skinny but not damn bulemic i thought she just had small ass titties, shiit, can’t even eat my breakfast now feel guilty, bitch needs a clinic or some fast food. princess aka “da ova bitch” look jus like rhymefest or his momz.

  • Boner Jams 03

    why wa scrime mobb even there??they aint dropped shit since 04

  • Belize

    fresh..i bet u take showers to mac dre’s “feelin myself”…haaaa

  • Kid Anonymous

    Diamond skinnier than Nicole Richie lol

  • Boner Jams 03

    Diamond’s titties look like they can poke an eye out

  • Peachy

    them crime mob gurls look like some drags in that pic..what the hell happend here?

  • Belize

    whats wrong with princess’ lip?

  • Julia_Claudine_Deveraux

    *Doing the Snap dance* @ Kitchen Ass Hair Records LMAO..Fresh you’re a damn fewl!

    Before I read the caption I was wonder what the fuck was Stephen Baldwin doing at a rap awards show but then I read that his name is DJ Drama. OKAY!

  • SnapDragon

    dead@ Stephen Baldwin.

  • MSY

    Yea they need to just stop with the modelish poses and realize Diamond got the body of a 12 year old compared to her big ass head…and well, Princess…DAMN. That bitch nastier lookin than Remy.

    Tis all.

  • mymorex09

    them hoz look like they woke up and was like “fuk it. we going anyway.”

    and was there a sale at the rite aid on Wet’n'Wild products? i see lipstick #45 was a hot item that night…..

    i nominate rhinesto…i mean “diamond” for president of the IBTC.**

    **itty bitty titty comitty [sic]***

    ***[sic]-means spelled incorrectly on purpose bytches

  • daphine


  • Crunkatlanta

    That has got to be the ugliest picture of diamond and Princess…dammmmm