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I thought it would be pretty interesting to see how much us bloggers would be paid if we got royalties like artists. When I say pretty interesting, I mean only to folks who consistently read this site or any blogging site for that matter. Regular everyday people won’t give two flying falcons about this post. Plus I figured all my “31 in 31” blogs have been so aggressive, whether it been the Duffle Bag Man, Lil’ Jimmy Hoffa or my sluggish past hustle, that I make today’s a little more lighthearted and reflective. So now you guys can hold us columnists to the same standards we hold artists to, as far as flopping and so forth. How I came out with the numbers is simple: 

$100 per comment $100 per comment 100 comments is going platinum

200 comments is going double platinum

$10,000 Bonus for going “Platinum”

$20,000 Bonus for going “Double”

Criteria: the last 20 post for each blogger.

   And now without further ado, the Money List:  

  1. Sickamore: $278,000….Went Plat 9x
  2. Bol: $197,200…Went Plat 6x
  3. DJ Drama: $95,900*…Went Plat 2x
  4. Fresh: $73,400
  5. Tara Henley: $61,600
  6. Noz: $61,200…Went Plat 1x
  7. Elliot Wilson: $42,400**
  8. Kris Ex: $24,800

*Only 14 Entries

**Mostly Break-A-Days

I know Bol might be screaming fuzzy math, but you can download & see its 100% accurate has of 8/5/06 at 12:30pm. I’m going to hit up the YN to see if I can get a bonus or something. Matter of fact with this stunning conclusion, I’m now taking orders paid advertising links in my blogs. CTC! Also by this logic, Eskay would be a billionaire.

Aight I’m done. Until tomorrow guys.

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  • chicity

    what up sick!-first!

  • Che

    hey!! its the AIDS baby! back again! second.

  • Che

    >Sickamore. How appropriate. You look like an AIDS patient on your blog banner.

    sorry dude, but that killed you.

  • Che

    nigga how did you better than bol? that muh fucker’s on here blogging like his mother’s virginity depended on it.

  • chills

    good job sickamore.keep doing your thing. you be having interesting blogs. the more you have interesting blogs ,the more you will get comments.

  • Che

    chills get ur tongue outta this lil niggaz herpies infested ass crack.



  • Caveman

    The Truth is had 2 come by Good Blog

  • Caveman

    The Truth Is Hard 2 Come By – Good Blog


    man this was kind of intresting but his blogs are getting boring on the fourth day Fuck I look foward to these damn things lol ahhh sick keep doing your thing.

  • Boner jams 03

    You are running out of ideas already huh??


  • ORLY?

    Wow how can you dikheads critize am dude das gettin paid when all ya still live wit your moms in the Pjs
    Nuff said am out

  • Young H

    I definitely respect your hustle, but Kris Ex is the best thing going for XXL blogs.

  • Greg/ YG Da Boss

    Interesting concept man I thought that bol would have more cause of his controversial tales and attention seeking tactics but you did the damn thing guess it’s that unique perpsective and the baseball refrences that put you over the top…
    BTW man I thought you were joking about dropping ablog each day damn man props cause lol I haven’t even had a chance to check the last two so if we as readers are hardly keeping up that shows that you are truly driven to make this happen, BTW I would love to get your take on the current talent in the new west can we have a blog on that one of these days hmm? just check news site and and after 30 mins of reading you will have a wealth of material to write on btw I know your up on the crooked I and Snoop controversey right?

  • exo

    If it weren’t for the Koch-like, $800-per-comment nature of my one-of-a-kind deal, I’d actually be concerned that I’m putting up Little Brother numbers.

  • therapist

    exo Says:

    August 5th, 2006 at 4:26 pm
    If it weren’t for the Koch-like, $800-per-comment nature of my one-of-a-kind deal, I’d actually be concerned that I’m putting up Little Brother numbers.


    one of you cats need to talk about hip hop’s latest classic track… Outkast ft wayne and snoop
    “hollywood divorce”… wayne and andre spit two amazing hip hop quotables…

  • rick rustling

    well i make 15 dollars an hour so am going triple silver

  • Rey

    Very interesting/entertaining. 5/31, Sick!

  • Bol

    This is why I urge kids to stay in school.

  • P

    this should be a good month if you can keep it up

  • thisishowwedoit?


    bol killed it.


  • yes


    either way you’re still on top

    Same haters keep reading for some unknown reason.

  • the dough

    No doubt, Therapist, “Hollywood Divorce” is incredible.

  • micguevara

    Very goodgetting more comment then BOL is very inpresive seeing is how he is a shock blogger. And ofcourse beeing a shock blooger he gets everyone fired up.he’s alsoa 2-bit hack,but whatever

  • Curt Dog

    very weird blog

  • pop a poppa

    this blog went double wood

  • T.

    hey sickamore

  • Miami Monica

    I like how you taking the pic of the check with the SK3 and “With that new blue Yankee on…. Who but me?”

  • Ogeezy

    Sickamore starring in revenge of the crack baby.

  • eskay

    and I own all my publishing.

  • khal

    lol @ eskay. he’s independent as fuck.

  • Belize

    give me my money dread!

  • SCORPIO1970

    That’s because you say dumb shit like that wayne ti and jeezy being the new Biggie, Jay Z and Nas. People have to respond not out of respect, but to tell you how dumb that shit REALLY is. That is nothing to be proud of.

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