Rap patrol on the gat patrol

Busta Rhymes was arrested Saturday for beating down a concert-goer that accidentally spit on his vehicle. Busta’s lawyer claims the arrest was “payback” for not cooperating in the investigation into his bodyguard Ramirez’s death at a video shoot in February. A law enforcement source admitted as much to the NY Daily News: “I don’t know if this is normally something he would even be arrested for. But his bouncer was killed and he didn’t want to cooperate. This is our way of dealing with it.”

Granted, stomping out some dude for spitting on/near your car is the height of can’t-control-your-temper ridiculousness. But since details on the incident are scant, I wouldn’t be surprised if the fight was minor, and was manipulated to get Busta into custody.

I can’t help thinking that NYPD has made a major misstep in their investigation by hauling Bussa Bus into the station and trying to force him to cooperate. And under the glare of the media spotlight, no less. If they had waited it out and let the pressure within the community build, they may have had a hope in hell of getting him to talk.

If Internet chatter is any indication, it seems like folks are getting fed up with unsolved rap-related crimes. There’s been a fair bit of criticism directed at Rhymes on the web; time and time again it’s pointed out that Ramirez was a close friend and that it’s outrageous that the rapper has remained silent—“No Snitching” code or not. There’s been pressure from the family, too. The late bodyguard’s sister spoke out to the press last week. “He doesn’t give two diddlies about my brother,” Sonia Rodriguez told the New York Post. “At this point, I honestly believe Busta is using my brother’s death as a publicity stunt – and I’m angry. He may perceive it as this is how he shows he cares, but I don’t see it. He’s really got a lot to do to prove me wrong, and talking to the cops about what happened that night would be a big step.”

Not for nothing, I read Derrick Parker (a/k/a The Hip-Hop Cop’s) tell-all book this weekend and, despite his grating tendency to sing his own praises at very turn, he does a great job of detailing why the NYPD has such a dysfunctional relationship with hip-hop. With the Biggie, Pac and Jam Master Jay homicides still unsolved, the rap patrol chasing down dudes for bullshit weed charges, clueless cops strong-arming shook witnesses, and opportunistic detectives trying to make career moves by taking down rap stars—not to mention the long history of police brutality toward African-Americans—it’s no wonder the efforts of law enforcement to curb hip-hop crime have been a spectacular failure. I doubt this case will be any different. 

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  • slap fire out a blog

    1st, twice in a day bitches

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    Busta shoulda said something. The whole “stop snitching” thing is fuckin’ ridiculous. I mean, I can understand the code of not snitching in terms of ratting someone out to save yourself–there’s no honor in that–but one of my close friends were killed you better believe I’d be at the Police station doing everything in my power to find that summbitch.

    The theory I’ve latched onto? Yayo started some bullshit and one of his weed carriers started shooting and hit Israel Ramirez, and Busta doesn’t wanna fuck up his deal or jeopardize his own ass by dropping the dime on Yayo’s boy.

    Fuck that shit.

  • tHe tRaNsIeNt

    yea, thanx fo da detective work dere rey (no columbo)

    this is better than today blog by bol

    although u could’ve made reference 2 tha fact busta has a gay lover in europe and suggested busta be thrown in jail anyway, tara

  • soopadoopa

    Busta Rhymes is mad lame 4 that shit with his bodyguard gettin murked. Helping solve the Murder of a friend or family member is not snitching. As far as NYPD being dickheads, as N.Y. resident (BED-STUY) i totally agree.

  • http://UG-RS.com Tyler

    Yea’ man Busta is from the old school and he wasn’t never really about all this thuggin’ and gun play and now being somethin’ ‘dat he is not is coming back 2 bite him on his faggot ass. . Is that shit about the gay love in Europe true?
    Busta could set a great example by steppin’ 2 the plate 4 his dead homie which might make other niggas step up about what they know in the 2pace & Biggie deaths ya’ dig cause that ain’t snitchin’ U fools. How many Mafia niggas are in jail cause somebody broke the rule U guys are tryin’ 2 live by?

    And this stop snitching shit is so backwards it’s crazy 2 me. I got mad homies who get down wit’ the get down and people just don’t understand what real snithing is in the 1st place so niggas need 2 read back up on there “ghetto rules” in general which could make the world a much better place if everyone followed those rules 4 real ya’ dig.

