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In what has turned out to be 80′s Baby Week on, I’ve decided to keep the civil war going by listing the 80 most influential “crack babies” in the world today. The criteria? Whoever I deemed worthy enough plus the guidelines I stated in a previous post. The list is compiled of rappers, execs, athletes, politicians, bloggers and other people who are going to shape the future of our culture.

In no particular order, the roll call:

1) Sickamore……Famous People Maker
2) Lebron James……You Already Know
3) T.I.P…….King Of The South
4) Lil’ Wayne (Exposed as a 70′s Baby)
4) Beyonce’s Crazy Ass
5) Rihanna……Def Jam’s Beyonce
6) Chris Brown……The Next Usher
7) Dwayne Wade……Reigning NBA Champion
8) Albert Pujouis……Best MLB Player
9) Carmelo Anthony……1/3 of the Legendary ‘03 Draft
10) Reggie Bush……The George W. Of Running Backs
11) Lupe Fiasco……Top 10 Right Now
12) Michelle Wie……LPGA Tiger
13) Joe Budden……69 Baby is holding him back
14) Byron Crawford…..Rap’s most popular bald blogger
15) Ne-Yo…….Incredible Songwriter
16) Christina Aguilera……Did an LP with Primo (Take That Nas!)
17) Miss Shaw…… (formerly
18) Vince Young……The New Mike Vick
19) Pusha T…….Remember P, The One Where Wayne Got His Whole Style From?
20) Justin Timberlake……Coming (pause) for Ursher’s neck
21) Slim Thug…….Already Plat!
22) Paul Wall…….Grill Shop + Gold LP = Entrepreneur
23) Spot…….Part Of The New New New New York
24) Serius Jones…….See Spot
25) Joe Mauer…….Best Hitter in Baseball
26) Ben Roethlisberger…..F a helmet!
27) Juelz Santana……..A!
28) Wynter Gordon…….You’ll see
29) Vanessa Simmons…….Sorry Rev, but she got next if you know what I mean
30) Jessica Alba……Did you see her in Sin City?!?!
31) Bow Wow…….He don’t gotta act hard, he’s under 21 with a black card
32) Ciara……Right after Vanessa
33) Tony Parker…..2 Time World Champ
34) Paris Hilton…….Can’t knock her hustle
35) Mary-Kate Olson…..Stupid rich
36) Ashley Olson…..Stupider rich
37) Cassidy…….Ask Freeway
38) Ashanti……I liked her in John Tucker Must Die (no homo)
39) Christina Milian……I don’t care if she got dropped…hell; I’d take a Atlantic meeting with her asap! Forget about Nick baby, he’s old school (’79)….take my number…… 212 707…..
40) Avril Levine……Sold stupid records
41) Matt Leinart…..Overcharging the Cardinals….Coach Brown is saucy, mainly cuz he’s old and don’t like to see 80’s Babies get money
42) Fresh……You aint freshazsheiz
43) Kelly Rowland……2nd Fiddle to arguably the biggest 80’s Baby…not a bad place 2 be
44) Trey Songz…….1/3 of the ‘05 draft (Ne-yo, C Brown)
45) Noz…….80’s Baby with the depth of a 50’s baby
46) Roger Federer…..He will not lose
47) Amanda Diva……Famous Poet/VJ
48) The Game…….One Blood!
49) Dontrelle Willis…..I wonder what rhymes with Dontrelle?
50) Plies…..Remember I called this one
51) Remy Ma……I still like her over 90% of the male mixtape rappers
52) Lloyd Banks…..One this list only because of Money In The Banks 1 and 2
53) Chris Paul…..NBA Rookie of the Year
54) Young Buck…..Best Southern Rapper Ever (according to kris ex…don’t shoot the messenger)
55) Ryan Howard……Phillies Slugger
56) Palao Nutini……see Plies
57) Nina B……dopest female rapper unsigned
58) Dwight Howard…..I can’t front though, Kobe did do you dirty
59) Jessica Simpson…..See Vanessa and Ciara
60) Jae Millz…….My Swag is a hit! F yall
61) Sky Balla…..I Can Make You Famous!
62) Serena Williams…..That ass!
63) Andy Roderick…..Great Tennis Player
64) Kelis……See Vanessa, Ciara and Jessica
65) Letoya Luckett……Bodied Pharell!
66) Hell Rell…….Hardest Rapper out (no homo)
67) Young Dro……His girl got a girlfriend
68) Santana Moss…..Better than Randy this year…watch!
69) Kelly Clarkson…..She can saaaang
70) Bobby Valentino….No more pervert records homie
71) Brendan Frederick…..XXLMag/Mass Appeal Capo
72) Uncle Murder……Bang Bang Nigga!!!!
73) Sergio Garcia……Just need to win ONE Major
74) Cassie…….See #59
75) Esso………
76) Cipha Sounds……Taking over MTV, Sirius, Hot 97….all kind of checks!
77) Robinson Cano….Lets Go Yankees!
78) Sebastian Telfair……Broooooooooookkkyllllnnnn!!!!
79) Ron Browz……Makes that shiii that makes your soul burn slow
80) Yao Ming…….And til the next time, I hit you with 80 more!

