Take That, Take That

Tanya Stephens filed a law suit against Lil’ Kim last week in a Manhattan federal court that claims that she stole a song from her. The lyrics to Kim’s song “Durty” which appeared on “The Naked Truth” are an almost identical match with Stephens’ song “Mi and Mi God”, which was recorded and released back in 1997 in Jamaica. Stephens is seeking full ownership of the song and would like to receive all past and future royalties from it.

It looks like Kim isn’t the only female rapper in trouble with the law for stealing. Police are currently investigating claims that Foxy stole two belts (yes, belts!) this past Thursday. Nothing says female gangsta quite like that arguing with 17 year old girls and stealing belts, ay? Somebody please stamp this woman’s hood pass.

The previous day before the incident, Foxy dropped off some lingerie for alterations. I already know what you are thinking. What in the hell could she possibly be getting done to fucking lingerie? I mean seriously, was she getting dick holes inserted in the front?

Anyway, after learning that her items were not ready, she started to scream and curse at a clerk in the boutique. Foxy then tried to unsuccessfully play “Let’s Make A Deal” with him over the price of a belt to match the dress she was given free of charge. Unhappy with the offer, she allegedly then put the gold belt in her bag, took another belt, and then left the store without paying for either.

Khayat thinks that her random bitch fit may have to do with recent surgery that she underwent to correct her hearing loss. I disagree. I may be a little bit more understanding if she was stealing something she could use. The biography of Helen Keller, a new shade of MAC lipglass (because that fuchsia Fashion Fair lipstick went out with stirrup pants), shit something. Somebody please send her to boot camp for a week so she can get some act right in her system. The shit is tired.

As only he could , 50 has released an answer to Fergie’s chart topping single “London Bridges.” The original recipe for the song was garbage in my opinion and this isn’t much better.

50 Cent feat. Fergie “London London”

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  • Pablo Escobar Noreaga Sanchez

    El Firsto.

  • boogs brown

    Fresh, does stealing garlic cloves get my burbs pass stamped?

  • Mr.Me

    “I may be a little bit more understanding if she was stealing something she could use. The biography of Helen Keller…”

    ^^^^lol. Thats fucked up.
    Foxy’s sexy. I’d tax that.

  • thoreauly77

    “getting dick holes inserted” is pretty fucking funny. kudos.

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    Wow, that AKA Ferrari “London London” remix is super weak.

    He is bordering on some “no hetero” ish right there (no John Mark Karr).

  • Hova

    50′s “London London” is hot better than “London Bridge” by far

    only Curtis can pull this

  • Lefty 2Gunz

    >>>>>“getting dick holes inserted” is pretty fucking funny. kudos. >>>as posted by Thoreauly77

    Co-Sign 110% I was crying after I read that!


  • slap fire out a blog

    Hmm, Foxy is looking a little tasty in that pic…..

  • Belize

    Keep it up fresh…looking forward to tommorow’s ish…well if u dont get lazy…haaa

  • http://UG-RS.com Tyler

    Yea’ I think your girl Foxy was effect in the mind by what happen 2 her ear on the real U dig. . or maybe even that slap ‘dat she got from ‘dat other rapper bitch

    I dig the new mix on the song 50 flip’d. I mean it ain’t blazin’ but it’s something more than any of his boyz in his crew has been comin’ wit’ lately execpt Young Buck so yea’ I dig it. Now 50 get Fergie 2 do some sexy shit in a video and the ‘dat song is gone.

    Peep the street heat at: http://www.myspace.com/marcmaysrockandrollthug

  • Face Phoenix

    Wow is Fitty running out of targets when he does a BUNK Take of a Fergie Song. DAMN that ain’t Gangsta it’s just sorry. A FERGIE Song Kid damn they don’t make “gangstas” like they used to!

  • uptown

    “the biography of helen keller” you know you so damn WRONG for that sh*t…LMAO

  • loosenut

    Actually…These R&B chicks are more competetion…They are the only ones selling and her shit is number one…If these new age rappers put out quality then maybe he could rip their beats but since these split tails running the music world fiddy gotta do what fiddy gotta do…anyway…will hip hop ever make room for Jean Grae? She flow hot. Lil Kim, Foxy, Trina, boy stop…I never thought MC Lyte looked good or Queen Latifah…When can we get back to that? Jean Grae…2007…Let me hear that…

  • EGree1

    The shame is that he admitted it only took him a few minutes to do this song and sadly it shows. My 8 year old daughter could do better nursery rhymes than most cats are putting out now… this goes down with “does your chain hang low!” LOL I’m not even addressing Fergie!

  • Uncle Murda

    Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN Says:

    August 28th, 2006 at 2:26 pm
    Wow, that AKA Ferrari “London London” remix is super weak.

    He is bordering on some “no hetero” ish right there (no John Mark Karr).

    ^^ yes u are

  • http://www.myspace.com/sirjantzversatile Sir Jantz

    There are some tight female emcees but none of them are hot right now. I like Lil Kim and to me she is one of the best lyrically right now. If Lauren Hill was to get back into it, she would be the best. I like Aksent. She is a new chick (really she’s been in the game some years) with a very impressive flow. Man, that’s it! I mean I love Foxy Brown its just I haven’t heard anything from her (Broken Silence was good).I wanna hear what MC LYTE has got to say. I really enjoy her rhymes because she is so underated. If you ever looking to revive your carrer, I Got you. See I know what the true essence of hip-hop is. All these other female emcees rhyming now are wannabes. I tired of hearing all these chicks degrating themselves. That nasty stuff was played out when Trina hit the scene but somehow she made it sexy. Ladies…..be yourself! I wanna hear rhymes about self-empowerment, why you think all men are dogs, and more love tracks. It’s just too many goldiggers nowadays. I need a REAL independent women. Not a chick that pretends to be independent to take all of my money!!! Will the Real FEMALE EMCEES STAND UP!!!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com hot bitch

    hey bitches!

  • http://none killa black

    That london shit is wack, and 50 shit is wack, for him to try to remix the black eyed peas shit like its hot, say alot about 50 and how trash hiphop is right now. THE FUTURE OF HIPHOP, (myspace.com/Blu-Black).