    Open your mind 2 some new street heat at: http://www.myspace.com/marcusorealiusmusic

  • Nelson Abbey

    “accidentally SPAT on his car” Not spit my chanadian sister…

  • Thatdude

    you blog is wack, get your head out of your ass

  • Fernando

    How can cops solve rap murders when everyone has fake names and nobody talks of gives the truth because they dont “snitch” Cops should just stop investigating these murders. Let rappers kill themselves over video-hoes, chains, and battle raps…its all very amusing to me. I could care less btw




    In the great words of NWA
    “Fuck the police”

  • Mikey Ess AKA SukedowN

    You stated one of the primary reasons hip-hop murders go unsolved …witnesses who say nothing in accordance with the “no-snitching” rule; not incompetent member of law enforcement.

    If the said actions of the NYPD were true, it would seem to be a smart move: I am positive that “community pressure” wouldn’t be nearly as effective as a detective trained to extract info in getting Bussa Bus to talk.

    >”… the rap patrol chasing down dudes for bullshit weed charges,”

    A hotel associate who smells weed in a guest’s room and then spots a large bag of it is obliged to notify management.

    Upon confirming the associate’s claim, the manager HAS to call the police.

    So when the police come and find an ounce and 60something pills, are they supposed to risk their jobs and let it go in an attempt to appear more rapper friendly???

  • Whoa

    tHe tRaNsIeNt Says:

    August 21st, 2006 at 2:47 pm
    yea, thanx fo da detective work dere rey (no columbo)

    yo lol the transtinet iz gay man

  • http://www.skibeatz.com DJ Main Event

    co-sign on what rey said.

    this act of not saying shit while shit get perpetuated is getting out of hand.

  • mr agee

    before you read this understand that i write this cause i care. a dude got bodied because of this rap shit. niggas is walking around like is gonna die down. busta you not that type of dude. you grew up in a strict religous family. 7day adventist to be exact. (i grew up in the same religion) you were that animated, entertaining, and humerous hip-hop artist. and then you changed. you went as far as doing a re-mix for a song called ante up. you got stuck up a couple of times. you confided with that hip-hop cop that it was a possibility that one of your baby mothers’ cousin set you up. you once got robbed while getting a line up. (niggas please pay attention) you called the cops on your b.m. when she blacked out on you. you know who shot your bodyguard and you aint did shit about it. you wont appoint street justice cause thats not you. you cant cause all eyes are on you. a lot of people in the industry know the real deal about these mean streets and they sell these stories to people and people believe they lived that life they portray. its a act. it aint snitching when you witness a friend getting
    shot and you cooperate with law enforcement and bring that person to justice. i will use myself for example. if i shot the nigga that served me child support papers (my b.m. sent him to my job) as much as it would destroy relationship with my son, my son mother would have to do the right thing. you were suppose to bring n.y. back (we aint go nowhere, south artist have put out some songs with catchy hooks) you shit sunk. its over! dre said aint no coming back from gold.(its he even gold? i have not been on billboard.com in a long time)
    do the right thing busta. i am a god fearing person and he knows you saw something. i aint perfect but bet if someone killed my friend i will make it my job to find that person especially if witnessed it. one more thing where the reward money?

  • pop a poppa

    Tara Says:
    “Granted, stomping out some dude for spitting on/near your car is the height of can’t-control-your-temper ridiculousness.”

    say what you want about that but here in my neck uv da woods two kids just got shot down a couple months ago for spittin’ on a truck and another killed for shootin’ off a paint gun. none of ‘em were older than 15. guess itz best not 2 fuck wit a man’s automobile.

    and as far as the cops and hip-hop goes… it don’t matter if someone is a rapper or not. the cops just lookin’ for another black to lock down. if itz a rapper itz just an added bonus.