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  • sATaLyte

    ever seen a man suck his own dick?

    “1) Sickamore……Famous People Maker”


  • {F R E $ H}

    nice list?

  • ronburgandy

    i’m with you on remy ma.
    fuck a papoose “concieted” is the best song to come out of new york this year.
    “‘cuz i’m such a fuckin’ lady”

  • DJ Main Event

    again… good list but get plies the fuck outta there ASAP.

    im pretty sure you can find someone more worthy of that spot.

  • step_child


  • Danja29

    Oh Hell Rell No! If that nigga’s really an 80′s baby and Lil’ Wayne ain’t really one… Rell gotta be the oldest lookin’ 80′s baby there is.

    aight, let’s get back to the “Reasons” list tomorrah…

  • Young A. Simmons

    How many of those 80 are involved in the hip hop game? Not too many and when compared to the 10 richest on Bols blog there is no contest, it’s a whitewash. Us 80′s cats need to step our game up, 60′s and 70′s dudes killin’ us.
    Gotta disagree with your inclusion though (be real) and Bobby Valentino, ain’t you heard those child molesting rumours? damn…

  • Bol

    M.I.A. and eskay weren’t born in the ’80s.

  • Vyndizzy

    AHHHHHH. i finally get this…

    you think 80s babies are not forcely born in the 80′s

    this explain your wack ass 90′s babie blog..refered to as an 80′s baby one.

    Sickamore… 80′s babiesborn in the 80s

  • LOS

    I wonder how long its gone take for these niggas round here to come up with they list of influential 70s and shit. It’s coming
    And I aint too sure about that wayne born in 79 shit

  • king douche

    The Clipse are a Virginia based hip-hop duo. Formed by brothers Malice (born Gene Thornton in 1973) and Pusha-T (born Terrence Thornton in 1977) in 1992, they are best known for their 2002 hit single “Grindin’” and their affiliation with production team The Neptunes.

  • king douche

    Juan D’Vaughn Pierre (born August 14, 1977 in Mobile, Alabama), is a professional baseball center fielder for the Chicago Cubs. He bats and throws left-handed.



  • king douche

    Ryan Howard (born November 19, 1979 in St. Louis, Missouri) is a first baseman in Major League Baseball who currently plays for the Philadelphia Phillies. He graduated from Lafayette High School in 1998 and attended Southwest Missouri State University, which is now called Missouri State University. While at MSU Ryan pledged Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. He bats and throws left handed.

  • the dough

    They should get Kris Ex to edit your shit. You need it, and Kris seems to be all out of ideas.

  • I Am A Hater

    Typical 70′s and 80′s babies….you make us 20′s babies look bad….

  • king douche

    Santana Terrell Moss (born June 1, 1979 in Miami, Florida) is an American football player who currently plays wide receiver for the Washington Redskins of the NFL.

  • mr agee

    thanks for the bio king. anything past 77 is a 80s baby. i can only remember from age 4 to present.

  • e

    Props on the blog Sickamore you made us 80s babies proud with the baseball refrences don’t forget Dontrelle Willis, Jose Reyes, and Jered Weaver

  • King Paul

    Dwight Howard!

  • Sickamore

    Thats what happens when you write blogs on a sidekick……I’ll change everyting in the morning…Ryan Howard and Santana Moss are close enough….The Pusha T dissipoints me though with his old age yet 80′s Baby mannerisms…I’ll swap out M.I.A. with Kelis, Juan Pierre with Dontrelle Willis and Eskay with Fresh…then all will be right with the world

  • Miami Monica

    Cant seem to figure out why i wasnt on this list Sick!?!?! Ill have a few words with you later!!!! LOL…. ;-)




    Sick, was the E-Snuff on Bol? Doggie gave him props while mushing the cake…Haaa…good post pymp


    Got Some Real Suspect Rappers on This List! All Sickamore does is suck his own dick all day long! You a real homo. Everybody he puts on besides (saigon) is wack! Sorry man. XXL is about to lose their Credibility fuckin wit him!!

  • Eight Track

    This “30 days of blogging” is providing way too much entertainment right now. Keep it up.

    I just started a new (mostly hip hop) music/culture/food blog, so czech it out if you’re so inclined.

