Blogging Chizzeck

I thought it would be pretty interesting to see how much us bloggers would be paid if we got royalties like artists. When I say pretty interesting, I mean only to folks who consistently read this site or any blogging site for that matter. Regular everyday people won’t give two flying falcons about this post. Plus I figured all my “31 in 31” blogs have been so aggressive, whether it been the Duffle Bag Man, Lil’ Jimmy Hoffa or my sluggish past hustle, that I make today’s a little more lighthearted and reflective. So now you guys can hold us columnists to the same standards we hold artists to, as far as flopping and so forth. How I came out with the numbers is simple: 

$100 per comment $100 per comment 100 comments is going platinum

200 comments is going double platinum

$10,000 Bonus for going “Platinum”

$20,000 Bonus for going “Double”

Criteria: the last 20 post for each blogger.

   And now without further ado, the Money List:  

  1. Sickamore: $278,000….Went Plat 9x
  2. Bol: $197,200…Went Plat 6x
  3. DJ Drama: $95,900*…Went Plat 2x
  4. Fresh: $73,400
  5. Tara Henley: $61,600
  6. Noz: $61,200…Went Plat 1x
  7. Elliot Wilson: $42,400**
  8. Kris Ex: $24,800

*Only 14 Entries

**Mostly Break-A-Days

I know Bol might be screaming fuzzy math, but you can download & see its 100% accurate has of 8/5/06 at 12:30pm. I’m going to hit up the YN to see if I can get a bonus or something. Matter of fact with this stunning conclusion, I’m now taking orders paid advertising links in my blogs. CTC! Also by this logic, Eskay would be a billionaire.

Aight I’m done. Until tomorrow guys.