Whenever I see a rapper down at the driving range my mind can’t help but wonder back to the critical beat that BG Knocc Out received courtesy of Nate Dogg on the video set for Montel Jordan’s “Somethin 4 Da Honeyz”.

It doesn’t look like there were any injuries sustained at Ecko Unltd’s 4th Annual "Tikva Drive For Life" golf tournament yesterday. The tournament benefits saving the Jewish children of Odessa, Ukraine.

The ladies couldn’t keep their little model hands off of Saigon. I’m not too sure about the one at his immediate right though. Something tells me that this chick just may have been born with a dick. Violinist Miri Ben Ari also showed up to lend her support. This trend of kitchen ass weave has got to stop. I love Miri just as much as the next person (no Lance Bass) but the two for ten Milky Way yaki is not a good look. If I were a betting woman I would say that her and Remy Ma went in together for that purchase.

G-Unit’s general decided to fly solo to the event, which makes me very sad. I was looking forward to seeing a picture of Tony Yayo doing that “waving my hand in front of my face” dance along with Droopy Banks.

There is something about these pictures very reminiscent of my volunteer days with the good people at the Special Olympics. You can do it Curtis, you can do it!