  • pop a poppa

    KING DOUCHE you a fool!!! haha

    that shit hilarious.

    yo Sickamore… Plies sucks!!!
    take that non-rappin’ ass off of there.
    if you hitchin’ your boat to Plies
    then yo ass is gonna drown playa!
    your A&Rin’ skills ain’t up to par.
    Remember i called it!

  • gluvnast

    pusha-t is 30 and malice is over 30…just to let you know…

  • khal

    12) Michelle Wie……LPGA Tiger

    LMAO! This bitch can’t win a tourney!

  • Walt

    Lil Wayne is indeed a 80′s baby on the dedication 2 mixtape he say ” Ive been ready since ’81 and I was born in ’82″ Dumb asses.

  • Rey

    Oh Man… Let’s just say I disagree with a ton of this list. Sorry man.

    Sales & Salary will never, ever be an accurate reflection of talent or impact.

    I refer to my comment yesterday of feedin’ people bullshit & calling it ice cream, no offense.

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Man… this whole “80′s Baby” thing is *yawn* getting kinda boring. Can someone please give this blog to me for a week, we’ll see which one you guys like *yawn* better. I was born in 1981. Did you really strip this whole 80′s baby and Sickamore thing from Jay-Z? Lame if you did. Lamer still if you didn’t.

  • Lorenzo

    This whole 80′s–70′s baby thing is not a new concept. You all have heard of Generation X / Generation Y for years. I t has nothing to do with exact dates but more generational cultural differences. Generation X started in 1964 and ended 76-77′. Generation Y (80′s babies as you so gayly like to call them) started in the late 70′. The “ninties babies”(about to be 18 yrs old in 15 months) have a different name.

  • Maurice G. Garland

    who is the politician on the list? and if the influential 80 is nothing but atheletes and entertainers im afraid to see what the 90s and beyond are gonna produce…my unborn kid needs doctors and teachers, and a decent writer/author.

  • Sean

    Would have been better if you bothered to step your spelling game up. Please don’t tell me Elliot Wilson cuts you a check for this shit.

  • DJ N-Credible



  • Solid Projects

    You can definately list a bunch of producers in both R&B who are killing the game. The whole 80′s babies movement is centered around the elements of east, west, down south and underground sounds. The difference in our music is the voice of change in hip hop. Its is up to our generation to represent as a whole, since geographic location is no longer a point of difference. From St. Louis to Miami to overseas, you can’t bank on location to be your claim to fame. Versatility of flow and style along with swagger will be the base and tied to production our music will truly change the world. The “splurge” of the 90′s is over, the market crashed and now its time for a rebirth of the music. Amen to that brothas.

  • icon

    Fucking Trey Songz…c’mon, B…ya gotta come a lot better than that…1/2 of this list is suspect as shit…Chris Brown might be a 90s baby, for real…lol

  • icon

    If you put in Serius Jones, you might as well throw in Jin

  • therapist

    i’ve been rockin with you so far…

    so i guess i can’t get too mad at you throwing some of your friends on here who obviously don’t belong…

  • Sickamore

    Fixed! Thanks 80′s Baby #71!

  • Maurice G. Garland

    “Matt Leinart…..Overcharging the Cardinals….Coach Brown is saucy, mainly cuz he’s old and don’t like to see 80’s Babies get money”

    I think u meant Coach Green



  • begs no friends

    wynter gordon sucks….maybe you’ll get fired when her album doesn’t sell for shit….one can only hope

  • DJ Main Event

    Pusha T is 28 according to the newest Complex Magazine.

  • Rey

    DJ O-Rig-Nal Name..

    Don’t talk shit about Joe Budden based on “Pump It Up”. His whole album was dope. He had clever lyrics and concepts, and unlike 90% of the game, he actually rapped about what his life is actually like. Stupid fuckin’ assholes like you are what makes artists stop making music that people can relate to and feel and start making bullshit Lil’ Wayne ass faggot crack rap.

    You have just *officially* made an enemy out of me.

  • fresh

    Aww, I feel special and shit!

  • http://meek ek

    Young Dro is 27, that nigga almost 30

  • Blak Water

    How the hell does Plies and Cassie make the list? What type of Hip Hop nigga are you? Did you even read what Plies had to say in the XXL show and prove? Brendan, Leah, Dave, someone get that issue to this dude….asap. How could you co-sign a nigga like that…I dont care how many hits he got on his myspace. Where is your integrity? As a product of what Hip Hop birthed, how do you move the way you move…

    “You sold ya soul for riches…”

  • H-man

    WOW, Beyonce goin through sum fatal attraction action or what??? Better double down on da rabbit action fellas, may find it boilin on your stove…lolol…damn, I bet those legs could wrap around me 2wice, shit 3 times even…love da article, dis shit funny

  • e

    Other 80s babies B.G, Pitbull, Frankie J, Ray Cash, Jose Reyes, David Wright, Miguel Cabrera, Lil Eazy,Young Roscoe

  • qwtqywey

    the future looks grim.