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Busta had that shit coming to him. You can’t not cooperate with the police and just brush them off like they’ll leave you alone. Now he sees it, he’s gonna get harrassed all that he can until he makes some kind of deal with the police. When someone with a real head on his shoulders would have said fuck this rap shit and this stupid no-snitching code, pussy Busta lays down to the code hoping not to disrupt any real homeys heading out to buy his CD. Shit probably wouldn’t have bricked so hard if he’d make a stand on that shit and pressure the NYPD to find the killer. That’s why I can’t stand his ass–all muscle, no hustle.
    Oh, and he better not fuck up exec producing the Raekwon CD. Shit might get him offed in the streets for real this time…

  • j

    busta is just scared for his life. these talk so tough but im saying about 1 percent of em are actually real gangstas. all the coke talk puhleez you movedthat much weight you wouldnt be incriminating yourself on wax(but then again some of these emcees cant read hence the spitting it from the top of the dome technique{my theory]) but busta isnt gonna snitch cause hes just shook. if itwas my boy shit woulda been dealt with one way or another. your best friend gets murdered or anyone you love gets murdered theres no shame in goin to the police just like theres no shamein killing that murdering bastard. so uh tara why dont you pull a mike jones and give us yo numba. you look good in that picture(hope youre not just photogenic).

  • Mr.Me

    Maybe the person that killed Busta’s bodyguard has Gang connections or is a gang member(MS-13) and Busta doesnt want to help the cops because he’s scared for him an his families saftey. You think the cops or his fans are gonna keep him safe? Its not always about “not snitchin cuz it aint cool”. Real world my nigs.

  • Mr.Me

    If a member of the Columbian Cartel blew ya mothers head off in a Supermarket parking Lot and you witnessed it from the car…would you really help the law capture those ruthless killers? Yall niggas would leave it in Gods hands.lol. Let Busta do him.

  • Eric

    In the street we do not cooperate with police. Bottom line. If it’s your mans that got murked, you keep your mouth shut, load the gats, put on your black gear,, and put in work. What’s the police gonna do for you? Busta is in a tough spot but he CAN”T TALK.

  • mr agee

    so basically its ok for some rappers to portray that street image and when shit hits the fan your curl up like a cheese curl. once again someone close to him died and we are saying let god handle it? so we pick and choose when to get the cops involved. i aint defending the cops but this shit aint gonna go away. this nigga is having nightmares. and as far the personal situation i mentioned i handle my biz. i invited the nigga to my hood and he aint come. nigga do dumb shit and when you give the unwanted attention they wise up. eb i will see you court on friday.


    yall bitches dont no the the street code. STOP SNITCHING STOP LIEING. There are codes you live by. You find the man who did it and you deal with it. nuff said.

    Real Talk.

  • mr agee

    its lying! and busta aint gonna appoint street justice. and snitching is when you and a friend commit a crime you get caught and you drop dime. half of these niggas is talking about the code of the streets aint even in the streets. i know i am a working nigga. the street life is not my thing. i mean i did my dirt when i didnt have a job and needed to support my son. but not in the street.

  • gutta

    you know whats funnt about the cops and hip hop? its that the artist and some of the industry outsiders complain about “hip hop cops” but just about every artist talks about coke and drugs and murder then they wonder why there even is a hip hop police. cops listen to rap too, and i would think the artists would be smart enought to not draw attention to themselves but i guess not. but as far as busta,he is in a real tight situation….im sure he could find out who killed his “friend” but if he did that would put him and probably his family in danger but im sure that bullet that killed that guy was meant for him so because of that i feel he owes it to him to cooperate

  • Mr.Me

    mr agee Says:

    August 23rd, 2006 at 8:48 am
    half of these niggas is talking about the code of the streets aint even in the streets. i know i am a working nigga. the street life is not my thing. i mean i did my dirt when i didnt have a job and needed to support my son. but not in the street

    I co- sign everything in this statement cuz I can relate, but…

    mr agee Says:

    August 22nd, 2006 at 4:35 pm
    so basically its ok for some rappers to portray that street image and when shit hits the fan your curl up like a cheese curl

    Im mean, at the end of the day its all just entertainment thats why is it ok for actors like Lorenze Tate, Robert Deniro, Wesley Snipes, Al Pachino, etc. to portray the same street image in movies, and not have to live up to it. I never heard Busta talkin gangsta shit off record, only on records, an as a entertainer he can do that an not have to live up to it.

  • http://myspace.com/thebeatshrine Grace Starr PRODUCER/RAPPER

    This is a fucked up situation. No matter what busta does he gunna have people saying he made the wrong choice. This is when its time to be a real nigga and say fuck the fans, fuck the fame,and fuck the fortune and just do whats best for you and your family. If he talks to police there is a risk that someone will try to murk him or that he wont be able to go double aluminum next time he drops a cd…If he dont talk people will say that he aint loyal and he still may get murked.He gotta follow his heart on this one

    see how the game is niggas?



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