  • Pittsburgh, Pistolvania

    Luv ya grind & blogs Sic but ya mos def sleepin on the kid Wiz Khalifa bro. And if ya blog for XXL you gotta know him

    here’s his myspace

    And the homey is 18! He already got a Big Mike mix tape that is on FIYAH.


  • Belize

    Damn how u forget pitbull…can we say the lil big pun…..y u hatin on the brown niggaz sick?

  • Belize

    Lol @ Rey gettin mad at DJ Original-Name…he probably never hear the album just the single…and u know wack dj’s only buy singles for thier cratez, not albums

  • The Critic

    Andy Roddick is a great tennis player umm sorry. Roger Federer, yes I agree. Also it seems like out of all the 80′s babies, the rappers bring them down. The athletes and hot women carry this list. The 80′s rappers minus Saigon, Lupe and T.I. fucking suck. The Clipse are 80′s babies like Jay Z.

  • 90s Baby

    Fuck, all this 8os baby shit is getting real played. It’s an arbitrary generational distinction and i don’t understand why so many take it as a point of pride to be under 26. I can appreciate any young person doing their proverbial ‘thing’ but quit being so divisive about it.

  • Rey

    You gotta be kiddin’ me.. Again, Sick?

    Please tell me you’re deleting my shit cuz you’re protecting people from bashing your artist, and not cuz you’re sensitive…

    People shit on Bol all the time and he comes right back.

    That’s another thing about the “80s babies”–you dudes just can’t handle criticism.



  • Peachy

    Kelis isnt a 80′s baby sweetheart..she was born in 1979

  • WTF

    real impressive”80′s” list, i dont see a true EXECUTIVE or INFLUENTIAL (not talkin about myspace, or 106 & park) or someone that actually doesnt rap, sing act or dunk …mad caked up employees …

  • Sickamore

    I’m not deleting anything…..if a guy can come in here and scream “babydick” 1000x times, it means pretty much anything goes…the more feedback the better!

    Kelis is 80 Peachy

  • Rey

    *whew* Damm Y.N.’s out to get me.

    Okay. Sensitive thugs and whatnot.

    I still disagree.

  • KR

    There should be at least five people from the legendary ’03 Draft. Where the fuck is Chris Bosh? You put Chris Paul (not hating) on there but not Chris Bosh!? Where is Josh Howard!?

  • Profit

    Yo Sick, I got a question for your next blog (it kinda pertains to our generation.) Is it finally OK for white rappers to use the N-word in their music? (Paul Wall, Bubba Sparkxxx, Eminem, etc….)

  • Profit

    ^^^^^P.S. Do black people even care anymore. (As long as we get paid, right?)


    nice post!

  • They Want EFX

    good job retard. a lot of people were born in the ’80s, i’m pretty sure the next decades (’90s, 00s, etc.) will have a lot of successful folk.

  • YB

    1st off if Sickamore is not the truth why are you still reading everything he says and commenting on his Blog??? That counts for something. moving right along…This list is ah-ight but you have to influence something in order to be influential. Its way to early for most of this folks. Influential nah…up next maybe.

  • Jay W

    Your a day behind and boring as hell. Time to step it up.

  • Biggs123

    Pusha T is a 70′s baby like myself.fix your list Clipse – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • noz
  • Dr. Colossus

    79) Ron Browz……Makes that shiii that makes your soul burn slow

    Ron browz sucks!!!!

  • Peachy tellin you

  • keith White

    Wynter Gordon is the Truth!!

  • rock da block

    most of thos ppl are athletes and not rappers or hiphoppers and would not compare on any level t any 70s baby.

    p.s jay-z is not holding joe buttocks back

  • slap fire out a blog

    clock is ticking………..

  • Sickamore

    fuck it

  • the dough

    Sick you are giving up?


    Sick you fuck You lost it ass munch no matter what excuses you have you punked out lmao hahha you arent a real 80′s baby.

  • micguevara

    Joe Mauer…….Best Hitter in Baseball,yeha ok

  • micguevara

    Johnathon paplebom,jon lester,craig hansen and manny delcarmen are all better then robinosn cano

  • Combat Jack
  • J.A.M.E.S.

    Sorry Sick, you forgot one…

    J.A.M.E.S. WATTS

    Dopest unsigned MC/Producer….ask the NY Showcase circuit, they know…

  • Young G.O

    The world is gone here my flow everyday I speaks is like lava blow but the best in five in the rap game is Jada jay- z Tip lil wayne MM period

  • John Street

    hovain 11/18/83

    troy ave 11/23/83

  • SWB

    Sick, u left out DJ SWB & his dvd mixtapes